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One of the main reasons why the mobile industry has been thriving for years now is the ability to fulfill users’ needs efficiently, quickly, and comfortably. If you want to buy a pair of kicks, a bike, a car, you just order them online. All you have to do is have your computer or phone: and you can have your phone anywhere. Best Classified ads Android App and iOS apps listed in this post to make your classified ads listing site web version to mobile version.

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Mobile apps offer ease and convenience. If you want to advertise anything, you can use the various marketing and advertising apps out there. Apps are now quite common even in the most professional circles. Suppose you want to have a classified ads android app that puts ad selling and buying in the palm of your hand. These apps are designed meticulously to provide all the necessary features for classified ad functions. Take a look at the 10 best classified apps on Codecanyon and their features.

Classima – Classified Ads Mobile App

Classima - Classified ads Android & iOS App

Classima is a fantastic classified ads Android app that’s based on React Native. Classima classified WordPress themes and Classified WordPress plugins already in the marketplace, due to customer demand Classima android and iOS mobile apps has been built. It is perfect for Android and iOS devices. You can use it to search, buy, and sell anything, from electronics to cars and bikes. What’s more, this app doesn’t limit you to the number of products you can sell. If you want to buy, sell, or rent a property, there are features for that. In case you’re posting about or searching for a job within your country or overseas, it’s all available on Classima.

Classima has a clean product layout so that it easily navigable. Its web and app data are always synchronized in real-time. If you need to control specific actions of the app, you can do that in the app settings. Classima enables you to know who you’re selling to or buying from with the buyer and seller live chat. The ad posting process is straightforward on this classified mobile app since it comes with step-by-step instructions.

This app comes with advanced search filters that allow you to find ad items in particular locations and categories. The app even offers advanced custom search filters. Classima has great seller profiles with the phone, email, and chat for contact options. What’s more, it comes with Google Map and Google Location so buyers can find out and sellers can direct buyers where ad listings are located. The Classima app bundle includes the complete android project along with a WordPress backend plugin.


AdForest - Classified ads Android App & iOS apps

AdForest is an excellent app with fast loading speeds, so that chats, buying, posting, and other processes are quick to accomplish. This is partly due to its small bundle size of 17MB. Its updates are regular for bug fixes and the addition of new and helpful features. If you want to give some feedback, all you have to do is prompt the feedback popup and entire your email address, subject, and feedback. AdForest app settings are easy to find, understand, and manage.

The authors of AdForest have Android and iOS versions ready for use. The data in you enter is synchronized between the classified mobile app and website so that you can access it on either. This app accommodates various payment options, including PayPal, Stripe, bank transfer, payment by check, etc. AdForest allows you the option to view nearby ads only.

Uploading images is incredibly easy with AdForest. The public user profiles are fully equipped with details, including location tags, email address, phone number, Facebook address, and Facebook address. Since it has Google Map integration, AdForest allows you to show precisely where a listing is located. The seller rating options enable the buyers to know how reliable each seller is. The seller public profile also goes a long way in fostering trust between the buyer and seller.


Quickad - Classified ads Android and iOS apps

Quickad is the modern design of a PHP Script version available on PlayStore, whose modern design makes it ideal for all classified ads. You will love the splash page that comes with this fantastic classified mobile app. It has the easiest sign up and sign in options, with support for social logins. The ad posting page availed in this page is user-friendly, which makes it perfect for users of all ages to interact on your app.

Quickad has a special search page that makes all categories and individual ad listings available to the right prospects. Once they’ve found the ad they want, they can then proceed to the elegant ad details page. The chat feature is the perfect way to connect with sellers and discuss the purchase. This classified ads Android app lets you view full profiles of other users on the great profile page that Quickad offers.

With this classified app on Codecanyon, users can choose their language preferences on a dedicated page. The notification settings are also controllable from another page so that it’s easy to select exactly how you want to interact with other users on Quickad. It supports multiple currencies that are controllable from the frontend. The creators have integrated this app fully with Google Map so that sellers can show the locations of properties and other ad listings.

Sell and Buy Today

Classified ads Android App

Rather than a webview, Sell and Buy Today is a native classifieds application. It comes with a server part that has the entire web version along with an admin panel. On this classified ads Android app, you can easily manage, activate, deactivate, create, and delete ads. If you want to add authenticity and become more trustworthy, you can upload profile and cover photos. However, the app has moderation for profile photos, covers, and classified ads to avoid inappropriate or misleading content.

Sell and Buy Today allows buyers and sellers to chat in real-time without leaving the app. You can choose classified ads and add them to your favorites. You can choose a location on the map that comes with this classified mobile app to focus your ad search. The search filters are perfect for finding the precise product or service you’re after.

Sell and Buy Today makes it easy to log in and signup with two options for doing both, via email and Facebook. If you need a multilingual application or website, this classified app on Codecanyon is perfect. The complaints system is available in case you see something that you don’t like on the platform. You can read private messages and blacklist annoying users.


Advilla - Classified ads Android App

Advilla is yet another premium classified mobile app that’s perfect for uniting buyers and sellers of different products. Users only need to register with the app so they can then post their ads through their mobile devices. All they have to do is take a picture of their product, add a description, set its price, and submit it to the listings for sale. Advilla has an effective chat system that connects sellers with buyers and enabling them to complete their transactions.

Even after buying the app, the creators keep updating and upgrading it to stand out and work seamlessly. You can earn money easily with Advilla through various options that come with it. For instance, you can charge advertisers who want to promote their ads and make ads featured. You can also put up Admob ads to generate revenue from visitors who come to your app.

The home screen and splash screen of the app is fantastic. It also offers some helpful number menus, including the side menu and categories menu. If you’re not a developer and want your own app from Advilla, you can contact the support. They’ll help you build an app for you manually, based on the name, color, theme, and logo that you prefer.

Buy and Sell

buy and sell - Classified ads Android App

Buy and Sell focuses largely on providing the best user experience, starting with the dark and light modes. Most users prefer the dark mode, and it comes in handy during some seasons like Black Friday. Its navigation menu is accessible and easy to use. The creators of this classified app on Codecanyon used the latest user interface with material design. Buy and Sell will inform your users to ‘check network availability’ rather than giving them automatic redirects when their connection is failing.

Buy and Sell uses the latest version of Android Studio. This interprets into full android code, which is also easily customizable. With the great admin panel that comes with this classified ads Android app, you get a beautiful interface that’s easy to customize. In case you get stuck, the app has extensive documentation to help you out. The admin panel is perfect for managing all your data – no hassle.

If you want to earn from your site, you can charge users to have their ads made to feature. An additional way of getting the extra cash is using Google AdMob. This classified mobile app is ready with an AdMob admin control panel where you can switch it on and off. If you want to advertise your platform on social media, you can start with Facebook since Buy and Sell is integrated with the Facebook Audience Network.


Lara - classified app codecanyon

Lara is a one a kind classified ads Android app is based on React Native. It is perfect for all mobile devices, including iOS and Android. The user interface of this app is super-elegant and has a great navigation drawer. Since Lara offers custom fonts, you can choose combinations that are elegant, readable, and represent your brand. It’s the ultimate platform for selling and buying products since all users can create and categorize ads before making them available to buyers.

When you use Lara, you can have the sellers display the images of the products, their prices, date of posting, and the contact links of the sellers. This classified mobile app has the option to display the latest ads or featured ads high in the home page. Each product available in the ad listings gets a clean layout for the product and seller details, which works well for getting more buyers.

The classified app on Codecanyon has a great sign in page complete with ‘forgot password’ and ‘sign up now’ links. Users can send complaints to the admin almost as easily as they can send messages to each other in chats. The admin menu is comprehensive with links to various pages, including the dashboard, ad listings page, conversations, favorites, profile management, and logout.

Flutter AdMotors

Flutter AdMotors - classified app codecanyon

If you’re in the market for a classified ads Android app that’s specialized for car ads, Flutter AdMotors is a good way to go. It supports both Android and iOS devices. Its APIs and backend content management system are created using CodeIgniter for the best quality. With Flutter AdMotors, you will manage and control a platform with unlimited buyers, sellers, and items. As your platform gains popularity, you can have paid sponsor ads to increase your income. What’s more, you can accept payment through PayPal, Stripe, or Razor Pay.

With Flutter AdMotors, you save a whopping 2500+ hours of app creation and backend development. The chats between the buyers and sellers is driven by a system that’s integrated with Firebase. With the integrated deep linking, your users get to open your item detail page directly by simply clicking a shared link. Within the user chats, there are several important features, such as offer, negotiation, and reject.

Flutter AdMotors allows your users to explore and search ad items with its advanced filters, such as location-based ones. If you want to reach a large audience, even one that doesn’t use English, you can rely on the app’s multilanguage feature. It even supports RTL languages, such as Hebrew, Arabic, and Presian. With Flutter AdMotors, you have the choice between a light and dark mode.

PS Buy & Sell

PS Buy & Sell - Classified ads Android App

The creators of PS Buy & Sell meant for it to be a revolutionary classified mobile app like OLX Clone. Its APIs and backend content management system uses CodeIgniter. It offers the complete mobile source code, which is the perfect situation for any developer. You get free premium support with the extended license. It also comes with a free setup and installation to help you get going faster. The version offers so many more updates to keep your up looking good and functioning smoothly.

PS Buy & Sell offers the most clean and elegant dashboard for the admin. Your sellers can benefit greatly from the location-based functions of this app. Therefore, your users need to set their locations so that the ones with matching trading needs and locations can get in touch. Your users can search the items by categories for relevant results. However, PS Buy & Sell still offers category and sub-category lists from where users can choose the ones they’re interested in.

Buyers and sellers get to chat smoothly using the chat function of PS Buy & Sell. This classified app on Codecanyon goes the extra mile by availing options for rejecting, accepting, and making an offer for both buyers and sellers. When a user becomes interested in the products that another has to offer, they can follow them for updates on their available ad listings.


CarSpot - Classified ads Android App

CarSpot is yet another car classified ads Android app that has an Apple login for iOS devices added to it. It allows you to choose from 11 predefined home screens for your ultimate first impression. Other pages that come with the app include the sign in and sign up ones that are very user friendly. Every user can have a profile with a page of their ads attached to them. There’s also another one for inactive ads for each profile.

All the CarSpot data is synchronized between the website and app in real-time. You can make some revenue using ads posted by your users. The users can also give you some income by paying for their ads to be tagged as featured ads and posted as priority ads. The messaging system that comes with CarSpot is perfect for receiving communications from your users. The classified mobile app also brings with it a chat system for the seller and buyer correspondence. The ‘bad word filter’ is ideal for maintaining professionalism and appropriateness in the dealings of your users.

With the package-based pricing and bump-up ads, you could make some extra cash while doing very little. The more traffic you have, the more you earn. If you want, you can avail the bidding module to your users so they can foster competitive prices on antique cars and other valuable ad items.

Bottom Line

There is the list of the best classified apps for Android and iOS devices. If you want to manage classified ad listings on an app that you can call your own, this list has all you need. Most of these classified mobile apps come with superb support. Some, such as Classima, allow you to order apps that are custom-made for you from their own apps. You’ll love each of the apps in this list, so just choose your favorite and get started!

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