Food Menu WordPress Plugin

Having a food menu WordPress plugin makes creating menus for your restaurant website incredibly easy. As people suffered the effects of the coronavirus epidemic, businesses did too. Restaurants didn’t escape the effects; in fact, they were among the businesses that suffered the most. However, some weathered it all quite well. Most of these businesses had websites that kept their businesses running online.

Having a good restaurant website is one step in the direction of success. A good website will give your customers a great interface for navigating your menus and the foods you offer. Nobody wants to spend too much time trying to find food as if it’s a needle in a haystack.

Having a website with a food menu WordPress plugin is one of the easiest ways of creating such a website. If you’re creating one from scratch, you may find it easier using one of the most reliable restaurant WordPress themes, such as RedChili.

On the other hand, if you already have a website or theme and you only want to add the elements of a restaurant, a plugin can be more appealing to you. So, what do you want your ideal food menu plugin to have?

The Best Features to Have in a WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugin

The quality of a WordPress restaurant menu plugin will translate into your website. This is why you need to really examine the available plugins before choosing a single one to run with. As we’ve already mentioned, the navigability of your website is vital to the success of your website. When choosing a plugin, ensure that it offers the best navigation interfaces.

Here are more features that you should watch out for in a restaurant menu plugin:

  • Clean and malleable menu item display
  • High customisability
  • eCommerce settings
  • Item ordering options
  • Adequate layout options
  • Regular updates
  • Reliable customer support

Top WordPress Restaurant food Menu Plugins Listed Below:

  1. Food Menu by RadiusTheme
  2. Five Star Restaurant Menu
  3. WP Café Food Menu
  4. Restaurant Menu by MotoPress
  5. Restaurant Menu

1. Food Menu by RadiusTheme

Best WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugin

Food Menu is an exceptional WordPress restaurant that is ideal for use in widgets, posts, pages, and templates. It is entirely based on HTML5 and CSS3, which is 100% valid by W3C standards. The food menu WordPress plugin is fully responsive and works smoothly with well-coded themes extensible too.

Food Menu allows you to display all food items in multiple or single categories at the same time. Every part of the menus is customizable so that you can mold them into your image. This WordPress restaurant menu plugin comes with multiple layouts for all the elements that you need for unique menus. You get to display your menus by categories, which gives your customers an easier experience.

With Food Menu, you can create a neat grid layout for displaying all your menus. A filter layout is also available so that your users can filter the menus that they view. Still, the most elegant method of showcasing your menus is using the slider layout. The slider layout allows you to incorporate visual effects.

You can customize your menus easily with the shortcode generator that comes with Food Menu. It makes it easy to choose and apply layouts, filter settings, field selection, and style. What’s more, Food Menu supports all of the best page builders, such as Elementor Page Builder and even Gutenberg, the default WordPress block builder. It also works seamlessly with WPBakery Addons.

Food Menu comes with various eCommerce options for creating an online ordering and reservations platform. This food menu WordPress plugin automatically enables the Add to Cart button so users can place orders for the menu items they view. The menus will have an option for selecting currency so that your users can decide how they want to make reservation payments.

Food Menu PRO Features

The premium version of the Food Menu presents many more features and an even better experience for you and your customers.

Food Menu Pro comes with 30+ menu layouts with list, grid, category, slider, isotope, and woocommerce variations. The grid variations include 7 elegant layouts with category-based designs, while the isotope filter has 4 designs. The slider variations are 4 with carousel slider designs. 

This premium food menu plugin offers 4 types of pagination. They include the Ajax number pagination, standard number pagination, load on scrolling, and load more.

With the Food Menu Pro, you can drag and drop ingredients onto the food data content as you create your menus. You can then add the unit and quantity. This food menu WordPress plugin facilitates the filtering of food menu items by category and order them by price, posting date, title, id, or randomly. You can even add nutrition details, ingredients, and reviews on individual food items.

Extra Food Menu Features

  • Detail page popup (PRO)
  • Variable pricing options for single food items (PRO)
  • Different regular prices from selling prices
  • Drag & drop for adding ingredients and nutrition (PRO)
  • Fully translatable
  • Enable and disable pagination
  • Overlay and opacity control (PRO)
  • Control over all fields
  • Disable or show all buttons for isotope filter layout (PRO)
  • Default image setting option in shortcode generator (PRO)
  • Custom image re-sizing option
  • Display image size option (custom image size, full size, large, medium, or thumbnail (PRO)
  • WPBakery addon (PRO)

2. WP Café Food Menu – WooCommerce Food Ordering – Restaurant Reservation

WPCafe is a comprehensive WooCommerce food menu plugin that supports easy food ordering from your website. Its basic functions include creating fully responsive food menus and creating restaurant booking schedules with various features.

The free version of WPCafe comes with 10+ food menu styles with the most elegant designs to match the rest of your restaurant website. It allows you to create different menus for different restaurant branches and sort them by location. WPCafe supports branch-wise booking, which ensures that your customers make reservations in the branches closest to them.

The WooCommerce compatibility that comes with this WordPress restaurant menu plugin simplifies the food-selling process. WPCafe has a cute, customizable mini cart that makes buying food from your menus easy. The food menu and ordering system accompany the restaurant reservation system to form the ideal too for customer attraction and conversion.

Apart from being translatable, WPCafe supports RTL languages, such as Persian, Arabic, and Hebrew. It comes with a calendar too. Your users get to create and cancel reservations easily from the frontend using custom reservation forms. This food menu plugin offers custom schedules for early and late bookings for more booking flexibility.

Among the widgets that this widget-ready plugin offers are the list, tab, form, and food menu with location filter widgets.

WPCafe PRO Features

The custom product addons that come with WPCafe Pro enable you to give each food item additional options.

It enables users to make orders for personalized food items. Each time a new order is made, you will receive a notification with a “recent” tag on your admin panel. You can also have a popup displayed for new orders. WPCafe lets you choose whether you want sounds for the notifications.

With this pro WordPress restaurant menu plugin, you can display the most popular food items on a dedicated menu. This drives their sales significantly. WPCafe lets you set a special schedule for managing holiday sales. The plugin allows your customers to leave tips as they place orders with the percentage and flat tip options.

WPCafe Notable Features:

  • 33+ fully customizable food menu styles
  • Location-based food menu
  • Fully customizable mini-cart with quantity picker
  • Discount option on food menus
  • Food order and delivery
  • Food pickup and delivery schedule
  • Branch-based reservation and seat capacity display
  • Single and multiple reservation schedules
  • Email confirmation for order booking, confirmation, and cancellation

3. Five Star Restaurant Menu

Five Star Restaurant Menu WordPress plugin

Five Star Restaurant Menu is one of the simplest and most stylish plugins. It enables you to set up your restaurant ordering menu system in minutes with its abundant customization options. This food menu plugin comes with an easy-to-use menu builder that makes it easy to create your menus.

Five Star Restaurant Menu even has a Gutenberg restaurant menu block. You can use the block or go with the shortcode that makes it easy to go about creating menus without the need for coding knowledge. The responsive layout of this plugin ensures that your menus look great on all devices. Since it supports, you can enhance the SEO of your menus, pages, and overall website.

With this WordPress restaurant menu plugin, you can create unlimited menus with unlimited menu items. Five Star Restaurant Menu allows you to set hour limits for when customers can order food using a cart located to the side of the display. With this plugin, you can attach photos and prices to each food or beverage menu you create.

The option to have a sidebar with your restaurant menus allows you to showcase additional menu sections on a clean layout. This food menu WordPress plugin allows you to use widgets to display quick restaurant menu items on footers or the sidebars. Five Star Restaurant Menu allows you to add a footer to each menu so you can add legal disclaimers and other pieces of information and links.

Five Star Restaurant Menu PRO Features

When you upgrade to the premium version of the Five Star Restaurant Menu, you gain access to quite a handful of new features. The menu layouts in this version are much more advanced. You get to work with custom fields on your menus so you can decide what they will really look like. Five Star Restaurant Menu PRO integrates with popular point-of-sale (POS) systems, allowing you to streamline the ordering and payment process. The platform provides table management tools, allowing you to assign tables to orders and track their status in real-time.

The sorting and filtering options that the premium food menu plugin offers give your customers a smoother experience. As they view the menu items, they can also look at dietary icons to know whether they suit their unique dietary needs.

With Google Map integration, you can showcase menus for different restaurant branches with directions to those branches. The featured item flag that Five Star Restaurant Menu Pro offers draws attention to particular menu items, therefore increasing sales.

Additional Features :

  • Special and discounted pricing (PRO)
  • Related menu items (PRO)
  • Advanced styling options (PRO)
  • Ordering cart system (PRO)
  • Display reviews for menu items (PRO)
  • Add submit review forms to menu items (PRO)
  • Gutenberg blocks for showcasing individual items on a page or menu sections
  • Multilingual site compatibility
  • Multiple prices for single items

4. Restaurant Menu by MotoPress


MotoPress Restaurant Menu is a full-fledged food menu plugin that integrates seamlessly with any restaurant or café website. It is easy to manage and it complements your eCommerce system flawlessly.

Unlike with the Food Ordering System plugin, MotoPress Restaurant Menu plugin offers a handful of payment options for free. It allows you to receive payment for food and beverages via cash or online – PayPal. The food menu plugin lets you test the payment system before taking it live.

MotoPress Restaurant Menu allows you to display pages, posts, and sidebars or widget areas. All these make it easy to showcase menus seamlessly regardless of the theme you’re using. This food menu plugin gives your website powerful food ordering and delivery functions.

With MotoPress Restaurant Menu, you can create lists of toppings and other extras for each purchase along with the main menu items. The menu cart allows you to insert a shopping cart icon into your site’s navigation menu bar. MotoPress Restaurant Menu comes with customizable email templates. You can send notification, payment, and confirmation emails to site admins and your customers.

The order statuses that MotoPress Restaurant Menu offers help customers track the progress of their purchases. The overall checkout process is brief and smooth. Your registered customers and guest shoppers will find your menus and processes equally friendly.

MotoPress Restaurant Menu PRO Features

Once you go premium with the MotoPress Restaurant Menu plugin and its WordPress food ordering addon, you gain a multitude of benefits.

You can enable the delivery and pickup options if your restaurant has the services with this version of the plugin. Your customers get to choose their preferred alternative on the checkout page. MotoPress Restaurant Menu Pro lets your customers choose a delivery or pickup time that suits them.

This WordPress restaurant menu plugin offers a clean order submission form. It includes fields such as personal communication details, payment gateways, delivery choices, and any additional notes customers may want to leave. MotoPress Restaurant Menu Pro lets you specify if delivery is free or paid. You can include tax charges if any are required.

This plugin integrates with popular reservation systems like OpenTable and, making it easy for customers to book a table directly from your menu. You can set the minimum order amount, an option that may come in handy for free deliveries. This option makes for a better pricing strategy. MotoPress Restaurant Menu Pro lets your customers add or remove items from their orders. The editable order details go along with automatically calculable final order amounts.

Additional MotoPress Restaurant Menu Features

  • Highly responsive designs
  • Comprehensive presentation of menu items
  • Detailed and simplified view of menu items
  • Grid and list layouts
  • Categorical organization of meal lists
  • Currency settings
  • Taxes and tax rates
  • Customizable buy and add to cart buttons
  • Easily manageable shortcodes
  • Customizable custom post types
  • Individual menu items under different categories

5. Restaurant Menu – Food Ordering System – Table Reservation

Restaurant Menu – Food Ordering System – Table Reservation

The Food Ordering System is one of the easiest plugins to set up and gives you amazing results. It has a responsive design that gives you menus the best possible views on all devices. The food menu WordPress plugin enables you to make money via promotions, even as you sell your food items.

The promotions engine comes with quite a few elements, including a whopping 11 templates! It allows you to use coupons with your menus for more customer attraction. The plugin then facilitates the segmentation and targeting of customers. With Food Ordering System, you can view the restaurant ordering stats, delivery heatmap, and website analytics.

With the eCommerce system of Food Ordering System, you get a restaurant app for taking orders, which works with iOS and Android. Data will fill automatically when returning customers want to make purchases. Food Ordering System allows you to showcase different minim order values with delivery fees.

The system that this WordPress restaurant menu plugin offers enables you to export clients and orders. It gives you alerts when your ordering app is unavailable. It also helps with follow-up calls when your staff isn’t taking orders.

It facilitates the use of a robust visual drag & drop menu editor for the most straightforward customization experience. Food Ordering System supports the upload of your own images. You then attach them to your menus or use the plugin’s own collection of excellent images too. It enables the display of customizable food menu items with size, choice, and addon variations, with a multiple selection function.

Food Ordering System PRO Features

This version of the WordPress restaurant menu plugin facilitates real-time confirmation of orders and their fulfillment times. It allows you to incorporate advanced promotion marketing on your menus. Food ordering systems can provide restaurants with detailed data on customer behavior, sales trends, and menu popularity, allowing them to make data-driven decisions and optimize their operations.

With Food Ordering System Pro, you can accept online payments along with cash and other payment options.

Additional Food Ordering System Features

  • Customers can order for later with scheduled order fulfillment
  • Credit card payments and tips (PRO)
  • Receive and confirm table reservations on the app
  • Thermal printing and SMS auto-print from the app
  • Order food in advance at the time of making reservations
  • Minimum ordering widget
  • Table reservation widget
  • Unlimited orders and reservations with no commission
  • Multiple restaurants’ ordering system
  • Detailed reports and customer database

6. RestroPress – Online Food Ordering System

RestroPress – Online Food Ordering System

Are you after a smooth experience in handling pickup and delivery orders from your site? RestroPress offers you an effective food ordering system with a user-friendly frontend and backend interface. Your customers get a premade user dashboard where they can register, create, and modify their profiles and orders. This feature enables the system to accept both Pickup/Takeaway and Delivery orders. Additionally, it provides the functionality to designate specific add-ons as mandatory, as well as the ability to set a maximum limit for the available options.

RestroPress is free with incredible ease of installation. You get to receive delivery and pickup orders as well as push notifications for online orders. The admin interface is friendly and has a reporting structure to view sales and customers. This plugin enables you to add myriads of options on food items. You can receive payment via PayPal, Amazon, and cash on delivery, with more payment alternatives coming soon.

7. Accura FoodMenu WP

Accura FoodMenu WordPress Plugin

Whatever modifications or additions you’d like to make on your menu, Accura FoodMenu WP has your back.

With this plugin, you can classify your menu into drinks, lunch, dinner, etc. and create extensive menus for each location. With the shortcode generator, you can easily control the shortcode to your benefit. The CSS is adequately documented, enabling you to formulate the design as you wish. You can craft limitless menus and menu items and add photos and prices to each menu item. Accura FoodMenu WP facilitates menu item re-order and meal type re-order options.

All menus are fully responsive with all devices and compatible with all modern browsers. The plugin features several premium restaurant HTML5 templates, including the Spice Lounge and Café Slide.

8. Foodlify – Restaurant Food Menu for WooCommerce

Foodlify - wordpress restaurant menu plugin

Change the experience of your online customers by making shopping more comfortable and faster for them. With Foodlify, they choose the food products, quality, and click on ‘order’ to add the product to the shopping basket, and voila! They’ve placed their order.

This plugin is fully responsive with features like images, search option, and add to cart option for improved user experience. Fully compatible with all WooCommerce sites, Foodlify is very versatile and works seamlessly with many WordPress plugins. Fully customizable, this plugin is easy to import into existing WordPress websites. The plugin has a shortcode that allows you to display items of a specific category on any page. The mini-cart – withs 8 distinct templates – can be hidden or enabled from the administrator’s end. From here, you can also set search button background, text, and border color.

9. Restaurant Menu Plugin for WooCommerce

With the Restaurant Menu plugin, the choice between simplicity and abundance of features is one you won’t have to make. This restaurant menu plugin for WordPress sites allows you to create a single page restaurant menu that is straightforward enough for a child to use. Your visitors can place orders easily on a single page, without having to leave to other multiple pages. If each of your main menu items come with side dishes, you can add as many side dishes as you want to each. You can then add a cost tag to them or mark them as free.

You can write multiple categories and hide the ones you don’t want to show on your menu page. Variable products can be made to load in a menu, but you’ll have to follow the popup link to the same page if you want to add them to the shopping cart. With the premium version of this WooCommerce restaurant menu plugins, you can allow your users to hide the shopping cart and only show it when they need to check the products.

10. Best Restaurant Menu by PriceListo

If you’re after simplicity and ease of use to accompany your restaurant menus, you should consider using the Best Restaurant Menu by PriceListo. This restaurant menu plugins by WordPress allows you to create a menu quickly for not only restaurants but also other kinds of businesses, such as saloons. It offers 5 elegant templates to build your menus, so you don’t have to start from scratch. All these templates are incredibly responsive and look very elegant on all kinds of devices. Since this WordPress restaurant ordering plugin is mobile-ready, it allows your visitors to enjoy some perks of android and iOS, such as touch friendliness.

The Best Restaurant Menu by PriceList supports category, subcategory, and items ordering. These items may include name, description, image, and price. The menu editor that comes with this WooCommerce food menu plugin facilitates an easy drag & drop interface for reorganizing groups and items easily and quickly. What else do you need on a menu?

11. WP Food – Restaurant Menu & Food Ordering

Best Restaurant Menu plugin

Making orders should be a hassle-free experience. Fully responsive and mobile-ready WP Food provides the most accessible way for you do display your food and for your customers to make choices and purchase orders.

Brand your restaurant with a choice of over 10 food styles. For your customers, an inbuilt shopping cart and checkout page with WooCommerce functionality make their experience smooth. You can create custom food descriptions, food image galleries, and beautify your posts with unlimited colors and fonts. With multiple layout variations for slider view, you may choose to go with grid, table, list, or carousel. If you don’t want to set up a single column, you can set up multiple ones (up to 5).

WP Food comes with Ajax pagination, load more, and food info popup functionality. You have the liberty to choose a display of food as single items, all items or by category (whose menus are easy to construct).

Bottom Line:

The needs related to food menus rarely differ too much. This is why you may have noticed many recurring features in the plugins we tested and assessed.

As the competition in the restaurant industry has increased, so has the quality of plugins for the niche. The problem is that picking out the best isn’t very straightforward. This is why we will give you some advice to nudge you in the right direction for your restaurant website.

All the food menu plugins in this catalog are superb. However, in almost all testing levels, our favorite remained Food Menu by RadiusTheme. The support it offers is incredible, and it features regular updates. This keeps you up to speed with the latest developments in the niche.

The rest of the plugins have the perks that set them apart. For instance, the premium version of MotoPress Restaurant Menu offers more functions for delivery and pickup. However, it offers many menu function features in the free version that other plugins don’t offer for free.According to Statista, in the last few years, the reliance on- and the popularity of eCommerce has risen massively. In light of this, the online restaurant business space has thrived, raising the competition. We, therefore, hope that the plugin you pick from this list gives you an edge over your competition.

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