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Building a mobile app for Android or iOS devices can be quick and easy to go about when you have one of the best React Native app templates. Handling new projects can be fun, but time and energy are always precious. The good news is, you can save both by using the templates in the collection we have for you. Since there are many alternatives, you can choose the template that matches the needs of your project best.

When creating an entire app from scratch, it takes ages even with React Native. Remember that you need to add multiple components to your app and do it well for it to count as a success. A template comes with ready layout template options, starter kits, and all the components you need for an outstanding app. It also allows you to introduce your own creative touch and mold it into precisely what you want aesthetically and practically.

Best react native app template details bellow:


Classima - React Native App Templates

Classima is a classified ads mobile app that based on React Native and works for Android and iOS devices. You can use it to access the most exceptional classified website in any country. This React Native mobile app template enables the searching, selling, and buying of different products on the go. Classima doesn’t limit you in terms of the number or nature of the goods or services that you can buy or sell. It also supports the posting, searching, buying, selling, and renting of properties within a country or overseas.

Classima has amazing real-time syncing between websites and apps. You can post your ads easily with the step-by-step instructions the React Native mobile app template offers. The search filters for locations and categories give your users the smoothest user experiences. Classima has more advanced custom search filtering options that allow your users to find more results. Your sellers and buyers can engage in live conversations using the live chat feature that comes with Classima.

Sellers can include their contact information in their profiles so that buyers can contact them for their listings. Classima lets you earn more by including ads on your site and app, including top ads, featured, and bump up ads. Your users can report ads that are either repetitive or offensive so that they enjoy the experience as much as possible. Classima has quick and dedicated support too. If you need Best classified script you can check other post.

MStore Pro

MStore Pro - React Native App Template

MStore Pro boasts a vast user base with more than 2000 clients around the planet. It comes with over 100 reusable components and modules and 30+ screens with comprehensive functionalities. The React Native expo templates that come with MStore Pro have features that improve and enhance the product sorting and filtering abilities of your app and site. Your users can create accounts with the template easily since it demands no passwords. All they need is their phone numbers.

MStore Pro makes it easy to switch among 4 types of category screens with the most beautiful designs. The latest version offers an additional 9 home screens. Since many users prefer dark to light modes, you can rely on MStore Pro to provide the setting. The new category filters that come with this React Native mobile app template make browsing the listings you have easy. The template offers a return and refund order option that your sellers can activate for a better customer experience.

MStore Pro supports push notifications so that your users can remain updated on new activities that concern them. The work that went into creating this React Native mobile app template so that it gives you a high performance and stable app. MStore Pro is fully integrated with WooCommerce so that your users enjoy the full functions of the extension. If you want to accommodate multiple languages, you can do so with this template, since it has multi-language and RTL functions.

Food Delivery

Food Delivery - React Native App Templates

Food Delivery is a component-based React Native mobile app template. Its source code has been written in JavaScript and the final application is perfect for android and iOS devices. It comes with 50+ screens and 25+ reusable components for use on your app and website. Food Delivery allows you to showcase your categories in one of two beautiful layouts. You can also display your homepage in one of three variations. This React Native mobile app template has great search filters that give your users extensive power in tracing the listings on your site.

Food Delivery has several sign up layouts that you can choose to display for your users. You can also have your users read your terms and conditions in either of two elegant layouts. This React Native mobile app template has two ‘forgot password’ templates. Your users can buy goods from anywhere with the cart that comes with Food Delivery.

The React Native UI themes that come with Food Delivery enable you to showcase your contents elegantly. You can also have buyers leave ratings that may be in star of price forms. The logo function that you get with Food Delivery enables you to go an extra mile in stamping your brand into your site and app. You can use icons on various sections of your app and site to give various kinds of info minimally.

CTH Directory

CTH Directory

CTH Directory is a React Native mobile app template that enables you to create the most elegant apps. The light mode of this template is the default one, but it allows you to switch to the dark one easily. You can explore the page sections that are easy to sort with this React Native mobile app template. CTH Directory allows you to add every section and configure it easily from your site’s WordPress page. You can showcase your listings in various layouts, including slider, carousel, grid, and list.

CTH Directory has various category display options that include the square and circle icons as well as carousel and grid. You also have carousel and grid options for displaying your locations too. Being able to filter your listings adds to the ease of the overall user experience of your app. CTH Directory has great location capabilities which combine with the filter feature to enable your users to search for listings near them.

This React Native mobile app template has a feature that enables users to chat with the authors of various posts. They can also send listing card questions as a way to communicate with the authors. CTH Directory comes with a language and currency changer that makes it very easy to switch back and forth between languages and currencies. The notification screen that comes with the React Native expo template is excellent too.

Oreo Fashion

Oreo Fashion - Best React Native App Templates

If you have a particular interest in fashion and need one of the best React Native UI themes, Oreo Fashion may be exactly what you need. The app from this template will give you a better experience than you’d get from a website. The Zoom function of this React Native mobile app template works smoothly. Your items will still appear clear without alterations to their design. If you want, you can change the entire app layout as regularly as possible using the Layout App Builder, a preinstalled plugin.

Oreo Fashion enables you to create your own marketplace on your app. It has two plugins, WCFM Marketplace and Dokan Multivendor Marketplace, which help you create a multi-vendor store. With this React Native mobile app template, you can use the WPML and Polylang plugins to translate your app. It even supports RTL languages. Oreo Fashion lets you connect your store website to your app. It has a live sync feature that updates and matches new and old data between the site and the app.

With Oreo Fashion the users of your app can conduct payments via various gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, and Bank Transfers. Your users can register and log in using their social accounts. Users can sign in on your platform via Facebook, Google, and Apple on your site and app. They can even log in with their phone numbers for authentification.

BeoNews Pro

BeoNews Pro

The latest BeoNews Pro is one of the most innovative React Native expo templates. It comes with a new horizontal homepage layout that adds to the elegant homepage options the template offers. There’s a masonry layout for the display of Pinterest images. BeoNews Pro has a refreshing screen for search functions display. You and your users should love the elegant animated headers that come with this React Native mobile app template. The images that are available on your app can be viewed offline since BeoNews Pro has an offline image cache.

This template supports the display of video content, which can be embedded from YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. BeoNews Pro allows you to display your categories on the most elegant UI layouts. They include one with parallax effects and another with a smooth carousel. The controls for switching between the layouts are easily accessible. BeoNews Pro offers a post detail page with a refreshing banner for interstitial ads, a swipe-friendly flat list, and an attractive back button.

As you’d expect of the best React Native UI themes, BeoNews Pro is fully optimized for high performance. It loads fast and provides offline access. The premium template supports push notifications driven by OneSignal. Since BeoNews Pro supports Google Analytics, you can track the performance of your app, site, and ads. Although a little skill is required for the setup, it is really straightforward.

Felix Travel

Felix Travel is an excellent template for those looking for React Native expo templates. It supports up to 7 booking modules, which include flight, tour, cruise, event, and hotel booking, among others. The template also provides a comprehensive UI kit for creating a great mobile application. You get more than 100 sample screens so you can choose the one that represents your ideas more accurately. Felix Travel gives you over 40 reusable React Native components for various sections and functions of your app.

This React Native mobile app template comes in two licenses, the regular and extended one. Both have great documentation, support, and compatibility with iOS and Android. The Felix Travel extended license allows the charging of end users and extensive customization. You can choose the app name, color, logo, splash screen, and package name among other elements. It allows you to submit your app on the Google PlayStore and gives you access to the design files.

Felix Travel lets you showcase your content and designs clearly using highly advanced typography. You can even choose from the rich Font Awesome icon font and CSS toolkit. Your users can view their profiles in any of 8 amazing profile screens. Felix Travel comes with complete Google Map integration that can come in very handy when showcasing the actual locations of destinations and accommodations.

Food Star

Food Star - React Native App Templates

Food Star is one of the best React Native expo templates that focuses on the food delivery industry. All the components of this template are based on the most contemporary React Hooks and TypeScript. They don’t use any user interface Framework such as React Native Elements or Native Base. Your users get to choose the payment methods they want. Food Star comes with social login and forgot password features that have their own sample screens. Its authentication feature sends authentication verification codes to your users via code and phone messages.

This React Native mobile app template has an outstanding homepage sample screen that you can edit extensively. You can also showcase the dish details on a great sample screen. The user accounts, activity history, and activity history details have their different screens too. Food Star has home screens that you will fall in love with too. It lets your users accept different payment methods on, particularly elegant screens.

These React Native UI themes have great user interface kits. Food Star has a button for your calls-to-action. You can utilize its carousel slider to showcase your food listings too. If you’re hosting many food delivery service providers, the rating feature will come in handy so that your users compare the best of the available services.



Are you looking for more diversity in your React Native UI themes? If yes, Listar will impress you. It is a directory listing React Native mobile app template that comes with over 30 sample screens. The clean and straightforward user interface designs from leading industry experts make your designs more realistic. Listar lets you display your site in the dark mode and your users can toggle an easily available button to change the background. This template supports multiple languages as well as RTL languages, such as Arabic.

Listar allows you to showcase your directory listings in block, listing, or grid modes. You can also display them using the map view mode, which shows the precise locations of various listings. Like the best of React Native expo templates, Listar has simple and advanced filtering options for enhanced user experiences. This template has an easy-to-access feedback option. Any of your users can create a Wishlist of items they’d want to buy later.

Listar’s account settings are easily accessible and controllable so that your users can have their ideal app settings. The notification messages that you get with this template’s app give your users extensive control and boost user interaction. Listar comes with excellent documentation and a free lifetime of updates. It supports iPhones, iPads, 32 and 64-bit devices, and Android devices.



GoFit is a workout React Native mobile app template for workout apps. Its apps are easy to find on App Store and Google Play. If you want to have in-app purchases and subscriptions, this app has your back. It has all the best features that you’d need in an app that has users interested in CrossFit. GoFit has a simple but unique design that needs very little editing for unprecedented results. It boasts full Native capabilities with its support for React Native Expo.

GoFit has a full data manager on the backend, which makes it easy for you to track the performance of your app and site. You can make some extra cash from posting ads on your app, which include both interstitial and banner ads. The Google Ads that come with GoFit are great for supplementing your income on commissions. The easy installation of this React Native UI theme comes from its excellent documentation.

Since it supports both Android and iOS, you can count on GoFit to have support for all your users’ devices. Since it has full Firebase integration, your users will have easy authentication features that protect them from being hacked. GoFit is highly lightweight and comes with a single file for its translatability purposes. PSD files are included with the template, which supplements its full customizability.

DWT Listing

DWT Listing

DWT Listing is one of the fastest performing React Native Expo templates, which up to 3 times faster performance than regular. It offers a very powerful search feature that gives your users the easiest time searching for the listings they want. With DWT Listing, the listings on your app will have visible status IDs that show whether they are still available. Listing reviews are also available so that users may figure out their quality before deciding on the one they purchase.

With this React Native mobile app template, your users can bookmark the listings that appeal to them. DWT Listing allows even the most casual browsers to view the ratings of various ratings on your site. The users can create their public profiles so that fellow users will feel comfortable interacting with them. DWT Listing has exceptional cross-platform capabilities that make your app more interactive.

The Geo Listings feature on this fantastic React Native mobile app template makes it easy for your users to trace the locations of various listings. DWT Listing allows your users to claim listings. This competitive air makes your listings sell faster. The support of this template for paid and free listings lets you attract an unlimited number of users while offering benefits for those who pay to motivate paying ones. You can showcase upcoming events in special displays that boost their views and attendance.



Doctreat is the only one of the top doctor and hospital React Native UI themes to make this list. It comes with a powerful search engine, which your users can utilize in finding doctors and hospitals. All listings, be they doctors or hospitals will have their individual detail pages with Doctreat. You can customize these pages and make them appear as you want. What’s more, this template gives your user the power to control the profiles of doctors, hospitals, and patients.

The doctor listings have extra features such as appointment booking with Doctreat. Your users also get to chat one-on-one with doctors and other users. You can hold health forums on your app easily. Since you have blog pages on the app, you can have users discussing various health issues therein. Doctreat even allows them to communicate beneath various listings available on your app. Even as your doctors control extensive settings, owners of hospital listings can manage their team settings.

Doctreat works as seamlessly with WordPress as it does with Android and iOS. The template’s design utilizes a contemporary approach while utilizing high aesthetics, visual hierarchy, and usability. This React Native UI theme has full marketplace capabilities for those who want to create platforms for multiple vendors.


oClassify is a React Native template mobile app template that boasts extensive flexibility above everything else. Top-quality optimization and modernization work has gone into creating this template. It is a template that is most ideal for posting ad listings. oClassify offers a plethora of features that make it ideal for various kinds of ads. Its intro slider is perfect for the display of classified ads and improving the elegance of your overall app interface.

This React Native mobile app template is created within Mac parameters. The author chose it because of its ease of configuration and its test React Native environment for both iOS and Android outputs. oClassify is exceedingly responsive. All the components and packages of this superb template are highly versatile with any kind of user interface. You should note that only in future versions will oClassify be ready to support operation within React Native.

Your users can send and receive messages at any time with the connectivity of this template. oClassify has a highly user friendly dashboard that presents all possible actions on one screen. Your users can set and manage all their personal information on their own profiles. They can also add the products and services they like to favorites. oClassify lets various dealers register, get verified, and be easy to find by service and product buyers.

Winding Up

As you see, some React Native mobile app templates are particularly designed for specific niches. Others are more generalized in their layouts, features, and functions. You’ll find that the latter ones are more versatile and will give you an app with almost any feature that your app may need.

All you have to know is that the templates in our catalog are of top quality and will give your users a great app experience. All of the templates in the list are highly versatile in their layouts. Therefore, you can customize them to fit any aesthetic or branding needs that you may have. We’ll hope that we’ve carried your app creation process a few steps forward. Good luck, although with one of them you won’t need much luck.

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