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Your chances of closing on bigger deals using a mobile app for your business increase significantly when you use one of the best real estate mobile app templates here. Real estate is one of the most competitive businesses you could go into. This is why you need to come up with great strategies to outdo your competition.

Once you’ve created a superb website to work with, getting yourself an android app is the next smart move. When you have an app, your direct communication with your customers and clients improves significantly. An app makes your business more visible to customers since people spend hours on their mobile devices.

The direct marketing channel that apps afford you allows you to deliver offers, prices, and other important features to customers easily. Push notifications draw the interactions with them even closer. As your customers interact with your app, they become more inclined to purchase your properties. This is because apps enhance brand recognition.

Now, here we have created a listing of the top real estate mobile app templates so that you’ll find it easier to create your own app. We have also analyzed their features so that you’ll know why you’re choosing the one you do. Now, take a look and decide the one that suits your needs best.

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HomListi – Real Estate Listing Android & iOS App

Homlisti app is an exceptional React Native template for a real estate mobile app on Android and IOS devices. Using this app, you can access the most incredible Real Estate Listing website in your country. You can add property specifications, maps, videos, and images with the Homlisti app. In addition, you get 6 video tutorials with the template for a quick start.

The Homlisti app design has a robust admin page where you can, among other things, create, update, and manage properties, agents, and categories. A side drawer provides access to the side navigation menu. Homlisti’s agent list provides users with organized contact information for agents. In addition, this app enables you to share properties through email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The Homlisti App’s searches and filters are straightforward to use. With the configurable filters provided by this template, users may define pricing ranges, categories, number of rooms, size, and other details. In addition, the Homlisti app template’s advanced search makes it simple for users to look for properties based on certain criteria.

Use all the available features from the Homlisti Real Estate WordPress theme like RTL support and full translatability, Managing business hours, Ad details, and category page. Enable push notifications to prompt your users with any selling updates. Allow instant email for the seller to customers and many more.

Key features Homlisti App provides:

  • Login/ Registration
  • Ad Posting
  • My Account
  • My Listings
  • Edit Profile
  • Favourite
  • Database Location
  • Top/ Featured & Bump up ads
  • Chat with seller
  • Email to Seller
  • Google Location
  • Radius Search
  • Store Facility
  • Membership


iResidence - real estate mobile app template

iResidence is a flexible real estate android app template that provides different vital functions. It enables users to search for properties for sale or rent. They can even submit their own properties easily where you allow them to submit their details and contact information. iResidence is an excellent Android Studio 3.x project.

This real estate mobile app template supports AdMob banners, which enables you to monetize your app. This allows you to earn from the traffic that your app gets. iResidence sends push notifications through the Parse Push console so that the chances that your users will take action on your app.

Your users get to search for properties by location (city or state), actions, and types. iResidence allows your users to browse recent properties on the home screen. This enables you to get the hottest properties off the market quickly. This app template enables you to share properties through email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

With iResidence, your users can open up the address of the property on the Google Maps app. They can also contact the app admin directly. You can regulate the conduct of your users since they can report inappropriate content though the buttons that are integrated with iResidence. You also have a Terms of Use HTML file that your users can refer to.

Extra Features in this Real Estate Mobile App Template:

  • Includes a PDF user guide
  • Includes PSD graphics
  • Is easy to customize
  • Has well-commented code


onProperty - real estate mobile app template

onProperty is a great real estate android app template that enables you to build an app for Android and iOS devices. It is developed to give you a beautiful application that contains a grid for listing properties with various details. You can add property specifications, maps, videos, and images with onProperty.

With the real estate mobile app template, you get more than 30 screens for different purposes. On the signup screen, your users get to register to your app with their email or phone numbers. onProperty offers your users a Wishlist page so they can add the properties they would like to acquire in the future. You even have chat, audio, and video call screens.

The clean source code is responsible for the smooth action that the onProperty mobile app template offers you. Its quality is very high and its screens and sections are fully editable. It supports flutter widgets, which inform you how they should look like on the app when you’re done.

Extra Features of onProperty:

  • Allows agents to manage their account settings
  • Supports regular news updates and blogs
  • List of popular searches
  • Supports smart searches with queries

Property Hub

Property Hub - property listing mobile app template

Property Hub is one of the best app templates for facilitating the interaction of property sellers, buyers, and renters. It comes with well-optimized code, which makes it operate seamlessly. What’s more, the real estate android app template is fully customizable, so you can realize the dream layout of your project.

With Property Hub, you get a Photoshop file that’s ready to buy so that you can design the most seamless UI and UI of your mobile app. This IONIC Project template comes with almost everything that you would want, so you don’t have to purchase or bring in much else.

The sign in and signup screens that you get with Property Hub are incredibly intuitive. Users can register and login easily and fast with its easy mobile verification feature. The app template allows you to choose the color scheme you want to use as the primary with an easy single-click process. You can also enjoy the free fonts it comes with so you can have a trademark appearance for your brand.

You can customize the home screen so that it showcases your best properties first with images, sliders, mark as favorite, prices, and click-to-view details. Property Hub allows your users to search for properties using flexible filters that are easy to select and reset. The chatting feature is one of the most outstanding features as users can exchange messages and media files.

Additional Property Hub Features:

  • Supports more than 10 languages
  • Has an RTL version implemented
  • Cost-effective
  • Optimized for fast performance
  • Superb support

Real Estate Android App by Sanljiljan

Real Estate Android App by Sanljiljan

Real Estate Android App is yet another exceptional real estate mobile app template. The features that it offers easily qualify it for this listing. When users login and register, the app supports the direct completion of the entire process without forcing them to leave the app.

You will find Real Estate Android App to have the most seamless management of users’ listings. They can add and remove listings from Favorites and My Listings easily. If they want to submit properties, the process is as seamless as one can get. All they have to do is take photos and insert location directly through the app.

The user experience of Real Estate Android App is unbelievable. It has quick and smart searches for properties that allow users to search properties based on very few words. They can base searches on part of the address, title, short description, etc.

The advanced search that this real estate android app template provides makes it easy for users to search for properties based on specific criteria. When searching for nearby properties, the app will detect the users’ locations and find the properties within 50km of them. The users can even enter an address manually and the app will find the properties within that locality.

Property preview on Real Estate Android App comes complete with an overview, gallery, distances, amenities, location map, agent details, and a link to property preview on the website.

Extra Real Estate Mobile App Template Features:

  • Easy adding of property details
  • Easy loading of 10 properties per request (as with infinite scroll)
  • Fast loading functionality due to various optimization features
  • Google Maps for default location showcase
  • Custom map pin icon for different property types
  • Fully translatable
  • Supports different currencies

Real Estate Mobile App by Publsoft

real estate mobile app template by Publsoft

Real Estate Mobile App is a React Native template project for a real estate mobile app. You should like the dashboard that comes with this template due to its clean and function-filled layout. You can decide the order in which you want the features to appear.

The property details on Real Estate Mobile App are really intuitive. Your properties can showcase a slideshow of images of the property, price, amenities, description, photos, map, and contact details of the owner.

The searches and filters that you get with Real Estate Mobile App are easy to work with. Users can set the price ranges, categories, number of rooms, size, and other details with the flexible filters that this template offers. The search results screen is clean and presents enough details for users to choose their preferred properties easily.

This real estate android app template comes with an elegant map view of properties from which users can view property details. When they select the property from the map, they get to see as many details of the property as in the normal property view.

Real Estate Mobile App makes it really easy to set up and customize a user profile. The authentication process that comes with the login and register screens is really seamless.

Extra Real Estate Mobile App Template Features:

  • Over 15 screens
  • Intuitive menu
  • Fully translatable
  • Supports RTL
  • Localization with hooks
  • Regular updates


Estate - property & real estate app template

Estate is a real estate android app template for listing and finding properties and agents. It comes with all the source code that you’d want. It has all graphics in .ai illustrator format. You get 2 video tutorials with the template for a quick start.

This real estate mobile app template comes with interstitial and Banner Google Play Services Ads so you can earn from ads. You can let your users choose whether they want to share properties on Facebook and other social platforms. With Estate, when a third party clicks on a link shared from your app, it will take them directly to the link’s property.

When a user has made 5 clicks, Estate will ask them to rate your app. This way, it is likelier that you get a good rating. The template comes with Google Analytics to track the user activity.

Due to the inclusion of the source code, you can customize Estate easily in Strings.xml and If users don’t want to see ads on the app, they can purchase the premium version because this template supports in-app purchases. Estate supports the description of property listings in HTML, images, and YouTube videos.

This real estate mobile app template comes with a powerful admin page from which you can create, edit, and manage properties, agents, and categories among other activities. The side navigation menu is available through a side drawer. The agent list of Estate gives users organized contact information of agents.

More Real Estate Android App Template Features:

  • Push notifications
  • Full-screen photos
  • 13 Extra pins
  • Mini web app
  • Deep-link sharing
  • RTL support

Winding Up: Picking One Real Estate Mobile App Template

Mobile apps are still not very common among small businesses. For this reason, when you do have one for yours, you gain a massive advantage over your competition. Real estate transactions often demand quite a lot from the clients. That makes it imperative for you to impress them so they’ll trust you and choose you over other alternatives.

With this thinking, we’re helping you create an engaging mobile app. Now, we have over 5 templates for you to choose from. They are the best of the best, but that still means that it may not be easy choosing one.

All you have to do so you can settle on one easily is figure out what you need most. Just look at what each app offers and choose the one that you feel delivers the features you covet most.

For instance, if you want one with full translatability and supports RTL, you can go with Estate, Property Hub, or any of the other ones that have the features. That’s how you get to pick one. All the best as you get to create your app.

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