Variation swatches for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Variation Swatches is an easy-to-use WooCommerce plugin. It is straightforward to install and customize the features that it adds to your site.



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17 April, 2024



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WordPress 4+

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Variation swatches for WooCommerce is a gorgeous and unique plugin that comes with unbelievable functions. This plugin enables you to add labels, images, and colors to give your customers the ultimate experience. The plugin by RadiusTheme is a creative work of art that will give your customers comfort and increase your sales with the most fantastic variation features. The variation swatches plugin is comparable with our Variation images gallery plugin

Free version available in 10,000+ active installations.

Rather than the default dropdown fields, this plugin allows you to display WooCommerce variations in labels, colors, and images. These options ensure that customers choose the products they want comfortably and make purchases quickly.

You can beautify your online shop by customizing the color of the border and the background as well as image. The standout feature of this plugin is Tooltip. For your swatches, you can choose square or rounded layouts, tooltip background, font color and size, and tooltip control. With the ease of customization and installation, you can edit the look of your shop extensively.

Compatible with popular WooCommerce themes and plugins.

WooCommerce variation swatches plugin is compatible with all popular WordPress Themes.

Enable Swatches for Archive Pages

Boost your sales and engage your shoppers more by displaying swatches on the shop or archive page. You can easily enable this feature from the settings; the settings are configurable too.

Image Variation Tooltip in
Archive/ Shop Page

Images have the incredible potential of capturing the attention of shoppers. Therefore, we empower you – via image tooltip – by allowing you to choose which pictures you want to display in the archive or shop page.

Text Tooltip in Archive/ Shop

Some shoppers would prefer text descriptions for various reasons. This plugin allows you to capture these visitors by the use of text tooltip to describe variations of your products on the shop page.

Single Selected Attribute in
Archive/ Shop Page

Every product has several swatch attributes. Rather than displaying all of them on the shop page, we provide the option to select a single attribute. You can showcase just one attribute or more.

Dual Color Variation

If your product is dual color then you can use this feature. From Color attributes, you can set dual color or from each product can set the dual color.

Color Variation Swatches
in Detail Page

From Product attributes, you can set color variation or from each product can set the color variation.

Image Variation Swatches
in Detail Page

From Product attributes, you can set the image variation or from each product can set the image variation.

Button or Label Variation
Swatches in Detail Page

From product attributes, you can set Button/ Label variation or from each product can set button/ label variation.

Radio Variation Swatches
in Detail Page

From Product attributes, you can set the radio button variation or from each product can set the radio button variation.

Rounded/ Square Variation Swatches in Shop/ Detail Page

From WooCommerce Variation Swatches Settings, you can set the variation style Rounded or Square.

More Link in Archive/
Category Page

To improve product views and purchases further, you can enable single attributes a limit like show 2/3 attributes then show more link.

Variation Swatches in
Quick View

To improve product views and purchases further, you can enable viewing of product swatches in quick view lightboxes. Therefore, your customers can buy products from many points within your shop.

Variation customization
for each product

IF you want a distinct variation for individual products, worry not. With WooCoomerce Variation Swatches, you can customize variations on single products.

Image Tooltip for Product
detail page

On the product detail page, images appeal to the tastes of your customers. The image tooltip will have your visitors mouthwatering at the product images you display.

Text Tooltip for product
detail page

You may find that images and colors aren’t enough. Text tooltip improves the engagement of shoppers by describing your product in detail.

Color variation Swatches
image detail page

For variable products with color variety, color swatches are effective in replacing dropdown options. Your customers can then view and select products in their preferred colors.

Single Attributes
Customization per Product

Do you want some of your products to have distinct colors, sizes, etc.? With this plugin, you can edit single attributes for individual products comfortably.

Tooltip Text Customization
Per Product/ attribute

Ideally, a written description has to accompany a product or attribute. This theme gives you a straightforward way of elegantly customizing text descriptions to a specific product or attribute.

Blur or hide out of stock product

When you run out of a specific product or variation, you won’t have to worry about it before you restock. This plugin covers you with the option to blur or hide any products and variations that run out of stock.

Generation Variation link

You can add variation link from the shop or archive page. So visiting the detail page the link will show in address bar.

Improve Loading

Variation Swatch for WordPress plugin has by default WordPress Cache system You can enable the caching from Settings => Product Swatches => Tool see detail here.

Affordable Pricing Plan

The Best Variation Swatches Plugin for WooCommerce.

Note: All prices are given in USD exclusive TAX/ VAT. TAX/ VAT will be charged depending on the destination country.


Solid features with Seamless Control and Superior Usability

Great plugin – easy to use
I have installed this plugin to replace another one, because I needed tooltip and preferred one plugin as oppose to two. It's very easy to use, even for a beginner like me. Gives enough of customisation options, actually much more then the previous one I had......


Great plugin!
I was looking for a plugin to show buttons instead of a drop-down for size attributes, and this is clean, quick, and easy to configure.


Fixed variation problems for me
has easy to understand settings and helped me greatly in making my website more user friendly by hiding out of stock variations

Hadi Esmaeili

Excellent plugin & support !
Excellent plugin, easy to use! Very good functionality, easy to configure And excellent support too, quick and efficient responses! It’s a really useful plugin for an e-commerce site.


The best plugin for this price. Nice & quick support.
Nice plugin. I have tested almost all of the available plugins and in terms of value for that price, I think this is the best one. Also, very polite and quick support. And there is a dual color swatches available, which is super great. I can’t ask for more.


Free & Pro Version Comparison

Feature NameFreePro
Enable Tooltip
Auto Dropdown to Button
Auto Dropdown to Image
Product Page Attribute display limit
Attribute image size & width
Tooltip image size & width
Disable out of stock for variation
Generate URL based on Selected Variation
ToolTip Style Control
Attribute item styling (border, color)
Attribute item Hover Styling (border, color, background)
Attribute item Selected Styling (border, color, background)
Attribute behavior control
Archive Page Support
Single Selected Attribute in Archive/ Shop Page
Dual Color Variation Swatches
More Link in Archive/ Category Page
Variation customization for each product
Performance Improvement
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Change Logs

Fixed: PHP 8.2 compatibility

Fixed: HPOS Declare compatibility

Fixed: Price and store issues fixed.

Fixed: Global Product Variations issue fixed.
Fixed: Plugin update issue fixed

Fixed: Shop Page swatch issue fixed

Added: Added Single Page Attribute limit
Added: Select Variation Checmark added
Added: Default Dropdown Swatch To image (First image from variation)

Fixed: Zip file format issue
Fixed: Dependency Notice for multisite.

Fixed: a PHP warning

Fixed: Licensing activation issue of version 2.0.0

Added: modular system
Updated: coding structure

Fixed: WordPress 5.5 conflict

Update: Plugin Title change for terms

Added: Control no of attributes of Shop/ Archive page.
Improved: Loading Speed.

Fixed: WooCommerce 4 version compatibility fix.

Added: Variation attributes url.
Fixed: Color picker conflict
Added: Style control added.
Update: New UI

Fixed: Add to cart variation
Fixed: Clear transient
Fixed: Text domain

Added: Add to cart option in Category / Archive Page
Fixed: Clear on Reselect
Fixed: Ajax variation threshold
Fixed: Out of stock for variation
Fixed: Script loading Issue

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