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Everyone with a live website is always on a constant hunt for more conversions. In this post we know about the best google reviews WordPress plugin. One of the best ways to get new customers is by using the contentment of your existing ones to appeal to the needs of the potential ones. We are talking about customer reviews. The comments of satisfied clients and their ratings of your services or products are some of the surest ways of getting new people to buy your services. Reviews are free advertisements by themselves since statistics say that at least 9 out of 10 shoppers will read online reviews before purchasing something.

One of the most prominent functions of customer reviews is improving your SEO. If you have reviews and ratings, Google can display rich snippets of their information. These snippets appear above other results and give your site a better chance at higher traffic and conversions. This is why we’ve analyzed the best Google review plugins for WordPress from which you can choose your favorite. Any of these plugins will help you arrange and manage reviews easily on your site. Take your pick!

What is a review widget?

A review widget showcases reviews on a website. Your customers find it easy to rate your business when you have a review widget. A review widget is meant to build consumer trust, boost SEO, and enhance conversions.

What does a Google review WordPress plugin do?

A review plugin helps you manage, store, and display reviews from your customers. The best plugins have many more functions that you can explore with a list such as this one.

Which is the best Google review WordPress plugin?

There are quite a few Google review WordPress plugins out there, but few are reliable. It isn’t logical to point to one since there are a few top-class plugins that are only separated by differing features and elements. This is why we’ve prepared a list of the top plugins from which you can choose one..

  1. Widget for Google reviews
  2. Embedder for Google Reviews
  3. Widget for google reviews by Richplugins
  4. Google Places Reviews Pro
  5. Reviews and Ratings by Design Extreme
  6. Widgets for Google Reviews by
  7. WP Google Review Slider
  8. Social Reviews & Recommendations

Widget for Google Reviews

Widget for Google Reviews

Using Widget for Google Reviews, you can showcase your reviews across many platforms easily. You can showcase your Google Business ratings and reviews easily on your site. This plugin gives you a choice between displaying it on a list or grid layout. Widget for Google Reviews saves your review data onto your WordPress database, so you won’t depend on additional services to display the reviews on your site. You can generate unlimited shortcodes for displaying the reviews and use any post, page, or widget.

Widget for Google Reviews showcases your Facebook reviews and recommendations on your site pages, posts, and widgets. It also demands that you have a Facebook API key to showcase the reviews. If you have Yelp Business reviews to showcase, this plugin gives you everything you need to display them. It supports an advanced shortcode generator for easy customization of your reviews.

Widget for Google Reviews is fully SEO friendly. The auto-refreshing feature of your reviews will depend on the settings. You can choose to show or hide particular review fields. Whichever page builder you prefer on your website, this plugin supports it fully. Widget for Google Reviews trims long reviews with a “read more” link, which spares you space and makes your interface neat.

Key Feature:

  1. Support Google Reviews
  2. Support Facebook Reviews & Recommendations
  3. Support Yelp Review
  4. Display using Shortcode or Widget
  5. Multiple layouts grid & list.
  6. Fully Responsive & Mobile friendly


Embedder for Google Reviews

“Embedder for Google Reviews” is the simplest to use plugin for embedding your Google Reviews on your WordPress website. The installation and setup takes less than 1 minute. You do not need to register for any API keys, nor do you have to connect to your Google My Business / Google Business Profile. The plugin can pull reviews from any business, no matter if you have access to it or not. Just install the plugin and search for your business – done. 

The plugin will pull all of your Google Reviews and is not limited to 5, 10 or whatever number of reviews. It comes with nice and clean looking designs which are available as slider and grid layouts. You can easily apply custom CSS and change colors, fonts, etc.


  • – Auto refreshes your reviews
  • – No GMB access needed
  • – No CSS breakpoints needed, due to fluid CSS grid layout
  • – Use dummy content for development sites, e.g. when you have no reviews yet
  • – Use with Elementor
  • – Use with Beaver Builder
  • – Use with WP Bakery Builder
  • – Use with any other editor (Gutenberg, Classic etc.)
  • – Setup in 4 simple steps (less than 1 minute)


  • – Only available as paid version (4 days free trial)
  • – No markup
  • – Only Google reviews, not yelp, Facebook etc.

Widgets for Social Reviews & Recommendations

Widgets for Social Reviews

You can display your reviews and recommendations for free using this Facebook review plugin for WordPress. This plugin showcases these elements in the most excellent predesigned widgets. What’s more, you can set up everything in about 2 minutes. With Widgets for Social Reviews & Recommendations, you can even create and display your own widgets. It enables you to filter your reviews and build the trust of your customers while boosting your SEO.

This plugin allows you to display up to 10 reviews at a time. You can work with over 35 widget layouts and customize them for unique appearances. You can also choose different widget styles for your widgets from the 16+ that Widgets for Social Reviews & Recommendations. This superb plugin has review filtering options so that you can display the best reviews for your brand’s benefit.

The ease of use of this plugin extends to its shortcode integration. You get to add widgets to any page or post on your website easily using shortcodes. Widgets for Social Reviews & Recommendations allows you to save all your reviews in one place on the WordPress database. It is one of the most highly extensible Google review WordPress plugins. You can customize it using any modern page builder from the default WordPress database.

Social Reviews & Recommendations

social review WordPress plugin

Social Reviews & Recommendations is a plugin that has gained the trust of many users. One of its most outstanding features is its auto-refresh capability, which enables your site to display the latest reviews that your users submit. As you display the reviews on your website, this plugin allows you to use them for your site’s SEO. This Facebook review plugin for WordPress sites displays all sorts of Facebook reviews.

Its support for shortcodes makes it exceedingly user-friendly. Within a few seconds, you can select a review for display on any of your pages. With Social Reviews & Recommendations, you can showcase a section that shows reviews based on your own prescribed criteria. The plugin has pagination support so that your users will have it easy browsing your content. You get to trim the longest of reviews with ‘read more’ links.

The premium version of the Social Reviews & Recommendations plugin supports rich Google snippets for a better SEO experience. The WP Google review slider you get to display with this plugin is the most elegant way of showcasing your reviews. You can allow users to leave Google reviews directly to your site via the ‘write a review button’ that comes with this plugin. The minimum rating filter ensures that your site displays only the top reviews.

Google Places Reviews Pro

Google Places Reviews

Google Places Reviews Pro is a premium plugin for creating WP Google review slider showcases. It allows you to showcase your business profile exceptionally with various beauty enhancement options. You can display your business reviews in a widget or body using this plugin. It offers a reviews widget with multiple display options so that your presentation is as unique as possible. Google places Reviews Pro allows you to tweak the display settings to showcase the most recent and positive reviews first.

This plugin improves the overall ranking of your website on Google and other search engines. Since it has high SEO enhancement techniques in place, Google Places Reviews Pro enables you to attract many local clients. Its elements are conspicuous so that your customers know that you are interested in hearing what they have to say. Displaying your reviews with this plugin leaves a good impression on your audience, creating better brand awareness.

Since it’s easy to use, this Facebook review plugin for WordPress saves you a lot of time in setting up your reviews. Google Places Reviews Pro has full support for shortcodes and comes with a shortcode generator. They enable you to showcase reviews in the order and place that you want. If you want, you can display detailed information on the reviews. You can display the business name, website, and social pages.

Everest Google Places Reviews

Google reviews WordPress plugin

You can create unlimited business reviews with different locations and showcase them on specific pages or posts using shortcodes. Everest Google Places Reviews provides 10+ beautifully designed header templates for your review elements. You can showcase your business info as badge layouts before setting the Google badge ribbon as the header layout. This WP Google review slider offers 10+ attractive templates for showcasing your Google places reviews. With this plugin, you can choose to display the ratings with 5 stars only.

Your site makes it easy to search with Google locations and place IDs using Google Map since this plugin comes with Google API integration. You can search locations on Google Maps with search autocomplete functionality. Everest Google Places Reviews allows you to show or hide descriptions on reviews. The Facebook review plugin WordPress allows you to set the word limit on the description too. A ‘read more’ or ‘read less’ button is available for a better display interface.

Everest Google Places Reviews allows you to set the total number of the users’ reviews to be displayed, with a limit of 5. The advanced customizable options that come with the plugin make it easy to display your elements uniquely. You can edit the settings of the ‘rate us’ button. This plugin gives you the option of displaying your reviews using widgets or shortcodes.

WordPress Google Reviews

WordPress Google Reviews

WordPress Google Reviews is a superb WordPress Google review slider that offers different display methods. If you don’t want the review slider, a review list and grid are available. The plugin allows you to display 5 of the best reviews that your business has to offer. It’s one of the top Google review WordPress plugins with its maintenance of a clean layout. It displays reviews on websites using a sidebar element.

WordPress Google Reviews saves audits on the WordPress database so that you won’t depend on Google to showcase such surveys in the sidebar elements. This Facebook review plugin for WordPress websites showcases the top 5 reviews in API requests. You get to save time and show reviews, ratings, and testimonials elegantly. WordPress Google Reviews allows your customers to easily say what they think about you using the ‘write a review’ button/link.

Multiple ways of sorting your ratings for display are available with this plugin. You can choose to show or hide the ‘see all reviews’ and ‘add a review’ buttons. WordPress Google Reviews offers various customization options so that you can showcase your reviews uniquely. You can choose the number of reviews you want to display at a time. The WP Google review slider supports translations and comes with a ready .PO file.

Widget for Google Reviews by RichPlugins

google reviews WordPress plugin

Widget for Google Reviews is a plugin that enables you to display your reviews in a sidebar widget on your site. One of its most outstanding features is that it isn’t dependent on services like Google to showcase reviews in a widget because it saves the reviews in a WordPress database. This free google reviews WordPress plugin supports shortcodes so that you can manage your reviews with brief procedures. Widget for Google Reviews automatically trims long reviews and adds a “read more” link for a minimal and clean layout for review displays.

The Google business reviews plugin has an auto-refresh feature for your reviews. Therefore, they’ll get updated immediately you approve a review or when a customer posts one (if you don’t have an oversight process before taking reviews online). You can display up to five Google My Business reviews for each location. Widget for Google Reviews allows you to add a custom photo for your business. Your reviews will be more trustworthy since the plugin sources them from real G+ users.

Widget for Google Reviews has a premium or business version that allows you to display all your reviews via Google My Business API. It enables you to merge reviews from different places and platforms, such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook. You can set the minimum rating filter so that a random lousy reviewer won’t ward off your potential clients.

Reviews and Ratings by Design Extreme

best Google business reviews plugin

Reviews and Ratings is one of the best Google business reviews plugins you can use on your site. It collects review and rating data using your Google Place ID and showcases your reviews in organized lists or columns. It does this with associated links to reviews and Google maps. You can easily add and manage customer reviews with this plugin since it comes with a shortcode and widget. It also accommodates the lowest to the highest levels of customization.

All you need to do is insert a list of customers’ reviews along with review length range, rating range, offset, sorting, limit, language, and an individual reviews section. Reviews and Ratings boasts a fully responsive design with a show and hide option for all elements, which is controllable using shortcode parameters. It will look stunning on any device since it is designed with SVG vector graphics for a crisp look on all devices.

This Google review plugin gives you live previews that are accessible on the dashboard. It has Google’s generic icons but allows you to choose your own icons to replace them. Its support for structured data ( means that you can provide Google with quality data on your reviews for better ratings and rich snippets. Reviews and Ratings has a demo mode in which you can create and organize your elements before going live.

Widgets for Google Reviews by

Google review WordPress plugin

Widgets for Google Reviews is a plugin that enables you to display your Google reviews with fully responsive predesigned Google review widgets. It comes with 7 widget layouts from which you can choose. You can combine them with any of the 9 premade widget styles for unmatchable results. This Google reviews WordPress plugin is free and supports the display of 10 Google reviews. Widgets for Google reviews are integrated with shortcodes, so you can manage the review widgets easily without dealing with code.

With this Google business reviews plugin, you can use excellent filters to showcase the reviews you want. It works with different languages, so it won’t matter the languages in which your reviews are written. All your reviews will be stored in a WordPress database, rather than forcing you to utilize third-party services like Google. Widgets for Google Reviews is light so that your reviews load fast.

A website that has this Google review widgets plugin can display reviews from different platforms, such as Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, and Amazon. You’ll most likely need to personalize your widgets; Widgets for Google Reviews accommodates the editing of the entire widgets. The automated review invitation system of the plugin will urge your visitors to leave you a review and rating before leaving your site.

WP Google Review Slider

google reviews WordPress plugin

Despite all the recent changes with Google’s updates, WP Google Review Slider shows valiant attempts at conforming to everything for better operation. It allows you to create sliders for your Google review widgets. The sliders resemble image sliders, albeit with your reviews in the place of the images. If you don’t prefer having siders, you can go for a simple responsive grid or list. WP Google Review Slider makes you look good by allowing you to choose whether you only want to display high rating reviews.

This Google business reviews plugin has many template display options, like displaying or hiding star ratings and dates. With the plugin, you can hide the Google Reviews that don’t include text. You can also choose the background and text colors you want on your Google review widgets. WP Google Review Slider offers you the choice of the number of Google Places reviews you want to display per row.

The WP Google Review Slider’s premium version allows the use of multiple languages, locations, and social pages support. It gives you an easy oversight method by sending you email notifications when new low reviews are posted. The Google review WordPress plugin retrieves reviews from more than 65 sites. If you want, you can download all your reviews onto your computer in CSV format.

Everest Google Places Reviews

Best WordPress review plugins

Everest Google Places Reviews is another one of the best premium WordPress review plugin. With it, you receive 5+ elegantly crafted review templates. It allows you to choose whether you want to showcase your business reviews in slider or list formats. The plugin comes with 5 premade floating review off-canvas layouts. Everest Google Places Reviews allows you to set the position for these layouts too. The shortcode and widget-readiness of this plugin make it easy to showcase appealing reviews anywhere on your site.

As your users search for locations, they’ll enjoy a better user experience with the autocomplete functionality. If you want your layout only to show the 5-star reviews, you only need to check the option. Everest Google Places Reviews enables you to set the description limit, so your users have brief and easy to read reviews. What’s more, you get the more/less button, which enables you to showcase longer reviews.

Everest Google Places Reviews comes with a fantastic call to action buttons, such as the “Rate Us” button. It increases your reception of feedback for better business. This plugin ensures that you have extensive customization options for your reviews, ratings, and the “Rate Us” button.

Google Places Reviews Pro

WordPress google place review plugin

Google Place Reviews Pro helps you showcase your business reviews and ratings with the best layouts possible. When it comes to displaying your business reviews, you have the option between a body and a widget. This plugin provides countless display option with its reviews widget. Since it has excellent Google schema markup, it will boost your website ranking on search engine results.

Since you can set the top-most displayed reviews to be positive, you can ensure that your clients trust you. Not only does Google Places Reviews Pro support shortcodes, but it also comes with a shortcode generator for easy management of reviews. The plugin supports Google Places API, which ensures that you get the 5 most relevant reviews. Google Places Reviews Pro has a system that enables you to save new reviews to your database and store up as many as you can.

Bottom Line

Reviews are great for any website. The feedback you receive from your customers builds business connections. It also informs you on what to improve on and encourages you for what you’re doing right. Additionally, when visitors see proof that others approve of your products or services, they are more inclined to buy.

Google reviews are all about your image. Therefore, you need the best Google business reviews plugin to match the quality of your image. Gain your visitors’ trust with good reviews by making a choice now. Good luck!

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