10+ Best WordPress Post Grid Plugins 2021

26Mar, 2021

For the content of a website to serve its purpose, it has to be readable. Making your content understandable and digestible for your visitors is one of the best ways to boost your search engine optimization levels. Whatever kind of site you’re running, you need to catch the attention of your audience with some content.

You can choose to use a list or grid view for the display of your content. List views are quite common, but a grid view gives you diversity and allows you to create a more eye-catching and creative presentation of visual posts. You may find creating grids for your posts difficult, especially if you have no prior website building experience. Even if you do, you will benefit from using one of the best WordPress post grid plugins in this list to make your task easier.

Best WordPress Post Grid Plugins are listed below:

  1. The Post Grid
  2. Post Grid (Pick Plugins)
  3. Content Views
  4. The Grid
  5. Essential Grid.
  6. WP Ultimate Post Grid
  7. Post Revolution
  8. Pro Grid.
  9. PostX
  10. Smart Post Show

The Post Grid

WordPress grid plugin

The Post Grid is one of best WordPress post grid plugin it is fully Responsive & Mobile friendly plugin to display your page/post in Grid, List and Isotope View without any line of coding. It is fast and easy to generate grid from admin end and insert into page/post. You can Display posts by any category(s), tag(s), author(s), keyword(s) also Order posts by Id, Title, Created date, Modified date and Menu order.

The Post Grid is an exceptionally user-friendly plugin. It has a fully responsive and mobile friendly layout so that your users can use any device they have. The Post Grid allows you 4 different layouts for showcasing your lists. It enables you to showcase the content on your pages and posts in a grid, list, and isotope views. The plugin makes it incredibly easy to create grids from the admin end and insert them into pages or posts. You can showcase the posts by keywords, categories, authors, or tags. The other alternative is to order your posts by title, Id, date created, date modified, and menu order.

You can set the excerpt limit in words or characters for showcasing your posts. The Post Grid grants you control over the color of the titles and buttons on your pages. If you have any images to display, you can showcase their thumbnails, medium, large or full versions. The fields selection also gives your users a better interface for selecting the fields they want. The detail page link target is in your control as well.

Paid Features:

When you acquire the premium version of The Post Grid, you get all the features of the free one and many more. The 55 different layouts are more than enough to give you a unique appearance. You can add images with custom sizes. When displaying posts, you can showcase them by any taxonomy in the free version, as well as status and date range. What’s more, you can order them by other designations, including comment count and random.

The Isotope filter for your posts is powerful so that users can search them based on any taxonomy. The search field is also available on Isotope. The Post Grid Pro allows you to set the Isotope filter button as default. Still, you can disable the “show all” button for the Isotope filter. This fantastic grid plugin lets you choose the fields you want to display on popup pages. Your users will love the Ajax Pagination, including page numbers, load more, and load on scrolling options. For additional traffic and membership, you can utilize the social share on the popup feature.

In addition you can create Image gallery using this post grid plugin.

The Post Grid has PRO version with lot of features

  1. 55+ Amazing Layouts with Grid, Filtering, Offset, Gallery, Masonry, Google, Pinterest and others.
  2. Even and Masonry Grid for all Grid.
  3. Use posts, pages, Custom Post Type as the source.
  4. Ajax Pagination: Load more, Load on scroll and AJAX Number Pagination
  5. AJAX Number Pagination (only for Grid layouts).
  6. Single popup and Popup with next preview.
  7. Social Share on popup.
  8. Social Share on Grid View
  9. Order by Id, Title, Created date, Modified date, Random, Comments Count and Menu order.
  10. Enable Sticky Post .
  11. Category, Search and Tags Layout.
  12. Add Visual Composer Addone.
  13. Offset layouts.
  14. Gutter or Padding Control.
  15. Button or dropdown for filtering.
  16. Count of filter button.

Post Grid (Pickplugins)

post grid wordpress plugin

You can display your site content using post grid WordPress plugin in different look. However one the others hand you can easily build Query post from your custom post types and create awesome grid.Use any where by short-codes and easy customize via short-code generator page, you can display or hide grid meta items like post authors, post date, post categories, post tags and etc.

Post Grid is another WordPress post grid plugin that enables you to create post grids for any type of post, including standard, video, images, and gallery. The Post Grid is responsive and allows you to set the custom number of columns to be displayed on a mobile device’s interface. Not only does Post Grid support the display of various custom types, but it also enables you to showcase multiple post types on the same grid.

Your users can entre queries by multiple custom taxonomy and key terms. Post Grid gives you full control over the skin and layout appearance. If you have a little CSS knowledge, you can create your own style and use it to customize the layout elements. This WordPress post grid supports pagination, which means that your users have the number of pagination item count you want. The appearance of the “next” and “previous” text is also up to you and can be replaced by icons.

Post Grid lets you display a search field input at the top of grids so that users can find the posts they want easily. With the premium version, you get more view types, including filterable, glossary, collapsible, and carousel slider.

Display Posts Grid, List Without Coding – Content Views

You need a light plugin, such as Content Views, that won’t compromise the speed of your site. It is optimized for speed and SEO-friendly, helping boost your site’s organic search performance. It also looks great on all devices. Your users will have an easy time navigating your posts since this WordPress post grid plugin supports pagination. You can limit the number of posts per grid for a better appearance.

Content Views allows you to display grids of your posts on widgets, WordPress pages, and theme templates easily using shortcodes. You can display recent posts and those with a specific keyword to get users the posts they want faster. You can even showcase the child pages of a parent page and those from a particular category, author, tag, or ID. If you want an attractive grid gallery to showcase the featured images of various posts, you get that quickly with Content Views.

The premium version of Content Views offers social sharing buttons of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. What’s more, it allows you to customize your grids using a drag & drop function. If you want to display multi language content, you can rely on Content Views – it even supports RTL languages.

The Gid (Premium)

WordPress Grid plugin

The Grid is an extensively customizable premium WordPress grid plugin through which you can showcase your posts in a responsive grid system. This plugin supports various custom posts, including text, image, gallery, video, audio, link, and quote. What’s more, it accommodates social streams from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, and RSS Feed.

The Grid comes with the most robust skin builder, which allows you to build your skins on a pixel-perfect drag & drop interface. This plugin accommodates touch carousel and slider for display on all devices, where the view showcases multiple rows as well as the navigation of 4 items at a time. You can also choose your layout from 3 grid possibilities and 2 vertical and horizontal modes.

Essential Grid (Premium)

Essential Grid - post grid

Essential Grid Gallery is a premium WordPress plugin that lets you collect the image, audio, and video galleries and showcase them in grids. You get albums built with other plugins like NextGen gallery at no extra cost. You can use the adapted WordPress gallery functionality to create elegant posts and pages. Essential Grid Gallery connects your site to social media networks, such as Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter, and Flickr.

With this WordPress plugin, you can choose the source of the content for your grid with choices, such as the NextGen Gallery, Instagram, WooCommerce, WP Gallery, YouTube, and custom. You can set your layout with choices for the number of columns to be displayed for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. You can also choose the layout of the grid from cobbles, masonry, and even. The navigation, filtering, and sorting options make it easy for your users to browse your posts.

Various skins are available for an elegant look, but you can customize them extensively to have a unique look with the visual skin editor. You can create unlimited extra skins, from scratch or from the available ones. Essential Grid Gallery allows you to import and export grids, skins, and metadata easily. The transition speed between your grids is customizable, with the option for individual and global changes.

WP Ultimate Post Grid

WP Ultimate Post Grid

When you use WP Ultimate Post Grid to create your grids, you get the easiest time due to its friendly features. The live preview prevents you from having to leave the page or interface you’re working on to view the changes you’ve made. This WordPress post grid plugin allows you to use pages, posts, and custom post types as your content source. WP Ultimate Post Grid enables you to set the order of your posts by various options.

With this plugin, you can include the links from the actual posts to the featured images and vice versa. You can even define custom links for your posts, which helps with SEO. With this plugin, you can add isotope filtering so users can use any taxonomy or custom field to find the posts they want. WP Ultimate Post Grid supports direct deep-linking to a filtered grid. The extensive template editor enables you to create any kind of grid.

The WP Ultimate Post Grid premium version allows you to use a plain text filter for your grid. What’s more, you can include dropdown filters and a checkbox filter for all taxonomies. WP Ultimate Post Grid Pro supports the selection of multiple filters too. The pagination options include a “load more” button, infinite scroll, and load on filter pagination.

Grid Shortcodes

Grid Shortcodes

Grid Shortcodes is an honorable mention among the most efficient tools for dividing your page and post content into grids. This ultra-lightweight WordPress plugin supports the addition of content into columns of different widths on the same grid. The sizes that you can choose from include half, third, two-thirds, quarter, and three quarters.

The Grid Shortcodes has over 3,000 active installations, which is testimony to its user-friendly layout. It is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. The creators of this plugin provide regular updates for this free plugin. It is highly rated and has excellent support.

Post Revolution – Amazing Grid Builder

Post revolution - WordPress post grid plugin

Post Revolution offers many options for creating the most elegant grids. It has 30 preset layouts from which you can choose your favorite and customize. You can create your own layouts or utilize the unlimited customization options to mold one from the existing ones. The plugin allows you to create grids with up to 6 columns. Post Revolution has an incredibly powerful options panel.

This fantastic WordPress post grid plugin also comes with 3 mosaic styles. You will love the post preview feature when creating your grids. Since it supports WooCommerce, you can use Post Revolution to create grids for your shop page. You can even create grids for the gallery post type. The latest version of this plugin allows your users to filter items by category. You can make your system more appealing to users by utilizing the vast Google Font options available with the plugin.

Post Revolution has 3 grid types from which you can choose one. It also comes with 11 grid loaders. If some posts are good fits for various categories, you can show this in your grids. You can also set the limit of the number of posts to be displayed in each grid. Post Revolution has thumbnail, excerpt, caption, and preview options too.

Admin Post Grid

Admin post grid

This plugin will allow you to see your posts, pages, custom post types and WooCommerce products in a more visual and intuitive way than the default text list the WP admin interface has to offer.

This post grid WordPress plugin will create a new sum-menu for each active custom post type on your site (Posts » Post GRID for example) were you? will be able to view the corresponding entries on a visual grid that includes the featured image, title and content of each post.

You will be able to filter elements on the grid by status and Preview, Edit or Delete them right there.

Post trashing, deletion and restoring are handled using AJAX and jQuery, so when you want to get rid of or restore a particular entry that is exactly what will happen, it will move out of the way without the page reloading and sending you back to the top loosing track of where you were.

Pro Grid : Ajax Post, Custom Post Display + Filter

Pro grid

If you already have a clean website, you’ll be comfortable with Pro Grid, whose clean design adds to your site’s appeal. The plugin supports multilanguage websites. You can use it to generate grids for each post regardless of its custom type. Pro Grid offers an advanced search form with custom fields for a better user experience. The advanced Ajax search also gives the user an easy time finding your posts.

You can use 5 different positions for the search box, including top of the page, left side (sticky), right side (sticky), popup search, and within the sidebar as a widget. The pagination options that come with Pro Grid contribute to achieving a clean page. You have the “show more” button, infinite scroll, vertical page number, and the horizontal page number. The pagination features will all have the custom color you choose.

Among the image effects of Pro Grid are zoom in, zoom out, grayscale, and the second image. You can have an item in the background for extra elegance. You can also have a background overlay. This plugin allows you to hide and show various elements on your grid, including the “add to favorite” icon and button, “share icon,” and the “send to” icon.

Media Grid

WordPress post grid plugin

With the incredibly powerful admin panel that comes with the Media Grid WordPress post grid plugin, you can easily control its numerous possibilities. As one of the best WordPress post grid plugins, it is not only optimized for speed, but it is also equipped with a custom and a lightweight jQuery script for query optimization. Media Grid provides a fully responsive touch slider and allows you to filter any grid.

Media Grid avails more than 30 item skins, over 13 pre-loading animations, and over 40 animation styles so that your content is a joy to browse. This plugin supports all types of custom posts, including multiple social streams.

Media Grid is compatible with all popular plugins and themes that you may have on your website. It is also translation-ready.

PostX Gutenberg Post Blocks

PoxtX - WordPress post grid plugin

PostX is a WordPress plugin for creating elegant Gutenberg post grid blocks. It comes with shortcode support by default so that you can use the Gutenberg blocks in any preexisting page builder. The plugin allows you to change the design of your blocks with ultimate design settings. The plugin comes with many Google Fonts for additional user-friendliness. More than 64 premade blocks are available with this plugin.

You can showcase blog listings with ultimate controls. The dynamic post slider that comes with PostX Gutenberg Post Blocks has beautiful animations. The Ajax Powered blocks have various pagination options, including “load more” buttons, “next” and “previous” buttons, and other navigation options. Since PostX supports shortcodes, you can convert any block into a shortcode and add it to any page or post easily.

The premium version of PostX Gutenberg Post Blocks has the option for setting category-specific colors. Showcasing post slider blocks is incredibly easy when you use this plugin. Since it comes with a premade grid design library, you can have your own post grids up and running in a few minutes. The query builder that comes with PostX enables you to create complex queries for your post grids. Since it supports Ajax filters, you can showcase a lot of content in a small space.

Smart Post Show

Smart Post Show - post grid plugin

Formerly known as Post Carousel, Smart Post Show is an excellent plugin that lets you filter and showcase pages, categories, tags, and various post formats in a beautiful carousel and grid interface. Its user-friendly layout enables you to create your grids and carousels for all post types without the need for writing any code. It has a fully responsive make and is crafted while incorporating various SEO-friendly techniques. You can set the number of slides you want to display on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Smart Post Show is crafted for high performance and speed due to its top WordPress coding standards. It works seamlessly with any theme and plugin that is well-coded. The plugin is also perfect for use with all the best page builders, including Elementor, WPBakery, ThemeFusion, Beaver Builder, and Site Origin.

Apart from being translation-ready, Smart Post Show comes with .po and .mo files. You can even use it for multilingual websites. It is RTL-ready, which means that you can use it with right-to-left languages, such as Hebrew and Arabic. Since it is subjected to regular updates, you’ll benefit from new features, bug fixes, and security improvements. Smart Post Show has rich online documentation.

Final Thoughts

One of the countless advantages of using the best WordPress post grid plugins for your website is that they add more than just grid layouts. The plugins in this list will not only accommodate various post formats but will also have stellar optimization so that they don’t slow you down. All that you have to do is create your content, and the attractive grids will keep your visitors on your site longer and stimulate higher conversions.

If you want to brush shoulders with the best websites in your niche, there is no better way than to choose one of the best WordPress post grid plugins for your website from this list.

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