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Creating a directory website is now incredibly easy if you have a top directory website builder to help you out. A directory website builder is a site-builder software that makes it easy to create a site without any prior site creation experience. You can create all types of directories, including restaurants, businesses, niches, and many others.

If you’re hesitant about making the initial investment – purchasing a directory website builder – don’t be. The backlinks that come with listing local businesses boost the SEO of your business directory. You will have long-term revenues to work with after gaining businesses on your listings because new ones will want to be listed on your directory.

As a coding novice, you may not be really clear on what constitutes a top directory website builder. You want the one you pick to make your site creation experience straightforward but also have enough features to make it comprehensive. You can look out for different features, including the following:

  • Ease of installation
  • Predefined essential pages
  • Easy system management
  • Smooth monetary and payment features
  • SEO readiness
  • Support for all the categories you need
  • Reliable support

We have examined and tested the cream of the crop to save you the headache of figuring out the one you want. We only picked the best and broke down their features for you, and voila! Here are the best directory website builders:

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Top directory website builder details below

  1. Brilliant Directories
  2. WildApricot
  3. eDirectory
  4. VEVS
  5. Yclass
  6. Rixot
  7. 360Directories
  8. GoClixy
  9. MarketGrabber
  10. Appy Pie

1. Brilliant Directories 🥇

Brilliant Directories - Directory Website Builder

Brilliant Directories truly deserves the top spot among the best directory website builders. It supports different niches, including real estate and local businesses. It gets you going right off the bat, making it incredibly easy to build that directory.

Main Features:

Brilliant Directories has a robust membership system that enables you to create a full-fledged directory website. It allows you to build membership plans to collect significant revenue. The plans can go with options such as recurring subscriptions.

Brilliant Directories lets you manage member lists efficiently. You can add staff accounts to the site while your users get to create self-service profiles. You can also collect revenues by selling banner ad slots, listing classified ads, promoting events and news, and capturing and selling leads.

Brilliant Directories is fully mobile-friendly and is coded with the best SEO in mind. It also facilitates sending email newsletters, including PDF downloads, job listing postings, and publishing products and deals.


The design that you get with Brilliant Directories is elegant and looks great on all devices. It is fully responsive and has an excellent mobile design. It is easy to launch in just a few minutes. It offers designs for all industries or local areas for the following sorts of websites:

  • Local city guide
  • Business directory
  • Member community
  • Real estate listings
  • Local classified ads


By choosing Brilliant Directories, you effectively gain the use of over 75 excellent directory theme addons for all sorts of functions, from signups and SEO to task automation and enhancement of revenue generation. They include the following:

  • Google Fonts
  • All-In-One SEO Pack
  • Admin Role Permissions
  • Post Affiliate Pro
  • ShareASale Affiliate
  • Community Comments
  • Express Member Registration
  • GDPR Consent Fields
  • Side-By-Side Pricing Plan
  • Spam Form Protector

Among the premium addons that you will love include the following:

  • Website Backup
  • Billing Reminder Emails
  • Claimable Business Listings
  • Click to Call
  • Easy Coupon Codes
  • Featured Blog Article Slider
  • Google Sitemap Generator
  • Global Website Search
  • Filtered By Star Rating
  • One-Click Facebook Login
  • One-Click Google Login
  • Members Only Content
  • Pay Per Post and many more.


Brilliant Directories offers 3 different pricing plans, including monthly, yearly, and lifetime plans. The monthly one goes for $145 per month, $950 a year for the annual one, and the lifetime one costs you $1,450. All of them have extensive plans for directory essentials, member management, finance tools, easy content publishing, lead generation tools, design tools, email marketing, SEO management, developer tools, website resources, and free support tools.

2. WildApricot Website Builder


WildApricot website builder is a tool provided by WildApricot, which offers cloud software for managing small to medium-sized organizations’ membership, websites, and events. It enables you to purchase readily designed website templates that only require the addition of your personal details and branding. This website builder is designed for user-friendliness.

Features of WildApricot

Its Do-It-Yourself website management best highlights the user-friendliness it facilitates. You can now design and make changes and additions to your website freely without needing further help except for the WildApricot drag and drop customization interface. The advanced site customization of this builder gives you full access so you can build your dream website. Its premade themes are good to use as they are, but you can customize them as much as you want.

This page builder enables you to create blogs and forums easily so that you can build communities with lively interactions and greater engagement. You can create members-only pages to limit access to specific membership levels or groups. This way, you can earn an income from your site. This builder comes with user-friendly online payment tools that enable you to take and track online payments with automatically generated invoices and receipts.

With the membership database of WildApricot, all your membership data will be safe and sound in the cloud so you can share, update, and search it with your teammates from any device.  You will also have a database for your emails and contacts with WildApricot’s emailing system. You can manage your communications easily by automatic email confirmations and reminders.


The themes that WildApricot offers have mobile-friendly and fully responsive designs so that they fit excellently on screens of all sizes and devices. The mobile app that the builder offers enables you to work on your contact database constantly, adding, updating, viewing, and searching for new contacts. You can also accept mobile payments quickly and securely, by entering customer info on the app. What’s more, you can use one of the card readers with which the app integrates.

The eCommerce platform that WildApricot facilitates has a very user-friendly interface. You can add, edit, and view images, tags, and descriptions to your website easily. You can work with multiple color and size variations in your shop.


  • Widgets (you can display on other sites)
  • WildApricot WordPress plugin
  • Member directory
  • Event calendar
  • Make addon to sync with over 1600+ online apps
  • APIs
  • Webhooks for syncing calendar events


WildApricot is special in that subscribing for it doesn’t just offer a page builder; it also gives you a Member Database, Event Manager, Email and Contact Database, Mobile App, Online Store, and various integrations. WildApricot has 7 subscription plans, all of which have three payment plan options, and free trials.

The first payment plan is based on monthly billing, the second one is an annual prepay plan, and the last one is a 2-year prepay. The 2-year prepay plan is the most economical one, while the monthly billing plan gives you the chance to gauge whether you want something more long-term. On the other hand, the seven subscription plans range from accommodating 100 contacts at $60 to $51 per month to the highest one that accommodates 50,000 contacts at $900 to $765 a month.

3. eDirectory

eDirectory - best Directory Website Builder

eDirectory is one you must think about when looking for the best directory website builder. Its development started in 2003 and has gained thousands of users in all industries you can imagine. This directory website builder can create listings with many helpful features.

eDirectory supports posting deals and offers to attract higher revenue for sellers. You can list events as well as classifieds for your users for free or at a cost. Banner advertisements are one way of making some extra cash from your site. You will find the builder’s support for multiple payment gateways very refreshing.

Your site can have photo galleries and videos if you want. eDirectory has a robust blogging system that should boost your SEO. You will find its overall SEO capabilities to be quite exceptional. Its great bookmarking system enhances your users’ experiences. They’ll also enjoy navigating the website with eDirectory’s search and filters.

If you want to grant your users access to an Android and iPhone application, eDirectory supports mobile apps fully. Keeping track of your site’s activities will never be a headache with the builder’s analytics and reporting system. You can even set up the email notifications you want to receive. More features that come with eDirectory include the following:

  • Social networks integration
  • Integrated mapping
  • Multiple niche themes
  • Package builder
  • Site management
  • Newsletters
  • Open API
  • Technology stack
  • Sponsor backend
  • User backend, and many more.


The design-centric approach of eDirectory is quite exceptional, with a smooth setup and launch process. It translates into a beautiful website that is easy to manage and customize. It has full site designs for classifieds, real estate, lead gen, membership directory, yellow pages, job board, and events directory websites, among others.


You need addons on the directory website builder that you choose if you’re going to get the best out of it. eDirectory gives you quite a few free and premium plugins to work with, including:

  • MailChimp
  • Dropdown Menu
  • Multiple Locations
  • Chat integration
  • Event Association
  • Article Association
  • Multiple Videos for articles
  • Multiple Videos for listings
  • HTML Editor for listings
  • HTML Editor for deals


eDirectory comes with 3 different pricing packages, just like Brilliant Directories. However, two are month-based, while the other is a lifetime one-time payment. They go for $99, $199, and $1,499 respectively.



VEVS is a top-notch business-grade directory website builder. It prides itself on being ideal for small businesses, but it works for bigger ones just fine. Its high-quality performance and SEO optimization features will boost your traffic massively.

Features of VEVS

VEVS offers enough software for managing your business from your site smoothly. It comes with an intuitive website editor that enables you to easily create a website without needing prior coding knowledge. You can choose your niche from the ready-made site designs that VEVS offers.

VEVS offers a comprehensive solution for digitalizing your business and achieving outstanding results. It gives you an SEO-optimized website that will boost your rankings on Google and other search engines. Once your site goes live, it is in safe hands with the reliable hosting that Amazon powers. You might be interested to find best hosting company for directory website.


The user experience of the VEVS design is exceptional. It drives higher conversions and gives you the freedom for extensive branding. You can work with the predesignated colors that the themes come with, but you’re free to match your taste. You should enjoy the cutting-edge design that comes with this directory website builder.

Other features that enhance the design of your site include:

  • Header and footer styles with 10+ options
  • Color management, including background, button, and font control
  • Font settings
  • Buttons and links’ styles
  • CSS Editor
  • Content Boxes


  • Payment Gateways
  • SMS Services
  • Map providers
  • Email services
  • Google Translate
  • Chat Providers
  • Analytics software
  • Rentals United
  • HQ Rentals Software


Unlike eDirectory and Brilliant Directories, VEVS divides its pricing packages into the following:

Rentals package starts from $39 every month. Rentals include car, caravan & camper, equipment, boat, bike & ATV, yacht charter, and vacation rentals.

Reservations package starts from $29 per month. It includes car parking, studio, playground, venue booking, holiday property, meeting room, hotel, bus website, and shuttle & taxi.

Appointments package starts from $15 a month. They include personal trainer, teacher, doctor, artist, pet sitting, consultant, massage, doctor, teacher, and hair & beauty stylists.

Other is a package starting from $9 per month. It includes standard, car dealer, yacht brokerage, real estate, job portal, and restaurant.

5. Yclas

Yclas - Directory Website Builder

Yclas is a directory website builder that gives you a ready site while relieving you of any worry about technical and hosting issues. It should please you since you’re after a user-friendly site that covers all aspects of a classified website.


If you’re looking to start making money immediately, you can start using any of the popular payment gateways that are integrated in Yclas. The gateways include PayPal, 2CO,, Stripe, MercadoPago, and 8 more. Among the ways in which you earn from your site include creating memberships, featured plans, featured ads, top ads, and AdSense ad banners.

Yclas is mobile-friendly and fully responsive. Since it also has native iOS and Android apps, you can have mobile app projects. They’re created to reach your audience regardless of the devices they use.

You get to create as many categories as you want with Yclas. You also get to work with different advanced management features. You can control:

  • Coupons
  • Google maps
  • Spam
  • Chats
  • Locations
  • Categories
  • Confirmation emails
  • Social login
  • Advanced search
  • Force registration before use
  • Site appearance


This directory website builder employs excellent SEO practices to save you time and effort. Yclas comes with 14 superb designs that suit the most popular marketplaces. They all let you work with and personalize the default features and sections, which include the following:

  • Skins
  • Text
  • Sidebar widgets
  • Footers
  • Headers
  • Custom logos
  • Custom CSS
  • Homepage and category sliders
  • RTL


Since you need a comprehensive marketplace, you will benefit from the many resources and tools Yclas offers. It integrates with different addons, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, PayPal, Stripe, Bitpay, Escrow, Google Analytics, Google Maps, ReCaptcha, Elastic Email, 2Factor, and Dropbox. Every additional plugin or extension will give you an excellent usability range, from payment gateways to ad extensions.


Yclas offers 3 pricing alternatively. The first is a Turnkey solution called Yclas Cloud. It charges you $30 per month, which is billed annually. The second one, Yclas Self-hosted, is hosted on your server. It costs $360 and requires users with coding skills. The last package goes for a $1,200 one-time payment.

6. Rixot

Rixot - best Directory Website Builder

Rixot is one of the best directory website builders, not only because of its great services and features but also the fact that everything about it is absolutely free! Unlike other builders that will demand that you buy some addons to make them comprehensive, Rixot is excellent by itself. Its ease of use starts from the 5 simple steps required to get your site up and running.


Rixot may not be as feature-rich as the first four premium items, but its features are enough to build a directory website in any niche. It has advanced management tools that enable you to create an elegant website. Rixot allows you to brand your website with your preferred colors and fonts.

Its flexible setting options are ideal for creating simple to complex listings. You can monetize the classifieds website easily. Offering paid services and featured ads are one of the most popular revenue-generating avenues. Rixot supports the creation of affiliate links so you can get paid for selling others’ products. The other way of generating money is by offering premium membership plans that have advanced features.


The design of Rixot is quite user-friendly. It looks elegant on all devices because it is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Even your users will find it easy to create their own listings if you allow them.

Addons & Pricing

Rixot only offers free addons, as you would expect, since it is entirely free! It comes with the necessary files to set up your preferred language and location. It supports different payment gateways too.

7. 360Directories


360Directories is another robust and scalable directory website builder. It is ideal for convention and visitor bureaus, tv and radio stations, restaurant directory, membership management, industry publications, social community or city guides, and mobile directories.


The features that you get with 360Directories give you and your users a great launchpad. Its Search Engine Optimization practices give you a head start in gaining traffic. Your users will access your sites easily with this directory website builder’s support for all devices.

You get to take online payments easily because 360Directories supports all the popular payment gateways easily. The member management tools enable you to choose the members that come to your site. You can create it to limit membership or even draw paying members.

The builder supports the management of a network of sites. It also supports social media integration so that you boost interaction and sharing of your posts. You can even list coupons and events with 360Directories along with blogs that boost your SEO.


The designs that 360Directories offers are easy to customize and brand. You can customize the templates you get and handle custom developments smoothly.


360Directories has enough addons to get you started with a top-quality website. The private API it offers makes it easy to integrate different plugins and extensions. You can add social media integration addons, from Google+ and Facebook to Twitter and Instagram. You have an event calendar to work with too.

You can also bring in maps, feedback forms, and SEO optimization software.


360Directories starts at $150 per month, but there is a setup fee if you want to set up a private label directory with all features.

8. GoClixy


GoClixy is a superb yellow pages software, which is just a fancy way of saying a directory website builder. It has an array of features that make it a good choice.


GoClixy lets you enable different languages via the admin panel. This builder supports bulk import and export of listings, users, and categories. If you’re interacting with your users a lot, GoClixy supports email queueing for bulk emails.

The data maintenance (backups and recovery) options you get via the backend prevent you from going to the hosting panel. GoClixy enables you to create unlimited membership types with pricing plans to boot. With its SEO features, you will only need to enter the relevant details for your site to rank well.

Other features that GoClixy supports include:

  • Location manager
  • Content management system
  • Tag management
  • Banner management
  • Social login
  • Payment gateways
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Advanced ordering and invoicing
  • SMS gateways
  • Payment gateways
  • Sitemap
  • Advertising
  • RTL support
  • E-Wallet
  • Coupons
  • Affiliates


The admin panel that comes with GoClixy is fully responsive and easy to use. Its script is based on Bootstrap, which makes for a responsive CSS design. It even has a free mobile app that is ideal for both Android and iOS. The theme builder that GoClixy offers is perfect for modifying the default design to suit your needs.

You can enhance the appearance of your site with images and videos too, which can be listings. GoClixy supports about 30 modules in total!


Among the addons that GoClixy supports are some of the most popular social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.


The GoClixy license has 3 premium plans. The first is the Standard Edition Directory, which costs a total of about $46. The second and most popular plan is the Business Edition Directory, which goes for $71. Lastly, you have the Developer Edition Directory, which costs $251.80.

9. MarketGrabber


MarketGrabber is a job board, classified, and directory website builder whose power and seamlessness are quite endearing.


MarketGrabber gives you a platform for accessing more users and working with multiple revenue streams. You will have a site builder that controls your page keywords, descriptions, and titles. It has automatic localization that you can manage via Localization will automatically sync the currency symbol, date format, number format, and postal codes depending on the location.

EWay, Moneris, PSI Gate,, PayPal, and Stripe are among the payment systems it supports. You get to customize different elements with MarketGrabber, including interfaces to other systems, new functions, functional modifications, new database tables, and database modifications.

MarketGrabber supports easy banner ad placement. It lets you create flexible pricing plans. Your users will have easy experiences with the search and filter options that this builder offers. You can even let the users claim listings using CSV fields and admin data entry.

Other features include;

  • Automatic photo resizing
  • Custom design services
  • Google Maps


The design of MarketGrabber is fully responsive due to the Bootstrap design the directory site builder offers. Your users should find it easy searching, applying, and posting listings. Its SEO is quite excellent too. MarketGrabber ensures the most elegant displays of listing photo thumbnails and full listing displays.

MarketGrabber supports the integration of Google Maps with your listings. The creators of this gem offer design services so they can create a website for you based on your requested requirements.


When planning your site, you should consider the optional addons that MarketGrabber offers you. It even has an addon for automatic social sharing. This website builder comes with an addon for importing dealers and earning extra revenue.


The pricing plans are divided into a few plans. The directory, job board, classified ad, events, vehicle, and real estate editions, demand a one-time payment of $499. The Job board edition goes for $699.

Additional design services cost you $49, $199, $399, and $599, with the last giving you the best design services.

10. Appy Pie

Appy Pie

Appy Pie boasts one of the most flexible natures among the best directory website builder.


Appy Pie is incredibly easy to use. It has a drag & drop interface with which you get to manage its blocks and arrange them to your liking.


When you use Appy Pie, the resulting websites and apps will run seamlessly on almost all devices and platforms. The builder gives you a great working layout with its drag & drop interface when customizing it. Its design is scalable so that it will morph to accommodate an increase in traffic, customers, business, and even strategy changes.

The photo editor that you get with Appy Pie gives you more editing power.


Appy Pie supports the easiest integration with different web services, including MailChimp, Twitter, and Slack. It easily supports combinations between it and Microsoft Teams Automation. Appy Pie also enables the use of salesforce along with slack automation. With the Chatbot builder, you can go crazy creating branded chatbot popups. An Android and iPhone App Builder and NFT Generator will let you get more creative.

Other addons that this directory website builder avails include the following:

  • Pipedrive
  • Zoom
  • Discord
  • Airtable
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace
  • Autotask
  • Square
  • Asana
  • HubSpot CRM
  • Trello
  • Zendesk
  • ShipStation
  • Todoist
  • BambooHR
  • Smartsheet


Appy Pie has 3 license plans: the $12 Standard, $30 Professional, and $75 Business. The differences between the plans include plans, auto replay, availability of premium apps, filters, and data security.  

Final Thoughts: Selecting the Best Directory Website Builder

There you have it: the best directory website builders. You don’t have to worry about buying the one you prefer because a directory website is essentially an investment. It will pay you back in no time at all. The only problem you could still be having is choosing one from the list; honestly, this is a good problem.

If you have grown fond of more than one directory website builder, just get yourself a notepad and list down the features you prefer as a priority, in hierarchical order. If you have seven items on that list, give the top one seven points, six to the second, and so on.

Figure out how many points each of your preferences has in this order, and just go with the one that has the most features that you need the most. All the best in your venture!

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