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Classified PHP scripts are a great way to save yourself time creating a classified advertising site while getting outstanding results. As the technology evolved, many elements of life were almost if not totally replaced by better alternatives. One such element is classified advertisements. Most people would have waved it off as a dying form of marketing.

Even though it was most common in newspapers and other periodicals, it transitioned into the online market really seamlessly. Right now, classified ads are everywhere and are much cheaper alternatives to large ad displays.

You can use classified PHP scripts for different uses. For instance, you can use them to create a website that sells electronic gadgets and has job listings. Alternatively, you can create a classified site with a single focused niche. As you are looking for classified script, You might be interested to know how to create classified website in WordPress.

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Best classified PHP scripts listed bellow:

  1. LaraClassifier
  2. Modesy
  3. Classified Made Easy
  4. Infinity Market
  5. Classify by QuantikLab
  6. ClassiLab
  7. Quickad
  8. Nimble
  9. Classified Plus
  10. Classify by Codeglamour

Classima – Best Classified WP Theme

Choosing the Best Classified Script for Your Site

Browsing through all the available options when you want to buy a classified script is virtually impossible. The options in your hands are countless.

Therefore, we want to help you choose the best one for your website by telling you all about the best ones. We have listed their features so that you can choose the one with the features you most direly need on your site. Take a look:

1. LaraClassifier


LaraClassifier is the top-priced best classified script in our listing. It comes with custom fields that allow you to create your own ad website easily. With this script, you can create a site with support for any language. It even supports RTL direction. LaraClassifier supports multiple currencies, which enables you to conduct international business.

Its clean, contemporary, and fully responsive design is clear to see even in the admin panel. LaraClassifier is built with HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, and PHP. It is also based on VueJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, and Laravel frameworks.

You surely want to brand your website, and the unlimited colors that LaraClassifier offers are available for most of the work. The homepage this classified PHP script offers is fully customizable. You can rearrange and change the sections of the page right from the admin panel. From the same panel, you can assign user roles and permissions.

LaraClassifier is fully integrated with Google AdSense and Google Maps. The first integration means that you get to post ads that earn you money easily. The second gives you a variation in the way you showcase your listings.

When any activity occurs on your site, LaraClassifier will send you SMS notification. This feature is supported by the Twilio and Nexmo API. The resend mail or SMS verification feature ensures that you get users with valid emails and phone numbers.

Extra Features:

  • Contact page with Google Maps and a contact form
  • CMS for static pages
  • Comprehensive messaging system where only buyers can start conversations
  • On and off toggle for ads
  • On and off toggle for user account active status
  • ReCAPTCHA integration
  • Google XML Sitemap
  • Premade Sitemap page
  • RSS feeds generator
  • Extensive SEO optimization
  • Easy site backup

2. Modesy

Modesy - best classified scripts

Modesy is one of the absolute best classified scripts that you could choose for selling physical and digital products. It is based on the Bootstrap 4 framework and has a clean and responsive design. Apart from the script’s excellent SEO optimization, it helps you generate an SEO friendly URL.

With Modesy, your site can comfortably sell license keys beside the digital and physical products. If you’d like to sell some exclusive items to the highest bidder, this script lets you do just that with its comprehensive bidding system. Modesy lets you enable and disable its multivendor system.

This script makes it possible for you to accept payments through many payment gateways, including Flutterwave, Stripe, PayPal, PayStack, Mercado Pago, Razorpay, Midtrans, and Lyzico. Offline payments via bank transfers are also an option.

You can also have a pay-cash-on-delivery system for selling items. The guest checkout system of Modesy makes it easy for users who haven’t registered to your site to buy from your site. You can create membership packages with the Membership Packages System that this classified PHP script offers.

Modesy will give your website the most comprehensive help center. It comes with a ticketing system and a knowledge base for your users’ sake. You can set commission rates for sales easily with this classified advertisements’ script.

Modesy Additional Features:

  • Filter and sort products
  • Easy social login with Google and Facebook
  • RSS feeds
  • Product location map available
  • User last seen time
  • Profile pages for members
  • Cache system
  • Coupon system
  • Easy creation of ad codes
  • Lazy image loading
  • Enable and disable system for product review, product comment, and user review systems

3. Classified Made Easy

Classified Made Easy

Classified Made Easy is a lightweight and best classified script, which you can use to create different classified listing websites. It has an HTML5 responsive design and comes with over 10 Bootstrap themes. This classifieds ads script enables you to display your listings on Google Maps. A text mode is available as well!

Its lightweight build translates into its lightning-fast nature. It supports thousands of markers that have no performance issues. It can load many markers, allowing you to use the API options to link to your external database.

With Classified Made Easy, you get to review all listings before they go live, so that you can carry out standard and quality assurance. It comes with ready API and lets you load external data. You can choose the language you want to use with your site since this classified PHP script is multilingual. It even supports RTL languages.

Classified Made Easy is AdSense ready, so you can generate income on your site via more than one avenue. For featured ads, PayPal has been integrated for easy payment. Potential users will find it easily because its inbuilt SEO is quite robust.

You can customize the settings for the flagging of listings so that your site maintains certain standards. Listings can be marked with viewed, liked, and featured tags. Users can register and login with their social credentials and registration is protected by captcha.

Some Extra Features:

  • Easy site update options
  • Easy to install and update
  • Has Oodle plugin for the easy population of listings
  • Has a dynamic sitemap that is automatically pinged to major search engines for SEO
  • Working RSS feed
  • Full PayPal integration

4. Infinity Market

Infinity Market

Infinity Market is a unique classified script with mobile app and other fantastic features. Among its unique features are its custom fields that are easy to customize with visual editors. They include text areas, upload, dropdowns, and inputs. You can manage them from the admin interface with zero requirement of programming skills.

This ad script has a ready-to-use multilanguage translation system with backend and frontend functions. Its frontend RTL feature incorporates Google translator and MyMemory API service. Manual corrections are fully supported too.

You can use multiple currencies with Infinity Market. You can have different currencies with different prices when using different languages. The script’s JSON API connects with other services and mobile apps easily.

You can earn by featuring listings and taking submissions from visitors via PayPal, cash, or bank transfer methods. Infinity Market lets you go further and make money with Google AdSense and other similar services.

This classified PHP script allows you to create different categories with sub-categories and separate fields for each. The maps listing view uses Google Maps and populates GPS coordinates or selected locations. You can go into much more detail and even have each agent or agency have a profile picture.

Extra features

  • Facebook registration and login
  • Easy to disable user registration
  • Admin, agent, and user verification for submissions
  • PDF export feature for printing
  • Feature for comparing up to 4 listings at a go
  • Email alerts with easy customization
  • Easy tracking of Google Analytics of visitor activity
  • Support for YouTube video embeds on listings
  • Google reCAPTCHA to prevent spam submissions
  • Easy backup of database and files from the admin panel

5. Classify by QuantikLab

Classify by QuantikLab another best classified ads scripts

Classify is a simple PHP ads script that has a premium design and well-organized codebase. Its smooth operation gives you a website to be proud of. It has clean panels for the admin and other users. Classify has an in-app messaging system that makes it easy for listing buyers and sellers to communicate.

You can expect a seamlessly operating website with Classify as it is based on Bootstrap 4 and Laravel 8! It is fully responsive and its UI looks amazing on all devices. You can utilize its filter system that checks the ads and messages the suppliers receive.

Classify enables you to enroll members onto your website and have them use the most superb member panel. Your members will have the easiest time posting ads from the member panel. Classify has the most elegant member profiles that your users will find easy to use. A public store page is available for your members too.

An excellent admin panel is also available for you. You can monitor ads and their performances easily from the panel. Classify even allows you to manage categories and brands. This classified script with mobile app has easy-to-handle application settings.

With this best classified script, your website will support multiple currencies. Classify has straightforward payment settings too. It has an inquiry system, which ensures that all user queries are taken care of.

Extra Features

  • Your users can report listings
  • Amazing user panel
  • Easy member ad management
  • Extensive admin control
  • Extensive ad settings

6. ClassiLab


ClassiLab is a superb and user-friendly best classified script that comes with the most flexible frontend and backend features. It gives you the cleanest and most easy-to-use website. The script supports all modern browsers.

Your users will find it easy to register and list their items. If you want to run promotions on your site, ClassiLab has excellent promotion features. You can allow your users to post free and premium ads with different settings and privileges. You have massive control with the robust admin interface that ClassiLab offers you.

This exceptional classified PHP script supports over 20 payment gateways and over 250 currencies. ClassiLab allows your users to choose the plans they want to subscribe to when they become members of your platform. They can utilize the ad posting forms that the script offers. You can choose the size and content on these forms.

You can view promotion, payment, and transaction logs as you monitor your site’s activity. ClassiLab lets you manage ads easily and your members get to change their passwords easily. If you’re really busy, you can have them take support tickets so you’ll serve them while you maintain some order.

Extra Features

  • Email notifications and verification
  • SMS notifications and verification
  • Straightforward profile settings
  • 2FA security
  • reCAPTCHA security against spam
  • User privacy and TOS
  • Live chat for admins, sellers, and buyers

7. Quickad

Quickad - classified ads script

Quickad is classified script with mobile app among other appealing features. This robust classified ads CMS is fully responsive and looks stunning on all devices.

Among its earning options is the support for membership plans. You can create custom packages with unlimited possibilities. Quickad lets you promote your ads with different options. You can highlight an ad, tag it as urgent, or post it as a featured ad. The ad sellers will have to pay for the priority posting.

Users can search for listings within their current locations since Quickad supports the autodetection of locations. All the users have to do is click on the ‘autodetect location’ icon and search. The most advanced search feature enables users to find listing items extremely fast. Quickad allows them to use a keyword or select it from a category and choose easily from quick results.

With the integration of the live chat feature, your users can communicate with each other easily. The WChat feature is for inbox messaging, while the Zechat one is for on-page chatting. The messaging system has over 1000 emojis, video, and audio share, chat history, document sharing, chat with the previous user, show online and offline user, and many more features.

Extra Features

  • Easy to create categories and sub-categories
  • Robust review system
  • Option of watermark on listing images with the Watermark plugin
  • Support for PayPal and Stripe
  • Advanced search
  • Multi-country support
  • Custom fields’ management app
  • Geo location support
  • Multilingual support
  • RTL direction support
  • ReCAPTCHA integrated

8. Nimble

Nimble - best classified script

When you’re ready to buy classified script options, the cost should be no object when quality is guaranteed. Nimble is the second most expensive script on this list, and with good reason.

It supports easy installation and is ready to use in a minute or two. The Nimble admin panel is innovative and robust! It gives you massive freedom when managing the listings on your site. You want an elegant website and the multiple skins that Nimble offers are elegant and easy to customize.

Nimble is 100% mobile-friendly. It is also fully responsive and has Retina support. All this translates into a site that looks beautiful regardless of the device used to view it. It supports easy social media sharing of listings. This means more traffic and sales on your website.

You can have ads posted on your website with multiple images. This may be important in selling various items. You can create multiple categories and sub-categories so that your users get to the listings they really want easily. Nimble lets you have listings on your site sorted out on the basis of category.

The superb ads system that comes with Nimble allows you to post with AdSense and generate more revenue. It has a robust tracking system that informs you of all you need to know about the performance of your ads.

Extra Features

  • Mobile verification and notification for ad postings
  • Stripe and PayPal support
  • Editable footer social media links
  • Live commenting system for ads via Facebook
  • Multilingual
  • Dynamic Google Map listings support
  • Custom page builder
  • Dynamic live chat system

9. Classified Plus

Classified Plus - classified php script

Classified Plus is a fully-fledged classified ad CMS with a plethora of features that gives you an elegant site on mobile and desktop.

It has all native PHP, which makes its code really easy to modify. This best classified script is really lightweight, which makes it have a really fast page loading speed. This isn’t affected much even as you go on to have thousands of listings on your site.

Classified Plus comes with a configurable permalink structure for your single listing pages, just as you’d find in WordPress. Since it is based on Bootstrap, its templating system works really smoothly.

You can customize the fields you want to have per category or globally. Your users can then search for listings by custom fields if they choose to. Classified Plus enables them to find listings easily as they can filter results by custom fields.

You can have configurable credits based on the packages and plans that you have for your users. The options include free, paid, annual, monthly, one-time payment, and featured listing. If you want to showcase some listings based on maps, you can choose from different providers. Among them include Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Mapbox, Wikimedia Maps, TomTom, and HERE.

Classified Plus makes it easy for users to contact owners from each listing with an easy-to-use form. You can create static pages and blog posts easily using TinyMCE. If your users want to have multiple categories for the same listing, this classified PHP script allows that.

Additional Features

  • Excellent rating system
  • Click to chat via WhatsApp
  • PayPal and Stripe supported
  • Claim listings
  • Premade contact page with a contact form to email
  • Limit number of photos uploaded per listing for site speed
  • XML sitemap auto-generator
  • Social login with Facebook, Twitter, and email support
  • Inbuilt carousel and lightbox

10. Classify by Codeglamour

Classify by Codeglamour

Classify is a fully automated classified PHP script that enables the seamless searching and posting of ads. Its design is top-notch and its smooth function can be partly attributed to its Bootstrap 4 basis.

Its support for multiple languages gives you flexibility in the choice of language for you and your users. Classify supports multiple currency options, which means that you can create a website that takes payments in over 10 currencies. This buy classified script has easily manageable user notifications that keep you and your users updated on listing activity.

You can assign users roles and permissions based on their membership statuses and other criteria. Classify allows you to create multiple categories for including different listing variations. You can customize the custom fields in each category separately or do it globally. You can set various membership pricing pages so your users can choose what package has what they need most and can afford.

 The page builder that comes with Classify makes it easy to create your own pages from scratch or customize the premade ones. The script offers premade email templates that are flexible so that you can customize them for different purposes and situations.

More Features:

  • Invoicing system
  • Notification alerts
  • Google reCAPTCHA
  • Messaging system
  • Blog module
  • PayPal and Stripe payment integration
  • Voucher system
  • Google Maps integrated
  • Featured ads
  • Database backup
  • SEO ready
  • Advanced search support
  • Email subscription management
  • Easy menu customization

11. Adlisting

Adlisting - laravel classified ads listing script

Adlisting is quite a gem of a buy classified script, considering its low price. It is quite the looker with 3 elegant homepage options to choose from. What’s more, you can customize the skins from the admin panel skin settings easily.

Apart from its support for multiple languages, Adlisting has some interesting language settings. You can add any language with a single click as well as edit and delete it. You get to modify the keywords on your site easily. Adlisting lets you switch between languages from the top bar, so you can do it with just a couple of clicks.

With this best classified script, you can manage your social media links easily. You also get to manage your favicons and logos with a light or dark background. Adlisting comes with 2 elegant layouts for your admin panel. Their main difference is their left sidebar as the second one has a clickable but fully hidden one.

The color picker of Adlisting lets you change the colors of all your pages and sections, including the top bar and sidebar. Your frontend users can’t make these changes. You can get more visitors by utilizing the SEO robustness of Adlisting.

Your users can login easily as the social login feature supports Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, GitLab, Github, and Bitbucket. There are 5 different payment systems that Adlisting lets you use. These include PayPal, Paystack, RazorPay, Stripe, and SSL Commerz.

Extra Features:

  • Newsletter subscription
  • Easy user role management
  • Pricing plans
  • Reports and charts
  • User activity log
  • User email notification
  • Featured and favorite ads
  • Blog posts and ads share on social media
  • App settings panel
  • Advanced search
  • Premium membership badge


When you browsed this list, you may have noticed various recurring features. This is because the best classified scripts do share some similar characteristics. Identifying the best classified script becomes all the more difficult!

However, we have an easy way around that. All the classified PHP script options we have for you are relatively quite affordable. Nonetheless, some are almost double the prices of the cheapest. This can affect your choice. If price isn’t an issue, you should look at the subtle differences.

For instance, Infinity is a classified script with a mobile app. Classify by QuantikLab and nimble have classified mobile apps too, but most other scripts herein only have web apps. These are still very good, but if you want one with a mobile app, that can help you decide your favorite.

From there, very subtle differences in features that you picked up on should help you get over the line. After all, these are the best of the best when it comes to classified ads scripts. We are glad to have held your hand in one of the first steps of creating your classified ads website. Now, go ahead and choose one, and you won’t be disappointed.

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