15+ Best Restaurant Website Templates 2021

Best restaurant website templates
29Jan, 2021

In this post described best restaurant website templates. Having a restaurant in the contemporary world pushes you to go the extra mile and market your services if you want to compete with the best. A top tier website will get their visitors’ mouths watering from the first page to the last. For your website to match – and even surpass – this, you need to have particular features and functions on it. If you want to hire a web coding expert, read on and decide if it is the best option.

Our recommended, cheaper, faster, and more enjoyable option is using the best restaurant website templates. There are many template developers out there, some of who have lackluster products. To ensure that you get a template that lets you create your website by yourself while achieving the best results possible, explore the templates we’ve tested and reviewed for your benefit. Find out which one impresses you and make your choice.

Top restaurant website templates listed bellow:

Red Chili – Restaurant HTML5 Template$18
Khadok – Restaurant Responsive HTML5 Template$18
Gourmet – Restaurant And Food Template$19
Gaucho – Restaurant HTML Template$19
Lambert – Restaurant / Cafe / Pub Template$18
Price May change

Red Chili (WordPress Theme)

redchili one of the best restaurant website templates

This piece is about the best restaurant website templates, but it would be wrong not to mention this incredible Restaurant WordPress theme – Red Chili. There aren’t many ways to go when you’re after class and modernity; Red Chili is surely one. This restaurant website WordPress theme is built with Bootstrap to ensure the smooth running or your website, whether you’re offering catering services, or running a café, fast food business, pizzeria, food court, bakery, pastry shop, or a personal chef website. This fantastic theme offers myriads of features that fulfill all your needs!

With the WPBakery Page Builder, you get to save $45, while receiving the best way to create your pages. This WordPress page builder offers an intuitive page creation interface that also accommodates immense creativity. The Layer Slider is another premium plugin that saves you $26 while providing a fantastic way of showcasing your tantalizing food slideshows. With the $17 WP Logo Showcase, you can display your logos and those of your partners and sponsors beautifully. The Food Menu Pro has a market price of $19 and – as the name sounds; it allows you to create perfect food menus.

Red Chili also comes with WooCommerce, enabling you to sell your services, drinks, and food off your site. The WPML plugin facilitates the smooth translation of your website into any language you want, while Contact Form 7 enables you to manage multiple contact forms simultaneously. RedChili has so much more to offer (such as countless layouts), that is worth checking out.

Red Chili (HTML5 Template)

redchili restaurant website templates

Red Chili is one of the most feature-rich responsive website templates for restaurants that you’ll find. It suits a wide range of food-related businesses seamlessly while ensuring ease of use, even by people who haven’t created websites before. Red Chili template is based on Bootstrap and offers the most responsive HTML pages. Among the 20 HTML pages, you get 3 different homepages that you can use to create the ultimate landing page for your site.

Right out of the box, this fast food restaurant website template comes with 5 different menu pages that come in handy when displaying your array of delicious meals. The 2 about page variations give you a chance to captivate your visitors with a story of how your establishment came to be, its values, and goals.

Red Chili comes with both the Owl Carousel Slider and the Nivo Slider! With these two, you can communicate with your visitors uniquely by adding attractive visual effects to your content. You can showcase your testimonials in a beautiful slider. Since you have news and blog pages, you can engage your visitors, add more avenues for site traffic, and utilize backlinks for more chances of conversions. With Red Chili, you also get a lifetime of free updates and extensive and quick support.


restaurant website templates

Khadok is a responsive website template for restaurants with a clean and modern design for the perfect website. With its minimalist design layout, you can rest assured that your food listings and other vital content will take center stage on a beautiful, rather than excessively flashy background. With Khadok, you get 3 unique homepages from which you can choose your landing page. You also have 23+ individual internal pages that satisfy all your website’s needs.Since it is compatible with all modern browsers, your visitors can reach your site from any browser, be it Chrome, Mozilla, IE9, IE10, IE11, Edge, and Safari. Khadok offers unlimited color options that you can apply to any element on your website to beautify and brand it. With the Google Web Fonts, you can select the perfect combination that matches your site’s theme and keeps your visitors interested.

The features that come with Khadok are the option for your visitors to make reservations right from your website. Since this template has Google Map, your customers can then trace your physical location easily to come and dine at your establishment. With the working Contact Form, you can manage multiple forms at the same time. Khadok has extensive documentation and dedicated support to help you out if you get stuck while creating your site.


best pizza website templates

Gourmet is one of the best restaurant website templates you can find. This remarkable template is based on Bootstrap for exceptional responsiveness. Your site will look amazing on any device, including tablets, android devices, iPhones, desktops, and many more. It also runs seamlessly on all modern browsers for ease of use. Since it is Retina ready, Gourmet offers incredible visuals on high-resolution screens so that your food images can look as tantalizing as if they are in real life.

You have a wide array of color schemes to choose from to brand your website to match your restaurant. Gourmet comes with a fantastic slider that allows you to display your food images or videos on your website. You will catch the most casual visitor’s attention and have the chance to convert them into buying customers. The call-to-actions are strategically placed around the pages on your site to drive the conversions higher. Furthermore, you can change their positions if you wish.

Its flexible nature allows it to be used across a wide range of food-related business sites. Universal features that will impress you with Gourmet includes the scroll load for more content and many pages. These pages include testimonials, blogs, food menus, and a contact page.


Nice restaurant website templates

The developers of this template went all out for a splendid design, top code quality, immense customizability, extensive documentation, and feature availability. Gaucho comes highly recommended by users who enjoyed everything about the fast food restaurant website templates. Built on the Ulkit Framework, this template offers a smooth experience for the site creator and visitors. Gaucho avails HTML5 and PHP versions to get precisely what you feel is right for your goals.

Gaucho has five home layout options that need minimal editing for personalization. The two menu styles that are included have been crafted to fit whatever needs you may have, including modern foods and classic ones. The page reloader feature facilitates the ease of use by your visitors who want to view more of your pages. Seven pre-designed color styles are available to make your work easier when branding your site. Gaucho also comes with light and dark styles that you’ll fall in love with and change whenever you wish.

With Gaucho, you get a fully functional reservation form with which your visitors can make table, food, and room reservations. This responsive bootstrap template for restaurants comes with SEO friendly coding so that your website can rank easily on search engine results.


foogra restaurant website templates

After extensive testing, Foogra proved to be one of the best website templates for restaurants. This template has an insane page speed performance ranking, which tells you just what your visitors will experience. No one wants to wait for a slow site to load for more than two seconds – with Foogra, yours won’t have to. This feature also helps its ranking in search engine results. If you want to serve people who use a different language from English, don’t fret – you can utilize the template’s translation readiness to change the language. Foogra even has an RTL version for languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.

The Owl Carousel inclusion allows you to create the most impressive visual effects to impress your visitors. The UI/UX reusable elements give your visitors an other-worldly experience. What’s more, your users will have a show/hide password feature for password inputs. As you customize your website, you can activate the premade “Coming Soon” page. Foogra’s detail page comes with an Instagram feed that gives you a live reflection of how your Instagram account is doing.

With 400 Retina icons included, you will not only have a fantastic array to work with, but you’ll also amaze your visitors with high-resolution viewing. The 10 premade color schemes will undoubtedly come in handy too during site branding and personalization.


lambert restaurant website templates

The closest you can get to perfection is with one of the best restaurant website templates, made with Bootstrap – and Lambert is one of them. Apart from a clean and professional look that comes with the template, you also get a fantastic array of features and layouts that complete a website’s world-beater.

Few templates offer such variety in terms of display media. The six premade homepages that Lambert offers you accommodate video content, carousel, static images, and slideshows. All your pages can take full-screen backgrounds that will no doubt catch the attention of any visitor. For your video backgrounds, you can decide to embed HTML5 videos or get them from Vimeo or YouTube. The importance of the incredible parallax effects that come with Lambert can’t be overstated. You can have the videos, images, and maps in the background offering the most exquisite visual effects.

The Working PHP Ajax Contact Form works without a hitch, facilitating the handling of multiple contact lists. The working Ajax Subscribe MailChimp Form will allow your users to subscribe to newsletters and emails from your restaurant. Since this fast food restaurant website template is created with Bootstrap, it is fully responsive and looks great on all devices.


western restaurant website templates

Caverta describes one of the instances when simplicity is ingenious. This responsive estaurant website templates has all the features that are necessary for a restaurant site. It offers elegant menu page layout options, which you can select and customize to present the foods you have on offer for your customers. The team pages that come with Caverta are lovely and provide an excellent way of showing your chefs, waiters, and everyone else who makes your restaurant a success.

The gallery pages are the perfect way to showcase your foods’ images and have your visitors salivating and coveting your meals. After this, they’ll need the reservation pages, from where they can make meal and table reservations, to come and dine with you. Caverta also offers a contact page so that your users can find a way to contact your restaurant.

With excellent SEO optimization, visitors looking for restaurants that fit your description and the meals you have on offer will find you easily on search engines. With social media icons, you can have your users share your meals and menus easily with their friends and have your establishment go viral. Caverta comes with Google Fonts to write your pages with the most readable and elegant typefaces.

Restaurant Vincent

pizza restaurant website templates

Restaurant Vincent is a fast food restaurant website templates that is as classy as it sounds. It comes with 6 homepage layouts that have been created with incredible attention to detail so that they have a perfect look and contain all the crucial elements. You also get 3 food menu layouts that allow you to compete with the best by showcasing your beautiful meals just as elegantly. The 3 contact templates that accompany Restaurant Vincent will help you outline all your contacts, however many they may be.

Everyone has that story that inspired them to create their establishment; tell yours in either of the 2 unique about pages as you also describe your values. Showcasing your team goes a long way in endearing yourself to potential customers; utilize the team pages that come with Restaurant Vincent.

Restaurant Vincent has amazing cross-browser compatibility that is vital if your website is to attract visitors at all. Most modern internet users use their handheld devices to access the internet; this template allows you to tap into this market with its mobile-friendly layout. The responsiveness of Restaurant Vincent is coupled with amazing fluidity to fit all devices and screen orientations.


restaurant website templates with online ordering

Restabook is a responsive website template for restaurants that shoots for perfection with an amazing modern design. You can choose to have your website in dark or light versions depending on your preference or season. For instance, you can set the dark versions for Black Fridays. The five different homepage styles include parallax images, carousels, sliders, slideshows, and videos. For the videos, you can embed an HTML5 video, or get one from YouTube or Vimeo.

Restabook has an effective reservation form with which your visitors can make bookings for your services and food. If you prefer to have a simple one-page website, Restabook has you covered. With three different homepage menu pages, you can instantly display your tantalizing menus on your homepage to get your customers hungry for your food. The parallax effects that come with this template are incredibly potent.

Restabook offers more than 6500 icons with Font Awesome 5 Pro, which you can integrate with your content. The video background can also take videos from Vimeo and YouTube; however, if you have a video already, you can embed it on your pages using HTML5. The Coming Soon page enables you to notify your customers of temporary unavailability of your pages.


dawat restaurant website templates

If your restaurant is one of the best, then you need to match it with one of the best restaurant website templates, such as Dawat. This template is crafted using Bootstrap and clean and validated HTML5 and CSS3 code. It works smoothly to all kinds of devices and has an unbelievably mobile-friendly layout.

Dawat spoils you with a whopping 12 modern design pages so that you don’t have to create any from scratch. On the 2 blog pages, you can write any interesting stuff that you may have to engage your visitors and get them to buy your services. The 2 event pages that Dawat offers are for any events that you may have organized at your establishment and want people to attend. Your homepage gives people the most damning or glorifying impression of your establishment: but don’t worry about that because Dawat offers 8 elegant homepages that will amaze your visitors.

Even if you have never created a single web page in your life, this template gives you the smoothest web creation experience. Bootstrap blog templates makes it more balancing. You can then activate the fantastic transition effects and add your content and have a comprehensive website in a few minutes.


Paladar restaurant website templates

Paladar launches your website with the most stunning design that few fast food restaurant website templates can offer. It is ultra-responsive so that your website looks splendid on any device. Paladar has the most seamless elements that include an awesome slider that engages your visitors with excellent images. It is fully compatible with any modern browser that your visitors could be using. Being Retina ready means that any website created with this template looks fantastic on any high-resolution device. The graphics on this template will leave your visitors nothing short of impressed.

The sticky navigation is an option that will come in handy for your visitors as they go to different sections and pages on your site. Paladar also has a light and dark versions, which you can use interchangeably. The video background full-screen versions of this template are to die for. What’s more, you get amazing parallax sections that are strategically placed on your pages.

The Revolution Slider, a premium plugin, has been included with Paladar to create beautiful sliders anywhere on your website. It also saves you $26. The gallery that comes with this responsive website template for restaurants is filterable so that way, your users can easily get to the images they are looking for.


restaurant and cafe website templates

Majesty is a majestic restaurant website template based on Bootstrap with an amazing array of features. This template offers 3 demo variations out of the box so that you can have your secure website resemble the demo of your choice with just a couple of clicks. Dedicated to the most impressive visuals, Majesty comes with 14 one-page parallax options. Additionally, it also offers vertical and horizontal menu options for one-page parallax.

You also get multiple header layout options to choose from. It is up to you to customize its color and contents and make it represent your brand fully. Your entire site can take the wide or boxed layout, depending on your preference. The potent mega menu that comes with Majesty has two variations, light and dark, that are designed to go smoothly with whatever appearance you mold for your site. You get many functional pages, including Error pages, Coming Soon, Login, and WooCommerce Shop pages.

If you love cooking, you’ll adore the 7 recipe page variations that come with Majesty. This responsive website template for restaurants also offers a calendar of events that displays all the events scheduled to take place in your premises to all your users. Your users can also make reservations on your website with the reservation feature.


professional restaurant website templates

Many who have used Babette have testified that it is truly one of the best restaurant website templates available. It is based on the latest version of Bootstrap and reflects great attention to detail. You can create your website with little effort and get it to suit your needs quick and easy, with the 4 modern and malleable homepage layouts. Once you choose any of these premade homepage demos, your entire site will reflect the particular demo that you chose, internal pages, and all.

Babette is built with the best SEO practices so that your website ranks really high on search engines. What’s more, the top quality coding to which this template has been subjected ensures top high-speed performance so that your visitors won’t have to wait for slow-loading pages. The enhanced user experience comes as a result of the amazing optimization practices and features.

Your site will be undoubtedly beautiful with this fast food restaurant website templates since you can even mix and match elements from different demos. Among your menu layouts, you have Classic, Gallery, Grid, Board, and Simple to mold around your identity. Babette’s online reservation system allows you to manage your bookings quickly and easily with flexible options available for your users.


Pasta restaurant website templates

Pasta is a straightforward, clean, and modern responsive HTML restaurant website templates based on Bootstrap. With this framework, it is fully compatible with all types of device screens and platforms, such as iOS, Android, and Windows. Whether you want a simple one-page website or a multi-paged one that links its different pages with links and menus, Pasta’s got you covered. Its multi-page and one-page versions have default and dark variants. What’s more, this translatable web template also comes with an RTL version for your site, for the sake of languages such as Arabic.

The image background slider that comes with Pasta means that you can place your food images below your content and get your visitors salivating and wanting to buy your food. You can utilize the video background slider by placing videos of meal preparations, or whatever you want. It is easy to do all these with the premium XProSlider that has been included at no extra cost.

Pasta comes with many shortcodes that help you in your page creation venture. You have pages ready for you to personalize, such as recipes blog , 404 Error, About, Reservation, Gallery, and Contact pages. You can write all these pages with any Google Font that you want since Pasta offers hundreds of them.


Resta restaurant website templates

Resta is a one-of-a-kind template for any business in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Whatever color you associate with your brand, you can use it to brand your website, since this template offers unlimited color options. You can choose to have your users view your site through the box or full-width layouts. You also get to choose from having a left sidebar, right sidebar, or both for your website. You’ll love the Style Switcher that comes with Resta, making it exceedingly easy to change from one predefined style to the next.

The functional Ajax Contact Form that comes with this fast food restaurant website templates enables you to manage multiple contact lists on your website. You can thank the well-organized code for the smooth operation that Resta guarantees you. With 15+ shortcode elements that are usable with any content management system or web app, you can add elements to your pages with incredible ease.

Resta and all its elements are 100% responsive so that your entire website looks gorgeous on any screen that your visitors could be using. Resta’s header slider spoils you with customization options, including an animated text slider, video background, fixed background, image slider, image with text, image overlay light, and image overlay dark.


Soup burger restaurant website templates

If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the world of restaurant templates, Soup won’t disappoint you. For instance, the latest update includes a CoVid-19 information modal, which blends in amazingly well with your restaurant-oriented elements. You also get a working shopping cart that has been created based on JSON and local storage. Soup has cookies – no pun intended – to give your visitors the smoothest of experiences browsing from one page to the next. Furthermore, the entire website is GDPR protected for the safety of you and your users’ information.

The online ordering system that comes with Soup is unbelievable. The 6 homepage concepts are perfect for all restaurant sizes and kinds. More than 7 color schemes are available with this responsive website template for restaurants. You have more than 700 icons to play around with and make your pages look more appealing and unique.

Soup supports MailChimp so that you can manage your mail subscriptions with added ease. The Retina-ready setup allows your visitors who have high-resolution screens to see gorgeous versions of your website. With Google Map support, Soup lets your users trace the physical location of your restaurant efficiently.


fine restaurant website templates

Saveur is an exquisite restaurant website templates that boasts a Bootstrap framework for immense usability. It comes with an incredibly interactive design that allows you to create your pages quickly, even if it is your first time doing it. The interactive design also extends to give your visitors a smooth time browsing your pages. The Bootstrap framework is to thank for the responsive and Retina-ready layout. You can rest assured that your visitors appreciate the amazing visuals that your website has laid out for them.

With incredible SEO optimization, Saveur will have your pages and entire website ranking high in Google (and other search engines’) search results for higher conversions. This responsive website template for restaurants blends a unique and interactive navigation experience with a sophisticated layout and well-organized code.

Saveur comes with 5-star support that responds on time and is incredibly helpful. The clean code and full documentation ensure that you have a comfortable ride creating pages with this template. The generous comments that accompany them are of great help. Apart from 600 Google Fonts to work with, Saveur also offers more than 300 Font Awesome icons to make your content unique and intuitive.

Final Thoughts

The price tags that come with all these templates are really low, compared with what they offer. What’s more, we have narrowed down to none but the best available. If you are ready to get hands-on with your website and do it like a pro, simply choose one of the best restaurant website templates that impressed you and get going!

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