Best WordPress Classified Plugins

Classified sites are very popular today. But sometimes it is very difficult to manage the classified sites. Because a huge number of items categories are listed on the site. To recover the problem, the classified plugin is developed. Some are premium and some are free. It depends on you which one you prefer for your classified site. The best WordPress classifieds plugins are listed below. This classified WP plugin free list is saving your time to choose the best one of your site. You might be interested another post directory website templates and best classified website templates.

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Which plugin can be used to create a classified site using WordPress?

Classified Listing plugin. This is a 100% responsive WordPress plugin that enables you to create a seamless classified website straightforwardly. The standard coding ensures that it works seamlessly.

How do I make my WordPress site classified?

All you have to do to make your WordPress website classified is add a classified plugin. Since you already have a website, all you need to do is find one of the best classified plugins and add it to your site, such as Classified Listing Pro.

What are the must-have features for a classified website?

A classified website must have the following features to be functional:

  • Your users should be able to put up products and services for sale.
  • The site should accommodate both paid and free listings.
  • Buyers should be able to view product images and other details with or without registration.
  • Buyers should be able to contact the sellers easily.

What are the best WordPress classified plugins?

Choosing the best WordPress classified plugins isn’t easy since there are many plugins to choose from. We’ve saved you the arduous process of going through your options by preparing this catalog of the 10+ best WordPress classified plugins. Feel free to choose from this list.

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1. Classified Listing Pro

Classified Listing Pro is a superb plugin bound to turn your website into a classified listings platform fast and easily.

Compatibility with Good Code

This plugin works with any well-coded theme, and it comes with excellent currency control options. This plugin supports offline payment, PayPal,, and Stripe. It is mobile friendly and 100% responsive. Classified Listing Pro supports Google Maps with Latitudes and Longitudes so that your users can post property listings with specific locations.

Listing Showcase

This plugin allows you to showcase your listings’ custom fields in a list view. The search filter displays custom fields, too, for easy navigation. You can showcase the banner on your store with opening times and closing times. The unlimited custom fields that come with Classified Listing Pro are an excellent way of ensuring that all listed items have an adequate description. You can showcase your listings with any language since the plugin supports multi-language websites and the WPML plugin. You can read related post Best Multilingual Plugins for Classified ads & Directory Website.

User Friendly

Your users can access your classified website from any device, regardless of its resolution, type, or size. Classified Listing Pro is Ajax ready, so you have Ajax filters for category and location, as well as the Ajax auto-complete search. These features make it easy for your users to find the listings they’re looking for. Your users will have good experiences as they can report offensive and inappropriate content as abuse.

Classified Listing Pro allows you to choose whether you want to approve listings automatically or manually. You can reach out to more users through the social share options that extend to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. The live chat feature of the plugin facilitates easy contact between the buyer and seller.

Extensive Controls

With Classified Listing Pro, you have control over the fields in listing and listing detail views. Users who can’t buy listings immediately can add listings to favorites. Classified Listing Pro allows you to control the number of images allowed for each listing. What’s more, you can also limit the maximum size of images that users can upload. This makes your site lighter and faster.

With this plugin, you are allowed to set up to three location levels for listings, including state, city, town, or any other custom level. Classified Pro gives the admin all control of email messages and notifications. This plugin comes with reCaptcha control for various forms, including registration, contact, listing, and report abuse forms.

Money Making

Classified Listing Pro allows you to put up top and featured ads so you can get paid in more than one avenue. It also allows you to have Bump up ads so you can make extra revenues. You can allocate a pricing option for each post so users can bid for it. The pricing table that comes with this plugin enables you to communicate with potential clients without raising a finger. Since Classified Listing Pro has WooCommerce payment gateway integration, your website can support payment through various payment avenues, such as offline and PayPal.

Classified Listing (Free Version)

Classified Listing is one of the best WordPress classified plugins and well known in the WordPress classified Plugin. Though the plugin is free, you will get a premium taste. That is the strong site of this plugin and makes different from other plugins. Your client can easily post for selling and the other one can buy by showing the advertisement. Classified Listing is fully responsive with well crafted designed. Any classified site main things are the quality of the picture or image. Here you can upload any size of the image; it could be a big size whatever. Another key feature is payment option. Admin can set a pricing list and days. That means how many days keep your advertisement in front and for this how much you have to pay. You can try Free Classified Theme that comes with Classified Listing plugin free version.

2. HivePress


HivePress is a powerful classified ads WordPress plugin that allows you to create any type of directory & classifieds website in next to no time. Whether it’s a business directory, job board or basically any listing website – HivePress has got you covered.

The plugin comes with multiple default features like location-based search, messages, reviews system, monetization tools (paid listings & claim listings), etc. Moreover, HivePress has no hardcoded fields, which gives you full control over listing & profile fields as well as search filters, so you can customize everything to your liking.

Keep in mind that with HivePress, you won’t be limited to the core functionality because you can always add some extra features by installing various HivePress add-ons.

The HivePress team offers quick support with a 24 hours turnaround time, so you won’t have to worry about being left alone when creating your platform. The plugin comes with a comprehensive knowledge base available to every user, and you’ll also have access to the code snippets collection and developers’ documentation.

In addition, you can become a part of the HivePress family by joining its community forum, where HivePress users exchange ideas and share their experiences in building websites.

3. Classifier

Classifier - WordPress classified plugin

Classifier is an excellent WordPress classified plugin with free and paid versions, both of which have excellent features. This plugin has a user dashboard that makes it easy to manage the classified website features. The layouts it comes with for homepages and search pages are elegant and practical.

Classifier comes with an integrated private chat system so your users can communicate smoothly. The system is based on Facebook, whose chat system is quite fast. Classifier has over 6 homepage variations that give your directory the elegance and identity you want.

The login and registration system that comes with the plugin enhances its user-friendliness. Some of Classifier’s best features include the option to show and hide fields. This is possible in the front end, on the user ad creation page, and search pages. Users can report each other and ads for inappropriate content via an inbuilt form.

With Classifier, you have the option to create video ads. You can earn from featured ads as well as bump up ads. The plugin has a search function that shows featured items on top, allowing your users to order items by date. The inbuilt review system that you get gives you extensive control while your audience gets to give feedback and foster trust in products.

4. Classipro


Classipro is a multipurpose classifieds plugin and can work for different classified websites, from car dealerships to real estate. The plugin offers 4 homepages to work with on your listings’ display. You also have 4 detail page layouts to choose from. Its special mobile search design makes it easy for your users on mobile devices. Classipro has search pages for vehicles and property.

This plugin enables you to earn from ads, presenting you with featured and normal ad listings. It lets you earn from highlighted, featured, and bump up ads. You can still provide paid and free directory listings. Classipro has Google address locator and Google geo location that enable users to find listings based on locations.

Like Classifier, Classipro has an inbuilt chat system for ad sellers and buyers to interact smoothly. Its dashboard is also quite excellent. It is also integrated with Google and Facebook login so that new users have an easy time registering and logging in.

Classipro lets you decide whether you want to approve ads manually or set them to automatic approval. Like Classifier, this plugin lets you show and hide ad search and detail pages. You can also show and hide fields if you don’t want to set them as required fields on the ad creation pages. Classipro has 5 different layotus for the search page.

5. uListing

uListing -

uListing is unbelievably powerful for an entirely free classified listing & directory plugin. It has a drag & drop page builder for your field forms so you can collect ads for your site. The plugin has a premium addon bundle with 5 fantastic addons for different functions and elements.

uListing gives you 3 parts on your admin toolbar, including Listing Type, Listings, and Pricing Plans. You can allow people to submit different listing types, which you can accept them or let the site accept automatically. uListing lets you manage the listings from the back end.

You can design the plans for the paid listings extensively with this plugin. uListing lets you create your own monthly, weekly, or daily pricing plans. It lets you assign different roles to the users on your site. With uListing, your users will find it easy to compare different listings in a similar category. They can compare location or price etc.

Potential customers can register and log in to your site using their social details, including Twitter, Facebook, and Google. uListing has a Wishlist feature that lets users select, save, and view their favorite listings in one place. You will have search forms that your users will use to sort and find the listings they want. uListing has listing detail pages that will show up when users click on the particular listings. You can design it with the drag & drop page builder.


free classified plugin for WordPress

Advanced Classified & Directory Pro is a free and premium plugin for classified and directory purposes. It enables you to order your listings in unlimited categories and category levels. With the plugin, your site will let you unlimited custom fields to accommodate all areas of your business. Fields include input box, text area, select list, check box, and radio.

If you want to set the country or any location scenario, you will find it easy to handle it with the Advanced Classified & Directory Pro. The plugin is integrated with Google maps for maximum directional functionality. It enables your site to handle unlimited locations. The admin gets to manage all listings easily from the backend.

You get massive flexibility with this plugin for managing what and how you showcase on your site’s front end. You can choose the number of columns in category and location views. With Advanced Classified & Directory Pro, users have personal panels that have extensive listing management options. They can renew, delete, edit, and view listings.

This plugin allows the incorporation of images and videos. The admin has control over the number that the users can upload. Users can embed Vimeo and YouTube videos. This widget ready plugin comes with an advanced search widget that allows the filtering of results based on keyword, category, location, custom fields, and price range.

7. Ad Directory & Listings (AWPCP)

Ad Directory & Listings

Ad Directory & Listings is one of the best-classified site plugins for WordPress. Formerly known as AWPCP or Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin. This plugin lets users create and manage a wide range of classified ads, from job postings to real estate listings and everything in between. Users can set up custom fields, choose from multiple categories, and even charge for premium listings. 

Ad Directory & Listings also offers rich features, such as image uploads, social media sharing, and email notifications for new listings or updates. Its built-in payment system allows site owners to charge for listings or featured placement.

On the site, users can quickly search for listings and browse through them. They can also set up alerts for new listings that match their search criteria. The plugin also comes with resources and shortcodes that can be used to show listings in different ways, like as a list or on a map.

Overall, WordPress classified plugins such as Ad Directory & Listings provide a flexible and effective means of creating and administering classified listings on a WordPress website. Particularly useful for businesses, organizations, and individuals seeking to monetize their website or create a directory of listings.

8. WPAdverts

WPAdverts - another best classified plugin

WPAdverts is a flexible and powerful WordPress plugin that enables users to create and manage classified ads on their website. A significant feature of WPAdverts is its form builder, which allows users to create custom forms with checkboxes, radio buttons, text fields, and other components.

The interface of WPAdverts is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive, allowing users to create and manage listings with ease. WPAdverts also permits users to make their ads more visually appealing by adding photos, videos, and custom fields. With its built-in moderation system, WPAdverts enables site owners to approve ads before they go live, keeping the listings free of spam.

Furthermore, WPAdverts includes a payments module that facilitates the tracking of user payments and transactions and enables users to renew ads that have expired for a fee. Multiple templates and shortcodes are also available for displaying ads, with the option to search and filter through the listings on the site.

Lastly, WPAdverts provides detailed documentation for developers and regular users alike and is obtainable in 12 translations, making it a more comprehensive and international.

9. Motors

classified motors plugins

Motors is a powerful WordPress plugin that assists car dealerships, classifieds, and auto listing websites. It is designed to be user-friendly, enabling users to build a professional-looking website that facilitates selling cars. 

The plugin offers numerous features like create custom dealership listings, manage subscriptions, taxonomies, optimize search filters, and manage inventory with ease. It also includes instructions and four primary pages – listing inventory, add a car page, comparison page, and a single listing page, with customizable descriptions, pricing, instant savings, special price labels, etc.

Moreover, Motors is an excellent solution that simplifies daily tasks by streamlining buyer sites, providing complete customization of listings in an organized manner. The plugin’s user interface includes features like categorizing new and pre-owned cars, filters, and certification identification, making listings management an easy and efficient task. 

Adding this feature to your WordPress site will give you an easy-to-use, well-organized platform for showcasing your cars and increasing sales opportunities.

10. Auto Listing

Auto Listings is a WordPress plugin that caters to anyone looking to create a car classifieds or auto listings website. The plugin enables users to generate and manage an unlimited number of car listings on their WordPress website. 

Auto Listings provides users with easy customization features, allowing them to create custom fields for extra information, add multimedia like photos and videos, and set up custom groups for better organization. Additionally, the plugin offers appearance and functionality customization options to create the desired output look and functionality. 

Moreover, the user-friendly design of the plugin makes it visually appealing and convenient for visitors to access detailed car specifications and make inquiries through the provided contact form seamlessly. 

However, this plugin is accessible and responsive to all devices, making it a convenient option for users to access the website anytime, anywhere. Overall, Auto Listings is a powerful solution for dealerships and car sales businesses to generate more conversion opportunities and sales.

11. Listing Manager

responsive WordPress classified plugins

Listing Manager is a plugin designed for creating and managing directory listings and classifieds on WordPress. The plugin is combined with WooCommerce, which allows users to set up their marketplace and make money from their listings.

The Listing Manager plugin allows users to construct endless listing types with personalized fields and categories. It also provides various sorting options to help users search and filter through listings. The plugin is adaptable, giving users complete control over the look and functionality of their directory. 

Last but not least, Listing Manager is fully flexible and designed for mobile devices. This makes sure that listings look decent on all devices. The plugin is also made easy to expand, so users can add as many listings as needed.

Choose The Best WordPress Classified Plugin

This guide should help you settle on the best classified plugin for your site. However, if you are to have peace of mind and know for sure that you are spending your money on a worthwhile plugin, there are a few bases that we can help you cover. Here are a few pointers that guide you in purchasing the plugin:

  • Be sure that you really need the plugin.
  • Read – in detail – the reviews of the plugin. Avoid relying on the star ratings or the first words or sentences of reviews.
  • Ensure that you have excellent support to accompany the plugin you’re purchasing.
  • Confirm whether the plugin’s history shows frequent updates, regular addition of features, and bug fixes.
  • Ensure that the plugin’s functions suit your precise needs.

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