Best Free CRM WordPress Plugins

If you want to easily manage customer relations on your website, having a customer relationship management tool is the best idea. There are countless SaaS customer relationship management (CRM) tools, such as Salesforce, but they aren’t the only way to go. You can power your WordPress website with one of the best CRM WordPress plugins. Using a plugin saves you from having to start managing codes and a completely new interface.

Maybe you don’t know much about SaaS tools or simply need an alternative that’s easier to manage. Either way, this piece is for you as we’ve analyzed and tested the best CRM plugins for WordPress websites. We have explored the standout features and the integration aspects of each plugin so that you can choose the one you prefer easily.

Top CRM WordPress plugins listed bellow:

  1. FluentCRM
  2. HubSpot
  3. WP ERP
  4. WP-CRM
  5. Propovoice CRM
  6. Next CRM
  7. Contact Form 7 Zoho
  8. Leads Builder for CRM
  9. UpiCRM
  10. WP Fusion Lite
  11. Jetpack CRM
  12. Groundhogg

FluentCRM 🥇

best crm WordPress plugin

FluentCRM is one of the best CRM WordPress plugins with its plethora of features. This plugin allows you to store all your customers’ information in one place. With it, you can automatically import your contacts from CSV or WordPress Users or WooCommerce customers and see them in one place. FluentCRM supports seamless contact segmentation and reporting. You can create as many tags or lists as you want and assign all contacts to the appropriate segments. The plugin enables filtering or searching customers by lists or tags.

With FluentCRM, you’ll find it exceedingly easy to manage email marketing campaigns. You can save and store all your predesigned email copies together and reuse them at any time. This plugin has an excellent email builder – powered by block editor – with which you can create elegant email bodies. You can send or schedule emails to be sent later. FluentCRM has one of the best marketing funnel builders with which you can design high-converting customer discourses.

FluentCRM has free and premium integration to supplement as many operations as possible. WooCommerce enables you to run funnels and segment your customers. LifterLMS facilitates the running of funnels and marketing automation for various LMS functions, such as course enrollment. Paid Membership is one of the premium integrations, enabling you to manage a site that offers privileges to paying members and encourages non-members to buy memberships.


Hubspot CRM tool

HubSpot markets itself as a powerful CRM tool, and with good reason. It facilitates the engagement of visitors with live chats and chatbots as well as the conversion of leads using forms and popups. With the plugin, you can build elegant and responsive email newsletters within WordPress and nurture your leads with marketing automation campaigns. HubSpot facilitates your contact database’s management with its CRM, inbuilt list builder, and group contacts. The analytics dashboard of this plugin enables you to measure the growth of your business in real-time.

Upon installing HubSpot, your website forms will automatically sync with your CRM, from where you can manage your contacts easily. You can segment them into lists and view every interaction they have had with your site. The plugin creates contact records and updates them with a timeline of live chats, form submissions, page views, and more.

HubSpot has a user-friendly drag & drop email builder, which is useful in keeping in contact with your contact list members. If you don’t fancy building emails yourself, you can take advantage of any one of the 20+ pre-designed templates. This plugin logs all the emails you send into your CRM, brings reports for clicks and opens to gauge each email’s engagement.


WP ERP is the one of the best crm wordpress plugin

WP ERP promises a fully-fledged system for managing your site and business from a central place. It is one of the best free CRM WordPress plugins with all the features and integrations it offers. With it, you get 3 core modules, including HR management, a CRM system, and an accounting system. The beginner-friendly nature of WP ERP is evident from its one-click activation process. This plugin comes with a company profile for you to customize and own. It gives you immense control over operations and supports more than 44 currencies.

With WP ERP, you receive premade element templates and shortcodes for using them. If you want, you can receive notification emails for different site activities. The CRM module arranges your contacts with life stages so you can prioritize service with greater relevance. You can create contact groups for your customers and make notes for each individual. WP ERP allows you to schedule meetings and calls quickly and shows activity logs for all dealings. You can filter contacts using attributes or keywords. The plugin has saved filters and conditions too.

WP ERP pro gives you access to 9 robust extensions and various additional features. One of the benefits of the plugin is Gravity Forms integration. You can create users automatically with the data collected by the forms you created with Gravity forms. Other integrations include Hubspot Contacts, MailChimp Contacts, Salesforce Contacts, and Help Scout.

Propovoice CRM

Propovoice CRM

Propovoice CRM is one of the most useful CRM WordPress plugins that helps freelancers, service agencies, service sellers, and individual contractors to expand service and freelance businesses, abandoning ad-hoc manual labour and adopting a systematic approach.  

Propovoice CRM offers a new approach to managing your service business. Specifically designed for small to mid-sized service businesses and independent contractors using WordPress, Propovoice CRM is a comprehensive client relationship management solution. It streamlines various aspects of your business operations, such as lead management, deal management, estimating, invoicing, project management, and timely payment processing.

It also allows clients to respond, while project management is made easier with various features such as a template library and the ability to print and download estimates and invoices. With good payment gateways, a search function for client, invoice, and estimate lists, and customizable settings, Propovoice CRM is an all-in-one solution for businesses to streamline their invoicing and project management processes while maintaining a professional brand identity.

Propovoic CRM system features a robust dashboard that enables businesses to manage their deal pipeline and directly send email estimates and invoices. Users can also set up estimates and invoice reminders and enable recurring invoice payments. Task and activity modules and checklists are also available for efficient project management.

 Moreover, this system integrates with popular contact forms such as Contact Form 7, WP Forms, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, and Fluent Forms.

Furthermore, it includes the ability to duplicate and copy estimates and invoices to invoices, apply tax and state tax, and select from various payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, and Custom SMTP.

Next CRM

Next CRM

NextCRM is one of the most popular WordPress plugins that makes it easy to manage your leads, customers, email campaigns, automated emails, contacts, user activity, and more – all without ever having to leave your WordPress dashboard! The smooth integration of NextCRM with WordPress is one of its primary benefit. With just a few clicks, you can quickly and effortlessly collect leads from your website and upload them to your CRM database. You may measure consumer interactions using the plugin as well, including visits to websites, email opens, and participation in social media.

This plugin allows users to get access to their complete and incomplete order lists from WooCommerce, EDD, and WP User Registration. NextCRM supports all of these platforms, making it a great way to stay organized.

NextCRM Integrates with Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) and it tracks customer activity, increases sales, employs custom segments, and automates procedures. Actually, it can help you directly when creating email campaigns depending on the preferences and characteristics of the customer.


WP-CRM is a feature-filled WordPress CRM plugin

WP-CRM is a feature-filled WordPress CRM plugin that allows you and your team to manage projects, track marketing campaigns, and boost your conversions significantly. It enables you to import contacts and any other record from another CRM with the user-friendly CSV uploader. Every time any of your users create or edit a task or project that is assigned to you, you will receive email updates. WP-CRM enables you to create new contacts from existing users quickly with just a single click. This plugin will collect existing information from the user’s account and organize it in the new contact system.

If your business requires GDPR compliance, you will find a few optional features that come with WP-CRM to be very helpful. However, you will need to complete other compliance actions aside from those accomplished by this plugin. This plugin’s data storage system allows your contacts to view and export their data and request its deletion.

Among the premium extensions that come with WP-CRM is Zapier. It is an extension that enables your site to connect to over 750 different apps, send your system to them and create or manage records in your system from data in the apps. Dropbox Connect allows you to attach files from your Dropbox account to any record in your website’s system. WP-CRM offers integration with both Ninja Forms and Gravity Forms so you can create contacts and records automatically each time a visitor fills out a form.

Contact Form 7 Zoho

Contact form 7 zoho plugin

Contact Form 7 Zoho plugin enables your website to send form submissions from all popular contact form plugins, such as Contact Form 7 and Contact Forms Entries plugin. Since the plugin comes with an API key, all you need to do is use it to connect your Contact Form 7 Zoho account to your site. You can map any contact form field to any Zoho object field, such as contacts lead, order, account, and case fields. The plugin doesn’t limit you in terms of the fields.

Contact Form 7 Zoho automatically sends all or filter some of the submissions sent to your CRM system upon user input. You can also send contact form submissions to your system manually. This plugin avails a detailed log of each contact form submission that is sent or not sent to your system. Zoho allows you to send any number of contact form fields as object (account, lead, contacts, case, or order) notes.

The premium version of Contact Form 7 Zoho comes with more than 20 premium addons. It gives you the Google Analytics Parameters and Geolocation of visitors who submit contact forms. With this plugin, you can look up your leads’ email and phone numbers with the address lookup Apis.

Leads Builder for CRM

Leads builder for CRM

Leads Builder for CRM is crafted to capture your WordPress contact forms and organize your leads or contacts. This plugin enables you to generate forms with or without third party web forms. However, it supports various contact plugins, including the Ultimate Member plugin and Contact Form 7. You need to place forms strategically if you have submissions; Leads Builder for CRM allows you to embed forms in pages, posts, and widgets.

With Leads Builder for CRM on your website, you can capture potential leads to many different applications. After your user submits a form, this plugin ensures that they are redirected to the desired page. Each time you have a failed or successful lead capture, you will receive a notification. What’s more, Leads Builder for CRM will convert all your new users into your CRM contacts. It synchronizes the users and data from the contact forms as leads or contacts.

This plugin’s premium version supports WooCommerce and synchronizes the data from checkout as your CRM contact or lead. It also supports third-party form builders, such as Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, and Contact Form 7. Leads Builder for CRM comes with Google Captcha functionality to avoid spam. You can handle duplicate forms and contacts easily with the create, update, and skip options.


best free CRM WordPress plugins

UpiCRM is one of the best free CRM WordPress plugins. It enables you to create contact form databases so you can manage leads from all your servers, social networks’ leads campaigns, and forms. This plugin allows for you to manage, collect, track, and protect all your leads from all sources and entries from all websites. If your site needs GDPR, you will find the advanced GDPR features of UpiCRM to be very helpful. You can assemble and utilize leads from different websites as this plugin enables you to automatically distribute leads to your affiliates and team members.

With this plugin, you can use Google Sheets or Excel to manage your data. Another UpiCRM installation is the lead aggregation solution, which enables you to collect leads from all your websites. Among the outbound email lead features are the customized templates, powerful email rules, and round robin. As you collect leads from multiple websites, this plugin enables you to manage them on one server. UpiCRM allows you to send your leads to any 3rd party destination.

By unifying your leads on one database, this plugin opens new possibilities for managing complete lead lifecycles. If you need help with your website, you will love UpiCRM since it facilitates efficient teamwork via assigning functions to team members.

WP Fusion Lite

free CRM WordPress plugins

Having a robust CRM and marketing automation systems is the best way to maintain user profiles in perfect synchrony with your contact records. WP Fusion Lite delivers all these qualities. It is one of the best free CRM WordPress plugins and allows you to protect your site’s content based on CRM tags. You can create new contacts in your CRM easily each time a user registers to your site. WP Fusion Lite uses the user data on the custom fields to synchronize your CRM.

The plugin enables you to restrict access to your site’s content using lists or tags in your CRM. It also allows you to apply tags when your users register. WP Fusion Lite allows you to apply tags when users register. The plugin generates passwords for users as they register and enables you to import contacts from your CRM. You can export your site’s users to your CRM as contact records.

This free plugin synchronizes each of your registered website users’ email addresses and names with your linked CRM. If you want to integrate with LearnDash, Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, and other 100+ plugins, you can go for the premium plugin.

Jetpack CRM

JetpackCRM WordPress crm plugin

With thousands of users, Jetpack CRM is obviously one of the best CRM WordPress plugins. It is exceedingly adaptable and extendable so that it accommodates a diverse user base. eCommerce site owners seem to prefer the plugin due to its easy integration with PayPal and Stripe, among other reasons. It is not only a CRM plugin, but it is also an invoice plugin for WooCommerce. Jetpack CRM comes with a client portal for customers to view invoices, quotes, transactions, and files; it is also a client manager for WordPress sites.

Jetpack CRM is a lead generation tool and a plugin for creating quotes and customer proposals, all within WordPress. Its contact management system is perfect for creating and managing leads, customers, and contacts. The transaction manager that comes with the plugin helps you deal with log payments and refunds for customers. Jetpack CRM offers frontend forms that gather leads from widgets, posts, and pages into your CRM.

You can tag any object, such as a contact, quotes, transactions, and invoices, so you can manage lists easily. The inbuilt CSV customer importer helps you bring in new contacts into your CRM from other sites. With Jetpack CRM, you can grant your users access and assign them roles to help you manage your contacts and campaigns.

Contact Form 7 Dynamics CRM

Contact Form 7 Dynamics CRM plugin

Contact Form 7 Dynamics CRM is a plugin that sends form submissions to any contact form plugin that you may be using. The plugin only supports Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. It allows you to connect any contact form to Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Dynamics 365. What’s more, you can connect your website to more than one Dynamics 365 account. You can select the CRM object you want and map any contact form field to the object field in a feed.

With Contact Form 7 Dynamics CRM, you can send all or filter some of the contact form submissions based on the user input. For instance, you can choose to send only the submissions that have work email addresses. Although this process is automated, you can choose to send entries to your CRM manually. Contact Form 7 Dynamics CRM shows you a detailed log of each contact form submission, whether it has been sent or not.

The premium version of this plugin comes with a handful of extra benefits, such as additional custom fields. It allows you to assign contacts and other objects created by one feed to another object feed within the CRM. You can assign an owner to each contact, order, case, or lead.


Groundhogg is another one of the best CRM WordPress plugins

Groundhogg is another one of the best CRM WordPress plugins, as is shown by the usage statistics. More than 3,000 businesses prefer it in over 35 countries. Its straightforward contact management is facilitated by various features, such as the availability of activity and email history. Groundhogg comes with unlimited custom fields for your potential customers to fill out. It supports CSV importing and exporting of contact information for more leads. The analytics of Groundhogg are outstanding. You receive granular details on your site’s performance, results of your funnels and broadcast emails, the CTRs, and conversions.

This plugin facilitates the creation of compelling customer journeys for effective sales funnels. It allows you to create complex and simple funnels. Groundhogg will enable you to gauge the effectiveness of your sales funnels with straightforwardly presented metrics. Furthermore, you can start funnels from payments, forms, new users, and many more points. If you want to add your own benchmarks and actions, you should open the API.

Groundhogg makes it easy to create and manage your forms, starting with 2 editors – a plain text editor and a drag & drop editor. Once you’ve made your changes, the previewing and testing are easy to accomplish. This plugin is ideal for sales newsletters, emails, and transactional notifications. You can send broadcast emails to your lists, and Groundhogg helps you distinguish between marketing and transactional emails.

Bottom Line

While there are many CRM WordPress plugins out there, you need to know what to look out for when choosing the one to use. You need to be wary of taking just any plugin because some may be poorly coded or have inadequate features and functions. The most popular plugins are excellent choices, but we assure you that any plugin you choose from our list will be fantastic for you. The features that each of these plugins has are a sure promise of the service they’ll offer. Take your choice and get started.

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