Best WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

Do you want an incredible site with all the beautifully displayed options that your users might need? have a look on the best WordPress Mega Menu Plugins listed in this post. A default WordPress site comes with tools with which you can create a good menu. However, why would you settle for ‘good’ when can give you ‘amazing’? Mega menu plugins make it incredibly easy to line up all the options you want your users to access effortlessly and quickly. With a vast array of customizable options and powerful features, these plugins offer unparalleled flexibility and control over your site’s navigation.

Creating a stellar menu with a professional design from scratch can prove to be a daunting task. To make your work a piece of cake, we have assembled the best WordPress mega menu plugins. From free to premium options, these plugins offer a wide range of features that will enhance the user experience and improve the overall functionality of your website. Check out the features and benefits they bring to your website.

Best WordPress Mega Menu Plugins listed below:

  1. Stratum mega Menu For Elementor
  2. Max Mega Menu
  3. WP Mega Menu
  4. Quad Menu
  5. AP Mega Menu
  6. Cool Mega Menu
  7. Responsive Menu
  8. Opal Mega Meuu
  9. Uber Menu
  10. WP Mega Menu Pro
  11. Groovy Mega Menu
  12. Noo Menu
  13. Mega Main Menu

Stratum Mega Menu for Elementor

Stratum Mega Menu for Elementor

If you are a fan of Elementor, pay attention to Stratum Mega Menu. This is a must-have addon for creating 100% responsive navigation menus of any complexity. The plugin lets customize the submenus in real-time directly in the builder. The submenus support any Elementor widget from your current collection, from store items, and banners to galleries, and maps. You can enhance your menus with strong submenus sourced from any Elementor widget, custom colours and font, and icons and tags.

Using the builder, you can access custom styling options, animation effects, and the ability to power up your menu with tags & badges. In the plugin, you can choose two mega menu layouts: vertical and horizontal. Here, a top-level menu can be enhanced or customised, or you can create a submenu with superior power, or both. Also, the menu transforms to the hamburger toggle layout once it’s a mobile screen. Including various animation effects for submenus, Stratum Mega Menu allows you to build menu appearance experiences that are more fluid, like fading, moving right, moving up, and more effects.

Max Mega Menu

Best WordPress Mega Menu Plugins

Max Mega Menu is an instant solution, which transforms all your existing menus into classy, accessible, and user-friendly versions. This menu allows you to edit and restyle it using whichever theme editor you’re using. You can then add any WordPress widget to your menu to facilitate multiple functionalities, such as social sharing.

Your mobile users will love the menu interface with support for native touch events. Max Mega Menu also has a dedicated off-canvas menu option for handheld devices. This plugin supports traditional flyout or mega menu submenu styles. You may enable your users to open your submenus by hovering or clicking on events. They also have a variety of transitions, including fade, fade up, slide, and slide up. Rather than having a bland-looking menu, you can add icons to the items on your menu. The menu has multiple options, such as hiding text, disabling links, and hiding on the mobile view.

Its accessibility options for keyboard navigation make your site unbelievably easy to use. This plugin is incredibly lightweight with less than 2kb of JavaScript code. With a low memory footprint it belongs to a clean code. The menus have been styled by utilising a solitary static CSS file. Max Mega Menu is fully responsive, touch, and retina ready. It has been tested in all modern desktop and mobile browsers too.

WP Mega Menu

best WordPress Mega Menu plugin

At no cost at all, create a robust mega menu to revolutionize the navigation of your website. WP Mega Menu is a fantastic plugin, which facilitates the creation of vibrant and gorgeous navigation menus wherever you want on your site. Your users will enjoy the straightforward navigation that comes with the search bar located on the menu. You can customize the style and contents of this menu easily using a drag & drop builder panel. WP Mega Menu supports widgets too.

Apart from the appearance customization options in your theme, this menu adds style to your website with multiple skin options. WP Mega Menu allows you to import and export themes easily. The social icons allow your posts to gain popularity on social media and increase the traffic of your site. You can put up labels or badges on the menu to draw attention to various elements with a statement such as ‘Hot’ and ‘New’. You can even include a background image on the menu for more attractiveness.

WP Mega Menu is the very definition of abundance. It supports Dashicons and Font Awesome. It also supports hundreds of Google fonts. You can have your menu looking like the rest of your theme or otherwise with unlimited color options.

Quad Menu

Quad Mega Menu free

QuadMenu is a phenomenal mega menu that allows you to create menus for your entire site and making your menu a robust tool. The plugin is fully responsive so that your menu layout will morph to adapt to screens of all sizes. The native incorporation of the touch screen events improves the user experience vastly. This mega menu allows you to create horizontal or vertical menus for desktop screens as well as collapsible or off-canvas mobile menus.

You can create columns, widgets, and add new elements, including those existent in the WordPress menu meta boxes. QuadMenu supports child themes for customization freedom. With this mega menu, you can allow the opening of links using click or hover intent. It accommodates float dropdown menu options.

QuadMenu supports WPBakery Page Builder so that you can edit every element on it via a drag & drop interface. You can add new elements, create columns, add widgets, or any other element available in the native WordPress menu meta boxes, all from the native menu administration panel, where you can also control all the content of your mega menu. This mega menu can show or hide certain items depending on the size of the viewer’s screen. You’ll fall in love with the dropdown animations that add style to your site. With QuadMenu, you get an icon menu, a search menu, and a cart menu. The search and cart menus will be helpful as your visitors navigate your site and purchase items.

AP Mega Menu

Free Menu Menu plugin for WordPress

AP Mega Menu combines beauty, power, and variety to give you one of the best mega menu options available. This free WordPress plugin has horizontal and vertical layouts. You can place the horizontal mega menu on the left or right edges, full-width, or in the center. Without the need to have coding knowledge, you can add widgets to your mega menu in columns. Since it is both responsive and SEO Optimized, it will bring your visitors closer to your content comfortably.

Eight premade skins or custom template designs enhance the mega menu’s already exceptional beauty. Your users will enjoy navigating your site using AP Mega Menu with its fade and slide transitions. To open menus, users can hover or click on them. The right or left menu alignment option is useful for search type menus.

Your pages will look unique with a range of menu icons, including 300+ Font Awesome, 160+ Gericon, and 100+ Dashicons icons available. AP Mega Menu allows you to change menus easily using shortcodes. Your submenu custom post options include category name, author name, and excerpt, among others. This mega menu is a language translation ready and is compatible with all modern browsers.

Cool Mega Menu

Responsive Mega Menu

Cool Mega Menu is one of the simplest to use mega menu plugins on WordPress, yet one of the most powerful ones. Its interface is both extensively customizable and user-friendly. Since it is based on Bootstrap 4, it is 100% responsive and mobile-friendly.

This mega menu has clean CSS coding, which developers can override straightforwardly. Its items are easy to configure and arrange for a horizontal or vertical mega menu. It is compatible with all well-coded themes. Cool Mega Menu has been tested and proven to be compatible with all modern desktop and mobile phone browsers.

Responsive Menu

For numerous customization options (150+) and 22,500 combination options, go for Responsive Menu. You can customize the text, background, and border color to match your site’s identity. You can also choose to use a background image rather than dull colors. This mega menu gives you a choice on the CSS elements to hide when the menu shows. You can set its location to be on top, bottom, left, or right. For maximum readability, the fonts, their sizes, and descriptions are all at your discretion. Also, you can use the background image for the menu in its basic functionality. You do not need to worry about any kind of issues because tests are included with the plugin so you may run them yourself for peace of mind, and there is 100% unit test coverage.

The choice of menu animations that you have includes sliding over the top and pushing the content. Apart from menu types, you can also choose speeds for the menu and button. You can set the depth to which submenus will be displayed. With Responsive Menu, you can disable and reorder the components of your mega menu.

The button can be fixed to the top or set to sticky so that it can scroll with the page. If you have logos, you can upload and incorporate them in the mega menu. A single click is all you need to import and export options to the menu. You can add custom HTML components too.

Opal Mega Menu

opal mega menu for WordPress

You can easily integrate Opal Mega Menu into any WordPress site. It is quick to set up, publish, and update with an easy to use interface. This mega menu is compatible with all themes and frameworks. Its URLs are SEO friendly, and the layout has a mobile-friendly design. The plugin supports full translation and comes with powerful shortcodes and widgets. The mega menu accommodates submenu items in various formats, including text, images, widgets, and articles.

If you run a listings website, you can display all kinds of property listings in a responsive grid or list format. Sorting, searching, and managing property listings is very straightforward. This mega menu supports widgets along with a customization feature. It comes with numerous actions and filters. The hundreds of filters allow you to modify the default behavior of the plugin. It comes with custom labels for virtually every element.

Developers love this theme because it has an excellent, clean, and extensible code. You can customize CSS and HTML quickly and precisely. Opal Mega Menu facilitates the quick addition of new templates and their use with shortcodes. The detailed documentation makes it even easier to understand.

Uber Menu

best wordpress mega menu plugin

UberMenu is a fabulous touch-sensitive mega menu with mega or flyout submenus. It is easy to use with the best of themes from WordPress 3 upward. You can develop mega menus rapidly from your pages, posts, custom links, or any content on your site. To match your eye-catching content, you have 25 of the most popular Google fonts. The dropdowns have stunning CSS3 to work with, including shift up, slide down, and fade. Developers will appreciate the inclusion of LESS stylesheets for easier rewriting.

If you have many submenus, you can organize them into tabs, which can be oriented to the left, right, top, or bottom of content panels. These submenus can take static or dynamic content. You can change the colors, sizes, and fonts of your menu content with the customizer’s live preview.

Additionally, the UberMenu supports additional content such as contact Forms and Google Maps. It also has a search bar to make navigation of your site straightforward. You can add widgets, descriptions, and images to the menu. Shortcodes are available to make your customization of the menu a piece of cake. The submenus have advanced layouts, including an inbuilt responsive grid. UberMenu will generate manual integration code in the control panel for the themes that won’t integrate automatically.

WP Mega Menu Pro

WP Mega Menu PRO

WP Mega Menu Pro is one of the best options when it comes to creating beautiful mega menus with an incredible range of options. It comes with 10 premade horizontal templates and 10 vertical ones, which you can simply apply. You will love the 5 stunning mega menu tab templates that set you apart. What’s more, you get access to a whopping 8 transition effects, including slide right, down, up, up fade, down fade, super slide down, zoom in, out, and flip. This plugin offers 5+ lavish icon sets for unique menus.

Your menu will accommodate a range of elements, including a custom logo, a search box, a WooCommerce cart, and a registration/log in button. WP Mega Menu allocates the menu labels their own animations. You can upload a background image for style and identity. Activating the sticky, mega menu will increase actions (such as registration) on your website. Enjoy custom CSS and JavaScript too.

WP Mega Menu Pro is fully responsive and touch-friendly. It has been tested on all modern browsers too. You can translate it into any language you want. It is SEO friendly. You’ll also enjoy the helpful online support and extensive documentation.

Groovy Mega Menu

menu plugin for WordPress

Groovy is a highly customizable menu plugin with amazing automatic integration capabilities that give you the power to create astounding menus unbelievably fast. Choose the style you like from the online library of presets and customize it. This plugin is compatible with all stellar page builders, plugins, and widgets. Being fully responsive and retina ready, your menu will look incredible on all screen types and sizes.

You can catch your users’ attention with beautiful menu designs, including a designated mobile menu. The horizontal menu layouts have numerous options, such as variety for logo positions. Creating a classic mega menu that takes up to 8 columns is very easy. This plugin has a full grid system that comes with individual layout controls. You can change the styles, colors, fonts, and backgrounds whenever you want. Adding elements, such as widgets, raw HTML, and shortcodes in your menus is like shooting fish in a bucket.

Groovy comes with the WPBakery, which makes it easy to edit the elements of the menu using a drag & drop interface. You can style your menus in both the backend and frontend modes. More than 200 options are available for customizing your menu into the amazing one that your website needs.

NOO Menu

Noon Menu plugin WordPress

NOO Menu is a revolutionary menu plugin that offers an interactive and intuitive admin interface. Once you make a single click, you will prompt the appearance of the NOO menu builder with all the customization options that you need. You can view your changes in real-time as you edit from your frontend. The submenus that come with this plugin accommodate text, video, link, widget, and forms.

NOO Menu comes with a flexible menu structure editor with which you can manage the submenu contents quickly. You can customize various elements such as corner radius, menu height, box shadow border, text shadow, background gradient, and blur distance, among others. This mega menu offers both vertical and horizontal orientations from which to choose.

You have 9 beautiful premade skins available to give you the most exceptional menu appearance. and enables you to readily utilise its menu without any additional customization. Additionally, Noo menu continues to add more styles to enhance your options.

You can use any variant of the unlimited color schemes on any element of the menu. The menu has a transparent option for a more creative and unique look. NOO Menu supports up to 12 columns in the submenu. It works seamlessly with all modern browsers. 350+ Font Awesome icons and 30 of the best Google fonts are available to create readable and attractive content.

Mega Main Menu

mega menu for WordPress

With amazing ratings to show for it, Mega Main Menu is one of the best WordPress mega menus. The dropdown menus can accommodate links, images, text, widgets, and shortcodes. You can choose from 10+ dropdown layouts. Apart from unlimited colors, which you can apply to any menu element, you can also choose to use gradients or background images too.

Unlike other plugins that have less Google fonts, Mega Main Menu has 600+ Google font options. To change fonts, you don’t have to leave the admin dashboard. You can use the Vector 1600+ icons anywhere on your menu or website. The graphics are retina ready, so they’ll look great on all screen resolutions. The sticky menu will imprint the identity of your site in the minds of your users. You can place logos on the menu for this purpose too.

Mega Main Menu is certifiably compatible with WPML, multilingual sites, and supports translation into RTL languages. The plugin comes with fantastic documentation and friendly support. The video tutorials make your life more comfortable than ever before. You are also assured of a lifetime of free updates so that you can stay abreast of the latest menu trends.

Final Thoughts

This list is composed of free mega menu plugins as well as premium ones. We have lined up their different features so that you can understand why you should choose one of them. The free ones will give you excellent results, but the paid ones come with extra benefits to make them worth the price tags. To manage your site like a professional, you needn’t look further than this catalog of the best WordPress mega menu plugins. Whether you’re looking for a free or paid option, our selection provides a range of features that enable you to manage your site like a professional. You can transform your website’s navigation into a user-friendly, visually appealing, and efficient tool that boosts engagement and conversions by making the right choice. Make your choice now and enjoy unmatchable power over your entire site.

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