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Various businesses need clients to book appointments and make reservations for their services. Years back, the buyers of the services would need to pick up the phone and call the sellers to make the bookings. That required human resources, queues and culminated in many logistic problems. In the modern world, all you need to make a reservation or book an appointment is to go to the seller’s website and be done in a minute or two. If you have a website and want it to function as such, you will need one of the WordPress appointment booking plugin.

There are different types of booking plugins, and your type of business is bound to affect your choice. A gym website, for example, should have a booking engine that allows clients to choose trainers and kind of training. Some WooCommerce booking plugins are multipurpose and will satisfy a wide range of industries, while others are more niche-specific. We’ve selected the best plugins and analyzed their features so that you can pick the one that suits your needs best.

Some of the Top WordPress appointment booking plugin listed bellow:

  1. Appointment Hour Booking
  2. Hotel Booking
  3. Salon Booking System
  4. Bookly
  5. Booking Calendar

WordPress Appointment Booking by MotoPress

WordPress Appointment Booking plugin by MotoPress

WordPress Appointment Booking plugin is a great solution for all appointment-based businesses (beauty and medical institutions, tutoring classes, personal trainers, and more niches). It works both for solopreneurs and business chains. The plugin provides you with a mobile-friendly booking widget for a step-by-step reservation process. The list of features covers group scheduling, easy appointment management, and options for multiple booking.

With this WordPress scheduler, you will be able to create an unlimited number of customizable and categorized services of any duration. Staff members (their number is also unlimited) may have their profiles and individual schedules with slots for lunch, holidays, days-off, and buffer times. Noteworthy, it is possible for customers to choose between an online payment via PayPal, Stripe, or Direct Bank Transfer and on-site payment.    

Additionally, the plugin comes integrated with the most well-known page builders such as Gutenberg, Elementor, and Divi. MotoPress scheduling plugin gives you access to the centralized admin bookings calendar. It is available in a color-coded calendar view, individual booking preview, or timetable in chronological order. One of the latest updates includes the ability to synchronize bookings with an employee’s Google Calendar. 

Appointment Hour Booking

WordPress appointment booking plugin

Appointment Hour Booking is a fantastic WordPress appointment booking plugin that has many appealing features. It enables you to create booking forms with start times and defined durations, among other features. The duration or schedule will be determined by the service that the customer selects. You can have different calendars with various services, durations, and prices. Appointment Hour Booking is a user-friendly plugin, and the straightforward visual configuration of calendar schedules and data goes a long way.

This WordPress appointment booking plugin facilitates the easy definition of working days as well as holiday and special dates. If you want certain dates to have different open hours, this plugin allows you to make the distinctions easily. You can also restrict default, minimum, and maximum dates so you won’t be overbooked. The starting times of appointments will be automatically based on the open hours and service durations.

The automatic service price calculator that comes with Appointment Hour Booking gives your users an easy time making the reservations. This WooCommerce booking plugin allows you to customize the automatic email notifications that the admin and users will get for bookings. The calendar that comes with this plugin comes in more than 53 languages. You can easily manage your bookings and appointments engine with Elementor and Gutenberg’s blocks that the plugin offers.

Hotel Booking

Hotel booking plugin

If you have a hotel and lodging establishment in mind, Hotel Booking is well-equipped to help you out. It can handle as many properties as you want or just a single property. It comes with well-structured property details, including amenities, descriptions, and photo galleries. As you use this WordPress appointment booking plugin to showcase your accommodation listings, the responsive layouts it offers to give your visitors a smooth user experience. You can give coupons to loyal clients as well as for promos. Among the information that you can avail as your clients make payments are various fees and taxes.

Your users can utilize the real-time search listing availability form to find out whether there any available lodgings to book. The smart search algorithm that is embedded in Hotel Booking recommends the best accommodation when your user enters the number of guests for whom they need a room. Hotel Booking has minimum and maximum stay period settings for each or all accommodations as well as fixed arrival and departure times.

The property management system that is built into this WordPress appointment booking plugin is incredibly smart. It has inventory control so that booked properties automatically become unavailable for reservation without the need for manual control. You can block all or specific accommodations for certain periods of time for special events or maintenance work.

Booking Ultra Pro

Booking Ultra Pro is a multipurpose booking plugin

Booking Ultra Pro is a multipurpose booking plugin that takes care of a wide range of niches, from educational institutions to massage parlors. It comes with various features that facilitate its functions, including a minimal booking form layout that is easy to customize and use. However, a standard appointments form is also available as the regular alternative. The shopping cart is also fully customizable and is handy in calling your visitors to take action (make reservations).

With Booking Ultra Pro, you can give your members of staff individual accounts so that each of you manages their own services, rates, and calendars. This WooCommerce booking plugin makes it possible for your staff members to manage bookings extensively without having access to your admin dashboard. They can manage holidays, schedules, rates, public profiles, services, appointments, and even connect to Google Calendar.

Since you’ve probably established the brand of your color on your website, this plugin allows you to customize the color of your calendar. Setting the staff and company working hours is also very easy. The premium plugin is integrated with Stripe for easy payments. You can even set flexible pricing to urge your clients to be quick to book. For instance, the first person to book can have a huge discount, which will be less than that of the second, and so on. With this WordPress appointment booking plugin, You get full support with Booking Ultra Pro if you have any technical inquiries.

Booking Calendar by WpDevArt

Booking Calendar plugin

The Booking Calendar plugin is one of the most user-friendly tools for creating reservation systems. Even the free version is easy to install and use for you and all your users. Its core is compatible with all WordPress versions. This wordpress appointment booking plugin is also fully responsive so that all your calendars and forms will look good on all devices. It offers unlimited forms and other extra elements for a smoother booking engine.

One of the widgets that comes with the Booking Calendar plugin is reservation calendars, which makes for a great user experience. One of the functionalities this plugin offers you is setting the price and availability of a listing, with options including available, unavailable, and booked. You also have control over the formats of the date and weekdays’ display. Some people may prefer their week to start with Monday while others favor Sunday; you control this setting.

Booking Calendar avails helpful filters that give your users a seamless experience locating and making the reservations they need. The premium version of this WordPress appointment booking plugin has many more features, including adding information for users and admins. You can also change the price and percent for an extra field.

WooCommerce Bookings & Appointments 

WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments is a powerful plugin that allows you to convert your time, products, or services into Bookable Resources. This plugin allows service providers and businesses of all types to easily integrate and empower their WooCommerce website with a booking solution. 

This plugin helps to sell bookings by the minute, hour, day, or month & choose how many bookings to allow per time slot. You can set minimum and maximum booking durations & allow users to edit and cancel bookings, within a minimum period before the appointment.

The PluginHive WooCommerce Bookings plugin offers a ton of features that you could use to create the perfect online booking system for your website.

1.    You can offer single-day, multiple-day, or bookings with a fixed date and time

2.    Manage costs, availability, resources, participants, buffer time, and more

3.    Native support for 2-way Google Calendar sync, WPML, Dokan, etc.,

4.    You can add custom fields to add more options

5.    Change calendar design and colours to match your website’s theme

6.    Comes with email notifications and reminders for you and your customers

Salon Booking System

WooCommerce booking plugin

Salon Booking System is a comprehensive and straightforward appointment management and booking system that saves you time and toil. Apart from beauty salon websites, this WooCommerce booking plugin also serves websites of tutors, therapists, car bazaars, spas, beauty shops, and barbershops. You can export bookings from one category to another. The plugin allows you various views of the booking schedule, including monthly, weekly, and daily views.

The email notification settings of this WordPress appointment booking plugin are extensive and include a wide array of options. You and your chosen assistants receive notifications upon making new reservations. With Salon Booking System, your customers will receive reminders for their reservations. You will have the chance to create the custom email message that your customers will receive. The SMS notification that they receive upon reservation is also customizable. This plugin supports WhatsApp notifications.

The premium version of the Salon Booking System facilitates countless payment options. These include ‘pay later’, percentage or fixed amount deposit, automatic cancellation of unpaid reservations, and leave a tip option. If you want to work with online payments, PayPal, and Stripe, you should consider using the premium version of this WooCommerce booking plugin. The two-way Google Calendar synchronization function will also please your admins since they can add and cancel a reservation from the site or Google Calendar accounts.

WooCommerce Easy Booking

WooCommerce Easy Booking really lives up to its name by facilitating the easiest user experience. If you want to rent out reservations on your products, this WordPress appointment booking plugin has you covered. One-click is enough for your users to make reservations. You don’t have to manage a new product type when you use WooCommerce Easy Booking for your online shop.

The flexibility of this plugin is denoted in the vast amount options. For instance, you can apply the ‘days’ or ‘nights’ mode for the listings you have. Setting the duration and limits of bookings is easy with this WordPress appointment booking plugin. The automatic price calculator’s accuracy and intelligence will save your clients time. Developers will also find a gem in this plugin since filters and hooks enable you to extend features.

The WooCommerce Easy Booking premium version allows you to set discounts or surcharges based on particular booking durations. It allows you to import bookings manually from your WordPress dashboard without having to create orders. The availability of products is automatically updated with this version. You can track the availability of a product easily from your WordPress dashboard. You can disable date ranges, dates, and weekdays. What’s more, you can disable the dates for all or single products at product or variation levels.


WooCommerce booking plugin

Another free WooCommerce booking plugin with fantastic free and premium versions is Bookly. It covers all niches in which you may choose to apply it. It offers the best customer experience, from its fully responsive layout to its operative features. They can make bookings using any device without having to contact the admin directly. This WordPress appointment booking plugin allows your clients to fill in the minimum possible contact details. Bookly ensures that all clients receive email and SMS notifications to confirm their online reservations.

With this WooCommerce booking plugin, you can have unlimited booking forms on your website. The forms that you get are all intuitively manageable and facilitate fast booking processes. You can customize your forms fully without touching a single line of code. You can have variable time periods for each kind of service. The SMS and email notifications that come with Bookly are fully customizable.

The premium version of this WooCommerce booking plugin accommodates unlimited staff members with individual working schedules, online booking calendars, and access to manage their profiles. The advanced features that go into customizing your online booking form include the time zone switch, Facebook login, birthday fields, and address fields. The WooCommerce compatibility of Bookly extends to all the best WooCommerce theme and addons for seamless operation.

Pinpoint Booking System

WordPress appointment booking plugin

If you want to manage the reservations made on your services, Pinpoint Booking System presents one of the best ways to do it. This free WordPress appointment booking plugin is user-friendly so that you can manage it easily and your clients can make bookings straightforwardly. Using this plugin enables your clients to check for the availability of your services on your website and book them. The Ajax calendar that comes with Pinpoint Booking System updates real-time changes and eradicates the need to refresh the page to make manual updates.

Your booking calendar will have the listings’ availability denoted on different days with 5 possibilities, including booked, available, special, unavailable, and none. You can allocate special prices – discounts or surcharges – for particular days or groups of days. Pinpoint Booking System also lets you select the minimum or the maximum number of days that can be booked.

If you’re in the accommodation niche, you can use the Book Nights feature that supports morning checkouts. Your clients can choose the time they want to check in and out for various prices and availability options that will be on display. You can also control reservations by hours, where you will set the minimum or the maximum number of bookable hours as well as special prices.

Booking Calendar by WPDevelop and Oplugins

Booking Calendar is designed to work out of the box; it only needs you to activate it and insert the booking shortcode into a page or post to get going. Even the free version of the Booking Calendar facilitates the booking of specific time slots during the day. The clients can make bookings in a friendly interface by selecting the dates they’re interested in and filling in a few booking form fields. You can prevent double-booking for days that have been served or allow more than one booking on the same day and calendar.

Booking Calendar allows your clients to search for bookings by different parameters since the admin panel has an effective filter. You can set the date format to whichever one you want as well as the pagination of the service listings. You can set different user roles for every menu page so that your staff can help you out. This WooCommerce booking plugin gives the admin the power to approve or decline specific reservations.

Among the most appealing features of Booking Calendar is that it is pre-integrated with the Booking Manager plugin. It facilitates the importing and exporting of .ics feeds or files. If you want to add bookings to your Google Calendar fast, you can do it by clicking on the ‘export’ button next to every booking on the booking listing page.

Five Star Restaurant Reservation

WordPress appointment booking plugin

Rather than cover all the common features that encompass most niches, this WordPress appointment booking plugin focuses on restaurant reservations. With Five Star Restaurant Reservation, you can easily accept reservations and table bookings online and manage many more aspects of the system. Creating a customized restaurant reservation form will be a piece of cake. The customizability of the form will be handy since you need to brand it and include all the necessary fields.

Five Star Restaurant Reservation allows you to add your reservation form to any web page using the Gutenberg booking block or shortcode. You can also confirm or reject a booking quickly, upon which an email will be sent to the client to inform them of the confirmation or rejection. You will also have received an automatic email notification upon the making of the booking request. You can set up a particular restaurant schedule by clarifying the dates and times that are available for reservation.

This free WordPress booking plugin has an easy function for banning abusive customers. You can also change the language of the date picker feature for better interaction with particular customers. With Five Star Restaurant Reservation, you can exercise the option for automatic confirmation of reservations that don’t exceed a given threshold. When using the premium version, you can manage multiple booking locations.

WP Travel Engine

WP Travel Engine is a fantastic WooCommerce booking plugin

WP Travel Engine is a fantastic WooCommerce booking plugin for travel business websites. Its layout supports quick setup and even quicker reservation booking for your customers. Its versatility is embodied in its support for various payment gateway premium extensions. It supports Stripe, Authorize.net, PayPal Express Checkout, PayU Biz, Midtrans, PayHere, PayFast, PayU Money, and the Himalayan Bank. The plugin comes with the PayPal Standard payment processing but allows all these others.

When using WP Travel Engine, there is no limitation to the number of travel packages your site can handle. You can add trips, trip galleries, regular prices, sales prices, duration, description, and unlimited trip facts. The online booking process is largely automated so that you can set different charges for a different number of individuals in a particular booking. WP Travel Engine saves all the booking information, which includes all the travelers’ details, on your website.

This WordPress appointment booking plugin allows you to create a destination page for all the places where you would take your clients. The activities page shows your clients the activities you have in store for them as part of the travel package. You can categorize your trips according to their nature, with options including nature walks, weekend trips, and budget travels. Since WP Travel Engine is translation-ready, you can translate your travel site into any language you want.

Booking Calendar by Start Booking

Booking Calendar by Start Booking

Websites that need customers to book their services need a WooCommerce booking plugin, such as Booking Calendar. It has a lightning-fast search engine that quickly enables users to find people, appointments, classes, and services. You can manage your customers easily with Booking Calendar. As your users provide details that fill up their customer profiles, you can maximize conversions as you manage their preferences with basic, user-friendly tools.

Booking Calendar provides a comprehensive appointment history of each of your customers. If you need to analyze your site’s activities, this WordPress appointment booking plugin offers the chance to create and view notes and logs for better records. The details of each service that you have on offer for your clients are easily accessible with an index to arrange them. If you have any free services to offer along with the paid ones, Booking Calendar allows you to present them on the same interface.

If you have employees who can help you manage your listings, you can invite them to your account before assigning them particular services. On the other hand, you can simply invite them as users with limited management liberties. You can set the office address and open hours to display along with the office location. You can extend and personalize your booking form by adding custom fields to get the particular information you need.

Booking Package

free booking system WordPress plugin

The connection that Booking Package establishes with your WordPress website once you install it is incredible. You can create an unlimited booking calendar that will be in synchrony with your Google Calendar. This free WooCommerce booking plugin allows you to create a booking schedule for every day of the week. This plugin’s customizability extends from the calendar to the bookings themselves; you can create as many as you want and edit them extensively.

The Booking Package lets the visitors choose their preferred service easily in the reservation procedure. The service function that facilitates this also allows you to allocate a name, time, duration, and cost to each service. You can generate a shortcode that inserts the booking form and calendar into a post or page without much knowledge of code. Any action done on a reservation that a visitor has made will trigger an automatic email to you and your visitors.

The premium version of the Booking Package enables you to change the booking time of your visitors and the contents of the services they select if the need arises. You can receive payment through online channels, such as Stripe and PayPal. Your visitors can cancel their reservations based on the rules that you have in place concerning the services in question.

Webba Booking

Webba Booking is one of the most elegant free WooCommerce booking plugins. It comes with more than 80 options for customizing the appearance of your booking schedule. What’s more, it has 79 premade designs. The frontend text with which Webba Booking comes is editable. It is fully responsive, which means that all your forms and calendars will look elegant on all kinds of devices. Since this plugin is fully translatable and multilingual, you can translate it into whichever language you want.

Webba Booking has a basic mode that makes for a fast and straightforward booking process. The extended mode is added to this plugin for the sake of advanced time searches. You can display the date and time in the format that you want. What’s more, you can have your users view their local time in the time slots. Webba Booking presents users with the option to hide their form after making the booking. The admin can still view it.

You can create manual appointments in the backend. The shortcode builder gives you the freedom to create as many shortcodes as you can for an easier time adding blocks to your forms and pages. The premium version supports payments with Stripe and PayPal. It also supports the use of coupons and the 2-way synchronization with the Google Calendar.


Appointy is a WooCommerce booking plugin

Appointy is a WooCommerce booking plugin that is built for various niches. The free version allows you to have one staff user who takes on the admin role. You can have a maximum of 5 services and at most 100 appointments per month. Clients will have the ability to reschedule appointments every minute of every day of the week. Once you have Appointy on your site, it integrates to your site and syncs up onto your Facebook page.

To avoid spamming, this plugin has the option of client verification. You can give your staff member reservations to manage without lifting a finger with the automatic appointment assignment. Its integration with Google Calendars ensures that all your calendars are up to sync. Appointy is integrated with Instagram and Facebook.

Unlike the free version, the premium one allows you to have even more than 5 staff members. What’s more, you can add as many services as you want. Appointy is integrated with Office 365. If you have more than one business to take care of or have branches, you can still use your site since the plugins are multi-location friendly. As business comes in, the free version allows you to use Square to help you receive payment. Appointy’s premium version has several more, including PayPal, Authorize, and Square.

Vik Booking

Vik Booking

Vik Booking is a PCI-DSS-compliant WordPress appointment booking plugin for hotel-related business. You can set as many plans as you want for your services and use rate options, such as flexible, refundable, and non-refundable. The management functions that you get with this plugin give you command over rooms, room types, and subunit management functions. Vik Booking has 8 types of shortcodes for your frontend layout types. The backend section is feature-rich, while the frontend drives the fully customizable frontend process.

The calendars that display how busy your month is also showcase the availability and occupancy overview. The permissions for managing the services can be allocated to various WP User Roles. Vik Booking supports the use of multiple languages for the sake of clients who use a different language from English. The rates calendar and seasonal rates that are easy to manage are some of the reasons people love the premium version.

Among the service registration functions are the no-show, check-in, and check-out. You can add, remove, or switch accommodation rooms between existing bookings. Vik Booking avails more than 60 payment gateways. The gateways for automated notifications are also very simple to start and manage. If you need to present any statistics, this WordPress appointment booking plugin has graphs and other statistical displays.

Bottom Line                                                                                                                                       

Going out there and picking just any WordPress appointment booking plugin isn’t ideal. This is because there are many such plugins, some of which might compromise the right workings of your site. We’ve scoured the WordPress directory and analyzed the best plugins, and outlined their features here so that you may pick whichever you like. Have fun, and be confident that your establishment will benefit greatly from the plugin you choose.

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