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Classified Listing Pro – Classified ads & Business Directory Plugin

  • Last Update: 15 November, 2021
  • Version: 2.0.3
  • Released On: 6 February, 2019
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The Best Classified Listing and Business Directory Plugin for WordPress to create Classified ads website, job directory, local business directory and service directory.

Classified Listing is a fully responsive WordPress plugin by using this plugin you can create a classified listing website easily.

The classified Listing plugin will work with any standard coding WordPress Theme. You can display your store with a banner, opening time with description and arrange your post under your store using the store addon.

This plugin included all necessary features that need to build a classified listing website. It has a wide range of back-end settings for site admin and front-end ad posting management systems like users can add/ edit / delete their post at any time.

Classified Listing Pro plugin support WPML plugin Language with its own MultiLingual addon.

You can check our free version Classified Listing 3000+ active installation

Responsive & Mobile Friendly Layouts

Classified Listing has multiple layouts like grid and list. All of our layouts are fully responsive and mobile friendly.

Multiple ad Promotions & Membership Features

You can earn revenue by different promotion options like Top, Featured and Bump Up. When users post ads they can select the promotion option and pay online or offline as your set payment methods.  By using the Store and Membership addon you can charge uses package wise.

top featured bunpup

Membership option

You can create a membership using our store and membership addon. So sellers need to buy membership package before posting ads. You can include promotion options like top, featured and bump in the membership package.

Store Feature

You can allow store facility for the seller so all ads of the seller show under his profile. Add store banner, description, opening hours social profile.

Seller & Buyer chat

Live Chat between Buyer & Seller

Another important feature is communication between sellers and buyers via live chat. This eliminates the need for sharing contact information.

Google or Database Locations

You can use Google location using Google Map API. Or we have database location options like country, city and state. You can also import the locations.

Mark as Sold

Your items are sold out but you want to keep the items active in the website to avoid broken links. You can make the item “Mark as Sold” then the items will be active.

Radius Search (Google Location)

The plugin allows radius searches using Google place API so that users can search for listings close to them.

radius search

Unlimited Custom Fields

You can create unlimited custom fields and set them category-wise. Alternatively, you can create groups and fields under these groups.

  • Text Box
  • Text Area
  • URL
  • Number
  • Select
  • Radio
  • Checkbox
  • Date & Date Range [Pro]

Conditional Custom Fields

You can create conditional fields. Like you have car make, model, and year of release, the model depends on the make, where the year depends on the model.

conditional custom fields
Filter by custom fields

Filter by Custom Fields

When creating custom fields you can set the fields for the filter. As we have option to create custom fields by category wise so when you will visit that category the custom fields will show in filter list.

Custom Fields on Grid/ List View

When creating custom fields you can set the fields to show in grid or list view of the ads in front end view.

custom fields view
search options

Multiple Search Options

Our Search widget has different types of search options like category & locations show as a popup, Google Location, AJAX auto-complete & AJAX dependency.

Quick View

You can easily view the detail of the item from the grid or list view for the quick view option. No need to go into the detail of the ads.

quick view

Compare item

Before purchase or communicate with buyer you can capre the items then take dicision which item is susitable for with within your budget and features.

Business Hours

A great feature for a business directory. Ads owners can easily set the business days with hours. You can set a special time also with intervals.

Multiple Payment Gateways

We have default offline, paypal, Stripe,, Rozorpay payment gateways. If you need another gateway then we have Woocommerce payment integration option you can use that.

User Dashboard in Front End

From the front end, user can manage his/ her ads, store, edit account info, add profile images, chat also manage favorites ads.

Youtube and Vimeo video

Youtube and Vimeo Video Support

You can add video in your ads right now we allow Youtube and Vimeo videos. This video will show in ads detail page.

Translation Ready

For a single language, you can translate using the Loco translation plugin. If want multi-language then need WPML and our custom translation addon.

translation ready

Comparison between Free and Pro version

Feature NameFreePro
LayoutListList & Grid
Currency settings
Email notification
Admin Menu access
Basic color control
Image Size control
Social Login
Unlimited Custom Fields
Custom Fields in List & Grid view
Conditional Custom Fields
Add To favorites
Ad PromotionFeaturedTop, Featured & Bumpup
Report Abous
Google Map
Google Location
Radius Search
PaymentOffline & PaypalOffline, Paypal, Stripe &, WooCommerce (Store addon)
Quick view
Mark as Sold
Form & View Fields Control
Live chat
Directory Feature - Business Hours & Social Share
WPML Support
WPML Addon
Store & Membership Addon Support
iOS & Android App Support

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Change Log

Version 2.0.3 (Nov 15, 2021)

Fixed: Add google social login using google firebase

Version (Nov 04, 2021)

Fixed: Push notification table column rename issue

Version (Oct 27, 2021)

Add push notifications for app

Version (Sep 28, 2021)

Fixed: Review template
Add: Stripe 3D SAP secure payment Option
Update: coding structure
Add: orders and orders/xxxxxx rest API

Version (Sep 14, 2021)

Fixed: conditional field issue for multilingual
Fixed: multilingual custom field delete issue
Update: payment rtcl-api end point
Update: Rest api end point

Version (Aug 13, 2021)

Add: Seller Contact information for register user.
Fix: Map marker issue
Update: Rest API 

Version (July 28, 2021)

Bugfix: Custom fields filtering.

Version 2.0.2 (July 16, 2021)

Update: Rest API
Bugfix: Some bug fix.

Version 2.0.1 (Jun 28, 2021)

Fix: REST API issue fixed 
Fix: Classified listing free version dependency Update

Version 2.0.0 (Jun 24, 2021)

Fix: Map control.
Fix: Password Reset link.
Update: Update code to work on free version. Now need to install free version first.

Version (May 07, 2021)

Fixed: Membership issue
Fixed: Ordering issue
Fixed: Compare issue
Fixed: Pending post expired text issue
Fixed: Apply filter button hide issue
Fixed: Listing image resize error issue

Version (April 15, 2021)

Fixed: App data connect issue

Version (Feb 14, 2021)

Fixed: Membership issue
Fixed: Unregistered user posting ad issue
Added: Pricing range and disable feature

Version (Feb 11, 2021)

Fixed: Forgot password issue
Fixed: Listing post edit alert issue
Fixed: Compare responsive issue

Version 1.5.73 (Jan 29, 2021)

Add: Mark as Sold
Add: Google Location
Add: Radius Search
Add: Conditional Fields
Add: Business Hours (Directory)
Add: Social Profiles (Directory)
Add: Quick View
Add: Compare ads
Add: Youtube & Vimeo Video
Add: Add new grid & list layout

Version 1.5.72 (Nov 28, 2020)

Add: Youtube. Vimeo video in listing
Fix: Login data security
Fix: Image Sorting
Add: Conditional custom fields

Version 1.5.70 (Oct 02, 2020)

Fix: Backend Bump up issue
Fix: Front end Embedded Video
Fix: Custom number field

Version 1.5.69 (Sep 17, 2020)

Fix: Paypal Payment Issue

Version 1.5.65 (Aug 11, 2020)

Add: Promotion package included within the membership package (Store addon)
Fix: Fix some bug

Version 1.5.62 (June 12, 2020)

Fix: Sub-category selection issue for membership
Fix: Bump up Daily
Fix: Some email issue
Update: Some template hook

Version 1.5.57 (April 30, 2020)

Add: First name, Last name & mobile no in the registration form
Fix: Top & Featured ads expire time
Fix: Left widget filtering option
Fix: Free & membership ad counting
Improve: Location & category data loading issue

Version 1.5.3 (Mar 12, 2020)

Add: Yoast SEO compatibility

Version 1.5.2 ( Feb 18,  2020)

Fix: Some bug fixing
Add: Live Chat (Buyer & Seller)
Fix: Some Responsive Issue

Version 1.4.13 (Jan 14,  2019)

Add: WooCommerce Payment Gateway

Version 1.4.10 (Dec 11,  2019)

Add: WhatsApp no
Add: Store Rating 
Add: Unlimited category
Add: Top search widget different style (auto search, dependency selection, standard)
Add: Settings for email ad own contact form 7
Add: Date Field with range

Version 1.3.0 (Oct 09,  2019)

Add: New email system with template.
Add: Price unit per category. 
Add: Privacy policy and Term and condition settings
Update: Update some hook and coding style
Update: Update some UX 

Version 1.2.24 (Aug 06,  2019)

Fixed: Fixed some bug
Add: Added control for image zoom & popup.

Version 1.2.23 (July 31,  2019)

Fixed some bug
Add: Search by types
Add: Category listing by types [Shortcode]
Add: Email notification for email edit or modification.
Fix: Source map issue.
Add: Redirect option after Edit and posed new listing
Add: New Price type added (Price on call)
Add: Category import 
Add: Social Login (we support any third-party plugin)
Fix: Membership user can post at a free category, Have the option to turn off or on
Fix: Membership new order and confirm mail notification 
Fix: Membership expired days NaN issue is fixed at Safari browser
Add: Send notification to admin, when user edit store information 
Add: Title and short description limit 

Version 1.2.21

Fix: WooCommerce conflict

Version 1.2.20

Add: admin email notification for new user registration.
Add: Dynamic Add type
Add: Settings for store only for members
Fix: Listing page as home page issue fixed.

Version 1.2.17

Fix: Payment History
Add: WhatsApp share

Version 1.2

Fix: Email Verification
More control

Version 1.1.3 (Nov 22, 2018)

Add: Added Option for non-login user post ads
Fix: Fixed some bug

Version 1.1.0 (Oct 09, 2018)

Add: Map View
Fix: Some Related Bugfix

Version 1.1.0 (Oct 09, 2018)

Add: Review & Rating option
Add: Bump up add option
Add: More Fields contrpre
Add: Pricing tab
Some Related Bugfix

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