15+ Best WordPress Team Members Plugins 2021

01Oct, 2020

A business, institution or any other kind of establishment that hides its team appears shady. Introducing your team to your users creates a we-have-nothing-to-hide atmosphere that inspires trust. You can add the images, descriptions, role, and even some personal details about the people on your team. If you want to create a bond between you and your users, you should consider using one of the best team member plugins on your site.

Even though you could attempt showcasing your team without a team member plugin, there are countless perks to using one for your website. It makes everything easier and adds amazing functionalities, as you’ll see in our catalog below. Take a look at the different characteristics of each and decide the one you prefer.

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Best WordPress team members plugin are listed below:

TLP Team

best wordpress team member plugin

TLP Team is a fully Responsive WordPress team member plugin. You can showcase you members in Grid and Isotope view. From admin end you can easily add your team member(s). You can set primary color, image size and detail page (Yes/No) link. It has widget included with settings how many want to display. It has the following fields members name, position, image, short bios and detail bios and social links.

It is HTML5 & CSS3 base and full object oriented (OOP) coding. Display your team member profile with Grid view and Isotope View using our shortCode and widget. It comes with 4 default layouts in shortcode you can call layout like layout=”1″ / layout=”2″ / layout=”3″ / layout=”isotope”.

TLP Team has PRO version some special features:

best wordpress team members plugin

  1. Toal 33 layouts (Grid, table, Isotope Filtering and Carousel Slider)
  2. All  Fields can control from admin end.
  3. All Text and Button Style can change.
  4. Single and Multi Popup.
  5. Arrange and Display member by Department (Category).
  6. Assign user as WP user.
  7. Show user posts
  8. Image Gallery
  9. Drag&Drop Ordering.
  10. Category Ordering or Isotope.
  11. Custom Taxonomy ordering.
  12. Layout preview in shortcode.
  13. Grid Filter by Department or Designation.

and more…

Team Members

best wordpress team members plugin

This plugin adds a “Teams” section to the admin panel which allows you to showcase your staff/employees/people on your website the easy way. You can quickly add members to your team(s), add their picture, position, bios, social links, re-order them at anytime and display them anywhere with a simple shortcode. What you see is what you get, and it’s totally free.

Team Showcase with Slider

Team Showcase with SliderTeam Showcase with Slider is a powerful team member plugin that boasts some fantastic features for a spectacular team showcase. With this plugin, you get to display your team members in a unique layout, such as a grid or a slider on your webpage in a fast and straightforward way. It will also help with your business exposure as it allows you to list your team members with their designations and social media link so that your viewers can quickly evaluate the weight of your team.  

In addition to being capacious, it is lightweight, thus allowing you to customize and decorate all your pages – Team, Support, Contacts, About Us – with ease. Another one of the many perquisites of the Team Showcase and Slider plugin is the built-in shortcode, which ensures that every newly created team showcase has its own ID number. This shortcode can be put into the page builders to be included in the theme for displaying the team showcase within the theme using the PHP function.

The ability to use this plugin within page builders is an added advantage for advanced users. Despite having a bunch of first-class quality features, this plugin has been developed with concern for both beginners and expert users alike.

Team Builder

Best WordPress team members pluginIf you need a simple yet efficient team plugin, you may want to try the Team Builder. This is a team management plugin with which you can build a fantastic team showcase in a brief amount of time. It is a flexible team plugin for WordPress that is available to create and manage an excellent team page. This plugin can be used to exhibit testimonials and all other kinds of content that require image and text.

Team Builder has a drag & drop feature and draggable box items that allow easy sorting. The Bootstrap framework of this plugin amplifies its speed and full responsiveness. Besides having Slick Frontend Backend UI, this team member plugin comes with all colors, font sizes, and font families that are all changeable. With this plugin, you can add or remove each team member’s name, designation, and description with their social media contact details.

This plugin consists of fantastic features such as 5+ dots & 5+ button navigation control designs, more than 500 integrated google fonts, and 10+ integrated column layouts. Team Builder has been tested with most WordPress popular themes and has been proven to be compatible with all web browsers.


Best WordPress team members plugin You should TryAWSM Team is a highly responsive and touch-enabled plugin with unique presets with several style options for each preset. These presets include a card layout with 4, a table with 3, and a list with 2 style options. This plugin has a simple configuration and minimal setting but still maintains a professional look and sleek design, making it easy to use and more visually appealing. 

It is easy to write and edit posts and pages with your texts, images, and other media when using AWSM Team. It has a clean design, detailed documentation, and a video demo for beginners, making it easy for first-time users to install and navigate. Within a few minutes of installing this plugin, you can have a great-looking team section on your WordPress site.

AWSM Team has an active support forum with a FAQ section, which allows visitors to familiarize themselves with its use and find solutions to their problems. This awesome team member plugin is very flexible and versatile, and the visitors will find it easy to fine-tune to suit their needs. Do not miss the opportunity of establishing a jaw-dropping webpage with this awesome team management plugin. Bring your users to meet the team in style with this WordPress plugin.

WP Team

team members plugin for wordpressWP Team is one of the modern team showcase WordPress plugins in the industry with excellent design and fantastic styling options. Some of its most appealing features include the shortcode generator, the image zoom in/out effect, the clean, intuitive settings panel with no coding required, and its accessibility for disabled people. It comes with 3 unique layouts, namely, Carousel, Grid & List, and has unlimited color and page styling.

This sophisticated team member plugin is compatible with any theme and is cross-browser supported. With the WP Team plugin, you can easily arrange your team member profile using any shape of your preference. Additionally, you have control over the total number of members you want to display, margin, or space between members, the background colors, and the social icon position. You can also choose the image size from the available crop sizes.

WP Team is equipped with a Native WordPress widget and 10+ touch-enabled Carousel Controls that enable you to set the number of team members to show per page and enhance easy navigation. It has quick and efficient online support and bug reporting section that is active 15 hours a day.

GS Team Member

WordPress Team Members – GS PluginsAre you on a quest for a modern team showcase WordPress plugin? GS Team Member could be what you are looking for. It is fully responsive and works with any responsive WordPress theme. Moreover, it supports all modern browsers and is very extremely easy to set up. It has an easy to use interface that allows you to create, manage, edit, and delete team members. It is developer-friendly and easy to tailor and customize to suit your taste.

GS Team Member rocks 20+ themes, more than 10 appealing templates, a GS Team Shortcode generator that is available at page/post, and SEO friendly re-order functionality. This team member plugin allows you to display members by their group or department. You can also showcase member images, names, designation, and social connectivity links. It has on/off controls for member details, instant search by name, filter by classification, and many more.

This fantastic plugin boasts 40 social icons and skill fields to add as many as you want. The GS Team plugin is fully packed with loads of control options and a variety of themes to elegantly display your team members’ profile with striking effects that will draw your viewers’ attention.

Team Members Showcase

Team Members Showcase wordpress pluginsTeam Members is a plugin that comes with a ‘Teams’ section built to hold all your team members’ data easily and information on your web page. You can swiftly add new members to your site, adjust the text, images, positions/departments, and social links or rearrange them anytime and anywhere using a shortcode with no additional cost. Once you have come up with the team members and the details you would like to highlight, all you have to do is select the number you want to display on each page.

With this advanced plugin, you also get to pick the number of columns, templates, and image size quite effortlessly. You have Team Members Showcase plugin under your control as it is highly customizable, and its different features unlock tons of possibilities for a remarkable outcome. It is endowed with 50+ slider, and 50+ grid layout templates and API integrated drag and drop builder. On top of that, this awesome plugin more than 500 integrated google fonts.

This GDPR supported plugin also rocks a fully responsive and clean design and custom CSS for a custom design. Needless to say, Team Members Showcase plugin will keep your site visitors intrigued with the stunning fonts, colors, and jaw-dropping effects.

WordPress Team Manager

WordPress Team Manager pluginsThis is one of the best trending team showcase plugins that has been powerfully built to handle even the most sophisticated team member showcases. WordPress Team Manager rocks elegant designs and numerous features that only require a few customization tweaks to give you remarkable results. The primary purpose of this plugin is to showcase your staff and display your working force, and you can effortlessly achieve this with a just bit of creativity. This plugin is not only lightweight but also super swift, saving you a considerable amount of time.

WordPress Team Manager plugin gives you free rein where tailoring the layout and choosing the image shapes, and sizes are involved. You can control the member display order and display selected team members. For the users who have no experience in coding, the custom CSS simplifies the editing process and enables you to get a layout that is appealing to your site visitors.

Furthermore, WordPress Team Manager sports beautiful colors & fonts and a bunch of stylish features such as list & grid view. Your users can now meet the team in style with this WordPress plugin. With the shortcode generator, you can quickly build your own shortcode to create a robust and lasting impression on your viewers without breaking a sweat.


best wordpress team members plugin

Team is pure HTML & CSS3 responsive WordPress team members plugin. Display team member profiles with descriptions and links to social media using our shortcode, widget. this plugin also support themes.

Team Showcase

best WordPress team showcase plugin

Team Showcase is one of best WordPress team members plugin. With Team Showcase plugin you can display a set of pictures and information in different layouts. The main purpose of the plugin is to display team/staff members, but it can be used for other purposes.

Fully compatible with the brand new WordPress 5.0 + and Visual Composer!

It’s perfect to display the members of your staff, team or working force, even divided by categories or groups! You can also use it to display testimonials or other kinds of content that require an image and text!

The Team Pro

best wordpress team members plugin

AWSM Team Pro team members plugin is one of best team members plugin for WordPress. It is fully responsive WordPress team members plugin also Touch enable for mobile device.

AWSM Team Pro comes with 8 cool presets and a number of style options. You can create a great looking team section on your WordPress site in a few minutes after installing the plugin.

My Team Showcase

team member plugin for WordPress

Team Showcase for WordPress is one of best team member plugin for WordPress. Team Showcase plugin is well made and up to date Plugin built to create unlimited Teams with special design and multiple options.

It has 16 pre-build themes with grid, slider & Filter layouts. It has modal popup & Side in popup single member display option included.

Team Builder

best WordPress team member plugin

Team Builder is a premium multi-use WordPress team members plugin with main purpose of building awesome team showcase on your website. With this plugin you can build fantastic team showcase in very little time. It’s super easy and fun to deal with Team Builder thanks to powerful admin builder and shortcodes. And the best thing is it’s possible to use this plugin for crafting amazing testimonials or logo showcases as well. Basically it’s great for so many use cases built on image grid basis

DV Team Responsive Team Showcase

best team meber plugin for wordpress

DV Team is a premium responsive one of best team showcase plugin for WordPress. You can create unlimited teams, members and categories. It is a highly customizable plugin. You can change all colors, font sizes, spacings etc. from powerful plugin settings panel. It can be also used for other purposes like portfolios, product galleries, logos etc.

Final Thoughts

A team member plugin gives you the easiest time creating a display page for your entire team. You effectively allow your clients to see whoever is serving them. If you haven’t already chosen one of the best additional team member plugins for your website, don’t leave this page before you do so. There’s no better plugin than the ones on this list; act fast!

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