Best Gallery Plugin For WordPress

Many free and premium WordPress gallery plugins are available, leaving users wondering which is the optimal choice for their website. The best plugin is usually determined based on the number of features, level of customization, and user-friendliness. Ultimately, the decision is subjective and depends on the user’s preferences. However, the Radiustheme aims to simplify the process by providing a comprehensive list of the best WordPress gallery plugins. With the overwhelming amount of options available, it can be challenging to find a suitable plugin, and quality becomes a concern.

The best free WordPress gallery plugins are equipped with various features that facilitate usability for users without compromising on quality. The premium and free versions exhibit good quality but differ in the options or features available. While the premium WordPress gallery plugins offer additional benefits over the free version, both still provide excellent functionality. Each plugin strives to distinguish itself from competitors, creating an exceptional user experience. Therefore, this compilation of plugins aims to aid in making the optimal choice for your WordPress website. Presented below is a list of the top-ranked WordPress gallery plugins.

Best WordPress gallery plugin details bellow:

  1. Photo Garrlery
  2. Robo Gallery
  3. Visual Portfolio
  4. Video Gallery
  5. MetaSlider
  6. Modula
  7. Envira
  8. Final
  9. Portfolio filter gallery
  10. NextGEN Gallery
  11. FooGallery

Photo Gallery

Photo gallery

If you’re seeking a feature-rich and user-friendly plugin to add responsive galleries and albums to your WordPress website, the Photo Gallery plugin is an excellent choice. With its intuitive interface and extensive functionality, you can create anything from simple to complex photo galleries.

It increases visitor engagement by providing visually appealing images and photos, resulting in more page views. Secondly, adding relevant tags and metadata to images can enhance SEO, making the website more visible in relevant search results. Additionally, organized galleries and albums make navigation easier and improve the user experience. With customizable views, users have the flexibility to match their gallery layouts to their needs. The plugin allows unlimited galleries and albums with unlimited photos and videos, including audio tracks for the image slideshow. The responsive lightbox feature provides 15 slideshow effects and supports social sharing, a full-width view option, filmstrip, and image commenting. It also includes multiple widgets, image watermarking, and right-click protection to prevent unauthorized use. Preloaded themes and social sharing buttons add to the aesthetics and functionality of the website. Finally, add-ons are available to import and export galleries and albums between WordPress websites.

The premium version of the Photo Gallery plugin provides additional features that can enhance the user experience. Commenting feature allows visitors to leave comments on your images with Captcha protection to prevent spam. The Dynamic Tag Cloud widget offers image and text tag cloud options. At the same time, the add-on support feature provides additional functionality for importing and exporting galleries, albums, and related data from one WordPress site to another. With the premium version, users can also change the roles of who can edit galleries, albums, and images from the author to all users. 

Additionally, the Google Photos add-on allows users to link and display their Google Photos albums with just one click, and the Export/Import add-on facilitates the easy transfer of galleries and albums between WordPress sites.

Robo Gallery

Robo Gallery

With the help of Robo Gallery, even WordPress beginners can quickly construct their first gallery, while WordPress experts benefit from cutting-edge capabilities and creative freedom.

Some notable features include disabling right-click to prevent copying of the gallery content, advanced media manager for batch image upload and resizing, customizable hover effects, multi-categories album support, lazy loading options, and advanced cache options. This plugin also includes a Gutenberg gallery block for easy configuration and supports different screen sizes and mobile devices. It also provides advanced social sharing functionality, deep linking functionality for social sharing services, and click-on buttons or thumbnails to enlarge images or open links. Additionally, it provides options for aligning the gallery in the post or page, a padding thumbnail block, and an automatic post generator with a gallery tag. Robo Gallery is implemented in native WordPress style and is compatible with all popular browsers.

The PRO version of the gallery plugin offers over 50 pre-configured styles, classified into six categories with different types of grid layouts and interface views, making it easy to set up the gallery with the required themes and styles. Users can customize their galleries to suit their preferences with advanced features for YouTube, photo grids, masonry, mosaic, polaroid, wall-style themes, and navigation menus. 

Additionally, users can easily import YouTube playlists and channel videos, set personal links for every image, and add HTML or built-in tags to image descriptions. It also supports different grid layouts, smart links, customizable hover effects, and clone settings, which are useful for websites with multiple galleries. Other features include customizable thumbnails, shadows, statistics, backup, multisite support, and an advanced drag-and-drop categories manager. 

With all these features, users can build fully custom galleries that are mobile-friendly and compatible with different devices and browsers.

Visual Portfolio

Visual Portfolio

Without any coding experience, the Visual Portfolio plugin appears potent for graphically building and personalising galleries and portfolios in WordPress. The layouts available include Masonry, Justified, Tiles, Grid, and Carousel. Several visual effects are available, including Classic Style, Fade Effect, Emerge Effect, Fly Effect, and Caption Move Effect.

Due to the plugin’s modular code structure and slow image loading, it is designed to be quick and light. Also, it is compatible with plugins for image optimization and third-party WebP providers. The plugin includes a gallery block with a live preview and numerous point-and-click design choices, making it simple to configure.

The Visual Portfolio plugin now offers an optional custom post-type portfolio to store all portfolios in a single post type. By filtering articles by taxonomies, authors, date ranges, and particular posts, the plugin enables you to fine-tune the source of your galleries. It supports generating galleries using picture sets directly inside the block editor.

With features like mobile optimization, retina-ready, social sharing buttons, and support for both audio and video within a single gallery, the plugin’s lightbox is a potent tool. It supports a variety of audio and video providers, including self-hosted videos and audio, as well as Spotify, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, and YouTube.

Also, with the All In One SEO, Rank Math, and Yoast SEO plugins, the plugin is SEO friendly and adds photos to the sitemap. Furthermore, included is a developer-friendly feature with a custom CSS module and PHP filters.

Video Gallery

Video Gallery

Video Gallery plugin is user-friendly and responsive, designed to adapt to any screen size and display high-quality videos with 16 free themes, 9 layout options, and beautiful hover effects for enhancing your website’s video content. Users can showcase their videos visually stunningly; it offers pagination options and supports multiple categories for organised viewing.

One of the most significant benefits of this plugin is its ability to enhance your site’s ranking in search engines. Whether on YouTube, Vimeo, or search engines in general, the plugin’s user-friendly and responsive design helps improve your website’s visibility. Furthermore, the plugin encourages engagement with site visitors, making your site more likely to receive higher ratings.

With 24/7 technical support, Video Gallery plugin offers excellent customer service. Its smooth animations and compatibility with existing HTML and CSS make it an ideal choice for responsive layouts. Whether for business, hobby, or entertainment pages, the Video Gallery plugin is a valuable tool for showcasing video content in a visually stunning and user-friendly way.

The premium version includes 10 beautiful effects for opening the gallery and advanced pagination options such as numbered, load more pagination, and infinite scroll video gallery. Users can customize the pagination display type, styles, and text per their requirements.

The plugin also provides an effective gallery template, album gallery template, and hover effects with over 100+ multi-functional features for titles, links, and icons. Users can also use Scale, Rotate, Translate, and Skew effects for overlay and configure hover duration and delay time.

With over 100+ effects features, the Video Gallery plugin creates an unrepeatable video gallery on any WordPress website. It is easy to use, and its functions make it ideal for use on any website. The plugin has its ID number, which can be copied and pasted to the desired location on the website where you want to display the gallery.



MetaSlider is a versatile plugin with over 700,000 that allows site owners to easily create visually stunning slideshows, galleries, and carousels. 

This plugin has a user-friendly interface and built-in SEO features that ensure optimal visibility for your content. Whether you want to showcase your latest work, images, or products, MetaSlider offers a range of customizable options to create an impressive display that will capture your audience’s attention. You can also benefit from MetaSlider’s extensive functionality and customizability as a developer. 

With access to WordPress filters and actions, you can tailor MetaSlider to meet your client’s needs. Rest assured that they can easily maintain the slider’s functionality after completing your work. MetaSlider is an ideal solution for site owners and developers seeking a flexible and customizable plugin to create eye-catching sliders, slideshows, galleries, and carousels.

MetaSlider Pro offers advanced features for users looking to customize their slider, slideshow, carousel, or gallery experience. These include the ability to easily include high-definition YouTube & Vimeo videos, create customized HTML slides, and create CSS3-animated HTML Layer slides using the built-in drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editor. MetaSlider Pro offers a full-featured text editor with extra CSS, dynamic post feed/featured image slides, slide schedule, and visibility. 

In addition, users can now build their custom themes with the 11 new professional slider themes available. MetaSlider offers four responsive slideshow types with 20+ transition effects, including support for image, photo, video, layer, HTML, product, and post-feed slides. 

MetaSlider also features a new photo gallery experience that supports images and photos with a drag-and-drop photo gallery builder that is fast, SEO-focused, and fully WCAG-accessible. Advanced features are available for those who need them.



Modula is a versatile plugin that offers a range of free gallery features for website builders. With 100% Gutenberg compatibility, users can easily create image galleries and add metadata such as title, alt text, and caption. It integrates with popular website builders like Beaver Builder, Elementor, and Divi Builder and offers three types of galleries: Creative, Custom Grid, and Masonry. 

It also includes shuffle functionality to show images randomly, lightbox support and social buttons for image sharing on platforms. Users can also enjoy zoom-in and zoom-out loading effects, mobile-responsive galleries, and an import/export tool for easy gallery transfer between sites. Moreover, it allows custom CSS personalization to achieve a unique look for your galleries.

Modula PRO offers a range of premium features not found in the free version. With the Defaults extension, users can create galleries with preset settings for faster and easier gallery creation. Lightbox Slideshow extension transforms a gallery’s lightbox view into an attractive slideshow. Password Protect extension allows access blocking with a password.

In contrast, Convert Gallery to Slider extension enables galleries to be turned into sliders with various settings such as dots, arrows, and infinite loops. The Albums extension creates albums, adds galleries, manages cover photos, and more. 

Additional extensions provide features like deep linking, image loading effects, hover effects, pagination, image zoom effects, right-click protection, watermarking, and advanced shortcode. Other advanced features include speed optimization and white labelling. A one-year support and updates package is included with each purchase.


Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery is a receptive WordPress gallery plugin that allows users to easily create photo and video galleries with custom themes, standalone galleries, and social sharing options. 

With pro features such as watermarking, pagination, and password protection, Envira Gallery offers add-ons for albums, slideshow, proofing, EXIF data display, and integration with other platforms like Dropbox and Pinterest. Additionally, Envira Gallery provides features for customization, such as CSS, dynamic gallery creation, and zoom functionality, as well as the ability to add audio tracks and breadcrumbs to galleries. Users can also suggest new features to be developed by the Envira Gallery team.

It includes Guttenberg Blocks for easy customization and a drag-and-drop photo gallery builder that is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Envira Gallery also offers various beautiful layouts and templates for customization and the ability to organize photo galleries into albums and easily choose cover photos. Users can share their photos on various social media platforms and add videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and more. 

Additionally, Envira Gallery offers features such as watermarking, slideshow creation with autoplay and manual controls, deep linking for improved SEO, pagination to improve page speed and user experience, and image proofing for photography businesses. The plugin also integrates with popular eCommerce software WooCommerce to allow for the easy selling of photos.



A WordPress photo gallery plugin, Final Tiles Grid Gallery, distinguishes itself from other galleries by applying a novel algorithm to produce more intriguing image grids. Final Tiles Grid Gallery keeps the photographs as close to their original size as possible, contrasting to other galleries that crop them. It enables viewers to imagine the photographs as various-sized tiles that may be put in a grid to produce a special and eye-catching gallery.

The plugin is responsive, allowing it to animate smoothly to the browser, even on mobile devices. For a seamless user experience, the gallery uses hardware acceleration and CSS3 characteristics.

Wedding album picture galleries, designer portfolio photo galleries, photographer portfolio photo galleries, and product showcase photo galleries are just a few of the uses for which Final Tiles Grid Gallery is appropriate. It has two layouts—Tiles and Columns (masonry)—and lets users choose the spacing between images and image size depending on the screen size. Also, users can manually or randomly order the photographs in the gallery, and one lightbox supports EverlightBox. Features for social sharing and video galleries are also included.

The PRO version of Final Tiles Gallery includes all the features of the Lite version and additional functionalities. These include adding filters and categories to galleries, support for seven lightbox options and EverlightBox, different lightbox options for mobile devices, caption and image hover effects, loaded image effects, WooCommerce support, and the ability to create galleries featuring recent or custom posts. Users can upgrade to the PRO version to access these features. 

Additionally, suppose users require a justified edge at the bottom of their gallery. In that case, they can use the “Masonry” layout and ensure their images have the same height to achieve this effect.

Portfolio filter gallery

Portfolio filter gallery

Portfolio Filter Gallery is one of the robust WordPress plugins that makes creating beautiful and responsive portfolio galleries for your website easy. Whether you’re a photographer, designer, or artist looking to showcase your work, this plugin offers a wide range of features to help you create stunning portfolio galleries that are visually appealing and user-friendly.

You can easily set filters for your galleries to help visitors discover their desired pictures quickly. The greatest and most responsive Bootstrap Lightbox is also included in the plugin, ensuring that your photos appear fantastic on all devices.

With choices for two, three, or four columns, the plugin lets you display your portfolio gallery in several columns. You may also decide to display numbering, image names, and captions on your gallery photographs to design the ideal arrangement.

You can add a Grayscale effect to your photographs for a distinctive design, or you can select from the masonry style image photo video galleries. You can add different colours to the filters button to further personalize your gallery.

Portfolio Filter Gallery plugin’s PRO edition has many potent features to improve your WordPress photo gallery. Portfolio Filtering is one of the main features of the PRO version. You can do this to add infinite filters to your gallery and completely modify their appearance.

A Portfolio Masonry Gallery, which provides an aesthetically attractive way to present your photographs, is a feature of the PRO version. To entice users to investigate more, add a “read more” or “view” button to your portfolio gallery and link it to another page on your website. The PRO edition also has 30 hover effects, five different lightbox pop-up styles, and the capacity to load more portfolio items. 

This plugin is easy to configure with your own CSS and is SEO-friendly. The custom plugin comes with quick, helpful, high-quality support, and the dashboard is straightforward and user-friendly. 

You can make an endless number of portfolio galleries with an unlimited number of photographs using the Portfolio Filter Gallery PRO edition.

NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery

With over 600,000 active installations, it is easy to use and powerful enough for the most demanding visual artists, photographers, and imaging professionals. Along with NextGEN, you can easily manage your WordPress galleries with a complete gallery management system. You can batch-upload photos, add or delete photos, rearrange and sort photos, edit thumbnails, group galleries into albums, and more.

The free edition of NextGEN offers two album styles such as extended & compact and three major gallery styles (image browser galleries, thumbnail, and slideshow) that may all be customised in terms of timing, size, style, transitions, lightbox effects, controls, and other factors. And now, with full support for the Gutenberg block editor, you can add a gallery or album anywhere on your site with a page builder type feel directly in the WordPress editor.

NextGEN Pro also offers price lists, coupons, and digital downloads, integrating with Adobe Lightroom. The plugin offers a range of gallery layouts, including mosaic, masonry, filmstrip, blog style, side scroll, tiled, image browser, and Pro Grid and Pro List Album displays. The Pro Lightbox feature allows for customizable image display and engagement, including social sharing, deep linking, and image commenting.

NextGEN Pro also offers image protection, hover captions, and frontend search, with fast and dedicated Pro Support for professional photographers.



FooGallery is a feature-rich and versatile gallery plugin for WordPress that offers a range of powerful features to help you create stunning and responsive image galleries. 

With its beautiful image gallery templates, easy customization options, focus on performance and SEO, built-in albums, Gutenberg compatibility, and other advanced features like retina thumbnail support, drag-and-drop reordering, custom CSS, and one-click gallery page creation, FooGallery is an ideal choice for anyone looking to create professional-looking galleries for their website. Its NextGen importer tool makes importing galleries and albums from other sources easy.

FooGallery offers three PRO plans – Starter, Expert, and Commerce- catering to different needs and budgets. The PRO features include additional gallery templates, image and media lightbox, hover effect presets, CSS thumbnail filters, video support, filtering, dynamic galleries, advanced pagination, custom captions, EXIF metadata gallery, bulk copy gallery settings, deep linking support, image protection, WooCommerce integration, master galleries, and white labelling. These features provide advanced functionality for creating stunning galleries and portfolios, selling images online, and customizing the plugin for individual branding needs.

It seamlessly integrates with Gutenberg, WordPress’s new editor, making adding your existing image galleries easy. It also complies with GDPR by allowing users to opt-in to track plugin usage. FooGallery is compatible with PHP 8 and offers retina support for high-quality thumbnails on all devices. 

With FooGallery PRO Expert, you can create video galleries, while PRO Commerce offers full WooCommerce integration to sell your photographs online. Built-in albums and developer-friendly features make FooGallery a great option for anyone looking for a robust gallery plugin.

Concluding Remarks

Find a great one only; it is not an easy matter to do. There are many photo gallery plugins that fulfill your needs and demand for creating your website. You’ll probably be most satisfied with Modula if you seek tools to create a picture gallery quickly and beautifully. A good alternative is Envira Gallery; however, its free edition has fewer features. On the other hand, you’ll probably do better with NextGEN Gallery, Envira Gallery Pro, or Picture Gallery by 10web if you’re searching for a gallery plugin to help you manage a lot of images/albums and perhaps even sell the images in your galleries. Another excellent choice that falls in the middle of the two extremes is FooGallery.

Assess the features you require, such as the ability to organize and display images in a specific manner, ease of use, and compatibility with your WordPress theme. Once you have a clear idea of your requirements, research the available options and compare their functionality, user ratings, and reviews.

Ultimately, choosing the best photo gallery plugin for your site will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

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