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10+ Best WordPress Portfolio Plugins 2020

21Jun, 2020

If you do any kind of online work, then you are going to need a portfolio website to showcase it. Not only does an online portfolio help you organize your work, it’s also a great method for attracting new clients.

Writers, graphic designers, videographers, and artists of all kinds can greatly benefit from setting up a portfolio site. It gives you a chance to talk about yourself, your previous experience, and most importantly, you can showcase your work as proof of what you have achieved.

The best part is that you can create a portfolio site very quickly by using WordPress. Now, some people prefer to use portfolio themes, but for this post, we’re actually going to focus on the best WordPress portfolio plugins. This will give you the freedom to use any kind of a WordPress theme you like. You might be interested on Best WordPress Team Members Plugins

Best WordPress Portfolio Plugins Are Listed Bellow:

TLP PortFolio

best WordPress portfolio plugin

This is one of the best wordpress portfolio plugins we have for you today is actually created by us, RadiusTheme. With our extensive experience in theme and plugin development, we believe we have created the ultimate solution for building a beautiful online portfolio.

You’ll be able to add stunning visual portfolio items to your pages within seconds. TLP Portfolio follows the latest development standards to ensure seamless integration with your theme, but also to provide full fledged support for mobile devices.

And if you want to take things to the next level, we recommend getting the TLP Portfolio Pro version. With Pro, you’ll get access to premium-only features, but also — more than 50+ unique layouts.

Portfolio Gallery

Portfolio Gallery

Portfolio Gallery is a super-simple plugin created by the guys at A WP Life. The plugin stands out with its unique ‘filters’ feature which lets you apply custom filters to your portfolio galleries. Besides that, this plugin gets a lot of good rep for its diverse column layouts selection.

Having the ability to display galleries in different styles can help to match the portfolio with your overall site design. In addition, the extensive documentation will quickly get you up to speed on how to make this plugin work for your specific needs.

GridKit Portfolio Gallery

Grid kit portfolio plugins

GridKit wordpress portfolio plugins  prides itself on its diverse catalog of display features. So, rather than limiting the display only to portfolio items, you can also add product catalogs, gallery sliders, and even collections of video content.

So, if you needed to add a gallery of client logos, you can absolutely do that. Likewise, you can add a gallery of your team members or any sponsors who are supporting your project.

But the feature I think you are going to enjoy the most is actually the Gallery Demos. There are some 30+ demo previews available, all of which can be imported in your WordPress site with a single click!

Visual Portfolio

visual portfolio plugins

Do you love minimal design? Are you someone with an eye for pleasant aesthetics? If the answer is yes, then Visual Portfolio is for you. This open-source portfolio plugin is ideal for any of you who enjoy a simplistic design with a touch of elegance.

After you have chosen a layout you like, you can also apply custom effects such as fade-in, fly, and emerge. While such effects won’t affect your bottom line, they do bring some creative spark to the table.

Also, when you’re adding a new portfolio gallery using this plugin, you’ll have the option to apply custom CSS. This further increases your ability to customize the portfolio for maximum efficiency.

Portfolio Post Type

portfolio post type wordpress plugins

So, this is actually a slightly different style of a portfolio plugin. It’s targeting those with a slight technical amplitude. Meaning, PPT provides a custom taxonomy registry for the post type “portfolio”.

After activating the plugin, you’ll able to create new Portfolio Items much like you would publish a blog post. The only difference is that PPT does not come with pre-determined layouts. As a result, you’ll need to create a custom layout yourself for all of the portfolio items you have added.

This might not sound appealing if you’re inexperience, but for any of you with some technical background — this plugin might actually give you the freedom you require for displaying portfolio content on your website.

Go Portfolio


Go Portfolio is an absolute stunner of a plugin with more than 7,800 clients already. Having been in development since 2013 — the plugin has adopted nicely to the style of modern web designs.

As a user, you’re going to love importing custom templates with a few clicks of a button. The layouts included in this particular plugin cater to almost any industry out there. Display individual portfolio images or spice things up by adding custom taxonomies such as title, date, category, etc,.

Viba Portfolio

vibaportfolio wordpress plugin

Viba’s portfolio is another best wordpress portfolio plugins has a distinct feel to it, which is also one of the most highlighted features coming from reviewers. Right off the bat, you get some 60+ different ways to display your portfolio items. And you can extend that by further customizing each style yourself.

Here are some other notable features:

  • Advanced item selection. Create custom queries to display the exact portfolio items you want.
  • Display your portfolio either in a Boxed layout or a Full-Width layout.
  • Custom animations so that your portfolio stands out from the rest.
  • Extremely easy to use, and perfect for beginners.

Media Grid


Media Grid gives you the flexibility to create mobile-friendly, filter-based portfolios. The most notable feature is the Visual Grid Builder, which you can use to design your own personal skins. Each design can be applied to a custom container, and that container can be placed anywhere on your WordPress website.

One great feature that you’re going to find useful is the ability to create grids using your existing WordPress content. So, whether it’s Images or actual Blog Posts — simply specify the source of content and have a grid portfolio generated instantly.


Colio wordpress portfolio plugin

Colio’s unique presentation style for your portfolio is definitely its number-one selling feature. You can apply a traditional grid layout or use a more immersive pop-out layout. The alternative layout is ideal for all you creatives working with in-depth individual projects.

On individual project pages, you can include concise descriptions, and also add social icons to help spread the word about your work.

The learning curve for this plugin is extremely fast. You’ll be creating SEO-friendly portfolios in a matter of minutes. And if you do run into problems, the extensive documentation is there to give you a helping hand.

Cube Portfolio

Cube portfolio plugin

This versatile WordPress portfolio plugin has been around since 2014. And with that, comes a lot of maturity and usability. Cube’s strongest features its diverse styles for displaying a portfolio gallery.

You can go from a traditional Masonry design to something like a Lightbox Gallery without needing to write a single line of code. It’s also popular amongst bloggers who wish to display their Blog Posts in a portfolio style.

And of course, Cube takes care of things like Slider presentations and even individual project pages.

Essential Grid

Essential Portfolio Plugin

And for last, we have Essential Grid. This gallery-oriented portfolio plugin has risen to immense popularity over the years. And this is mostly because a lot of theme creators have decided to include this plugin in particular as the default choice for their themes.

Nevertheless, Essential Grid backs up this popularity by providing modern, robusy, and fun to work with features. It’s as simple as selecting the Source of your content, choosing a Layout, and applying any Filter options you like.

The pricing might seem a little steep, but in the long run, it should pay itself back tenfold. The easier it is for site visitors to see your work, the better your chances of converting those visitors into paying customers. So you can try this best wordpress portfolio plugins.

Closing words

Finding the best WordPress portfolio plugin comes down to preference in most cases. You have to examine the features you need, but also have to look at how a plugin integrates with your existing site design.

Having said that, we hope that this article has shed some light on the best options available to you.