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Post Grid Plugin allows you to create grid, list, filter and slider view. Post Grid Plugin is Easy to use as shortcode or Gutenberg Blocks or Elementor Addon.



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26 February, 2024



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WordPress Version:

WordPress 5+

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70+ Layouts Variations

The Post Grid Pro plugin has 80+ layouts variations we arrange the a layout grid, grid hover, list, slider and isotope layouts. You can easily create any layouts shortcode generator. Also using Elementor widgets you can create huge no of layout variations.

Pre-made Section and Template Library for
Elementor and Gutenberg

Easily import pre-made sections and templates for Elementor and Gutenberg.

Advanced Query Build

You can dynamically build many queries to display the specified number of posts or pages. These options are available in the shortcode generator, Gutenberg Blocks and Elementor widget. 

Query Build has 3 steps . 

  1. Post type: This option lets you choose a query for any posts or pages
  2. Common Filters: Without writing any code, you can run a general query to include or exclude any specific posts or pages to display.
  3. Advanced filter: You can select the category and tag from the taxonomy field.  You can build relationships and set order by date and title based on your selection.

Multiple Layouts

Grid Layouts: The grid layout has 9 layouts in the Elementor widget and 10 layouts in the shortcode generator. Also Gutenberg Blocks has 9 layout variations.

Grid Hover Layouts: Grid Hover layout has 16 different layouts to showcase both Elementor and Gutenberg Blocks.

Lists Layouts: List layout has 7 layouts, where the first 3 variations are free in the Elementor widget and  Gutenberg Blocks but 2 variations in shortcode only.

Slider Layouts: Post Grid Plugin only has 13 dynamic slider layouts in the Pro package in Elementor and Gutenberg Blocks.

Turn Grid Layouts info AJAX Filter

Post Grid Pro has a special feature to turn a grid layout into an Ajax filterable layout. Find this filter feature under the layout settings of Shortcode or under the content tab of the Elementor widget. Transform grid layout into Taxonomy filter to display posts in a categorized manner. Turn your filtering button in drop-down or accordion style. 

Multiple Pagination

Post Grid plugins comes with 4 types of pagination:

  1. Default pagination: It is available in free version and allows you to display posts in a number of pages button.
  2. Ajax pagination: It is only available in the pro version for grid layout. This pagination looks similar to the default pagination. But it won’t affect the page appearance by reloading the entire page.
  3. Ajax Load more: This is another pro feature of Ajax pagination. It shows a load more button instead of a number of pages to display more posts.
  4. Ajax Load on Scroll: This option allows users to scroll posts seamlessly, without interfering with the user experience.

Single or Multi Popup

Display your posts with a clickable link by enabling a link to detail page from the shortcode’s layout setting. So you can allow links to open in a new page or in a pop up page.

Using the Elementor addon, you can open links in single pop up and multi pop page in the same window or new window. Switching a single page into a multi pop-up page makes your posts more user-friendly .

Title, Category and Excerpt control

Customize your Post title by placing the title position above or below some Grid, Isotope, and Slider layout. Select the title’s heading tag from the header list, and limit the number of texts. Find this setting under shortcode generator or Elementor widgets.

Highlight the category of your posts by changing position from top to bottom and left to right over the hover image. Enable category icons or hide them based on 3 predefined styles.

Build Beautiful Archive Pages Using
Elementor Addon and Gutenberg Block

Unleash the power to deploy beautiful homepages. Craft any page using the readymade elements, layouts and bundles.

By using shortcode you can set the shortcode for archive pages. Also using the Elementor widget and Gutenberg Blocks you can create your own archive page as you want using drag & drop elements.

Build Single Page using Elementor Widgets

The single page feature is only available in the Elementor widget. Select a template name and choose your layout type, and you are ready to build the page just by dragging the element and place anywhere on the page.

By drag & drop using single page different elements you can build your own layouts for single page and arrange the elements as you want.

Create a Own Homepage Easily!

Solid features with Seamless Control and Superior Usability

Post Grid Elementor Widgets

There are 4 widgets for the post grid Elementor Grid layout, List Layout, Grid hover layouts and Slider layouts with multiple layout variations. Also all grid , grid hover and list layouts you can turn into AJAX grid filter layouts.

Post Grid Gutenberg Blocks

There are 4 Blocks for the post grid Gutenberg Blocks.

  1. Grid Layout Block: Grid Layout Block has 9 layout variations.
  2. List Layout Block: The list Layout block has 7 layout variations.
  3. Grid Hover Layout: Grid Hover Layout block has 16 layout variations.
  4. Slider Layout Block: Slider Layout Block has 13 layout variations. 

All Grid, List and Grid Hover layouts can turn info AJAX filterable Grid.

Explore Design Layouts for Ideas

Crafted with modern design and layouts that make more attractive

Grid Layout

List Layout

Slider Layout

Grid layout 2

List Layout

Slider Full Width

List Layout

Grid Hover Elementor

Slider Layout

List Layout 2

Grid Hover Elementor

Slider Layout

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Customers Feedback

Our happy customers posted their feedback

Good plugin and quick support.
We have been using the plugin for 6 months now, and have only had two issues that support was able to quickly address and fix.


The best plugin.
I love using this plugin its awesome


Works Great!.
It is easy to use and adds a little flair to the blog page

Colleen Wright

Just what I needed
We use the post grid to layout all of our article summaries. It does just what we need.


Free & Pro version comparison

Feature NameFreePro
Grid Layouts (Shortcode / Elementor) 2 / 3 7 / 6
List Layouts (Shortcode / Elementor) 2 / 3 4 / 4
Grid Hover Layouts (Shortcode) 3 / 3 15/ 13
Grid Filter Layouts (Shortcode / Elementor) 0 / 0 16 / 23
Isotope Layouts 1 11
Slider Layouts 0 / 0 12 /13
WooCommerce Layouts (Shortcode) 0 8
AJAX Pagination
Popup detail Page
Margin & Padding Control
Masonry Grid
Category Position & Style Control
Title & Meta Position Control
Image Border Radius Control
Fields Control
Content Warp Stype Control
Gutenberg Blocks 3 4
Gutenberg Blocks Layouts 3 36
Gutenberg pre-made Sections 16 72
Gutenberg pre-made Template 3 12
Elelentor Addon 3 4
Elementor Addon Layouts 9 36
Elementor pre-made Sections 9 69
Elementor pre-made Template 3 12
Archive Page Support both Shortcode, Gutenberg & Elementor
Single Page build Elementor
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Change Logs

Fixed: PHP 8.3 compatible
Fixed: All post types doesn’t show in the post select
Fixed: Module class bug fixed

Fixed: Taxonomy Filter order not working
Added: Single and Archive page builder added for Gutenberg

Updated: Flaticon and Font-awesome icon updated
Fixed: Archive builder bug fixed
Added: Table of content layout style added

Added: Quick query added for Elementor / Gutenberg
Added: Table of content widget added for Gutenberg

Fixed: Ajax query filter fixed
Fixed: Ajax loader background issue fixed

Updated: Post Title search functionality updated
Added: Some CSS added

Fixed: Single popup scroll not working

Fixed: All Gutenberg and Elementor layout redesign
Updated: All demo posts changed
Fixed: Category Block bug fixed

Fixed: Gutenberg import bug fixed
Fixed: Add default category on Category block

Added: Added 3 styles for Category block
Fixed: Swiper 8 compatibility
Updated: 9 Gutenberg layout redesign

Added: New Category block for Gutenberg and Elementor
Added: Category thumbnail meta added
Added: Ajax Title base search added (Gutenberg and Elementor)

Fixed: Ajax filter taxonomy filter issue fixed

Added: 11 Layouts and 75 Pre-made Sections added for Gutenberg
Fixed: Slider column broken fixed
Fixed: Some CSS bugs fixed

Added: Different category background added
Added: Some CSS added

Added: 4 Gutenberg Blocks with 45 layouts for The Post Grid Pr
Fixed: Ajax controller template load bug fix
Fixed: Template overwrite bug fixed
Fixed: Load More button change options bug fixed
Fixed: Shortcode bug fixed
Deprecated: The Post Grid Block (shortcode select) deprecated
Change: Popup and MultiPopup Designs changed

Removed: Remove Elementor deprecated widget
Fixed: Plugin update version conflict

Added: Shortcode Mata ordering condition fix
Fixed: Some CSS issues fixed

Fixed: Thumbnail Popup link not working
Fixed: Filter search input escaping issue

Updated: Proper sanitization and escaping for all files
Updated: All vendor libraries
Fixed: Related post column bug fix

Added: Post count view added for Shortcode builder
Added: Load More Button label change option added
Added: Lightbox icon change options for elementor

Fixed: Popup scrollbar issue fixed
Added: Some CSS added

Fixed: Some bugs fixed
Fixed: Undefined Page Taxonomy fixed
Fixed: Remove unnecessary post type

Fixed: Plugin dependency bug fix.

Fixed: Fix Slider preload Elementor bug fix
Fixed:. Swiper slider conflict
Fixed: Swiper enqueue disable options added
Fixed: Custom image size
Fixed: WooCommerce bug fix
Fixed: Swiper auto height and Lazyload bug fix for shortcode
Improved: Merge and minify all CSS and improved assets loading

Fixed: Single popup ajax not working when WPBakery is installed
Fixed: WPBakery addon not working

Fixed: Ajax pagination not showing for default layout.
Fixed: Some responsive issue of Elementor Layouts
Fixed: Some style conflicts.

Added: Elemmentor addons
Added: Archive page builder for Elementor
Added: Necessary widget for archive page builder (Category, Tags, Author, Date etc)
Added: Necessary widget for single post builder
Added: Advanced Custom Field support on single page
Added: Post view count

Fixed: ACF Date formatting issue
Fixed: Multiple ShortCode same page preloader issue

Fixed: Pagination Type selection issue
Fixed: Slider layout auto play issue on hover

Fixed: Slider conflict issue with Elementor
Added: Isotope no post found message

Fixed: Pre-loader issue in mobile
Added: 12 new layouts
Added: More control in shortcode
Added: More Flexiable control for title, meta, category etc..
Updated: UI of shortcode generator
Fixed: Some bug.

Added: Script loading control.
Fixed: Carousel Slider bug.
Fixed: Pagination fix.
Updated: Fontawesome Library
Improved: Some hover Animation

Version 3.6.17 (Dec 18, 2020)
Fixed: Excerpt text rendering.

Version 3.6.16 (Nov 02, 2020)
Added: Category name classes Isotope layout.

Version 3.6.15 (Oct 16, 2020)
Fixed: Tag issue, Backend extra load & JS

Version 3.6.14 (Sep 17, 2020)
Fixed: Image Resize code issue

Version 3.6.13 (Aug 21, 2020)
Added: Fixed WordPress 5.5 compatibility issue

Version 3.6.12 (Dec 24, 2019)
Added: Full content in Grid

Version 3.6.11 (Nov 14, 2019)
Fixed: Shortcode issue in WordPress 5.3
Fixed: Layout 7

Version 3.4.6 (Nov 29, 2018)
Added: Gutenberg Comparable.

Version 3.4.5 (Nov 16, 2018)
Added: redit & email social option
Fixed: WooCommerce out of Stock Add to Cart button

Version 3.4.3 (Sep 13, 2018)
Added: Rating Option in Woocommerce Layout
Fixed: layout override

Version 3.4 ( Aug 27, 2018)
Added: Easy Digital Download (EDD) layouts.
Filter by user
One click License activation

Version 3.3.8 (Aug 08, 2018)
Fixed: Woo-commerce departed bug
Fixed: Pagination dynamic color.
Fixed: Sticky post issue.
Added: Break & Link option in Excerpt
Fixed: category Archive Layout query issue.

Version 3.3 (Jan 25, 2018)
Added: Advanced Custom field integration for custom field
Added: Sub-category Filter Option

Version 3.2 (Dec 21, 2017)
Fixed: Archive page bug
Added: Read More dynamic Text.
Added: Title crop forcefully added.
Added: Auto update feature with license activation
Fixed: iPhone isotope button click issue fixed.

Version 2.9 (Dec 01, 2017)
Added: Specific Archive page Layout Select Option Category, Search, Author & Tags.
Added: a class option for archive page container

Version 2.8 (Nov 24, 2017)
Remove admin notification from V 2.7
Added: Image Disable Option added.
Fixed: Multi Popup and Deprecated removed.

Version 2.3.4 (July 15, 2017)
Fixed: Excerpt issue
Fixed: VC addon issue for 5.2.2
Fixed: Isotope Filtering issue fixed.

Version 2.3.1 (June 06, 2017)
Fixed: Tag filtering fixed.
Popup field auto selected
Added: Order by Meta Key, Carousel Speed controller
Added: 5 Per row
Fixed: Excerpt ending, Filter Button Responsive
Fixed: Translation
Fixed: Taxonomy Filtering issue
Fixed: Post source page

Version 2.0 (April 24, 2017)
Added: All 16 layouts now can turn as Grid or Filter.
Improved: Code & AJAX functionality.
Added: Now Filter as Button or Drop down.
Added: Count on Filter button.
Added: Short by & Ordering option.
Added: Gutter or Padding control.
Added: Search option added
Added: 4 Offset Layouts 
Added: Gallery Layout 
Added: Desktop, Tab & Mobile Display control.
Added: Excerpt Limit in Words.

Fixed: Ajax Load More & Auto Scrolling bug fix
Fixed: Also some PHP code updated.

Fixed: Ajax Pagination bug fix
Fixed: Admin css conflict

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