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The moment you have a WordPress website, the next challenge is to attract visitors and make them regulars. The visitors who come to your website and enjoy your excellent services will want to leave a review. A review will have either comments and a rating, or both. To draw the undivided attention of new visitors to the praises you’ve received in the reviews, you will need one of the best WordPress review plugin.

A useful review plugin will give your reviews an attractive look while displaying all the essential aspects correctly. Such a plugin ensures that your rich snippets in search engine results appear as they should – eye-catching and informative. You get the chance to add review summary boxes to each of the reviews. If you want to convert more visitors into clients, browse the list we have prepared for you and choose the review plugin whose features you prefer.

Reviews and ratings plugins are installed on websites to make it easy to display reviews. Most people who buy a service or product on a website will often choose to trust it or leave it based on the reviews and ratings therein. Additionally, sellers and products also gain the trust of buyers using the same.

Review plugins make the process of managing and displaying reviews exceedingly easy. They enable you to collect feedback on the enhancement of your website or product. Simultaneously, the schema markup of the plugins makes your site rank higher on search engines.

What are the best free and pro WordPress review plugin?

There are many good free and premium review plugins for WordPress sites. However, we’ve tested many of them and narrowed it down to a few top ones, which we analyzed here. They include the following:

  1. Let’s Review
  2. Ultimate Blocks
  3. Facebook Reviews
  4. Ratings & Reviews
  5. WP Product Review Lite
  6. Customer Reviews For WooCommerce
  7. Wp Customer Reviews
  8. WP Ultimate Review
  9. WP Google Review Slider

Let’s Review

best WordPress review plugin

Let’s Review is one of the best WordPress review plugin that supports the use of Gutenberg for the creation of reviews. It has a robust make and is easy to use. You can juggle with more than 10 core designs to find your favorite. You also have multiple formats for displaying your ratings, including percentage, points, and stars. The plugin comes preinstalled with Font Awesome icons; you can also easily use any custom icons or HTML code with Let’s Review.

You can monetize your reviews using the help of attractive affiliate buttons. If your visitor s like what they see on a review, they can buy the item instantly. You can boost your visitors’ engagement with Let’s Review since it is integrated with the WordPress comments system and can take reviews of different lengths. This plugin comes with a widget with many options, including design, order, and filter options. You can set how you want your values to look, including their format, color, design, animation type, titles, and criteria.

If you want products to have more images to show off, you can rely on the lovely gallery in the review box that has a gorgeous slideshow. The review boxes are equipped with rich snippet markup, so you can have them ranking high on search engines.

Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks offers a collection of custom Gutenberg blocks to enhance the functionalities of the WordPress Block editor. These blocks include a table of contents, review box, content filters, progress bar, FAQ-schema-enabled accordion, tabs, testimonials, countdown timers, and more. 

The ‘Review’ block by Ultimate Blocks lets you add a schema-enabled review box to your WordPress posts/pages. With its advanced features, you can display the product description, image,  star ratings, summary, call-to-action button, and more. From books to software, it supports every type of review schema. 

Ultimate Blocks is completely free. You can download the plugin from the WordPress repository. 

Facebook Reviews

best wordpress review plugin

As Facebook marketing picks speed, it would be wise if you had your Facebook reviews contributing to your site’s operation. Facebook Reviews is a plugin that makes this happen. It will help you add an author’s name, photo, and a Facebook account link to your detailed reviews. The details that visitors will read on those reviews are bound to cement the reliability of your brand. With automatic review updates, new reviews will be saved to your site without you having to lift a finger.

The header of the widget comes with a start rating. You can also see the total number of people who’ve recommended your site and their images. When a user wants to leave a review, they’ll receive a text for their feedback or be redirected to their Facebook page. The styling options of Facebook Reviews allow you to have incredible styling in a matter of seconds.

Facebook Reviews supports excellently coded plugins and extensions to make your site operate even more smoothly. What’s more, it is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. You also get high-quality customer support and regular updates.

Ratings & Reviews

WordPress rating and review plugin

Ratings & Reviews offers an easy way for attaching reviews and ratings to any post on your site. You can configure multiple rating criteria with the option for combining or using them separately. The star rating of each review will be displayed on each preview on the frontend. You can sort through the reviews you have by post, date, average rating, votes, or randomly.

Ratings & Reviews allows you to add a “vote up and down” option to any of your posts. This plugin supports comments and discussions on your site so that users can interact freely. The number of images available for upload in each review is at your discretion. Users can add images to reviews and display the photos on a nice-looking gallery slider. The slider has an option for auto-rotating the posts.

After setting up your gallery, you can customize it and set its width, height. Cropping images for your slider is easy, but you can leave the entire image if you want. Ratings & Reviews supports frontend submission of ratings, so your contact with your users can be more concrete. Users can edit and delete their own reviews at the frontend reviews dashboard of this plugin.


premium WordPress review plugin

Taqyeem is a premium plugin that turns your site into a platform that supports easy reviewing and rating of posts. Since it has unlimited color schemes, you can choose the one that matches your brand or preference. The plugin also offers more than 500 Google Web fonts so that you can go with the most readable combinations. The review criteria are unlimited and accommodate your creativity and the versatility of your users. Taqyeem supports various types of posts.

You can communicate in any language you wish since this plugin is fully translatable and supports RTL languages, such as Persian, Hebrew, and Arabic. With Taqyeem, you’ll get schema SEO rich snippets with great review microdata. You can allow your users to rate your posts in either of three styles, including stars, percentages, and points. If you want your users to rate images, there are many options available.

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

woocommerce WordPress review plugin

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce is a WordPress review rating plugin that has been proven to increase online sales substantially. If you have a WooCommerce shop, the tailoring of this plugin is perfect for you.

With this plugin, customers who recently purchased products from your shop will receive automatic reminders to rate their experience and your products. This product review plugin for woocommerce drives a system that increases the number of reviews you get and verifies their authenticity. Therefore, all reviews that the plugin admits to your shop will be genuine. To make sure that every customer leaves a review, you can issue discounts when a customer leaves one.

With the aggregated review form, your customers can write reviews of all the products they’ve purchased from your shop on a single page. One form incorporates the questions concerning all products on their order so that visitors can review all products at the same time. The review forms aren’t a bore to the users since you can incorporate pictures of products, as well as other photos and videos. Your customers can also attach photos to their reviews. This plugin allows your visitors to vote on the reviews your customers have left based on their helpfulness.

Ultimate Reviews

best wordpress review plugin

Ultimate Reviews is a wordpress review rating plugin built to make everything easy. It is incredibly easy to set up to start you off. What’s more, it boasts two astonishing shortcodes. One displays your reviews, while the other displays the form through which visitors can submit reviews. Apart from accepting and managing user reviews, this plugin can show product reviews for either one or all products. It also facilitates detailed reviews with fields such as quality, value, and appearance. The styling options are versatile with the custom CSS option. You can filter reviews by score, review author, or product name.

This plugin allows you to set the maximum number of days – after purchasing products – that a customer can leave a product review. Ultimate Reviews will enable customers to upload images and videos to accompany their review. The plugin can flag inappropriate comments too. You can select some positive reviews as “weighted” so that they carry more relevance toward the overall rating.

The premium version includes extra features, including detailed HTML emails, which may automatically request reviews for each product in an order. For better customer experience, this plugin facilitates infinite scroll for reviews and lets visitors rate the helpfulness of reviews.

WP Customer Reviews

To remain a step ahead of your competition, you need WP Customer Reviews and everything good that comes with it. With this plugin, you can set up a page that handles the testimonials and reviews of your visitors. The plugin is WordPress multisite and multi-user capable. It allows you to manage all reviews submitted so that you can select the reviews you want to display.

To protect you against spam, WP Customer Reviews has several layers of defensive measures. You can customize everything – from the fields to ask for from your visitors, to the ones you show. The admin can even add their custom fields. The shortcodes are unbelievably helpful with the placement of reviews and review forms on any page or widget you want. You can modify the content and date of a review from the administrator’s end. If your theme is too simplistic, you can use the plugin’s external stylesheet to modify it. WP Customer Reviews doesn’t restrict you to one page – you can use it on several pages, even posts.

Its support for both business and product reviews marks the beginning of this plugin’s versatility. It shows microformats of aggregate reviews. It’s amazingly lightweight.

WP Ultimate Review

WordPress review plugin

With fantastic reviews and over 1,000 active installations, WP Ultimate Review is one of the best wordpress review rating plugin on the market. You and your customers have a new platform to interact extensively since this plugin facilitates advanced blog comments. This plugin will enable your visitors to write and submit reviews on any of your posts, products, and events. Your reviews will be easier to manage and more readable for your visitors. To make them even more functional, you can add a “buy now” button so that they can buy items whose reviews have convinced them to buy.

Right from the administrator’s end, you can set a product review globally. The plugin also enables you to accept and even edit customer reviews. It supports a variety of rating styles, including points, stars, percentages, and pie charts. You can now create your custom fields to feature in the reviews. These may include value, quality, appearance, etc. You can also set the maximum score for the rating of a product, for instance, the number of stars, dropdown selection, or text input.

WP Google Review Slider

wp google review

For the management of the critiques you get for your products and services, the WP Google Review Slider provides a classy option.

You can place your Google reviews on a slider or a responsive grid and put them on your widget areas or posts. The extra edge of this plugin is that it automatically checks for new reviews and notifies you to add them. You can select to show only the most impressive reviews. With this plugin, you can create a range of templates and use them in several places, such as posts, pages, and widget areas. These templates come with options like showing or hiding dates and ratings as well as colors for texts and background. You may display reviews randomly or sort them by date. You can choose whether to use custom CSS or not.

Upgrading to the premium version adds to your options, including frontend form submission. You can display your reviews on gorgeous graphs and charts. This version has 8 template styles from which you can choose. It also allows you to download your reviews from 65+ review sites. You also get world-class support through email and a dedicated forum.

Rich Reviews

WordPress review plugin

Capturing of ratings, testimonials, and reviews will never be as easy as with Rich Reviews plugin.

You can assemble all of them and showcase them on your page or post of choice. This plugin supports three types of reviews: reviews per page or post, per category, and global reviews. It makes the management of all reviews straightforward. You can choose the reviews you want to show on your site from those you don’t want. This plugin is entirely built to accommodate shortcodes, which facilitate the inclusion of review features on any post, page, sidebar, widget, or footer on the site.

The developer of this plugin crafted it in a layout that is compatible with any stellar theme that you may be using. The inclusion of the external stylesheet facilitates ease of customization. This plugin recognizes the importance of rich snippets. Therefore, it shows aggregate reviews in microformat schema so that you have a higher chance of having rich snippets in the search engine results. The build of this plugin is lightweight, minimalist, and has an efficient code, so it doesn’t compromise the speed of your site.

WP Review

wp review

If you value interaction with the users of your site through ratings and reviews of your products and entire website, WP Review is the place to start.

Apart from being incredibly fast, this plugin supports several rating formats, including stars, percentages, and a points system. This plugin spoils you with options such as setting global position and color as well as customization of color and positions of individual reviews. It is built to facilitate Google rich snippets. It has two review box templates from which you can choose. Although it capitalizes on schema optimization of your site, the plugin still displays reviews in a user-friendly format for your visitors. You can include your custom fields. This plugin supports the shortcode that allows you to showcase a review on any part of a post.

WP Review has an inbuilt widget that shows recent and popular reviews. Apart from supporting WordPress multisite and multiuser, it accommodates any modification of CSS to go with any theme you may be using. For developers, you will enjoy the useful filters, which you can y with your themes. Its build is fully translatable and 100% responsive on all sizes of device screens.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best WordPress Review and Rating Plugin

We’ve crafted this guide for the sake of anyone looking for the best reviews and ratings WordPress plugin. Before settling on your favorite plugin, you should do the following:

  • Decide whether you really need it.
  • Read the plugin’s relevant reviews that detail its functions and the experiences of different users. Don’t depend on star ratings or the first few lines of reviews.
  • Confirm that the plugins you choose have great support.
  • Confirm that the plugin’s update history is frequent and shows the addition of new features and bug fixes.
  • Confirm whether the plugin satisfies all your needs

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