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A Simple Food & Restaurant Menu Display Plugin for Restaurant, Cafes, Fast Food, Coffee House with WooCommerce Online Ordering.



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31 May, 2024



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Food Menu is a stellar WordPress restaurant menu plugin, which we’ve crafted to perfection. Our plugin allows you to showcase your food menu items for your food business – whichever kind it is. Dull menu displays are not as easy to use and present food items for your visitors. If you want lots of visitors to purchases your food, you have to incorporate this WordPress restaurant menu plugin.

Layout Options

This theme offers 11 layouts with a grid, isotope, and slider variations to give you more options for aa fantastic menu. The grid variation has 5 layouts with category-based designs, as does the isotope filter that has 3 designs. On the other hand, the 3 sliders have carousel slider designs. What’s more, the grid variations have two more options – even grid and masonry grid, where you can decide whether to give your menus margins or not.

Food Menu Pro offers 4 types of paginations, including standard number pagination, Ajax number pagination, load more, and load on scrolling. These options provide you with the chance to display your menus uniquely.

Robust Functions

This restaurant menu plugin allows you to filter items by category and sort their order by id, title, date posted, price, or randomly. You can drag and drop ingredients onto your food data content before adding quantity and unit. Food Menu also allows you to add nutrition details this way. You can enable ingredients, nutrition details, and reviews on individual food items.

You can select the currency you want to deal with on your menu as well as its display position. With Food Menu Pro, your users can order food items in a drag and drop interface.

Exceptional Visuals

 You can also add multiple images for the gallery that will show in the detail page and the popups. After preparing your menu, you can see a preview of the result in the details page. You can see a layout preview of the menu in the shortcode generator too. You can also set a single item to pop up with details and catch the users’ attention.


Food Menu Pro WordPress restaurant menu plugin is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Therefore, your users can view beautiful versions of your website from their desktops, laptops, and handheld devices.


Additional Multiple Layouts

In the Pro version, we have 20+ different types of layouts like category, grid, slider and Filters layouts. Also, it supports Woocommerce product source.

Online Ordering

Online Ordering using Woocommerce

Online Ordering Using Woocommerce

Woocommerce Mini Cart

The WooCommerce Mini Cart feature provides a concise and convenient way for customers to view and manage their shopping cart contents without leaving the current page. A mini cart is a quick and easy way to add items to the cart.

Online Order Delivery or Pickup

Food Online Ordering and Delivery is a service offered by many restaurants, allowing customers to place their food orders online and have them delivered to their doorstep. This service provides a convenient way for customers to browse menus, select items, customize their orders, and make payments from the comfort of their homes. 

Online Order Tips

Customers have the option to leave tips when placing their online orders. They can choose to leave a fixed amount or a percentage of the order total as a tip.

Online Order Discount

You have the option to offer bulk discounts on your food menu. Easily set discounts by category or individual menu items.

Food Menu Special Menu

The special menu comes with a popup feature. You can set the duration for how many days the popup will be displayed and also set the discount percentage.

Extra Product addon

This is a special feature of food menu items. Some items come with extra add-ons. We have added a feature to include these extra add-ons in the food menu. You can either add extra add-ons globally or set them individually for each food item.


Power Up your Food Business
with Food Menu

Data Source Post Type on Woocommerce

You can use simple Food Menu post type or can use Woocommerce product if want to use online ordering.

Even & Masonry Grid

For Grid layouts, you can select which type you want like Even or Masonry layout.

Enable Ingredient, Nutrition & Review Control

You can control want to show Ingredient, Nutrition & Review in front end to not.

Unlimited Shortcode Generator Control

You can generate unlimited shortcode using different control and call the shortcode in page where you want to display the menu items.

Category Filter

You can use a category filter can select specific or multiple categories.

Drag and Drop Ingredient

In the Food Menu post type data source you can use pre-define Ingredient using drag & drop.

Single Item Popup

For quick view and without page refresh you can use the detailed food menu as a popup.

Currency Settings

You can select your own currency from the settings.

Multiple Pagination

We have multiple pagination options like default number pagination and AJAX pagination.

Drag and Drop Nutrition

In the Food Menu post type data source you can use pre-define Nutrition using drag & drop.

Gallery Images

You can add multiple images for gallery view. So visitors can get a more detailed view of a food item.

Drag & Drop Ordering

You can order the menu items using drag & drop. Make sure select menu order in the ordering settings of the shortcode generator.

Advanced Integrations and
Compatibility Food Menu


Do you want online ordering for your food menu items? Then use Woocommerce data source. Food Menu plugin support default food menu post type or WooCommerce products.

Elementor Page Builder

This plugin has Elementor addon so you can easily use the Food Menu items within most popular Elementor page builder.


We have Gutenberg Block to use the shortcode in the page or post where you want. So You can use Food Menu in WordPress default Gutenberg editor.

Affordable Pricing Plan

Note: All prices are given in USD exclusive TAX/ VAT. TAX/ VAT will be charged depending on the destination country.

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Customer satisfaction is our main goal. If the plugin doesn’t work as our listed features, we will be happy to refund 100% of your payment within 30 days of your purchase.


Better Support would be helpful
Useful tool with many functions. Unfortunately, quite buggy. The development team still has to get this under control. Support reacted tenaciously and several times only to the second request.


Easy to use, super functional
I love how easy this plugin is to use and the value it adds to any food site.


Best plugin for food menu
Used for some sites, I always pleased with the plugin


Best Plugin With Best Support
This plugin is very flexible and easy to use. I definitely recommend this plugin to everyone who has food stores.


Change Logs

Added: Product addon is required to show select options
Fixed: isotope layout two select option set popup
Fixed: Design CSS issues

Added: Ajax single product add to cart
Fixed: Design CSS issues
Fixed: Product addon frontend mini cart price update

Added: Product Addons
Added: Mini Cart
Added: Tipping
Added: Delivery & Pickup
Added: Food Location Product Taxonomy address & google map
Added: Discount
Added: Special Menu
Improved: Admin settings panel design improve
Fixed: Design CSS issues fixed

Fixed: Preview Admin Ajax Warning

Fixed: Floating Price not working in variable food menu.
Fixed: Food Menu Posts sorting (menu-order) not working.

Improved: Major UI update & layout re-design.
Improved: Layout Styles.
Added: 10 more layouts.
Added: Some more ShortCode settings.
Updated: Proper sanitization and escaping for all files.
Updated: Replaced Owl & flex Slider with Swiper Slider.
Fixed: WooCommerce products visibility issue.
Fixed: Floating price display issue.
Fixed: Some layout bugs.

Improved: Major update in code quality.
Improved: ShortCode Generator UI revamped.
Fixed: Some Layout style issues.
Fixed: Some Post Meta issues.
Fixed: Elementor Preview issues.

Fixed: Pagination not working on front page.
Fixed: Pagination not working correctly when post limit applied.
Fixed: Some errors with PHP 8.0 environment.
Fixed: Compatibility with the latest Elementor version.
Fixed: Some CSS issue fixed.

Fixed: Custom image size issue
Fixed: Icon font issue

Fixed: WooCommerce category issue in ShortCode

Fixed: Template rendering issue.
Updated: Carousel scripts.
Fixed: License activation issue.

Fixed: Styling Issue & Improve
Fixed: WooCommerce Cart issue
Fixed: Woocommerce order issue
Added: Free & Pro version marge now PRO version need free version activation to work.

Version 1.7.34 (Feb 22, 2021)
Fixed: Admin end CSS conflict
Version 1.7.33 (Sep 04, 2020)
Fixed: JS Error of WordPress 5,5
Version 1.7.32 (July 26, 2019)
Fixed: Add WooCommerce Cart Quantity
Version 1.7.6 (May 22, 2019)
Fixed: Variable items decimal pricing
Version 1.7 (Sep 12, 2018)
Added: Woocommerce Layouts.
Fixed: License add option by one click.
Improve: Some CSS work.
Version 1.6.3 (May 23, 2018)
Fixed: category and tag count issue
Version 1.6.2 (May 09, 2018)
Updated: Price issue at the variable product
Version 1.6 (Dec 06, 2017)
Added: detail Page field control.
Added: Auto update feature
Fixed: Isotope button iPhone click issue fixed
Version 1.2 (Jan 20, 2017)
Fixed: Category layout
Fixed: Custom CSS fixed
Version 1.1 (Dec 20, 2016)
Added: Category Description
Fixed: some bug

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