15+ Best Free Elementor Addons 2021 [Updated]

Best free elementor addons
28Jan, 2021

With over three million active installations, Elementor Page Builder is easily one of the top three page builders in the world. In this post You will know about best free elementor addons, Its design is pixel-perfect with a clean code output so that you can create gorgeous websites.

This page builder allows you to edit every inch of your pages, from headers to footers. You can select the color you want for all these elements from a limitless range of colors.

It is fantastic how Elementor incorporates some elements without producing crowded pages. The popup builder, for example, enables you to create the most beautiful popups that seem to blend into the rest of your site.

A significant point for Elementor is the fact that it is extendable. It accommodates countless addons, which add to its functionality with extra widgets, among other features. Here, we have compiled the best Elementor addons that will make you reap the best out of Elementor.

What are the free elementor addons?

There are numbers of free elementor addons on the planet. Selecting the right elementor addons for your WordPress website is the best and easiest way to provide more value to your site design. Here is a list we’ve compiled of our favorite elementor addons plugin:

Elementor AddonsRating
Essential Addons4.9 / 5
Happy Elementor Addons4.8 / 5
Elementor Header, Footer, & Blocks Template4.9 / 5
Elements Kit4.7 / 5
WidgetKit4.6 / 5

Essential Addons

Essential Addons is the best elementor addons

Get the best out of Elementor with Essential Addons. It comes with 57+ innovative elements that are straightforward to use with WordPress pages. Among the 100+ ready-made blocks, Essential Addons presents beautiful templates and sections that set your pages apart from the rest. It is undoubtedly a best free elementor addons.

Apart from facilitating quick loading speeds, Essential Addons has 29+ incredibly helpful free widgets that will send your mouth watering. More widgets are under development. One of them is the post grid, which provides four creative styles for your blog posts. The post timeline widget helps you create beautiful timelines for pages and posts. This free version also comes with a Reading Progress Bar extension to indicate the current reading position.

The Premium Versionadds another 29+ widgets to your catalog. Among them, you get post block, which facilitates the display of blog posts in various styles using the innovative CSS Flexbox. Create popups that open upon the performance of specific actions with the lightbox and modal widget. Showcase your location gorgeously with the variety that comes with the advanced Google map widget. With the testimonial slider widgets, you can show your visitors the reasons why your work is so popular on beautiful sliders. You can display the advanced navigation menu on any spot on your website with the advanced menu widget. The widget facilitates choosing and customization of different skins for the navigation menu too.

Still, with the pro version, you get a selection of stellar extensions such as Parallax Scrolling and Particle Effect. The two give your visitors the most amazing visual experience. Furthermore, the Advanced Tooltip is very informative. The last extension is Content Protection, so that you can encrypt your content for limited access. Both the free and premium versions have incredible support, along with extensive documentation.

Elements Kit

Elements Kit is the best elementor addons

Elements Kit is the ultimate definition of balance between wealth in features, simplicity, and functionality. Along with 35+ custom widgets, it comes with unbelievable controls for your page builder. You can now create the headers and footers of your dreams with the header and footer builder. What’s more, you can utilize the megamenu builder to tweak the regular Elementor menu. The layout library has a plethora of incredible features, including 7+ premade homepages and 300+ premade section layouts. The gallery pack includes filter options as well as masonry and grid layout options.

The 35+ free widgets that come with Elements Kit include fun fact, heading, icon box, tab, accordion, image accordions, team, recent blog, social media, FAQ, countdown timer, client and sponsor logos, pricing, gallery, video, button, business hours, MailChimp, testimonial, piechart, progress bar, social share, and caldera form among others.

The premium version of Elements Kit has extra pro widgets and modules that make it even better than the free version. The widgets include the advanced accordion, advanced tab, advanced chart, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feed, timeline, motion text, and creative button. The premium version exclusively features five modules. They include the parallax option with SVG library and animations; add icon and label in megamenu; sticky content in any location; header and footer in a particular post or page; and widgets area. Among the custom controls for Elementor Page Builder is the image picker and ajax select. The support is exceptional, and the updates are regular and free.

WPB Elementor Addons

best elementor addons

WPB Elementor Addons has the potential to take your website to the next level by bringing many top-quality addons that come with numerous customization options. With this addon pack, you get the Post Grid/Slider addon that displays all types of posts in an elegant grid or slider, whichever you prefer. The Pricing Table bolsters your sales since your visitors will view the prices of your products, easily choose what they’d like to buy, and make the decision to buy faster. You’ll find the Content Timeline vital for showcasing different content types in a timeline, including iframe, shortcode, image, icon, and date.

The Team Members Grid/Slider is perfect for showcasing the team behind the success of your establishment. You will need feedback from your clients, which is why you’ll need the Testimonials Grid/Slider addon that comes with this pack. The Logo Slider gives you the perfect way of displaying your featured logos and those of your sponsors. If you need an excellent way to showcase your calls-to-action, you can utilize the Video Popup addon and showcase video calls to action.

The News Ticker addon is available with the free version and can be used to scroll or slide content in a unique style. Among the addons for the premium versions of the WPB Elementor Addons is the News Ticker Pro. It is perfect for dynamic scrolling of data, such as products, posts, categories, and navigation menus. You also get all the addons that are in the free version.

Elementor Header, Footer, & Blocks Template

elementor addons

The Elementor Header, Footer, & Blocks Template facilitates the creation of elegant elements on your site. The plugin offers incredible flexibility and beautiful sections with which you can create out-of-the-box designs. If you want to display a custom header template on the homepage, blog archive page, or throughout your site, you can rely on this plugin. It allows you to design custom templates of all blocks, apart from headers and footers, and place them anywhere you want on your website using a shortcode.

The Elementor Header, Footer, & Blocks Template comes with many inbuilt widgets that facilitate the creation of better layouts. The Side Logo automatically brings in a logo from the customizer. This plugin allows you to set a custom image as a logo with a caption and custom link. You also get a Site Title widget that comes from the customizer, which allows you to add a suffix, prefix, icon, and link. You can also add the same elements to the Site Tagline, which the plugin displays from the customizer.

Since the Navigation Menu widget comes with a list of premade menus, all you have to do is choose the one you want, from vertical, horizontal, flyout, and expanded. Many other options are available, including setting custom icons that facilitate the opening and closing of the menu. The Retina Image widget allows you to upload Retina-ready images for high-resolution screens. You get to add a search form to your site with various layout and styling options.

Exclusive Addons for Elementor

best elementor addons

Exclusive Addons for Elementor attempts to give you the most modern and trendy page building experience when you use Elementor. It offers more than 30 free widgets to work with, including Card, which allows you to display every bin of information uniformly with countless styles and options. The Image Magnifier Demo is a handy widget that allows you to easily zoom in on photographs and comes in three styles. Exclusive Addons for Elementor offers over half a dozen Call-to-Action widgets from which you can choose your favorite before customizing it.

You get to choose how you want to compare your images with the Image Comparison widget offering three variations. The Team Member widget is the perfect way to showcase the team behind your business’s smooth operation; this makes you appear trustworthy to potential clients. The InfoBox widget allows you to showcase all kinds of information beautifully with more than a dozen styles to choose from.

With the Animated Text widget, your content will appear outstanding with all the options you have for animation effects. You can showcase the progress of your tasks and other ongoing information attractively using the Progress Bar widget. The Modal Popup is ideal for displaying images, videos, gallery, iframe, and other content types in a popup to grab your visitors’ attention.

Booster Elementor Addons

Booster Addons is the elementor addons

Booster Elementor Addons is a fantastic free elementor addons plugin whose creative widgets are bound to enhance your experience with Elementor Page Builder. The Advanced Heading Widget allows you a title, an optional link, and unlimited styling. You can list the features and descriptions of your different products or services using the Icon Box Info. The Card Flip is an incredible tool with which you can display information on double slides. You can style your buttons extensively with creative hover effects. The Image Banner allows you to create a custom space on your page around your background image on which you can add content.

If you want more people to know about your site and content, you can utilize the Social Share widgets that allow you to share the current page. When visitors come to your website, you may want to display messages and notifications; the Alert Box is the best way of doing this. Booster Elementor Addons plugin has incredible WooCommerce capabilities, offering a widget for product lists on your shop page with custom columns and lightbox. You can showcase your products with hover effects using the WooCommerce Modern Products Widgets.

The premium version of Booster Elementor Addons has a fantastic array of additional widgets. The Price Box lets you attach prices on your plans using combinations of attractive effects. You get the Business Hours widget with which you can display your working hours with various styles. The premium version of this plugin takes the lightbox capabilities to another level- the Lightbox Gallery widget presents a way for you to display your gallery with filters and all lightbox capabilities.

Element Pack Lite

Element Pack is another best elementor addons

The Element Pack Lite is one of the ideal addons for Elementor with 30+ of the most popular and essential elements that suit everyday use in webpage building. This plugin offers a Business Hours’ widget that showcases an elegant list of working hours. What’s more, you also get a Countdown widget, which shows countdown timers on your site. The Call Out addon is the ultimate way to highlight your content in a uniquely and elegantly. Integrating the Contact Form 7 plugin has never been easier; you get a widget for it that allows you to select the best design from dozens of choices.

Image Accordion is a great widget that makes your images simultaneously collapsible and extendable. If you need to compare images, for instance displaying before and after, you can utilize the Image Compare widget. The Image Magnifier allows you and your users to zoom in on images and view them with detail. You can display your content with the Lightbox widget, which comes with a video example, Google map example, image example, icon example, and button example, etc. If you run an LMS website, you get a Tutor LMS Course Grid widget for showcasing your courses with equal height and the Tutor LMS Course Carousel, which displays your courses on beautiful carousels.

Going for the premium version gives you access to more than 130 more addons and advanced widgets, including the Advanced Icon Box, which offers additional tools to make your content more attractive. The Booked Calendar is a third-party plugin that enables you to create different calendars for all your services. You also get BuddyPress and WooCommerce addons to go with the rest.

Happy Addons

elementor addons

Happy Elementor Addons is one of the most functional and feature-filled addons for Elementor. It has modern customization features and excellent widgets that work coherently with Elementor page builder.

Among the 25 widgets is the card widget, which presents your content in a blend of images, links, texts, and badges. The infobox also uses images, links, and texts to create information boxes and positions them strategically. A simpler version of infobox, the icon box has more advanced display features. Image compare is a widget that is perfect for before and after sliders. On the other hand, the gradient heading widget helps you create excellent headings with a variety of styles, angles, positions, and opacity. The pricing table helps create attractive customizable price tables. The slider widget comes with many customization options for you as you create eye-catching slideshows.

Give step-by-step instructions with visual props as you utilize the step flow widget. The calendly widget saves you an unbelievable amount of time by helping you schedule meetings without tedious email correspondences. You can create beautiful number-blocks stylishly with the number widget. With the carousel widget, you have a guarantee of impressive text and image carousels. The review and testimonial widgets tell your visitors why people love your goods or services. Team member widget displays your team using texts, images, and links with incredulous styles.

The addon’s excellence is complete with incredible CSS transformations such as rotate, scale, translate, and skew. For any of the 25 widgets, you can create beautiful animations with floating effects. Background overlay extension allows you to create background overlays for any widget you choose. The other extension is the Happy Icons, which provides a library of icon fonts. To cap it off, it’s completely free.

Master Addon

Master addons for elementor

Master Addons covers the most important elements which are used to create a professional page. It has content, form, and extension element for Elementor Page editor. Team, Creative Button, Creative Links, Progress bar, Image hover effects, Infobox, Flipbox, Business hours, Blog, and some other elements are packed to produce a perfect page. You will get Contact Form 7, Ninja Form, WP Forms as form elements. There is 10 pre-built style for each form with huge customization possibilities. It has slider background and Particles Background extension. It allows adding a slider with 10+ styles within a section. If you prefer to put particles then you just need to enable particle background effect and place your desired particle effect.

Each element comes with some unique variation and customization structure. If you feel that you want to create something special more then our pre-built style then you are free to do it. It has color picker, typography, border, hover options which will help you to think outside of the box.

Lastly, the Template library of Master Addons plugin is amazing to create any type of page. It has tons of ready-made sections and pages. You can preview each page or section and import them inside your page editor to customize the content and images.


Livemesh addons

LivemeshAddons for Elementor features many extensions and addons that are functional, yet easy to use. Among them is the portfolio and blog posts grid addons, which provide orderly, yet gorgeous grids on which to display entries for blogs or portfolios. Team profile extension displays your staff or team members beautifully. Clients list extension gives you a clean and attractive way of presenting the clients that you’ve served.

Services widget nicely showcases the services that your visitors can acquire from you. Pricing plans will show the costs for your services as well as their offers if you have any. The bar charts addon is available to capture statistics of your work or company. Animated pie charts improve on the bar charts by bringing visual displays of the statistics. The testimonials and testimonial slider work together to tell your visitors of the recommendations those you’ve served have left. The post carousel extension presents a responsive carousel on which to display your posts. Innovative head styles capture creative headings for the sections of your pages.

The premium version of Livemesh includes extra features, including the Twitter grid, which presents your tweets on the site with a ‘load more’ option. It also comes with 40+ custom animations for almost all elements of the addon. This addon also supports lightbox and ajax pagination. The lazy load can be activated when one clicks on the ‘load more’ option. Other features include a FAQ element, advanced services, flat style buttons, and an icon list addon.

Elementor Addon Elements

Elementor addons

With over 80,000 active installations, ElementorAddon Elements is a popular free elementor addon. It features some impressive elements, some of which were updated very recently. One of them is the animated background color, which makes for fantastic page background effects. With a background slider, you can display slideshows in the backgrounds of pages as your visitors browse through the main page content. Another element you can utilize is the filterable gallery, where your visitors can easily find the images they want. ElementorAddon Elements supports image comparisons of before and after.

With the price table, you can outline the various costs for your services. If you have a physical establishment, you can direct your visitors on how to find you using stylish, customizable Google Maps. You can also display your Twitter timeline, tweet, hashtag feed, follow, and hashtag button. On the post list, your visitors can comfortably select the post they want to browse.

This addon also gives you an unlimited range of colors, which to apply on any section of your website. With ElementorAddon Elements, you have complete control over all text content on the site.

Elementor Addons & Templates – Sizzify Lite

ElementorAddons& Templates brings extra widgets and addons to the already great Elementor page builder. This addon displays a dedication to eCommerce websites, but its features justify its use on other sites too.

WooCommerce Product Categories is one of the widgets that come with the addon. You can, therefore, display the categories of the products on your online shop magnificently. WooCommerce Best Selling products widget facilitates the display of the products that are selling fastest at a given time. You can also select several products and use the featured products widget to show them on the shop page. What’s more, you can display the most popular products for the visitors to browse using the WooCommerce Popular Products widgets. The items on your shelves will utilize the WooCommerce On Sale Products widget.

Furthermore, a recent post widget allows you to show your visitors an assortment of the most recently published posts. The posts-by-category widget facilitates the classification of posts by categories so that visitors can get to the posts they seek quickly. Other widgets include the posts grid, pricing table, and services widgets.

PT ElementorAddons Lite

PT ElementorAddons Lite

PT ElementorAddons Lite is a fully customizable and lightweight free Elementor addon with fast loading speeds and significant elements and widgets. With the new dual-color header, you can display beautiful headers that keep your visitors interested in finding out what content the pages have.

One of the most impressive aspects is the dual buttons for ‘about us’ and ‘contact us’ links. They have a variety of eye-catching designs. The testimonials allow you to display what your customers think about the services you offer in gorgeous styles. The infobox widget is intended to facilitate the design of catchy sections of informative pieces. The post timeline widget enables you to display the time you put up a post in attractive layouts.

With the services widget, you can tell your visitors about the services you offer engagingly. The blog post grid offers grids on which to showcase your blog posts. Other widgets include the filterable gallery, pie charts, data table, advance tab, team, gravity form, contact form 7, product grid WooCommerce, Google map, post carousel, pricing table, and several others. Param Themes, the developer, is working on the premium features to be released soon.

Premium Addons for Elementor

Premium Addons is one of the best  Elementor Addons

Premium Addons is one of the best Elementor Addons with free and premium versions. In both versions, the section templates library is available. Despite only having 50+ widgets and addons, this addon has its focus on the customization options rather than the number of the items. The free version features several widgets, including a blog widget. With it, you can create contemporary posts with the options for filtering and the option to develop post carousel. The Google maps widget comes with various markets, custom skins, among other possibilities. Others include the image grid widget for creating beautiful galleries and image scroll widget for aligning related images gorgeously.

The premium version has a tabs widget that helps you craft horizontal and vertical tabs within Elementor. It also has an image comparison widget for before and after images as well as image hotspots, and image layers widgets. Other free and premium widgets are for tables and data, social feed, off-grid, blurbs and CTA, and reviews and testimonials

Being modular means that you can disable and enable elements that you won’t be using to avoid overloading the site and boost loading speeds. Premium Addons is fully compatible with WPML to facilitate the construction of multilingual websites. It is also 100% responsive on all devices and screen sizes and is cross-browser-ready.

Unlimited Elements for Elementor

Unlimited Elements for Elementor

Unlimited Elements for Elementor is a free addon that brings 100+ widgets to your Elementor page builder. The pro version, however, has 700+ widgets to offer. In case the widgets provided in the addonaren’t satisfying your wants, you can create a widget using the widget creator that comes with the addon. Only basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is required. You can also use the widget creator to create HTML, CSS, and JavaScript widgets, which blend in with Elementor instantly. As the developers add new elements and improve on the old ones daily, you will get automatic updates for your element catalog.

The widgets include video galleries, flip boxes, icon boxes, event boxes, banners, testimonials and reviews, content accordion, link, and icon hover effects, pricing tables, food menus, ad infinitum. The makeup of this addon ensures that your website remains clutter-free. You only install the widgets you want to use so that your pages are clean and functional.



Join other great websites and themes that have found immense success using WidgetKit for their Elementor page builder.

One of its features includes a slider, which accommodates animations so that you can create beautiful slideshows. With the countdown feature, you can notify your visitors of the timeline for offers and events on your website. The team block feature enables you to display the people you work with, in 4 different layout variations. If you want to build a stellar portfolio, you will love the portfolio feature that comes with 4 styles and accommodates a filter. If you’re going to display posts beautifully, the 5 custom blog items will come in handy. To showcase the comments of satisfied customers and be loved by new ones, the 3 testimonial styles are available to help you out. WidgetKit also has 4 pricing variations with a tab as well as a button with 10 hover animation layouts.

WidgetKit also comes with several addons for Elementor, including slider parallax, slider box, and slider animation. These three offer the easiest way to create marvelous slideshows with unbelievable animations and effects. There are several addons (some with animations and several styles) dedicated to team members, others to pricing, testimonials, and blogs.

Final Thoughts

Elementor by itself is a game-changing page builder that gives you countless customization options for your website. However, if you want to take complete control of all the elements of your site and exploit your creativity, one of the best free or premium Elementor addons is the place to start. These addons give you so many options that you barely need to buy a theme.

We have analyzed the best addons for you, so your task will be only to click and choose your favorite. Make your choice, and enjoy limitless options.

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