WordPress team members plugins

When you have any company or institution, displaying the team you work with is a positive gesture that shows openness and trustworthiness. You can offer as much information as you want concerning each member, including their social platform links. One of the best ways of creating a bond between you and your users is using one of the best premium or free WordPress team members plugins.

Even though you could use a free plugin, cheap may end up not being what you want in your initial investment. The premium items have some appealing features and perks that would make you take one of them without a second thought. We’ve prepared a catalog that has the best of the plugins with their functionalities and features. Take a look at the list below and decide the one you like best.

You might be interested get best Portfolio WordPress plugin and testimonial slider WordPress plugin While you use team plugin as the both are essential feature for any professional website.

How can I make a team member page in WordPress?

You only need to find the best team WordPress plugin to create a team member page. After installing and activating the plugin, you will have many features with which you can create the best page for showcasing your team. We have even helped you narrow down your options to only the best plugins.

What are the best free WordPress plugins for an “Our Team” or “Meet My Team” page?

Having an “Our Team” or “Meet My Team” page on your website is crucial to making your platform comprehensive. To create such a page, you need an excellent WordPress team plugin. Before choosing the plugin you like best, you can look at this catalog of the best ones.

Which are the best team plugins for WordPress?

A company is only as good as the team that runs it, and displaying those people makes it easier to trust. It would help if you showcased your team as elegantly as you can while keeping the members relatable. To achieve this feat, you need one of the best team plugins for WordPress from this list:

Team – WordPress Team Members Showcase Plugin

WordPress team members showcase plugin

Team by Radiustheme is one of the best team member plugins that you could choose. It is fully responsive so that your team page looks great on any device screen. The plugin gives you a choice between a grid and isotope view for your team member’s display. You can select the display you want using the shortcode and widget that comes with it.

Team by RadiusTheme

Apart from offering you an exceptionally responsive layout, Team by RadiusTheme comes with a host of other features. The free version comes with 2 grid layouts, 1 list layout, 1 isotope filter layout, and a slider layout. You will find it easy working with the plugin and so will your users. After choosing one layout, you can manage the primary color of the team showcase.

Team allows you to display your team members in rounded or square shapes. You can create exceptional team showcase layouts with the additional customization option. Its easy controls allow you to choose options, such as showcasing profile images in square and rounded shapes. You can use shortcodes and widgets to set up the profiles with different views.

You get to control all the fields of the team profiles, including member names, positions, social links, images, short bios, and detailed bios. If you feel that the profile images are surplus to requirements, this free plugin lets you disable – or enable – them at will. The smooth operation of Team is mostly due to its clean HTML5, CSS3, and full Object Oriented (OOP) coding.

Team PRO

You also get an additional 30 layouts with the Team PRO version. With the shortcode generator, this pro plugin lets you set the default of your display to 30 pixel margin or no margin. The settings enable you to set the specific gutter you want. You can set the image style of the profile images to square or rounded right from the shortcode generator settings.

Team Member Pro Plugin enables you to showcase team members using 3 different addons: Shortcode, Elementor, and Gutenberg. In the Team Member Pro Plugin, Shortcode allows users to display team member profiles on any page or post on their website. Shortcodes can be customized with various parameters, such as the number of team members to display, the order in which they appear, and more. 

Using Elementor, users can add widgets to their team member profiles, such as images, text, and social media links, among others, and arrange them visually appealingly widgets to their team member profiles, such as images, text, and social media links, among others, and arrange them in a visually appealing way. This functionality enables users to create unique and engaging team member profiles that fit the overall aesthetic of their website.

With the Team Member Pro Plugin, Gutenberg allows users to create custom layouts for their team member profiles using blocks. Users can add various blocks, such as images, text, social media links, etc. They can also use Gutenberg’s design features to customize the appearance of the team member profiles.

Team has the option to create detail page multi-popup. You then allow users to browse the multiple popup profiles with the next or preview buttons. Team PRO allows you to showcase single detail page popups for single team member profile details.  The smart popup option will even show deep detail.

Among the various pagination options that you get include the number pagination, Ajax load more, Ajax number pagination, and Ajax load on scroll.

You can showcase additional images for each member that displays on the detail page in gallery view. The shortcode generator gives you a setting for the display of gray scale images that display as original when a mouse hovers above it.

Highlights of the Top Features of Team:

  • Drag & drop member ordering
  • Grid filter layout with filter styles like buttons or dropdowns
  • Query building function when using filters
  • Grid display control for particular device views
  • Control of the fields to show in different view styles
  • Full style control

Meet My Team

meet my team plugin

Meet My Team is a superb solution to elegantly compressing your team members’ list into a single page. It offers an excellent interface that lets you add your team members and showcase their personal information in a modal. This superb plugin offers a fully responsive grid with smooth readjustments. All the team that created Meet My Team did was modify the naming convention of the Bootstrap Grid. Therefore, it won’t conflict with your own Bootstrap theme.

You will find that this plugin gives you highly responsive elements. It employs the thoroughly tested Reveal Modal from Zurb Foundation, which blends with your responsive individual theme. Meet My Team employs a minimal CSS strategy for theme and template compatibility. The style classes used with this plugin are simple enough so that theme developers can use them to target and style their own.

You can insert the team element of this plugin into any page using the shortcode it comes with. It also supports quite a few fields, including the team members’ names, profile pictures, emails, biographies, and personal URLs. These personal URLs can be sourced from Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social profiles. The Fullworks support team is reliable and makes regular and necessary updates.


TeamPress - team members WordPress plugin

TeamPress is a WordPress plugin that helps you create and organize information about your staff or team members. Using this plugin, you get to display all this information with multiple styles and layouts anywhere on your site using shortcodes or widgets. It includes more than 60 top-quality layouts that need very little customization work. What’s more, you can manipulate them without the need for coding experience. TeamPress

This plugin will work very smoothly with any page builder, including WPBakery, Site Origin, and Elementor Page Builder. TeamPress gives you massive customization leeway using these page builders and shortcodes. The grid team display via shortcodes has over 30 styles. There are 3 list styles, 2 table styles, and 40+ carousel layouts. Since TeamPress comes with a shortcode builder, it allows you to create a shortcode with just a few clicks. If you want to use it, this plugin gives you access to the masonry layout. With TeamPress, website owners can create visually appealing and informative team pages to highlight their team members and their roles within the organization.

TeamPress has Ajax activation for better navigation of team information on your pages. It offers an Ajax alphabet filter, searches, category filter, and load more pagination. This makes it easy to get to a specific profile or information and has minimal and orderly content. TeamPress offers unlimited color as well as font size, family, and color for title, content, and metadata. Therefore, you can stamp a consistent brand onto your website by choosing the color and font quality combinations you want.

Creative Team Showcase

Creative Team Showcase is a robust WordPress plugin that offers a creative avenue for presenting your team. It comes with 6 amazing layouts each of which comes with multiple options. All these layouts are fully customizable, so you can control how everything appears. Since it is also fully responsive, Creative Team Showcase works perfectly on all device sizes. The appearance of all colors and font sizes on all devices is easy to control.

When ordering your team members on your pages, you can do it via a drag & drop interface. Since Creative Team Showcase is also fully compatible with the visual composer element, you can also edit every inch of your pages and sections using a drag & drop interface. As you edit the details of your team members, you can add an unlimited number of skills.

Creative Team Showcase comes with modals, so you can edit to create the ones you want. The clean and optimized code that comes with this plugin is partly responsible for its smooth operation. It offers Font Awesome icons that you can use liberally. Creative Team Showcase comes with media queries, which ensures that your users won’t have problems when interacting with your content. The detailed documentation that comes with the plugin makes it easy to use.

Team Grid

Team Grid

Team Grid is one of the most customizable plugins for showcasing teams and staff info on websites. It allows you to display unlimited teams and members on your pages. You can include various social icons with links for your members, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Team Grid accommodates member skills, which are necessary if you want to show the professionalism and abilities of your team. Among the member fields that you have available are email, physical address, and phone number.

You can showcase your team in any of the 17 team layouts that the plugin offers. Team Grid has a whopping 100+ predefined team design styles that you can incorporate with the team layout. It also avails team filters with over 20 predefined filter styles. The plugin allows you to display different image sizes when you need to showcase the actual member images. Team Grid allows you to display square, vertical, and horizontal images.

The elements on your website will appear elegantly on all devices since it is 100% responsive. You can display the number of profile viewers in various styles. You may choose to go with popup, inline, slide in left, slide in right, or member permalink. When creating your team display section, you can check the live previews in the admin area.

Team Member Plugin

team member plugin

Team Showcase with Slider is a powerful team member plugin that boasts some fantastic features for a spectacular team showcase. With this plugin, you get to display your team members in a unique layout, such as a grid or a slider on your webpage in a fast and straightforward way. It will also help with your business exposure as it allows you to list your team members with their designations and social media link so that your viewers can quickly evaluate the weight of your team.  

The plugin offers more than 30 ready templates, and users can build an interactive team page within minutes using the provided shortcode. The plugin allows users to list their employees, team members, support team, or contacts on their site easily, with fields for name, designation, description, profile URL, email, personal web URL, popup profile details, and social links. The plugin is fully responsive, and users can choose how many columns to display, with columns that adapt to different screen sizes.

In addition to being capacious, it is lightweight, thus allowing you to customize and decorate all your pages – Team, Support, Contacts, About Us – with ease. Another one of the many perquisites of the Team Showcase and Slider plugin is the built-in shortcode, which ensures that every newly created team showcase has its own ID number. This shortcode can be put into the page builders to be included in the theme for displaying the team showcase within the theme using the PHP function.

The ability to use this plugin within page builders is an added advantage for advanced users. Despite having a bunch of first-class quality features, this plugin has been developed with concern for both beginners and expert users alike.

Team Builder

WordPress team member plugin

If you need a simple yet efficient team plugin, you may want to try the Team Builder. This is a team management plugin with which you can build a fantastic team showcase in a brief amount of time. It is a flexible team plugin for WordPress that is available to create and manage an excellent team page. This plugin can be used to exhibit testimonials and all other kinds of content that require image and text.

Team Builder has a drag & drop feature and draggable box items that allow easy sorting. The Bootstrap framework of this plugin amplifies its speed and full responsiveness. Besides having Slick Frontend Backend UI, this team member plugin comes with all colors, font sizes, and font families that are all changeable. With this plugin, you can add or remove each team member’s name, designation, and description with their social media contact details.

This plugin consists of fantastic features such as 5+ dots & 5+ button navigation control designs, more than 500 integrated google fonts, and 10+ integrated column layouts. Team Builder has been tested with most WordPress popular themes and has been proven to be compatible with all web browsers.


AWSM Team is a highly responsive and touch-enabled plugin with unique presets with several style options for each preset. These presets include a card layout with 4, a table with 3, and a list with 2 style options. This plugin has a simple configuration and minimal setting but still maintains a professional look and sleek design, making it easy to use and more visually appealing. 

It is easy to write and edit posts and pages with your texts, images, and other media when using AWSM Team. It has a clean design, detailed documentation, and a video demo for beginners, making it easy for first-time users to install and navigate. Within a few minutes of installing this plugin, you can have a great-looking team section on your WordPress site.

AWSM Team has an active support forum with a FAQ section, which allows visitors to familiarize themselves with its use and find solutions to their problems. This awesome team member plugin is very flexible and versatile, and the visitors will find it easy to fine-tune to suit their needs. Do not miss the opportunity of establishing a jaw-dropping webpage with this awesome team management plugin. Bring your users to meet the team in style with this WordPress plugin.

WP Team

WP Team is one of the modern team showcase WordPress plugins in the industry with excellent design and fantastic styling options. Some of its most appealing features include the shortcode generator, the image zoom in/out effect, the clean, intuitive settings panel with no coding required, and its accessibility for disabled people. It comes with 3 unique layouts, namely, Carousel, Grid & List, and has unlimited color and page styling.

This sophisticated team member plugin is compatible with any theme and is cross-browser supported. With the WP Team plugin, you can easily arrange your team member profile using any shape of your preference. Additionally, you have control over the total number of members you want to display, margin, or space between members, the background colors, and the social icon position. You can also choose the image size from the available crop sizes.

WP Team is equipped with a Native WordPress widget and 10+ touch-enabled Carousel Controls that enable you to set the number of team members to show per page and enhance easy navigation. It has quick and efficient online support and bug reporting section that is active 15 hours a day.

GS Team Member

Are you on a quest for a modern team showcase WordPress plugin? GS Team Member could be what you are looking for. It is fully responsive and works with any responsive WordPress theme. Moreover, it supports all modern browsers and is very extremely easy to set up. It has an easy to use interface that allows you to create, manage, edit, and delete team members. It is developer-friendly and easy to tailor and customize to suit your taste.

GS Team Member rocks 20+ themes, more than 30 appealing templates, a GS Team Shortcode generator that is available at page/post, and SEO friendly re-order functionality. This team member plugin allows you to display members by their group or department. You can also showcase member images, names, designation, and social connectivity links. It has on/off controls for member details, instant search by name, filter by classification, and many more.

This fantastic plugin boasts 40 social icons and skill fields to add as many as you want. The GS Team plugin is fully packed with loads of control options and a variety of themes to elegantly display your team members’ profile with striking effects that will draw your viewers’ attention.

Team Members Showcase

Team Members is a plugin that comes with a ‘Teams’ section built to hold all your team members’ data easily and information on your web page. You can swiftly add new members to your site, adjust the text, images, positions/departments, and social links or rearrange them anytime and anywhere using a shortcode with no additional cost. Once you have come up with the team members and the details you would like to highlight, all you have to do is select the number you want to display on each page.

With this advanced plugin, you also get to pick the number of columns, templates, and image size quite effortlessly. You have Team Members Showcase plugin under your control as it is highly customizable, and its different features unlock tons of possibilities for a remarkable outcome. It is endowed with 50+ slider, and 50+ grid layout templates and API integrated drag and drop builder also team filter supported. On top of that, this awesome plugin more than 500 integrated google fonts.

This GDPR supported plugin also rocks a fully responsive and clean design and custom CSS for a custom design. Needless to say, Team Members Showcase plugin will keep your site visitors intrigued with the stunning fonts, colors, and jaw-dropping effects.

WordPress Team Manager

This is one of the best trending team showcase plugins that has been powerfully built to handle even the most sophisticated team member showcases. WordPress Team Manager rocks elegant designs and numerous features that only require a few customization tweaks to give you remarkable results. The primary purpose of this plugin is to showcase your staff and display your working force, and you can effortlessly achieve this with a just bit of creativity. This plugin is not only lightweight but also super swift, saving you a considerable amount of time.

WordPress Team Manager plugin gives you free rein where tailoring the layout and choosing the image shapes, and sizes are involved. You can control the member display order and display selected team members. For the users who have no experience in coding, the custom CSS simplifies the editing process and enables you to get a layout that is appealing to your site visitors.

Furthermore, WordPress Team Manager sports beautiful colors & fonts and a bunch of stylish features such as list & grid view. Your users can now meet the team in style with this WordPress plugin. With the shortcode generator, you can quickly build your own shortcode to create a robust and lasting impression on your viewers without breaking a sweat.

Team Members by WP Darko

Team Members is one of the most fantastic free WordPress team members plugins available. It allows you to add a “Team” section to the admin panel. The addition allows you to showcase the people on your team the easy way. This WordPress plugin for team members allows you to add people to your team list as well as their picture, bios, position, reorder them at any time, social links, and display them anywhere using a straightforward shortcode.

Team Members Pro by WP Darko

The Team Members Pro has an array of features that include hover photos. You can add a second image that appears when hovering over the first one. The team equalizer helps you make the length of your member boxes the same. You can add some complementary information on a member’s details in a clean toggle box. With this team showcase WordPress premium plugin, you can assign a distinctive color for each member.

This plugin allows you to import and export one team to another easily. What’s more, you can show and hide members of the team. Team Members Pro gives you a few choices for displaying your staff, including full-width, floating, and inside-the-box pictures. It enables you to apply filters to images with black and white, vintage, and more options. Adding two social links to each member lets you humanize the members. The prices are as follows:

Single Site a Year – $19

Unlimited Sites a Year – $49

Team Showcase and Slider

WordPress team plugins

Team Showcase and Slider is one of the most exquisite team member plugins. It allows you to add a name as post titles, a description as post content, and a short bio as a post excerpt. Other fields include member department, designation, skills, experience, and social links. This plugin allows you to display your team in a grid and slider. You can also work with the Gutenberg shortcode block.

Team Showcase and Slider Pro

The additional features that come with the premium version of this WordPress team members’ plugin make it worthwhile. You get more than 25 slider and grid layouts to work with, and the sliders have the option for a center mode. You can use separate fields for member skills, bios, etc. Team Showcase and Slider Pro has two variations for the popup display design so you can showcase your team members as elegantly as possible.

With this team carousel WordPress plugin, you can create your team showcase with a slider autoplay function and speed interval control. You can also limit the number of team members that you want to be displayed on the slider so that your interface is more orderly. The plugin lets you choose whether to hide or show the slider pagination and arrows too. The prices of the plugin are as follows:

Up to 5 Site Lifetime License – $99

Unlimited Sites Yearly License – $119

Unlimited Sites Lifetime License – $249

Team Showcase by PickPlugins

team showcase by pickplugins

To showcase your team effectively, you need as few restrictions as possible and as many features as possible. Team Showcase makes a good bid with rich team member profiles with social and contact links. It also comes with a custom meta field. The “query” team members function means that your users can get in touch with your team and increase conversion rates. With this best team plugin for WordPress, you can generate custom links for team members.

The style with which Team Showcase allows you to display your team is amazing. You can set the grid item width to whatever looks appropriate. The container and masonry layouts make your team pages orderly and elegant. On the other hand, the pagination style brings more order and sophistication to your website.

Team Showcase Pro by PickPlugins

With the Team Showcase Pro, you can display your team members’ skills and custom classes. Your visitors can view your team members via a slider, a glossary, or in a filterable interface. On the other hand, if you prefer a popup profile format or a popup slider, it adds to the sophistication and draws your visitors’ attention to the team members.

This plugin is fully responsive, which means it automatically adjusts to fit any screen size or device, ensuring that team member profiles always look great, regardless of how they are viewed. Additionally, the plugin is optimized for fast loading speeds, which is vital for user experience and search engine optimization (SEO).

Due to the rich coding of this team showcase WordPress plugin, you have jQuery and Ajax pagination types. The prices for the licenses are as follows:

One Site Yearly License – $9 (50% discount upon renewal)

10 Sites Yearly License – $49 (50% discount upon renewal)

100 Sites Yearly License – $99 (50% discount upon renewal)

One Site Lifetime Starter License – $49

One Site Lifetime Developer License – $99

100 Sites Lifetime Business License – $149

Team Members

team members plugins WordPress

Team Members is an awesome free WordPress team members plugin. It is very user friendly since it is easily installable, fully responsive, and supports all modern browsers. It doesn’t limit you to the number of teams or the members that you can have on your website. It offers the chance to create custom post types with categories. Team Members avails 4 social links for use on every team member.

The automatic shortcode generator makes it easy for you to add elements to your team page. Due to its stellar coding, it is compatible with any WordPress theme that you could be using. What’s more, Team Members is developer-friendly and easy to customize.

Team Members Pro

Team Members Pro makes the observation of your team even more attractive. When visitors click to view more details of a team member, a popup window appears with the info. One of the latest updates on this WordPress team members plugin is the 7 different layout styles for showcasing your team. It has email and website icons. You can use the 23 different social icons however you wish, with 6 different styles.

With any of the background color, text color, text alignment, and social icon alignment are all changeable; you can make your site more elegant and brand it. The price ranges are as follows:

  • One Site License – $19
  • 2 Site License – $29
  • 5 Site License – $50
  • Unlimited Sites’ License – $110

Team Showcase

team showcase is the best team plugins for WordPress

Team Showcase is one of the best team member plugins for WordPress sites. With this plugin, you can display a set of pictures and information in different layouts, including grid, grid with info on hover, table, and thumbnails pager. This team member plugin is fully compatible with the brand-new WordPress 5.0 + and WPBakery Page Builder!

The plugin’s main use is to display team/staff members, but it can be redirected for other purposes. It’s good to display the members of your team or staff even divided by groups or categories! You can also use it to showcase testimonials or other sorts of content that need an image and text! You can choose the number of columns that you want to showcase on the grid layouts, and they’ll be responsive to adapt to different screen displays.

Team Showcase allows you to choose whether you want the images to appear with rounded or squared corners or even in complete circles. Other styles that you can work with are grayscale, image borders, and shadow styles. The grid and hover grid layouts will give you the option to activate and show the jQuery Groups Filters.

The plugin costs $17.

Team Pro

team pro plugins

AWSM Team Pro team carousel WordPress plugin is one of the best team members plugins. It is fully responsive for use with all devices; Furthermore, the plugin is also touch-enabled for mobile devices. Since you can use WPBakery Page Builder to create AWSM Team Pro, you get the drag & drop interface for customizing your page easily. If you’re using any other good WordPress page builder, this plugin will work with it seamlessly too. What’s more, if you prefer to use Gutenberg, the WordPress block builder, the plugin allows you to with full compatibility.

This WordPress plugin for team members comes with 8 cool presets and several style options. These include a drawer, modal, grid, circles, cards, list, table, and slide-ins. AWSM Team Pro comes with more than 20 style options from which you can choose the most elegant one. You can create an incredible looking team section on your WordPress site in a few minutes after installing the plugin.

An AWSM Team Pro license goes for $27.

Team Builder

best team plugins for WordPress

Team Builder is one of the best team plugins for WordPress sites. It supports WPBakery Page Builder so you can have the easiest experience customizing your page. You have complete autonomy with the fonts’ design customization, colors, spacing, and arrangement of elements. The profile sliding panels come with 5 themes and support for the native HTML visual editor. Among the layouts that you can use with the WordPress team members plugin include grid, sliders, widgets, and tables.

With Team Builder, your visitors can filter the team members they want to see by departments or any other tags that you may add. You can construct your card for email, Skype, phone, website, location, bio or tagline, etc. Each layout that comes with this fantastic plugin comes with each layout. Since it is a multipurpose plugin, it can help you create logos and testimonials too.

You can store employees’ contacts on their profiles for unlimited use. The option to open any custom URL by clicking on its corresponding member makes it easy to contact team members. The social icons bar has the most extensive styling options. You can use shortcodes to make your customization work even easier. Team Builder has the most intuitive admin user interface as well as a clean and compact design.

The cost of Team Builder is $25.

My Team Showcase

my team is WordPress team plugins

If you’re looking for enough features to help you create the ultimate team page, My Team Showcase is one plugin that goes all the way. It offers you 10 color schemes with which you can choose the right scheme for your team members or one for your page to match your site. This team carousel WordPress plugin has 10 display options in terms of the individual fields for every piece of vital team information. This info includes the name, job title, email, photo, 5 social media links, website, description, telephone, 4 skills, and location.

When it comes to the slider features of My Team Showcase, 10 is still the magic number. Lazy loading ensures that your slider doesn’t make your page drag and load slowly. You can showcase the slider items with bullets and navigation buttons. The best team member plugin for WordPress has a slide timeout too. You can set the number of items you want for each slider.

My Team Showcase has 3 pagination themes, 18 slide-in animations, and 18 slide-out animations. The shortcode generator makes it incredibly easy to customize your page. Since the column structure is fully responsive, your page will look elegant on all your visitors’ devices. The Retina-ready design makes it even more classy on high-resolution displays.

The price of this plugin stands at $18.

DV Team

WordPress team member plugin

DV Team is a plugin that has many features and fantastic compatibility. It comes with 5 different grid styles, including masonry, thumbnail, rectangle, square, and filterable. You also get 5 custom widgets for various purposes on your team page. This WordPress plugin for team members supports 6 custom post formats, including standard, image, video, link, quote, and gallery. Creating the gallery is incredibly easy since DV Team supports bulk image upload and drag & drop ordering.

This plugin supports all modern browsers, so it won’t matter what browser visitors use to load your pages—the carousels of this team carousel WordPress plugin as touch-friendly and fully responsive. DV Team is translation ready (with .mo file) and supports the WPML plugin. It supports RTL languages, such as Arabic, Persian, Pashto, Urdu, Hebrew, and Sindhi. The plugin is fully compatible with the SiteOrigin Page Builder, so you can find it easy to add, removing, and ordering elements on your page.

DV Team has a market cost of $17.

Buyer’s Guide for The Best Team Member Plugin for WordPress

We prepared this guide to help you in purchasing the best team plugin for your WordPress website. This is to help you make the best investment with your money and give you peace of mind that you’re indeed making the right choice to get the plugin. Here is a guide to purchasing the best plugin:

  1. Ask yourself whether you really need it.
  2. Read all the relevant reviews. Read detailed reviews and don’t rely on star ratings.
  3. Ensure that the premium plugin in which you’re investing money has excellent support.
  4. Check the plugin’s update history for the frequency of updates, whether new features are added, and whether bugs are fixed.
  5. Ensure that the functions of the plugin you’re picking suits your exact needs.

Final Thoughts

A team member plugin offers the most straightforward experience creating a page for displaying your entire team. It allows you to show your clients the dedicated people serving them. This gives them feelings of familiarity and may boost your conversions. Don’t leave this page without having chosen the best team plugin for your WordPress website. You won’t find a plugin that beats the ones we assembled here; act fast!

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