7 Best Free WordPress Page Builders 2021 [Easy to Use]
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7 Best Free WordPress Page Builders 2021

best free wordpress page builder
16Aug, 2021

Do you want to create website without programming knowledge? WordPress might be great option for you. In this post covered best free WordPress page builders by which you can design any web page in few finger tips.

Great websites are not easy to create when you start from scratch. Whatever the niche of your site is, you will need a top-quality website to compete with the best. Several aspects, including being navigable, beautiful, functional, user-friendly, etc. are the hallmarks of a great site. To incorporate all the necessary elements, you can employ coding knowledge, or use a WordPress page builder to edit your WordPress site.

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A WordPress page builder gives you all the tools you need to create web pages with style and beauty. A page builder enables you to construct a site that reflects your identity quickly.

A page builder brings with it an administrator interface that puts the power to control everything on your site in your hands. Unlike when using the default page editor, page builders allow you to drag and drop contents on to your pages and configure elements on your websites quickly and easily. Some page builders even come with premade pages, and you only have to import content and make a few changes.

To ensure that you have the ultimate experience creating your site, we have assembled the best free WordPress page builders for you. Choose your favorite and get going!

Free page builder plugins listed bellow:

  1. Elementor Page Builder
  2. Beaver builder
  3. Page Builder by SiteOrigin
  4. KingComposer
  5. WP Page Builder
  6. Brizy Page Builder
  7. Live Composer Page Builder

Elementor Page Builder

Elementor is the best free WordPress page builder plugin

Elementor is one of the most popular free WordPress page builders. Here is why it may become the indisputable best.

With more than 100 pre-built templates, you can easily create WordPress pages. After choosing the one you favor for homepages as well as other pages, you can edit the page and customize it, adding the elements you want via drag and drop! The Elementor customization experience isn’t a letdown either, with a plethora of styles that facilitate the branding of your website.

You will realize the beautiful pages you want since Elementor comes with more than 300 blocks. Combining them makes building categories on your pages nothing but child’s play. These blocks or section templates include categories for services, contacts, call to action, testimonials, among others. Once you use a template, you can save it and apply it on another page within your site, or comfortably export and use it on another website.

The moment you choose to use Elementor as your page builder, you get a frontend editor that is incredibly easy to exploit. The page builder has additional features that make it exceptional, including hover effects, box shadows, animation, shape dividers, background overlays, gradient backgrounds, and headline effects.

This page builder is mobile-friendly. Not only does your website become mobile navigable and responsive, but you can also edit it on a mobile device. As you write your site, this page builder allows you to redo or undo anything you do to it. Furthermore, the builder saves the history of all actions you enact on the site, as well as its overwritten versions.

When you need to edit the site, you can switch to maintenance mode, so your visitors are notified that you’re ‘coming soon.’ Other features include image and video sliders and global widgets. Utilize the image and video sliders to tell your stories, and display merchandise in the most beautiful slideshows. The global widgets, on the other hand, make your site easier to use for you and your visitors. Any extra plugins that you add bring additional widgets to the pre-existing impressive collection.

Apart from having custom fonts, Elementor comes with animated headlines to make your pages and content eye-catching. Since the builder facilitates WooCommerce, you can set up an online shop with ease to earn money from your site.

Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress page builders with more than 3 million active installations ( several million more than Page Builder by SiteOrigin. Although SiteOrigin has been around longer and is very popular, statistics show that Elementor’s installation numbers seem to be rising much faster. What’s more, the overall rating of Elementor is about 4.8 stars. The builder has 3,823 five stars out of 4,096 (a large portion of which are still four stars and above). You can check out related post best elementor WordPress theme.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin

page builder plugin

Like Elementor, SiteOrigin Page Builder is a column-based content builder. Being mobile-friendly, sites that use SiteOrigin are responsive and navigable on mobile devices. The builder offers all the widgets that you may need to use on your website and works magnificently with other plugins. These are two of the reasons why it is one of the most popular page builders on WordPress.

The SiteOrigin developers also avail a plethora of themes, which make your experience even more rewarding. This page builder has a few premade column and row layouts from which you can choose. Nevertheless, you have the freedom to select the number and size of rows and columns that you wish to employ on your page.

You can browse through the changes you have made on your site as you apply the ones you prefer to restore. With this preservation of changes, you get the freedom to change as much as you want, knowing that Page Builder by SiteOrigin has preserved your previous layout versions. Just like in Elementor Page Builder, when you make this and other changes, the edits are transmitted onto your website in real-time. Therefore, you don’t have to go back to the panel to select the application of the changes you make.

With the styles for widgets and rows, you can make your pages unique and beautiful with background colors and variety in column spacing. SiteOrigin’s page builder accommodates the use of custom CSS for further customization of your gorgeous pages. The page builder comes with a widget kit with a wide range of widgets that apply for sites of all niches. These widgets include Google Maps, social media, and other buttons, etc.

This plugin is one of the most popular and top quality free page builders with an average rating of 4.8 stars as 296 of 316 gave the builder five stars! Page Builder by SiteOrigin boasts over 1 million active installations, and the number is rapidly rising. However, its editing experience isn’t comparable with that of Elementor since it uses a backend, rather than a frontend. The widget kit (bundle) mentioned above implies that the widgets come in a separate plugin, unlike in Elementor. Elementor also has more widgets and page templates. Nonetheless, with the regular updates and developments, we could see SiteOrigin become more competitive against Elementor.

Beaver Builder

Beaverbuilder is one of the best WordPress page builder

Beaver builder is one of the most remarkable drag & drop WordPress page builders. Unlike Page Builder by SiteOrigin, this builder offers a frontend editor. This editor gives the user a straightforward editing experience so that you can quickly create and brand your website even if you’re a coding novice. The drag and drop interface is easily activated once you install the builder.

Like Page Builder by SiteOrigin and Elementor, Beaver Builder uses a column-based page editor. As for the page layouts, you can choose between full-width or column layouts. These features allow you to display your content with variety.

With this builder, you can allocate the most intuitive and beautiful backgrounds with support for color, video, and photo backgrounds.

Beaver Builder accommodates all your favorite third-party plugins splendidly. This allowance includes themes of your choice, shortcode plugins, widgets plugins, etc.

Beaver Builder is fully responsive on devices of all sizes without compromising the beauty of your site. The resulting sites always load fast since the builder only loads the content necessary for the specific page you need.

Other essential features that come with Beaver Builder include the capability to facilitate the use of several content modules, including text, video, photo, HTML, audio, and sidebar.

The downside of this page builder is the incredibly few widgets. However, as mentioned earlier, you can add third-party plugins to supplement this deficiency, or use WordPress widgets. Additionally, unlike Page Builder by SiteOrigin and Elementor, Beaver Builder has no page templates. This lack implies that you have to create your pages from scratch. Nonetheless, this is not difficult with the frontend editor as well as the drag and drop interface.

The positives of this page builder include the availability of excellent online documentation. Page layouts are incredibly easy to create on Beaver Builder to counter the lack of templates. Free third-Party addons – not to forget the smooth frontend editing – make Beaver Builder even more worth having.


KingComposer is another WordPress page builder

KingComposer is a creatively built WordPress page builder whose impressive features qualify it for this list. This page builder uses a backend editor to give you a professional website with all the hallmarks of your brand.

With an excellent CSS system, you can build your pages and format them as much as you want while they remain responsive on all devices. Use of a backend editor (like SiteOrigin) doesn’t compromise the live results of the changes you make on your site. The results of every action done on your site are instantaneous.

With KingComposer, your site gets a library where you can save screenshots of the changes you apply into a section, for example, a header, sidebar, or footer. When you want to replicate the same changes onto other parts, you retrieve the saved changes from this library.

Enjoy the live preview as you test out over 850 Google fonts on your pages. You don’t have to carry out identical actions on different pages since this builder allows you to copy-paste elements quickly.

Unlike with Page Builder by SiteOrigin, which allows you to choose the number of columns you want, King Composer limits you to a maximum of 5 columns. Nonetheless, you can add twice as much content in the last column as the rest. You can also resize column width comfortably using your mouse.

Despite not having a wealth of widgets, KingComposer is compatible with 3rd party plugins that can add to the widgets available on WordPress.

A frontend editor is only available in the pro version of the page builder, unlike in Elementor and Beaver Builder where the feature is available in their free versions. Addons are also unavailable in the free version of KingComposer. The lack of many widgets as in Elementor is another weakness.

Out of 55 ratings, this page builder managed to get 42 five stars and an average rating of 4.6. The page builder is also quite popular with more than 100,000 active installations.

After building your site, pages, and content using KingComposer, you can delete or deactivate the page builder without losing your content or affecting the display of your website. This page builder is also available to use in building themes.

WP Page Builder

WP Page Builder is a WordPress page builder

As the name suggests, WP Page Builder is a WordPress page builder with all the characteristics you need to build a stunning website. With a drag and drop interface, you can easily add blocks to the pages of your site with fantastic results, whether you are a professional coder or a novice.

To get you started, WP Page Builder offers gorgeous templates that cover a range of niches. You still have a variety of fonts and colors from which to choose. You also have unlimited access to more than 340 IcoFont icons and over 670 Font Awesome icons too. To give your pages an extra edge, you can use background parallax to communicate in several ways your visitors.

The columns are resizable by merely clicking on the edges and dragging them with your mouse. You can create sections and save them to the library to use them later anywhere on the site for countless occasions. After editing section elements, you can also drag and drop them onto other pages. You can do this to the predefined templates as well.

Just like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and KingComposer, the editor is in real-time so all the changes you make appear instantaneously.

With an excellent memory for action history, WP Page Builder offers the ability to redo actions that you have carried out on the website and undo them too. You can also rest assured that all your pages will be fully responsive on all devices while retaining their appeal. This page builder also supports the building of SEO friendly pages to improve your traffic.

This free page builder with over 5,000 active installations garnered 21 five stars out of 25 ratings. The simplicity of WP Page Builder comes with incredible functionality and amazing features worth checking out free of charge. Its frontend editor makes it very appealing.

Brizy Page Builder

Brizy Page Builder

The necessity for coding skills no longer exists with Brizy Page Builder. This builder utilizes a drag and drop interface to give you a smooth editing experience. The editing options for specific elements have been carefully placed to make your interface appealing, organized, and straightforward to use.

To make your work even more manageable, Brizy comes with more than 150 readymade blocks. All you have to do is drag and drop them onto your pages and have complete them in minutes. Beating other page builders in this list, this page builder has an unbelievable 4,000+ icons from which to choose. Furthermore, you can find and select them via a quick category or keyword search.

With global styling enabled for Brizy, you can select to change all texts, backgrounds, or other elements that share the same styling properties with one click! You can also choose to change the font, color, and alignment of all texts from one place.

Like the rest of the page builders cataloged here, this builder allows you to optimize your website for viewing on different sizes of device screens. In a different way from WP Page Builder, you can resize the columns to your preferred size. Brizy provides a handle in between the columns with percentage values to indicate the dimensions. To resize the columns, you only need to drag the handle, and the column will conform to the new value and size.

Just like WP Page Builder, KingComposer, and the others, undo and redo options are available so that you can replicate a deleted action. This option can bring back every action that you have ever enacted on the site.

Brizy saves all your work in a backup in the cloud so that losing your progress is impossible.

There are over 50,000 active installations of this page builder. Out of 68 ratings, Brizy has 54 five stars and an average of 4.5 stars. The desirable aspects in this page builder such as the icons make it a unique way to build your site.

Live Composer Page Builder

Live Composer page builder

If you are looking to create a great website with ease, there are many reasons why you should consider using Live Composer.

This free drag and drop page builder is ideal for websites of all niches and saves you the time and money. Like Elementor and Beaver Builder, Live Composer employs a frontend editor to give you all the power to craft your website to reflect the identity of your brand.

Like the rest of these page builders, Live Composer displays the changes you make in real-time.

Like all the previous page builders, this one also results in 100% responsive sites. All page elements on your mobile-ready website will look magnificent on any device. Unlike many other page builders, Live Composer is Gutenberg-ready. This characteristic means that your site will work smoothly with Gutenberg plugins as well as the WordPress block editor.

Falling below breezy, this page builder has more than 40,000 active installations. The ratings also come second to those of Breezy since out of 193 Live Composer has 152 five stars and an average of 4.5 stars. The frontend editor is another plus for this page builder.

The open-source page builder has been active for five years now and still gets regular updates from a team of relentless developers. The updates work on improving Live Composer as well as adding new features. The support isn’t as commendable as the rest of the page builders in this list. To get premium support, you have to purchase one of their premium extensions.

What’s more, you only get their advanced integrations if only you pay for them. However, everything else, apart from WooCommerce compatibility, is free. In this respect, Elementor, whose WooCommerce compatibility comes free of charge, edges it out.

Final Verdict

All the WordPress page builders that made it to this list are great plugins. They will give you a fantastic website with little effort. However, the differences between them are going to make your choice more straightforward. For example, if you want a page builder with many icons, you will go for Brizy. On the other hand, if you want a site that facilitates WooCommerce from the word go, you will choose Elementor over Live Composer. If you wish to the most popular one, then Elementor will be on the top of your list, albeit closely followed by Page Builder by SiteOrigin.

Hopefully, we have made the job easier for you. Choose your favorite of the best free WordPress page builders and get going. Building a website should be easy, and with one of these page builders, it will be this and so much more.

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