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Very few moves could raise your business’s potential as much as creating a website. The issue that most businesspeople have had to contend with is having to pay someone to attempt to actualize their vision of the ideal website. This is why entrepreneurs enjoy having the means to create their own websites.When looking for the best real estate website builders, you will have to consider the value they offer for your money.

You want to find an affordable website builder that also has to offer enough freedom and features for your intended purposes. However, much more goes into choosing a real estate website builder. If you also interest to build directory website, Here is the list of best directory website builders.

If you want to get a free real estate website template, Here is the list of Free real estate WordPress theme

What Do You Look For in a Real Estate Website Builder?

When looking for a real estate website builder for your business, you should look for a solution that offers a selection of crucial features. Being intuitive and user-friendly are just the bare minimums of what you should accept or expect from a builder. When it comes to managing and displaying your pages and posts, the requirements get more specific.

SEO Friendly – a builder, optimized for search engines will make your listings prominent on relevant search results.

IDX Integration – Internet Data Exchange (IDX) databases are crucial for many agencies that also need Multiple Listing Services.

Premade Templates – You need to showcase your properties on elegant layouts, which is what you get with builders that have predesigned templates.

Contact Forms and/or Booking System – You need contact forms or an online booking system so that visitors can reach you quickly instead of by email or phone.

Here are our picks for the best real estate website builders. Some of them are centered on the real estate niche, while others are multipurpose but just as good for real estate purposes.


Placester - best Real Estate Website Builders

Many people have long considered Placester to be the best website builder for real estate agents. This builder, like all in the list, is excellent for DIY projects; however, it comes with a DIFM (Do It For Me) option. This exceptional service means that you receive help with building and maintaining your website from the builder’s support team so you can spend time with other important things.

The user-friendly and flexible nature of Placester makes it easy for you to create and manage your website. You will never have to touch a single line of code, and the hundreds of integrations make all the features you’ll ever need readily available. This real estate website builder has a services marketplace with creative assistants who offer top services, including logo design, testimonial import, site migration, and content creation.

Placester is fully integrated with an advanced IDX listing search, which enhances your online presence. You can plug in any IDX and launch it easily. The builder enables you to invite agents to your website, and you only pay for those that finally launch. With Placester, you can import testimonials and customer reviews and reviews from any source yourself or get help from the support.

With Placester, you can create content quickly and easily as you utilize beautifully designed blogs, landing pages, and other pages. The builder has excellent SEO coding, and its prepackaged SEO tools make it easy to control the content searches yield.

Pricing: The cheapest Placester package costs $79 a month on a DIY basis, while the best value for money is the $119 a month package on a DIFM basis. Both are billed annually.

Feature Highlights:

  • All Placester websites are IDX ready
  • Reliable lead capture methods
  • Ready templates for DIY
  • Its DIFM feature is amazing
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use CRM
  • Reliable US-based phone support
  • Limited but excellent font options


Intagent - best Real Estate Website Builders

Intagent is one of the most trusted real estate website builders. Its web designers are some of the best in the industry, and their premade designs prove this fact. The builder has classy support with helpful staff who are ready to help you with everything from the initial setup to the management needs of older websites.

As you would expect from an excellent website builder focused on real estate, Intagent has a robust CRM lead management platform. It is ideal for managing your leads with the help of thousands of lead management tools, which it accesses through a partnership with Zapier. Your site helps you collect and manage leads easily, as well as create reminders, notes, follow-ups, and maintenance of good client relationships.

Intagent creates fully responsive websites 100% of the time. This real estate website builder has a robust Content Management System that makes it easy to create and manage your pages and listings. You can always expect a powerful blog with Intagent; it is a perfect platform for sharing your thoughts about market trends and other stuff.

Right off the bat, this real estate website builder is SEO optimized, but it also gives you full control so you can optimize it further for better results on search engines. With its powerful IDX, Intagent makes it easy for your users to find exactly what they want from your site. You can also monitor the performance of your website with the lead forms and analytics that this builder offers. It even has a Google Analytics integration to enable you to assess your traffic deeply.

Pricing: The $49.99 a month package is perfect for agents, but those who want more should be ready to make the same monthly payments along with an initial investment of $795.

Feature Highlights:

  • Excellent web design
  • SEO friendly
  • Easy lead generation
  • Robust presentation and content management tools
  • Reliable support team
  • Powerful IDX
  • Ready lead forms and analytics systems

Agent Image

Agent Image - best website builder for real estate agents

Agent Image is one of the best ways of creating websites for realtors, agents, brokers, and anyone else in the real estate business. The three basic designs it offers include AgentPro, Semi-Custom, and ImagineStudio. The first is a classic design for real estate agents, while Semi-Custom is better suited for realtors with its lead capture and generation features. ImagineStudio boasts pages with flexible designs and features suited to individuals as well as larger firms.

Agent Image gives you fully responsive websites that look stunning on all devices. It comes with ready consultation forms that are fully customizable. It comes with a mobile-optimized design for an excellent user experience on the go. With this real estate website builder, you get a hosted WordPress website that makes it easy to manage content on a user-friendly dashboard.

The IDX search features of Agent Image are as superb as you’d expect: quick advanced search, custom forms, custom fields, and interactive map searches. It offers customizable gallery sliders on which you can showcase your listings. Other listing display features like widgets and community pages give you more variety and make you look more professional. Property details allow you to give virtual property tours and options like social media sharing.

You can keep track of your showings and saved searches as you try to generate a following and leads. The lead generation and management system of Agent Image is quite robust. Due to its SEO-friendly nature and features like keyword tags and metadata, you can expect your site to rank well on Google.

Pricing: You can get yourself an excellent website with any of the three packages, with AgentPro costing $2000 in initial setup fees, Semi-Custom $4000, and ImagineStudio $7500. The ongoing $ 99-a-month fee is for the IDX, hosting, and support.

Feature Highlights:

  • Virtual tour support
  • Google Maps
  • Buyer and seller forms
  • High customizability
  • No integrated CRM backend
  • Less DIY tools to work with

WordPress-based (If you and Agent Image part ways, you keep almost everything you’ve built, unlike with most of these other builders)


WebsiteBox - best website builder for real estate agents,

WebsiteBox is another one of the best real estate website builders that can give you one of the most affordable sites. It comes with a simple CRM backend dashboard for easy site management. The builder supports IDX listings, so your users will have s smooth experience finding listings. WebsiteBox comes with a drag & drop page editor that makes your customization work seamless and codeless.

The design you get with this best website builder for real estate agents is not very orderly or intuitive, but it is manageable. It can still yield elegant results, so you shouldn’t try to clutter every feature and box available on your pages. All this doesn’t diminish its ease of use by tech novices. All you need to do is choose any of the premade elements and drop them onto your page.

Among the premade elements you get with WebsiteBox are its featured listings, social media sharing box, communities list, and contact info. If you don’t try to overcomplicate it, this builder will give you a unique but simple website. It doesn’t offer the most flexible option, but it certainly is one of the most affordable.

Pricing: WebsiteBox has four packages, starting at $99 per year, with the priciest standing at $499.

Feature Highlights:

  • Fully customizable
  • SEO ready
  • Decent lead generation features
  • IDX search support
  • Fully responsive
  • Analytics and insights available
  • Fully integrated with Google


Web4Realty - best website builder for real estate agents,

Web4Realty is an excellent solution for a professional, lead-generating real estate website. It comes with PageManager, which is a drag & drop website editor so that you can create beautiful layouts for your business. Your website will give you a dominant online presence and excellent user analytics information. Web4Realty uses NurtureFlow to automate your site’s vital tasks and follow-ups. You receive a system that sends the perfect messages at the right time based on your appointments and previous interactions.

This best website builder for real estate agents employs a robust real estate CRM, LeadBank. It keeps you on track with your goals and nurtures your leads, clients, and prospects. Web4Realty has an automated real estate email marketing system to help you with your email campaigns. SmartMail comes with predesigned templates that you can edit. It even helps you create your own emails.

Some builders have been accused of not updating their IDX listings, but Web4Realty isn’t one of them. Users of this builder generate their leads from the SmartSearch IDX system, which is embedded deep within their sites. Your users get to book viewings while you receive instant listing alerts and custom filters. Web4Realty offers excellent support with a dedicated Client Success Manager coming with your purchase to ensure your satisfaction.

Pricing: The $29 a month package offers agents a website and IDX search system. The $ 39-a-month plan comes with a starter plan and CRM. The $ 49-a-month plan has everything, including an email marketing plan.

Feature Highlights:

  • Drag & drop website builder
  • Automated task handler
  • Robust real estate CRM
  • Automated email marketing system
  • Excellent IDX integration
  • Reliable support


best website builder for real estate agents,

Wix is arguably the best website builder for real estate agents because of its popularity and ease of use. This DIY builder gives you full control over the appearance and ambiance of your site. It works smoothly with most IDX providers, which is why it serves superbly as a real estate website. Wix offers almost 20 real estate website templates with which you will give your business the most professional and elegant appearance.

Its integration with IDX isn’t always straightforward, and you’ll often have to hire a Wix developer to help you out. However, the fact that you need no hosting and SSL certificate almost makes up for this shortcoming. You need zero coding skills to start creating your Wix website with no time or money wasted on custom web design and development.

Wix is one of the few real estate website builders whose support we can wholeheartedly vouch for, whether you prefer phone or email. Combine this with this builder’s simple drag & drop page builder, and you are assured of having a smooth site-building experience.

While Wix facilitates the implementation of SEO best practices on your site, it doesn’t offer advanced functionalities that make organic traffic a strong point. Its pricing feels a little high for some people too.

Pricing: Its best packages go for $12.50 and $24.50 per month, and if you aren’t worried about the pitfalls of Wix, they’re excellent choices. 

Feature Highlights:

  • User-friendly
  • Beginner friendly
  • Almost 20 real estate templates
  • Powerful infrastructure
  • Drag & drop editor
  • AI tech to create the site for you
  • Fast loading


Yola is another user-friendly real estate website builder that is ideal for tech novices. It enables you to create your own free website in a short span of time. This builder is multipurpose, which enables you to personalize it much more extensively. Yola has dedicated an entire section of its layout to realtors and real estate agencies.

However, it is the premium version of this builder that may tickle your fancy with its additional features and capabilities. Yola (premium) supports multilingual websites so that you can speak to your visitors in their preferred languages. Simply add different languages to your site to give such access. It is also SEO friendly, with better rankings on all major search engines than the free version.

The reliable hosting Yola offers promises 99.9% uptime. The support resources the builder offers are extensive, and all premium packages give you access to the support team. It comes with contact forms that should help you get better at managing your leads. Yola comes with full integration with Google Maps. It even allows you to embed videos from YouTube so that you can add content beautifully without slowing down your site.

Pricing: Yola’s paid plans start from as low as $5.91 per month. However, the $14 and $26 per month plans should interest you with their improved features and access.

Feature Highlights:

  • Free plan available
  • Low-cost premium plans
  • SEO friendly
  • Google Maps integrated (PRO)
  • Wide apart updates
  • No blogging features

Advertisements still shown on the Bronze plan despite being a paid one


best website builder for real estate

8b is another free multipurpose online website builder that literary boasts stunning simplicity. You get to create SEO-friendly and mobile optimized websites quickly without a demand for web coding knowledge. It offers nice templates and some features you wouldn’t expect. This website builder offers customizable backgrounds and supports images and videos on its pages. 8b even allows you to create a website using a phone or tablet with its mobile website builder.

The builder offers an SSL certificate with an automatic HTTPS for your site. Its SEO optimization is decent, and its speed helps its rankings on Google and other search engines. 8b lets you connect your domain name to your page in a single click. It enables you to create multilingual websites without having to do it manually. 

8b supports Progressive Web Applications, so you can turn your site into a desktop or mobile phone app in seconds. Its Google Accelerated Mobile Pages version is regularly updated, and your users will appreciate the excellent mobile experience. The closest 8b gets to offering a real estate site version is the Agency and Consulting layouts.

Pricing: It is totally free.

Feature Highlights:

  • Incredibly fast
  • Totally free
  • Mobile support online builder
  • Google AMP support
  • Multilingual site support
  • Easy app creation


Webflow is a SaaS design tool or platform for creating websites. You can use it for the design and hosting of your website or simply use it to design your site and export it to host it on your own server space. Taking advantage of the first option means that you get access to the Webflow Content Management System and style editor, which aren’t available in the second. If you’re a coding novice, just forget about hosting your site for yourself.

You get many customizable templates that you can customize to suit your real estate business. You don’t need additional plugins with Webflow to make your content SEO ready. Like some of the other website builders, it allows you to hire an expert to help you with your site creation project.

Pricing: You get a free version of Webflow, but 3 more paid plans are available, with the most expensive one going for $39 a month. 

Feature Highlights:

  • SEO ready
  • Highly customizable
  • Easy to monetize members-only content
  • eCommerce support


real estate website builders

VEVS is a premium multipurpose top-tier website builder with a ready real estate niche site version. It offers business software that is built to essentially help you manage your business from a central place. The builder comes with a website editor that helps you customize your site extensively with no need for coding knowledge. VEVS helps you create fully responsive and mobile friendly websites. It offers software to help you run your real estate business seamlessly.

The SEO-optimized nature of this real estate website builder enables you to reach more customers online. VEVS has reliable hosting from Amazon to keep your website and content secure. The page builder system that comes with this builder is perfect for all expertise levels. You also get Customer Care, Customization, and Website Setup services to help you out if you don’t want to waste time on different aspects of your site.

Pricing: The real estate site version of VEVS is priced differently, with its prices based on the number of properties your site will have. If you have 50 properties, it will cost you $40 a month, while 500 properties will have you pay a monthly $76.

Feature Highlights:

  • Robust and intuitive editor
  • Reliable hosting
  • Decent SEO
  • Industry-specific software
  • 7-day free trial

Bottom Line: Choosing Your Real Estate Website Builders

Most people start their searches online when purchasing property in the modern market. These real estate website builders are ideal for helping you create a site that helps unites buyers with their dream property. However, we understand that this list may have narrowed down your search but not helped you zero in on one.

If you’re still not decided on the real estate website builder to go with, we recommend going with the options that combine elegance and IDX. User-friendliness is a guarantee with all these choices. Therefore, you can use their visual appeal to discriminate among them. Have fun creating your amazing website.

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