Using a business directory mobile app template increases your chances of creating a superb business directory brand. Many directory platforms have websites and mobile apps that have built massive success and profits. These include Yelp, LinkedIn, Zillow, and even social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

With the names I just dropped, you already know the kind of competition you should expect. This means that you have to develop exceptional strategies to get ahead of your competition. Maybe you already took the first step and got yourself a website to work with. And now, getting yourself a business directory mobile app is your next move.

Mobile apps do a lot for you and your aims, including the following:

  • An app gives you a boost in making the communication between yourself and your customers and clients much smoother.
  • The app gives your business more visibility with your customers and prospects. This is because people use up to 30% of their waking time on the apps on their mobile phones.
  • Mobile apps offer you a direct marketing channel through which you can deliver offers, prices, and practicality to customers easily.
  • Mobile app push notifications will bring the interactions between you or your app and the customers even closer.

This interaction in your business directory mobile app is its very aim. But creating an app may not be very straightforward, which is why we’re here. We’ve created this piece as a listing that analyzes the best directory app templates so that you can pick a good one to start creating your own app.

The feature analysis that we’ve done tells you exactly why you should choose one and not the other. Go ahead and choose one.

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Classima – Classified & Business Directory Mobile App Template

Classima is the perfect business directory app template to start with due to its quality and sophistication. It is integrated with Classified Listing Pro, one of the best classified plugin. Purchasing it means that you’ll get a complete Android project and a WordPress backend plugin. This React Native-based Android, and iOS app template gives you the perfect data sync between your app and website.

With this directory app template, you and your users can post ads to your app in 3 easy steps – select ad type, add photos, and set the price! Classima has very powerful search filters that can help your users get to the locations and categories on which they want their searches to focus. The app has advanced custom search filtering options that will enhance your users’ experiences.

The user-friendly nature of Classima continues with its Google Map, Google Location, and Radius Search support. This means that the users’ searches will be accurate, and they can find listings that are close to them. The ads can even have Google Maps displays that showcase pins of the businesses.

You will love the store facility that Classima has to offer, which enables you to showcase all stores on one page with thumbnails and logos. The membership option that this business directory app template comes with enables you to create different packages to offer your users. You can then earn from membership subscriptions.

This app template supports different payment gateways, including offline, PayPal, Stripe, and With Google AdMob, you can set up ads that monetize your site extensively. You can also earn a commission when your sellers sell ads. Classima offers a live chat for sellers and buyers to interact to facilitate this.

On each ad, your sellers get to showcase their contact details, including a link to their phone numbers and email and a button that takes them to the live chat. The buyers can also view the seller profiles from the ad.

Additional Classima Directory App Template Features:

  • 5-star support
  • Top, featured, and bump up ads
  • Report ad feature
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Business hours display
  • Easy login and registration
  • Social login with Facebook, Apple, and Google options
  • My Account and My Listings tabs
  • Easy edit for profile
  • Mark ads as favorite
  • Clean product layouts
  • Great ads management
  • Razorpay payment support
  • Social profile icon in-store details


business directory app template

Listar is an exceptional React native mobile app template for the business directory industry. Its elegance starts from the display level to the deepest code and can be seen in its support for the dark mode. All you have to do is toggle to change the background to dark. The clean and simple UI/UX design of Listar is visible in the 30+ sample screens it offers.

This directory app template is translatable and has right-to-left support for the sake of Arabic users. You can change the app language to your local one easily. Listar also lets you choose the colors you want to use on your app. You can choose to match the brand color on your business directory mobile app with that of your site.

You can have categories on your app because Listar supports as many as you want to have. It also lets users find the categories they want easily with the flexible display support. You have the list view and block view options to choose from, so you’ll give your users the best visual and browsing experience.

The location listing is also quite advanced and lets you manage locations from a great dashboard. The views that Listar allows you include the list, block, and grid views. The advanced filtering, modern sorting, and map view options ensure that your users view the listings that they want and the way they want.

Users can edit their account settings extensively so that their profiles appear as they wish. Listar offers excellent sign-in and sign-up screens. You even get a reset password function. You will have a Wishlist that enables you to create a list of ads you’d like to buy in the future.

More Listar Directory App Template Features:

  • Multiple languages
  • Directory map view mode
  • Simple and advanced filtering options
  • Review system
  • Feedback system
  • Notification messages
  • Multiple font styles
  • Support for iOS and Android (32bit and 64bit)
  • No APIs, but support for API functions are available.


FluxStore - business directory app template

FluxStore is yet another fantastic app for creating a business directory mobile app quickly and easily with beautiful and seamlessly performing results. This directory app template is user-friendly and adapts smoothly to whichever listing theme you’re using.

The business directory mobile app you create with FluxStore boasts an instant synchronization feature. Your data will be synced or instantly updated between the mobile device and the website. Site templates like Classima and Listeo support the booking feature that occurs in FluxStore. It ensures that your customers make ad bookings smoothly.

With this business directory app template, you will receive a bunch of premade homepage layouts that you can customize really easily. FluxStore has some powerful widgets that enable you to customize these homepages, adding and substituting elements on them.

As you explore the user-friendly UX design of this business directory app template, you will enjoy some intuitive functions. You will have multi-level categories to create a sophisticated platform if that’s what you want. The quick product filters enable your users to get to particular ads quickly. FluxStore has a keyword history search function, which means that users can see the searches they made if they want to.

This directory app template supports native PayPal payments, so you don’t need to bring in new addons for payment functions. FluxStore supports an audio player and the creation of playlists. You can play audios from Podcasts, mp3, and m4u and videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook.

The Hero effects that this template offers make for the best detail views. Its thumbnail gallery displays, the safe area, and customizable image heights also make for great ad detail views. The powerful push notifications of FluxStore enable vendors to send notifications to customers easily through Firebase, OneSignal, History messages, and in-app notifications.

More FluxStore Directory App Template Features:

  • Social login via Apple, Facebook, and Google
  • SMS login via Firebase Auth
  • Smart in-app chat with video
  • Dark theme enabling for users
  • Easy language switch for users
  • Enable push notifications
  • Facebook ads and Google AdMob
  • Firebase dynamic link
  • Offline image caching
  • Perfect splash animation

Listar Flux

Listar Flux - directory app template

Listar Flux is a mobile app template for business directory listings that is based on the Flutter Framework by Google. It is perfect for listing different sorts of businesses. It offers a modern UI/UX that is evident in over 25 of its different screen options.

Listar Flux enables your users to toggle to change their backgrounds back and forth between the normal and dark modes. Users can also change the app language to their local languages easily. Listar Flux supports Arabic with its RTL layout. It also allows you to choose the color you want for your app from many options.

You can display the categories you have on your website on block or list views with this directory app template. Listar Flux even has a map view mode for directory listings, enabling you to showcase businesses on maps. Users can choose between simple and advanced filtering, depending on how complex a search they want to make.

The Wishlist feature means that users can mark the ads they would like to purchase in the future. Listar Flux lets your users manage their account settings with an elegant and clean screen, accessible with a single click. The sign-in and sign-up screens make it easy for users to register and access the app.

More Listar Flux Directory App Template Features:

  • Over 25 different screens
  • Reset password screen
  • Reviews screen
  • Google Map screen
  • Multiple font options
  • Multiple color options
  • Support for multiple devices, both iOS and Android (32bit and 64bit)
  • Notification messages management screen

DWT Listing

DWT Listing - directory app template

DWT Listing is one of the directory app templates that give you the most freedom in deciding what your app should be like. After you have determined the fields to include in the user profiles, users can customize the information of their own profiles easily. They get to showcase their social links and other personal information.

With DWT Listing, your users can submit business listings easily, and it is up to you to approve and publish them. On the other hand, you can allow them to publish them directly. You will have tabs for published, featured, and pending listings. Users can also reset their passwords easily through the popup with fields the template offers.

You get to create paid and free packages for your vendors with different benefits. The sidebar of DWT Listing allows users to access virtually every part of the app, including their profiles. When ad buyers complete transactions, they can submit reviews for different ads and ad sellers. You can view the submitted reviews and approve their publishing.

As you and the ad sellers receive payments, you can make use of Stripe and PayPal. This business directory app template supports Arabic, which is an RTL language. Your users will get to translate the app to the languages they prefer and understand because DWT Listing is fully translation ready.

Additional DWT Listing Directory App Template Features:

  • Geo listings
  • A lifetime of free updates
  • Multiple color options
  • Share and report ads
  • Social login
  • WooCommerce integrated
  • Advanced search
  • Support for coupon code generation
  • Unique review and rating system
  • Bookmark listings



ListApp is a business directory app template whose creators have had some resounding successes with other templates. It is subjected to regular free updates that keep users UpToDate with the latest trends and features. Its support is quite reliable and responds fast.

ListApp is Google Map API enabled so that you can give your users various functions, the best of which is Google Map API searching. The checkout and payment screens are pretty user-friendly. The add to cart button is fully customizable. ListApp enables you and your users to create ad listings and publish them easily.

This business directory app template has an unforgettably gorgeous listing detail screen. However, its chat feature that works via Firebase stands out even more. ListApp comes with Lottie animations, which enable you to make your app elements as beautiful and attention-drawing as possible. In the last few updates, the template has vamped up its speed significantly.

Mapping is a fantastic feature that comes with this directory template to help users find the locations of business listings and navigate the app easily. ListApp has a functional calendar, which works in perfect tandem with the template’s booking feature. Just a few taps on the calendar are enough for users to make a reservation.

ListApp supports logging in through Facebook, and the social login is synchronized to WordPress users. WordPress users can log in through the application without having to register again.

Extra ListApp Directory App Template Features:

  • Booking tracking via Agendar
  • Firebase for inter-device syncing
  • Flexible homepage UI
  • Easy monetization and Ads with Facebook Ads and MobAds
  • Expo SDK support
  • Offline access
  • iOS and Android support

City Directory

City Directory

City Directory is an exceptional directory app template for creating your business directory mobile app. In just a few clicks, your users can view reviews of all the listed businesses on your app. The app is crafted to fetch the listings location data from Google API easily; therefore, you don’t need to add the places to the maps yourself.

Your users get to access different businesses in whichever locations they want using City Directory. The template is designed beautifully with a focus on User Interface and User Experience. Since it supports the insertion of ads by AdMob and other ads, you get to earn extra income apart from getting paid for premium ad listings.

The splash screen that City Directory comes with is straightforward, elegant, and minimal. It focuses users’ attention on the essential elements. You will also have a minimal design with the login screen. It also has the “forgot password” feature in case your users need it.

The home screen of the business directory app template is quite exceptional. It has some trendy category shortcuts that take users to where they want to be quickly and easily. The quick place search and the top searchable category items list also serve to give your users a much smoother experience.

The typography that City Directory comes with makes for remarkable results. You have Lato Fonts and Font Awesome Icons to work with on a creative and minimally designed menu.

More of City Directory’s Directory App Template Features:

  • Clean listings
  • Quick place search
  • Find from a map view
  • Rating preview
  • Quick location view
  • Contact details
  • User reviews
  • Photo gallery
  • Location pins
  • Simple FAQ screen design

Custom Listing App

Custom Listing App

Custom Listing App is an app template developed using the Ionic 5 technology. Purchasing this app gives you a plugin and app code that applies to both Android and iOS devices. You will be able to customize you’re your app without having to redo the app publishing process. Custom Listing App allows you to change the default language as well as the colors of elements easily.

With this business directory app template, you will have no security problems since it has the cleanest of codes. It facilitates the easy creation of listings by you and your users. Custom Listing App enables your users to explore the listing pages easily with custom filters. Since it also supports Google Maps and OpenStreetMap, you can showcase business listings on map layouts.

The basic homepage styles that your business directory mobile app will have can either be Airbnb, TripAdvisor, or My Listing styles. You can then have ad sellers buy different packages that avail different advantages depending on how much they cost. Since it comes with full WooCommerce integration, Custom Listing App enables you to set up a shop screen for selling anything you want.

This directory app template enables your sellers to send push notifications to ad buyers that are driven by OneSignal. Custom Listing App supports social login through Facebook and Google.

More Custom Listing App Directory App Template Features:

  • Cache system
  • Display posts
  • Chats with notifications
  • Support for 16 languages, including Hebrew and Arabic
  • Mapbox support
  • Direct messages support
  • Related listing
  • Review and rating posting
  • Bookmarks
  • Regular free updates

Final Thoughts

That you’re about to create a business directory mobile app makes you one of the few individuals who actually get to it. This means that you will have a significant advantage over your competition. Having a sophisticated app that makes it easy for your users to go about their business brings you incredibly close to your goals.

This is why we’re out to help you create an app that is as engaging as possible. We have enough templates for you to make a good choice. However, we understand that having more than five of the best business directory app templates makes it difficult to choose one.

To make that choice, all you need to do is figure out what you need most. Simply look at the app that offers that which you consider being most important on your app. For instance, if you want an app with as many payment options as possible, multiple ad posting options, Radius search support, and really dependable support, Classima might be exactly what you’re looking for.

On the other hand, if you’re after the most variety of listing displays, Listar and Listar Flux do provide that. If you want regular updates to remain updated to the latest trends and have bug fixes, Classima and Custom Listing App will give you that.

That is how you get the best business directory app template. If you want to build a directory website, Here is the list of top directory website builders.

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