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10 Best WordPress Testimonial Slider Plugin 2020

Best WordPress Testimonial Slider Plugins
09Feb, 2020

Using one of the best wordpress testimonial slider plugin , you stand a better chance of earning the trust of strangers. Your website is your image. Many websites offer the same information, goods, or services as you. You need to show your dependability via your site. Visitors need to know that they can trust you. User reviews and comments are one way through which site visitors decide whether you’re trustworthy.

Testimonial slider plugins enable you to present customer feedback and reviews attractively and cleanly. Some, of course, do a better job than others do. To save you the headache of looking for the best testimonial slider , we have assembled the 10 best ones. They are user-friendly and have great features. Browse our list and choose your favorite.

WP Testimonials Slider and Showcase

Best WordPress Testimonial Slider Plugins

With over 9,000 active installations, WP Testimonials Slider and Showcase is undoubtedly one of the best wordpress testimonial slider plugin. It has a mobile-friendly layout and comes with 2 designs – grid and slider. The shortcode generator allows you to create as many shortcodes as you may need. The control of primary colors is in your hands as well as the number of items to show per row. You can create and customize filters with custom query builder. This plugin fully supports widgets and pagination.

The pro version of this testimonials plugin is even more incredible. It has 30 beautiful layouts for video, isotope, slider, and grid options. You’ll get advanced Query Post filters by categories. To give your users unforgettable experiences, choose between 4 types of pagination, including load more and Ajax number. The grid control is intelligent with choices for the number of rows for specific devices. This theme allows frontend submission of forms as well as the fields of view in frontend. This plugin gives you a layout preview for the shortcode generator and control over color and font size.

Testimonial Slider

Testmonial Slider

Testimonial Slider is a straightforward and responsive testimonial plugin that gives clean and beautiful testimonial sections. This plugin has five tasteful skins. The settings enable you to create unlimited testimonials. This plugin has a custom post type of testimonials so that you can add, edit, and delete testimonials from your site. Therefore, you can allow the slider to show only specific testimonials, those of particular categories, and recent ones – which is auto-selected by the slider. You can select to display the image, name, and other details of the customer in their recommendations.

This slider plugin supports shortcodes and widgets. Therefore, you can display testimonial lists via shortcode or template tag. Testimonial Slider also supports multiple transition effects, numerous settings as well as multiple sliders.


Super Testmonial

For a user-friendly experience, Testimonials is an ideal testimonial slider plugin. This plugin is fully responsive on all devices.

You can add testimonials as a widget, in the sidebar, or use the shortcode to place them on pages or posts. Testimonials are filterable by categories, and you can sort them randomly, by date, or custom order. The plugin features fields for name, avatar, and company name, among others.

The pro version is far juicier. The three styles – list, slider, and grid – have a combined 35 layout options with 105 ready skins. Furthermore, 100 premade shortcodes are available with this widget-ready plugin. The plugin supports unlimited testimonials per page. Along with myriads of shortcode parameters, Testimonials facilitates slider autoplay with a time interval. The well-documented plugin is compatible with all modern browsers and is mobile-friendly. The dedicated support is available 24/7.

Testimonials Widget

Testmonial widgets

Help your website achieve its potential with Testimonials Widgets. The slider boasts unmatchable beauty with slide, fade, and carousel transitions. You can filter the contents of your slideshows by tags, categories, or post ID. This plugin enables the incorporation of videos, images, and texts in the same slideshow.

Testimonials Widget premium is even more enticing. Its animation speed is adjustable with the possibility to add, edit, and remove testimonials. Automated options include suggestions for tag and category options and linkage of emails and URL fields from user and company details. For HTML validation, the footer comes with custom CSS. The CSS styling of this plugin is minimalist for straightforward theming. The archive and testimonial URLs are customizable. Testimonials Widgets is translatable into any language with localized pot files. Many more features (over 50) are yours for the taking if you try this plugin.

Genesis Testimonial Slider

Genesis Testimonial Slider

Genesis Testimonial Slider is an easy-to-use testimonial plugin. It has helpful shortcodes and widgets. The plugin allows you to add testimonials to widget areas. With this plugin, you get custom testimonial layouts with author name and picture or avatar and content. For unforgettable user experience, you can enable slide or fade effects.

The plugin has a separate page for its settings. Within these settings, you can set the speed of transitions, the columns, loop and the position of the author’s image. The plugin allows you to add company and rating. The high number of installations of Genesis Testimonial Slider speaks of its quality.

Strong Testimonials

Strong Testmonial

As the name suggests, Strong Testimonials is a plugin that gives you sturdy testimonials. In a period of over 4 years, the developers of Strong Testimonials has improved this theme based on customer feedback and requests. The features, maintenance, and support are legendary. The testimonials form that comes with this plugin has editable fields with a variety of options. Instead of complicated shortcodes, this plugin has the option to build unlimited views such as slideshows, static grids etc. You can, after that, select a view by use of shortcode or widget.

The plugin has great appeal with several designs that have basic background and font color options. Strong testimonials will adopt the style options from your website’s theme. This plugin has templates with light and dark options and is CSS enabled so you can edit more. The privacy advantages are incredible with GDPR. Strong Testimonials doesn’t store data from user or visitor, send data to remote servers, or allow editing of comments’ form.

Testimonial Rotator

Testmonial Rotator

The easiest way to manage testimonials on your site is with Testimonial Rotator. With this plugin, you have testimonial and testimonial rotator post layouts. You can add testimonials to multiple rotators and change all rotator settings from the admin end.

Everybody loves 5 stars. Testimonial Rotator offers a star rating system for you as well as Prev/Next buttons. Based on their height, you can align testimonials with ease. In list format, you have pagination enabled. This plugin has an author information area. Apart from the premade testimonial single template, this plugin allows you to create custom templates as well. Based on the role of the user on the website, it is possible to display the ‘add rotator’ section. The latest version of Testimonial Rotator comes with new hooks and filters to give your visitors the best possible experience. Installation and use videos are available.

Testimonials Showcase

Testmonial Showcase

Do you want to display reviews, testimonials, list quotes and even offer links to case studies right on your website? Testimonial Showcase is a plugin that allows you to do all this and much more.

Testimonials Showcase has 2 layouts, grid and slider, with 15+ customization options. The layouts come with options to add image, shapes, and effects. For your links, you have various options, for example ‘read more’ and inclusion of links in entry subtitle or image. This plugin has 5 inbuilt theme options including a simple separator, quote marks, flat card box, flat card box, flat speech bubbles, and rounded speech bubbles.

This plugin facilitates frontend form submission. Your clients can submit testimonials from any page on your website when you display shortcodes for the function. The plugin has a shortcode generator with more than 10 visual customization and preview options. The plugin is also widget-ready.

Testimonials Showcase WordPress Plugin

Testmonial Showcase wordpress plugins

Testimonials Showcase is – hands down – the most feature-rich yet easy to use testimonial plugin.

One of the unique features is a fully responsive QR-Code which you can scan using your mobile device. The testimonials are unbelievable with the Form Builder addon. With the Form Builder you can retrieve the form shortcode. You can require filling of specific fields and validation before the display of testimonial. With the filtering options, you also get Ajax display, 10 theme templates, and 3 align options. The theme templates have distinct structures to cater for all needs.

The display is impeccable with 10 color options. Furthermore, you have 9 display options such as a quote, stars, client URL, etc. For unique custom sliders, you get 10 features including lazy load, slide timeout, autoplay, pagination speed, among others. 18 slide-in and just as many slide-out animation options make your testimonials immaculate. Other extra features include a shortcode generator, CSS3 effects, slideshow options, among others. The plugin is 100% responsive and retina ready with many more tantalizing features.

Testimonial Basics

Testmonial Basics

Testimonial Basics has all the functions you want to come with your ideal testimonial plugin. You can backup and restore testimonials with incredible ease. The plugin has author, testimonial, and email as mandatory input fields, while location, testimonial title, and website are optional input fields. However, you will have two extra customizable input fields at your disposal. The content or widget areas contain setup input forms and can display testimonials.

This plugin avails pagination with options of 3,5, or 10 testimonials a page. Testimonial basics has a star rating system. Captcha is inbuilt with color and black and white options along with reCaptcha. The plugin has 4 content and 6 widget display layouts. You have access to 9 fonts as well as options to customize text and background colors.

This plugin is RTL compatible and includes translation files for French, Dutch, German, and Spanish.

Final Thoughts

If you are committed to delivering quality, feedback is everything. Your customers should let you know about their experiences using your goods or services. This way, you can improve on the weak aspects of whatever you provide. After displaying the testimonials and reviews on your site, you encourage other visitors to not only become customers but also leave more reviews. The cycle continues, and you gradually get an edge over your competition.

If you choose one of the best wordpress testimonial slider plugin we have assorted here, it is unbelievably simple. Management of your testimonials becomes easy, while the cycle takes care of itself, earning you more customers.