Hospital Website Template

Having a successful medical practice isn’t as straightforward as opening a physical one and operating it. You need to go the extra mile and create a dominant web presence. A medical website offers you more flexibility in managing and delivering healthcare services. You can gain more clients and handle them all efficiently. To create such a website, you can procure website coding services. We have assembled the best hospital website templates to save you long hours of hectic searching.

But what if there was a far simpler option? Developers have created countless hospital website templates to satisfy all the requirements of a website. You can apply any of these templates to your site and have a gorgeous replica that takes your practice to the next level.

Best health hospital website templates listed bellow

Templates NamePrice
Medilink – Health & Medical Bootstrap 4 Template$17
Medizco – Medical Health Dental Care Clinic Html Template$10
MedicPlusHealth Medical Template $29
Delmont – Medical & Health HTML5 Template$35
Covid-19 -Corona virus Medical Prevention Template$24

MediLink (WordPress Theme)

Medilink - medical website template

Despite this being a template catalog, we’d feel guilty if we didn’t alert you of this absolute gem of a WordPress theme: MediLink. MediLink is a WordPress Theme For Medical Clinic that is based on one of the most robust frameworks, Redux. Therefore, you get an incredible mega menu for your website. MediLink has the most eye-catching premade homepages to fulfill the needs of any medical establishment.

The Doctor’s timetable and schedule page will come in handy for the arrangement of client appointments elegantly. What’s more, MediLink offers a ready-made appointment page where your clients can easily make appointments with their doctors by filling in a few information fields. Showcasing your team of doctors inspires trust in your potential clients; MediLink has the most beautiful modern stylist team showcase layouts. As you add images, they won’t slow down your website since this theme is Lazy Load supported.

As you create your pages, you will enjoy using the Elementor Page Builder, which means you’ll only have to drag and drop elements onto your pages. Furthermore, you get the One-Click Demo Import functionality to have a complete site in just a few minutes. MediLink comes with the Live Customizer, enabling you to see live previews of your edits without having to exit the editing interface. This theme is Yoast SEO compatible and is built with the best SEO practices so that your site will rank highly on search engine results.

MediLink (HTML Templates)

medical website html template

If you want to leave a lasting impression on all your visitors, try the Medilink template. Since this HTML5 hospital website templates is compatible with Bootstrap 4, you get to enjoy incredible responsiveness and a faster stylesheet. Furthermore, it is mobile friendly so you can reach more potential clients.

To get you started, it comes with four readymade home pages along with 20 inner pages. You have a doctor’s timetable as well as a schedule page, which you only need to customize. The appointment booking form on the template relieves your patients from unnecessary trips. Among the inner pages are the team showcase pages. These give you the chance to flaunt your amazing teams and gain the confidence of your visitors.

This template is compatible with all modern browsers and is unbelievably easy to customize. By acquiring this affordable template, you automatically get 15 hours’ worth of real-time customer support.


MegaHealth - health medical website template

MegaHealth is a great premium theme for health and medical practices and centers. You can build your physician profiles using the premade doctor’s profile page. The template also comes with a career page on which you can inform your users of your experience in the profession. Although both these pages are great for inspiring trust in your potential patients, they may not do it as well as the testimonial page will. MegaHealth offers a fantastic testimonial page on which you can display the reviews of your happy patients.

You will love the appointment form that comes with this template. You can place it anywhere on your site or link it to call-to-action buttons for more conversions. MegaHealth comes with an FAQ page that serves several purposes. For one, FAQs are known to rank well on search engine results. Secondly, they inform your patients and are a great way of attracting new clients.

MegaHealth is bent on giving your website an elegant yet professional ambience. You can make use of the Slider Revolution to display various kinds of content with the template’s beautiful animations. Since the template is Retina ready, your users whose devices have high-resolution displays. MegaHealth has excellent performance on page speed tests. It also has fully valid HTML and CSS code, which makes it generally smooth.


MedicalPress - medical website template

MedicalPress has a purpose-oriented design, which makes it perfect for medical websites. In that respect, it comes with premade doctor pages that you can customize to fit your unique needs. You can choose your doctor page to have 2, 3, or 4 columns. The doctor detail page has a great design, with related doctor listings. MedicalPress has a service page that is perfect for showcasing the services you offer. You can display it with 1, 2, or 3 columns.

This template is hand-coded with superb HTML that is coded for excellent rankings on search engines. It uses H1, H2, and H3 tags incredibly well. MedicalPress is built with Twitter Bootstrap, which is seen in the full responsiveness of the template. It will look great on all screen sizes. If you add images to the gallery pages, your users with high-resolution devices can view them with top-quality. What’s more, the template is compatible with all modern browsers.

The contact page is superb and leads you to use Google Maps and an Ajax contact form. These two make your page more interactive and communicative with you, which increases the chances of conversions. MedicalPress has an appointment page that guides your patients to booking appointments with you for an organized system and higher conversions. MedicalPress is well-documented, which makes it highly customizable.


Velazio - best medical website template

Velazio is a fairly new and refreshing template that reflects a great consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you want to have coronavirus-related services on your website, this template is poised to help you with it. With Velazio, you can have both a catalog and business rolled into your website. Your visitors get to view the services you offer and find a way to contact you.

Velazio has excellent HTML coding that makes it easy to use for developers and regular users who only need to create a website. The multipage template has COVID-19 related elements and sections that are fully customizable. If you have relevant medical products to sell, you can take advantage of the eCommerce page of Velazio. The template offers a powerful search engine that lets your users navigate your shop and find the products they’re interested in.

The SEO friendly nature of Velazio’s code is bound to give you an easy time boosting your online presence. The template boasts some cool CSS3 animations that make your content classier. It is cross-browser compatible and has a 100% responsive layout. If you want to convert potential clients easily, you can capitalize on Velazio’s working contact and newsletter forms. You can place these forms all over your website and get your prospects to contact you and convert.


MyMedi - medical website template

MyMedi is a versatile HTML5 template that suits medical websites. It focuses on satisfying the needs of medical websites that have some products to sell. However, the template is perfect for other niches of eCommerce, too, due to its flexibility. It is crafted to take advantage of mobile device users. MyMedi comes with menus and navigation in an app style. It has a small header and logo area that saves space for mobile screens. Your content will be automatically scaled for horizontal and vertical scrolling.

MyMedi has an advanced shop page has 5 elegant layouts to choose from. Your shop will have advanced filtering for the best customer experience. It is comprehensive with promotional banners, categories, subcategories, best deals and brands in categories, and featured products. MyMedi has the most advanced product features around too. It lets you show the number of products in stock, product ratings, best product features, available options, wishlist & compare buttons, and social share.

MyMedi is a solution for various needs, with 15 ready skins and 100+ premade modules. It supports the quick view of all your products for a better experience, thus more sales. You should take advantage of the template’s support for full social connection with its Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram page integration. MyMedi is also fully integrated with MailChimp, so you can have and manage mail subscriptions. If you have any physical addresses to display, you can utilize the Google Maps that are integrated with the template.


Nischinto - medical clinics website template

Nischinto is a template for online clinics, dentists, and other health and medical practices. It comes with over 20 contemporary homepages, all of which are suited to different needs and niches. You get to choose if you want onepage or multipage layouts for your website. Over 9 header variations are available with Nischinto, but you can create unlimited layouts with the template’s vast customizability. This template is coded with valid HTML that is well-commented on.

Nischinto is fully responsive and works great with mobile devices. Its fluid layout makes it ideal for all device orientations. It is also compatible with all modern browsers. The template’s pages are written with readable Google Fonts. However, you can choose the combinations you prefer from the hundreds of choices that Nischinto gives you access to. Your website can appeal to people of various languages since the template is fully translatable and is RTL compatible.

The code that is used to create Nischinto is SEO friendly, which makes gives you a start on excellent Google rankings. This template comes with working forms, including contact and appointment forms. You can place them anywhere on your website and arrange your remarketing and newsletter campaigns with Nischinto’s MailChimp functionality. The full customizability of this template and its creative layout enable you to craft it into your dream medical website.


Mediz - doctors website template

When choosing a website template, a clean one, such as Mediz, is always better than a flashy one. It boasts a beautiful design and powerful features within its 3 demos. All these demos have well-arranged HTML pages that only need customization. One of these demos is a onepage layout that suits anyone who needs a simple website. Mediz has great portfolio layouts that can be helpful in showcasing your products and medical experience.

Mediz is a fully customizable template that offers tons of shortcodes that you can use to customize the elements on your pages. If you have any physical addresses that you’d like to share, you can make use of Google Maps. What’s more, Mediz offers various layouts for your Google Map styles so your maps can blend into your site’s atmosphere. The advanced and user friendly framework that comes with it makes it compatible with all devices.

Mediz comes with extensive documentation that helps in customizing it. All its files are well commented on too. You get a working contact form that you can place on any page on your website. Your users can access your website via any modern browser, including Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and IE9+.


Delmont - medical website templates

If you’re looking to have a converting website, you have to go with the best template; Delmont is a hospital website templates that you can’t go wrong with. It is fully responsive on all devices, including handheld ones. Delmont has been tested for compatibility with all major browsers with outstanding seamlessness. Its elegant design incorporates all the pages that you would need for a commanding online presence, including testimonial pages, event pages, and many more.

Delmont is coded with the cleanest of codes that have also been W3C validated. Therefore, your pages will run smoothly for the optimum performance of your entire website. You will need the beautifully designed blog pages to boost your site’s traffic with backlinks and content shares. The shop layout design that comes with Delmont is perfect for selling anything that relates to your practice.

Delmont has 4+ header styles waiting for you to choose one and customize for branding and uniqueness. With the Slider Revolution, you can create the most outstanding and responsive fullwidth sliders with remarkable effects. What’s more, you get to save $26 with this premium plugin. You can write your pages with any font combination that you want since you have hundreds of choices from Google Fonts.


Mediplus - hospital website template

Mediplus is a contemporary medical clinic website template for any medical establishment purposes. You have twenty HTML5 pages to use all over your website, so you don’t have to create your own from scratch. Since Mediplus also uses Bootstrap 4, your website will be fully responsive to screens of all sizes. This pharmacy website template has more than a dozen unique colors, which you can apply to your entire website or specific elements.

Mediplus has a working Contact Form that will come in handy if you want to contact your visitors without having to rely on your contact page entirely. The sticky header and sticky filters that come with this hospital website template are incredible. They come in handy when you need to assert your presence and maintain functionality even as your visitors scroll up and down your pages.

The slider that comes with Mediplus is incredibly to use and ensures that you can have stunning animation effects on your pages without much work. The Google Web Fonts available with this template are vital in creating readable pages. When you need your patients to find your physical location, you will find the Google Maps crucial. Mediplus comes with a layout that favors the display of blogs, including a blog list, blog grid, and single post.


MedicPlus - best medical website templates

Why sacrifice abundance for simplicity, when you can have it all? MedicPlus comes with 49 HTML files for your site, which have full W3C validation. Among these files, you have 16 homepage variations that have been modified to fit all niches that you could specialize in. This hospital website templates comes with well-crafted categories that you can edit and customize as you brand your website.

MedicPlus is built with a clean and clear design for the tasteful and highly customizable site. It has an unmatchable visual hierarchy or contrast that makes for easier reading and an excellent impression. The importance of readability in a website can’t be overstated; MedicPlus offers hundreds of Google Web Fonts where you can choose the best fonts for your site. You can mix things up as you create your categories with Font Awesome icons.

Apart from MedicPlus being exceptionally beautiful, it also comes with the Carousel Slider. Therefore, you can create the loveliest animations as you display content. The CSS animations that come with the medical clinic website are elegant and make your pages look classy and catchy. MedicPlus supports all modern browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, among others.

Medical Care

medical Care - health medical website templates

Medical care is one of the best pharmacy website templates available. Its build reflects modernity and style in its presentation of hospitals and medical centers. Since it has a minimalist and clean design, it presents your essential stuff and content, allowing it to take center stage, without having flashy and unimportant things cramming your pages. Medical Care comes with the Slider Revolution, a premium plugin that enables you to create stunning sliders for your content, be it videos, images, and text. Furthermore, this doctor website templates saves you some money in adding this plugin at no extra cost.

The HTML5 and CSS3 code of Medical Care makes it ideal for a medical practice of any size. Not only is this template fully responsive, but it is also Retina ready. This means that your users can use any device to access your website, and those with high-resolution devices can view top-quality images of your pages.

Since Medical Care comes with Google Maps, you can easily direct your users to your practice’s physical location. You can utilize the social icons that come with this medical website templates to allow your users to share your content with others on social media platforms.


Meditemp - medical website templates

Meditemp is a medical clinic website templates that suits small or local hospitals and clinics particularly well. It has been constructed with the most responsive coding to enjoy a vast audience, regardless of the devices they use. Since Meditemp uses the latest Bootstrap framework, it has a mobile-first layout; your users who use handheld devices will view amazing mobile versions of your elements.

For an exceptional visitor experience, you have a page like before and after gallery, on which you can showcase the results of your treatment. Meditemp also offers a page-like video gallery where your users can view your videos. The hospital website template also provides a similar treatment page, on which you can outline your services. You get many more page-like elements, such as treatment cost, appointment, finance, new patient, etc.

To get you started, Meditemp offers templates for skin surgery, physiotherapy, dentistry, multipurpose health care & medical care. This doctor website template has extensive documentation that facilitates incredible ease of use. You can utilize the working contact form that comes with Meditemp to increase your conversions since the visitors on your site will get into contact with you more often than not. The appointment form on the theme also works smoothly.


Medizco - medical website templates

Do you want anything special for your website? High chances are, Medizco has it. This pharmacy website templates comes with both one-page and multi-page homepage designs. The one-page layout is elegant and has attractive features to keep your visitors scrolling. The multi-page homepage design has an isometric design for added elegance and professionalism. Medizco has more than 5 menu styles that you can customize to fit your preferences.

With Medizco, you get a clean and simple design that reflects splendidly on your brand. This doctor website templates is fully responsive, but it is also fully compatible with all modern browsers. The valid HTML5 and CSS3 coding makes your site work seamlessly. You can write all your pages with elegant and readable fonts as you choose your headline and content combinations from the hundreds of Google Fonts available with Medizco.

This hospital website template offers more than 400 Font Awesome icons and 200+ Line icons, which you can use anywhere you wish. The smooth animations that Medizco offers inject a little fun in scrolling through your pages. This template provides well-placed parallax sections all over your site to add beautiful effects and present some of your content elegantly.


Hectolab - medical website templates

Hectolab is a beauty of a hospital website templates that comes with features that make it appealing to all kinds of medical institutions. Every page that comes with this template is fully responsive, and Retina is ready to view beautiful versions of your website from any device. You can choose the look of your site from 4 unique and creative homepage demos, which are easy to import and customize.

Hectolab has inner page demos from which you can choose a favorite to have the site of your dreams. From the blog page demos, you can choose the blog page options you need to write informative pieces for your visitors. Hectolab comes with the most elegant headers that contain essential links to make your pages as functional as possible. From your header, your visitors can access your other pages, such as appointment pages, and even see your social links. The footers also have quick links, links to the categories in your site, contact information, and social links.

Hectolab is pixel perfect and Retina ready, so all your elements look as stunning as possible on all devices. This medical clinic website templates supports parallax images so that you can present beautiful and multipurpose content.


Covid-19 website

Covid-19 is a Coronavirus medical prevention services HTML template that has been designed to cater to all such services. It is intended to act as a standalone template for raising awareness about the virus. It has been crafted with a particular focus on the ultimate tablet and smartphone experience. The Covid-19 template has all the necessary features to give you an online presence in the specific path you wish to take. This medical clinic website templates is SEO optimized so that your site and pages appear high on web search results.

You have access to many Flaticons icons that make your website elegant. The Covid-19 template comes with hundreds of Google Font options, which allow you to write neat and readable pages. Its ease of customization makes it easy to use, even for those who haven’t handled a single line of code before.

With the Covid-19 template, you get a free lifetime of updates and dedicated support around the clock. The elegant animations that you get with this template are enough to make your site unique. Covid-19 is also optimized for incredible speed performance. It supports all modern browsers and devices. It comes with a plethora of stylish pages for various purposes.


MediDove - medical website templates

MediDove is an elegant doctor website template HTML5 template that suits hospitals, dentists, gynecologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and laboratories. It is constructed using the Bootstrap 4 framework. This HTML, CSS, and JS framework is the best for creating responsive and mobile-first web projects; therefore, your site will be 100% responsive to all devices and mobile-friendly. You can utilize the Slick Slider to create stunning slides with various animation effects to attract your visitors.

MediDove comes with a clean and well-commented HTML5 and CSS3 code that ensures the seamless operation of your site. Rather than create your pages from scratch, this hospital website template offers over 34 premade pages for you to customize and use. Among these pages are 3 beautiful homepages, which give the perfect first impression of your practice. You’ll need blog pages to engage your audience and include backlinks for high search engine rankings.

You can choose to include the appointment option anywhere on your website to increase conversions. The Ajax Contact Form that comes with MediDove is ready for use and facilitates easy contact with your visitors. The image backgrounds make for the most attractive pages and offer a new creative way to communicate.


MediCenter - Doctor website template

Not only is MediCenter ideal for doctors, clinics, and hospitals, but it is also an excellent fit for labs, vet clinics, spas, gyms, and other beauty or health-related establishments. You can interact with your patients and visitors as you give them professional advice on blog pages that support comments. If they want to find your physical location, they can use the location maps on the template.

You have the choice between wide and boxed layouts for your pages. To showcase images of your work, you have a range of different gallery layouts. There are more than twenty-page designs to choose from for further functionality of your website.

MediCenter has a feature that displays the latest tweets on your site from your Twitter account. This template also supports videos. It has a clean design and has extensive documentation to facilitate ease of use.

Dental Pro

Dental Pro - dental website template

Dental Pro is a hospital website templates designed mainly for dental practices but is also equipped for use by other medical practitioners too. It is fully responsive to devices of all screen sizes and resolutions. It comes with 355+ HTML files so that you can easily modify and adjust the appearance of your web pages. It is cross-browser compatible too.

You can create the most engaging slideshows with the Revolution Slider, which you get at no extra cost. Another premium addition is the Menuzord – Responsive Mega menu, which gives you the best mega menu ever. Dental Pro offers smooth animation effects with fantastic parallax sections.

This template ensures that your content is highly readable since it comes with hundreds of Google web fonts. It also contains robust shortcodes. Its Google Maps are easy to set up using data attributes. It is translatable and supports RTL languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.


Clinico - Nurse website template

For beauty and functionality in equal measure, Clinico is the perfect option for anyone with medical and health-related businesses. The six predefined color schemes give you options around which to shape your identity. You can change the color orientation of the website very quickly. The addition of the Layer Slider gives your website easily navigable and gorgeous slideshows. With the Schedule Manager, you can bring order to your establishment.

The wide and boxed layouts give you a flexible look. Not only does Clinico support Google fonts, but it also supports FontAwesome icons. This medical website template is fully responsive and retina ready so that your site looks good on screens of all sizes and even high-resolution ones.

Clinico has a working contact form and easy to use Google Maps. It also has valid HTML5 and CSS3 code. It is also SEO ready, mobile-friendly, and compatible with all modern browsers.


To get started quickly on a superb medical website, consider Delmont. You have over 35 readymade pages to get you up and running fast. You also get one page and multi-page demos. What’s more, this medical website template comes with a shop layout design. This template comes with 4+ header styles to give your pages a perfect look. You have 30+ valid HTML files conforming to W3 web standards.

To provide news, updates, and education to your users, you can utilize the pre-made stunning blog templates. Delmont supports the inclusion of social links in your pages so that you can increase your avenues of gaining publicity. The sidebar options are unlimited.

Delmont boasts a flat, modern, and clean design that translates onto your site. The parallax effects are exceptional. Moreover, you have an unlimited range of color options at your disposal. This template has excellent documentation and has quick, dedicated, and professional support.


Although it could work for several other niches, the design of iMedica is ideal for medical establishments. Apart from full responsiveness to screens of all sizes, this template has all the elements that you would need for your website. Your patients can utilize the milestone counters on your site as they keep an eye on their progress.

iMedica gives your satisfied patients to leave great reviews and comments, which you can post on the testimonial carousel and grid. You also have a carousel for your logos, which helps mold your identity. You have a choice between vertical tabs and horizontal tabs too. The latest news feature enables you to inform your users of anything that concerns them and your practice, such as the availability of new medicine.

You also have vertical and horizontal parallax effects to give your site appeal. iMedica has performance and loading. It comes with great support and documentation.


Medicina is the embodiment of simplicity and beauty. It comes with both HTML5 and CSS3 files for ease of customization. Its modern medical design is based on bootstrap 3.x and is fully responsive. With this template, you also get 404 and 500 error pages.

You can get permanent clients by allowing users to use the subscription forms. You can then provide them with regular updates on relevant health issues. Since it also supports all modern browsers and is mobile-friendly, your visitors can access your site from any device or browser.

Medicina dental website templates has parallax frame sections where you can display the most attractive visual effects as you tell your stories. You also have a simple photo gallery and a fantastic slider to add to your visuals. You can choose from hundreds of Google fonts and 100+ IONICON font icons. You also get free quick support


Whether you are a personal doctor or you own a medical establishment, you should consider a clean and minimal design website template such as Medlife. This template is built on Bootstrap and has HTML5 and CSS3 coding. Your site will look stunning with this template being fully responsive and retina ready. Social icons are available so that your site may adopt the look of the medical niche.

The Google Maps that come with Medlife make sure that patients can find your physical location easily. This template makes sure that your site is easy to find on search engines since it is SEO ready. If you have videos that you want to include in your pages, you can do that with this template. You have shop pages from which you can sell medication to your users. Blog pages are also available.

Medlife also has a working contact form and extensive documentation. Quick and helpful support is available online.



To be sure that it will never fail your site regardless of the device, the developers of Medzico have tested the template on all major mobile devices. Its one-of-a-kind design is beautiful and perfect for the online web presence for any medical practitioner. You have 3+ homepages from which to choose and make your home unique. The designs of these homes for specific types of establishments. You don’t have to worry about the inner pages since This template comes with 25+ readymade ones.

Medzico has 3+ menu styles, which you can use to make your website more attractive and functional. The template has smooth animation effects to impress your visitors and strategically placed parallax sections. You have Google fonts, 400+ FontAwesome icons, and 200+ line icons at your disposal.

This template is incredibly easy to customize. It has a working Ajax contact form with validation. With Medzico, you are guaranteed to have a lifetime of free updates.


Trustlife - Medical website template

Trustlife is a medical template with clean and modern design and amazing features to make your website the best of the best. You can choose between 7+ homepage demos for your first appearance. Also, your pages can look as unique as you want with a choice of 3+ header layouts. What’s more, you have a W3C valid HTML file and Bootstrap 4 framework with which to work.

To manage your mail subscriptions, you can utilize the MailChimp functionality. You can also manage contacts and appointments using the working PHP contact and PHP appointment forms. The coding of the template is SEO friendly and is cross-browser compatible.

Trustlife supports RTL reading for languages such as Hebrew and Arabic. By coming with free PSD files that save you up to 10$. This template comes with the promise of a new homepage version for each month too! It is easy to customize and is well-documented. The customer support is amicable and available around the clock.

Final Thoughts

The main reason each business wants to have the best website is that they have the best services on offer. Rightfully, this should reflect on their sites. If you believe you have something different to add to the health industry, choose one of the best hospital website templates from this list.

Not only do they give you value for your money, but you also get to earn the trust of your visitors. An unorderly website makes you look like a quack and inspires distrust in your visitors. Make the wise move by using one of these templates. You might also be interested in our best dental care wordpress theme.

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