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TLP Team Pro for WordPress

  • Last Update: 3 May, 2021
  • Version: 2.8.7
  • Released On: 1 January, 2016
  • Download: 3183
  • Framework: Helix Ultimate
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  • Well Documented
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Team plugin for WordPress is a fully Responsive WordPress Team plugin that displays your team members. It is full configurable from admin end. It has shortcode and widget included with carousel features and different settings. It has the following fields name, designation, profile image, short bios and detail bios, location, web, email, phone, social links and Skills.


  • Full Responsive and Mobile Friendly.
  • 33 Layouts (Grid, Table, Isotope & Carousel).
  • 100+ Layout variation.
  • Unlimited ShortCode Generator.
  • Visual Composer Compatibility.
  • Drag & Drop ordering.
  • Unlimited color.
  • All fields control show/hide.
  • Detail Page Field control (New).
  • All text size, color, text align and weight control.
  • Square / Rounded Image Style.
  • Grid with Margin or No Margin.
  • Social icon, color size and background color control.
  • Fully translatable (POT files included (/languages/))
  • Detail Page Field control (New).
  • All 14 layouts now can turn as Grid or Filter (New V 2.0).
  • Improve Code & AJAX functionality (New V 2.0).
  • Now Filter as Button or Drop down (New V 2.0).
  • Layout Preview on Shortcode Generator(New V 2.0).
  • Short by & Ordering option (New V 2.0).
  • Gutter or Padding Control (New V 2.0).
  • Search option added (New V 2.0).
  • GrayScale option added (New V 2.0).
  • Category Ordering for Isotope Button (New).
  • All Bottom color Control (New).
  • Detail page with Popup and Next Preview button also normal view.
  • Single Member Popup (New).
  • Multiple Designation (New).
  • Added additional image for gallery (New).
  • Skill fields with progress bar.
  • Pagination (You can set how many show per page)
  • Member Display by Department(s) wise.
  • Specific Member(s) Display (Select by name in Shortcode)
  • Assign member as user (New).
  • Member Latest post show in detail/popup page (New).
  • Order by Random (New).
  • Fully Object Oriented (OOP) coding.
  • Filter by Department & Designation (New V 2.0).
  • Dynamic Image Re-size added (New V 2.0).
  • Email & Web add as icon in social button (New V 2.0).
  • Taxonomy Ordering ie Department, Designation added (New V 2.0).
  • Single Popup page color control (New V 2.0).
  • 2 Grids, 2 Isotope & 1 Slider Layout added (New V 2.0).
  • Desktop, Tab & Mobile device display control (New V 2.0).
  • WPML Compatibility added (New V 2.0).
  • Auto update added (New V 2.7)

Watch Video Tutorial how to use

Fully Responsive and Mobile Friendly.

All of 33 layouts and widgets are full responsive for all Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Devices.

Total 33 different layouts (Grid, Table, Isotope & Carousel)

Grid: 14 Grid Layouts you can set Square or Rounded profile image also with default margin or no margin.

Table: 1 Table layout you can set Square or Rounded Profile image.

Isotope: 9 Isotope Layouts you can Square or Rounded profile image also with default margin or no margin.

Carousel: 9 Carousel Layout you can set with default margin or no margin.

See all Layouts Demo

Carousel has different control

You can control the carousel from admin end.

Auto Play = Checked (Yes)
Nav Button = Checked (Yes)
Pagination = Checked (Yes)
Stop Hover = Checked (Yes)
Responsive = Checked (Yes)
Auto Height = Checked (Yes)
Lazy Load = Checked (Yes)

See Front end Demo

Unlimited Colors

From Short Code Generator “Styling” TAB You can set Primary color based on your theme/ logo colors also you can set all fields color.

If not set any color then it will get default color that define in css file.

All text size, color, text align and weight control

From ShortCode Generator “Styling” Tab you can set all color, all text size and text align control.

If not set then it will get from default that define in css file.

List View fields control show/hide

From ShortCode Generator “Field Selection” Tab you can control all fields which field want to show just check it and which field don’t want to show just uncheck it.

Detail Page Field Control

You can control all detail fields check which fields want to show and uncheck which fields don’t want to show.

Unlimited Shortcode Generator

You can generate Unlimited ShortCode from ShortCode Generator.

You can control all colors, text size, text align, fields control in each shortcode.

Drag & Drop ordering

You can order tram member(s) by mouse drag and drop.

Visual Composer Compatibility

TLP Team is fully compatibility with most popular page builder plugin Visual Composer.

From the Text Block Visual Editor click the icon to add ShortCode.

Square / Rounded Image Style

You can set Member Profile image style from ShortCode Generator “General Settings”.

By Default  profile image is Square if you want Rounded then select “Rounded” style.

Grid with Margin or No Margin

You can set profile to profile margin by default is 30 px as Bootstrap Default margin.

If you don’t want margin then check “No Margin”

Skill Fields with Progress Bar

You can set each member different skills with Percentage it will show as progress bar with tool tip number.

Detail page in Popup with Next Preview button

You can set detail page type from main settings menu show detail page as a popup with next preview button control it is also keyboard control next(=>), previous (<=) and close (esc) button.

Pagination Control

You can set how many members want to show per page from ShortCode “General Settings” Tab.

Filter with specific member or Department

From ShortCode Generator you can filter which member you want.

See Front End Demo

Additional Image for Gallery

Add additional image for gallery. It display in detail page.

Additional Image Gallery View

Front end gallery view of additional images

Single Member Popup

From main setting enable the single pop then this option enable.

Rounded Style image

Grid View Layout 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 all supported Rounded image style.

All Carousel Layout support Rounded style.

Layout Preview

In Shortcode Generator now Layout Preview added in V 2.0

Device wise Grid Control

Now you can control how many show in Desktop, Tablet & Mobile.

Gray Scale option added

Now you can select profile image will be gray scale.

Filter by Designation or Department

You can select filter by Designation or Department also can control as Button or Dropdown.

Change Log

Version 2.8.7 (May 03, 2021)

Fixed: ShortCode style issue
Fixed: Skill bar tooltip issue

Version 2.8.6 (Mar 14, 2021)

  • Add: Profile image dimention added

Version 2.8.52 (Jan 12, 2020)

  • Update: fix tooltip issue

Version 2.8.52 (Aug 18, 2020)

  • Update: Fixed WordPress 5.5 conflict

Version 2.8.45 (Jul 02, 2019)

  • Update: UI updated.

Version 2.8.42 (Jul 02, 2019)

  • Fix: Draft data issue in Filter layout.

Version 2.8 (Aug 18, 2018)

  1. Improve: License save and active by one click.
  2. Add: Template Override option.
  3. Add: New 1 Layout for Grid, Filter & isotope.
  4. Add: Smart Popup

Version 2.7.3 (March 16, 2017)
1) Fixed search Filter option added all others fields in search.

Version 2.7.1 (Feb 13, 2017)
1) Fixed 5 columns issue.

Version 2.7 (Dec 06, 2017)

1) Add auto update feature using license key activation
2) Fix iPhone isotope button click issue
3) Link Type issue fixed.

Version 2.6 (Nov 23, 2017)
1) Add Fax Number.
2) Add option to disable profile image.

Version 2.5 (Nov 08, 2017)
1) Fixed conflict with TLP Portfolio Plugin

Version 2.4 (Oct 19, 2017)
1) Fix Isotope 2 Designation display issue.

Version 2.3 (Sep 26, 2017)
1) 2 New Layouts added
2) 4 New fields added (Tag Line, Qualifications, Professional Membership, Area of Expertise)
3) Bug Fix: Multi Popup, Language issue & Deprecated function Fixed.

Version 2.2 (July 27, 2017)
Ajax Loaded content Link Type Fixed

Version 2.1.2 (July 20, 2017)
Show mobile no on list view
Bug fix taxonomy ordering

Version 2.1.1

Bug fix excerpt HTML support & Carousel control

Version 2.0 (14 July , 2017)

All 14 layouts now can turn as Grid or Filter.
Improve Code & AJAX functionality.
Now Filter as Button or Drop down.
Layout Preview on Shortcode Generator.
Short by & Ordering option.
Gutter or Padding Control.
Search option added.
GrayScale option added.
Filter by Department & Designation.
Dynamic Image Re-size added.
Email & Web add as icon in social button.
Taxonomy Ordering ie Department, Designation added.
Single Popup page color control.
2 Grids, 2 Isotope & 1 Slider Layout added.
Desktop, Tab & Mobile device display control.
WPML Compatibility added.

Version Released 1.3 : 18 Jan, 2017
1) Bug Fix – ShotCode Generator

Version Released 1.1 : 20 April, 2016
New Fields 1) Experience 2) Mobile no Features 1) Added additional image for gallery 2) Category Ordering 3) Single Member popup 4) Detail Page Field control 5) Assign member as user 6) Member Latest post show in detail/popup page 7) All Text Font weight control 8) Bottom color control 9) Multiple Designation New Layout Layout 11& 12 6 Carousel Layouts Pro Version Released: 01 Jan, 2016 Free Version Released: 18 Aug, 2015

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