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WordPress Review & Structure Data Schema Plugin – Review Schema

  • Last Update: 21 September, 2021
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Released On: 21 September, 2021
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WordPress Review Plugin with JSON-LD based Structure Data Schema solution for your website. Add Schema.org Structured Data to enhance your website in Google Search Results.

This review schema WordPress plugin will generate auto schema markup for page, post, custom post type and WooCommerce. You can also manually edit the schema data. This WordPress review plugin offers a single or multi-criteria base review and rating for page, post, custom post type and WooCommerce.

WordPress Review and Schema Plugin Features

  1. Single or Multi-criteria Review & Rating for Page/ Post and WooCommerce
  2. Auto or Manual Generated Structured Data Schema JSON-LD
  3. Affiliate Marketing or Product Review Shortcode.
WordPress Review Plugin

Generate Review and Schema

With this review schema WordPress plugin, you can generate new reviews and schema from the dashboard easily. From there, you can complete the necessary settings for all the for tabs to generate the Review and Schema. These tabs include Review, Settings, Schema, and Style. All you have to do is go to your sidebar menu and follow a few steps outline.

Multiple Review and Rating Layouts

This Review and Rating plugin has multiple review and rating layouts with different review summery style.
multiple review and rating layouts

Single or Multi-Criteria Review

This best review plugin for WordPress has the choice to enable single or multiple criteria for review. A single criterion ensures quick and easy views for your customers. However, multicriteria reviews allow your customers to view detailed feedback that makes you appear more transparent and convincing.

Review with Image and Video

The WordPress review plugin allows your customers to upload the actual product images with this feature. This feature makes it easy for your products to gain the trust of potential customers by increasing their credibility.Review & Schema PRO allows you to make your products even more trustworthy by supporting the display of reviews with videos.
Image video review
Image video review

Review & Rating for Page/ Post & Custom Post Type

The Review & Schema plugin functions aren’t restricted to WooCommerce. You can use the review WordPress plugin to collect reviews on your pages, posts, and custom post types.

Review & Rating for WooCommerce

This WordPress product review plugin offers an excellent panel for the management of all your WooCommerce reviews and ratings from one place. It supports various advanced options, including sorting, searching, and filtering, for an easy management experience.
pros cons

Allows Pros & Cons

As this review WordPress plugin lets your customers leave their reviews and ratings, it also lets them list the pros and cons of the products they’ve received. Displaying the pros and cons of products gives your potential customers more insight and gets them closer to buying.

Style Customization

Review Schema plugin allows you to customize the style in which you display your reviews. This is in keeping with the colors, typography, and other style aspects in which your pages are showcased.
Review style customization


What is Schema Markup

Schema is the shared language (words and tags) associated with various niches that search engines, such as Google can decipher and understand your content. In turn, the search engines give your potential customers clear, detailed, and accurate information in rich snippets that appear beneath page titles.You may have come across various schema upon entering various search queries in Google. Such schema includes ratings, products, services, and news articles that appear directly on the search results page.

Why is Schema important?

Schema enables search engines to interpret the information they receive and display the information on your website ideally. Schema lets Google showcase your products and content in the best possible way with relevance to the search queries.

Auto-generated Schema

This WordPress schema plugin enables you to automatically generate Google schema JSON-LD for pages, posts, and products. The straightforward steps of doing this are outlined.
Auto Generated Schema
Manual Generated Schema

Manual Schema Generate

Alternatively, you can generate schema for your pages, posts, and products manually. With this schema plugin, you only have to configure some settings from the schema tab as shown on the steps check our documentation.

Affiliate Marketing

You can conduct affiliate marketing efficiently on your website with this structured data WordPress plugin. All you need to do to add an affiliate shortcode is to follow the steps outlined

Rich Snippet Categories

With this rich snippets WordPress plugin, you can choose whichever snippet
category you want to show and even select one from here:

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PRO Features

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