Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

The importance of the contact forms on websites can’t be overstated. Granted, you have a contact page where you have included your contact information for customers to utilize. However, most customers won’t get to use this information to contact you and sit to chat with you. This is why you need the help of the best WordPress contact form plugins.

Not only do you offer your visitors a quick and easy way of reaching you, but you also prevent spam. There are more than a thousand contact forms for WordPress out there. You have to choose wisely. Rather than sample one after the other, we have analyzed the best ones for you to choose from. Each has something unique; be sure to select the one with your favorite features.

What is the best contact form plugins?

Best WordPress contact form plugins help you creating WordPress website contact page more engaging. Find the perfect contact form plugin bellow:

  1. WP Fluent Forms
  2. Contact Form 7
  3. WPForms
  4. weForms
  5. Ninja Forms
  6. Constant Contact Forms
  7. Everest Forms
  8. Form Maker
  9. Formidable Forms
  10. Metform

WP Fluent Forms

WP Fluent Forms is a sophisticated and user-friendly contact form plugin

WP Fluent Forms is a sophisticated and user-friendly wordpress contact form plugins that is built for speed. It is 100% responsive, operates without a hitch on mobiles, tablets and desktop computers. Its latest version has a built-in data analysis tool that uses pie charts, bar charts, and a tabular view. These astounding features even allow you to show the submitted data in the frontend.

With WP Fluent Forms, you can deliver a remarkably bright and clean interface that will undoubtedly captivate your site visitors. Everything works with drag & drop, making it easy and fast to access and create new forms. You also get to connect the form data with many 3rd Party CRM without having to write a single line of code and at no extra cost. 

WP Fluent Forms come with premium packages such as conditional logic, more than 30 custom fields, 3rd party integrations, and built-in entry management system and many more.

Ninja Forms

 WordPress contact form plugin

If you are looking for a beginner-friendly contact form plugins, Ninja Forms is a great option. With this amazing plugin, you don’t require any coding skills to get you started. You can design magnificent, complex forms like an expert with the support team’s help that this plugin has to offer. The professional team is always happy to answer any question and address any issue on this contemporary plugin. 

As for the features, Ninja Forms gives you multipage forms, conditional forms, drag & drop fields, easy row, and column layouts, and many more. These will enable you to create forms that will beautifully blend with your WP website.

Ninja WordPress contact Forms plugins allows you to accept PayPal and credit card payments or donations securely and efficiently from your WordPress forms. It also has Askimet and Google Recaptcha to offer you protection from spammers.

Contact Form 7

best WordPress contact form plugin

Contact Form 7 is the best WordPress contact form plugins that gives users free rein to create forms that they can send out through email to their site visitors. This feature allows site subscribers to better stay in touch and serves well in keeping them updated on any new activity. You can use this interaction to your advantage to build customer trust and win over new clients. 

Furthermore, Contact Form 7 is Ajax-powered, which makes it relatively easy to send and retrieve data. With this plugin, you can straightforwardly manage several contact forms simultaneously. You can also personalize the form and the contents of the email fast and with a lot of ease. 

This plugin has a docs & FAQ section that gets most of your questions answered and a support forum for more detailed information that comes in handy for new users. If you cannot locate any topic on your particular issue, Contact Form 7 allows you to post a new topic. 


one of the best contact form is wpforms

WPForms one of the best wordpress contact form plugins. With WPForms, you do not have to hire a web developer to create a WordPress contact form. This extremely user-friendly plugin is an excellent option for all, beginners and experts alike. With its pre-built form templates and workflows, you can save time by choosing one of the already made designs. Moreover, you can also adjust the default look by performing a few tweaks to modify it accordingly. 

WPForms is a fully responsive contact form solution for all kinds of screens and is in tune with all modern web browsers. Additionally, this plugin helps you save time with its speedy performance when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, marketing, and conversion.

Another highlight of WPForms plugin is the user friendly drag & drop online form builder that enables you to create custom contact forms in only a few minutes. You get to easily add custom form fields, reorganize them, and craft a comprehensive contact form in no time.


weforms is another best contact form

This is an easy drag & drop contact form builder for WordPress that is easily adaptable and very user-friendly. weForms gives you a spectacular user experience by bringing all your forms from your imagination into reality with just a few clicks. weforms wordpress contact form plugins is not only modern but also super swift and simply laid.

In case you need to save time, weForm sports an extensive range of customizable pre-built form templates that make it extremely easy to manage and design any form. You can create as many forms as you need to and collect all the data you need with as many fields as you want.

weForms allows you to quickly limit the number of entries of each form by setting the maximum form submission limit. It also allows you to set a form expiration date to make it invalid on a specific date or time.

Constant Contact Forms

Constant Contact Forms WordPress plugins

If you wish to create clear, simple, and mobile-optimized forms for every device, you may want to consider using Constant Contact Forms. With this amazing plugin, you can automatically select the theme and style of your WordPress site and customize your data fields. This plugin also offers a free trial for users who have a Constant Contact account.

Furthermore, if you need to capture visitor information right from your WordPress site, be it contact info or visitor feedback, Constant Contact Forms makes it fast and easy. Better yet, this plugin is available to all WordPress users, even if you don’t have a Constant Contact account.

Constant Contact Forms WordPress plugins has a FAQ section and an interactive support forum for new users and users. This plugin gets frequent updates to stay in tune with modern devices and browsers. You can easily keep your site subscribers updated on any new activity through email.  

Everest Forms

everest forms WordPress contact form plugins

Everest Forms is another WordPress contact form plugins with loads of exquisite features that allow you to craft and establish a jaw-dropping site with little to no time. One of its stunning features is the Style Customizer, which will enable you to make form design changes like color, fonts, alignments, spacing, borders, and background without having to touch any code.

Another unique feature that Everest Forms has to offer is Zapier, which allows you to connect with 1500+ popular web applications with zero difficulties and makes integrating forms and apps smooth and swift. Everest Forms also allows you to generate PDF and export or send PDF documents as email attachments.

The Survey, Polls & Quiz section allows you to create surveys, polls, and quiz forms in very little time. Everest Forms also allows you to create a custom registration form for WordPress users in just a few simple steps. 

Form Maker

nice contact form WordPress plugins

 Form Maker features a user-friendly interface, making it easy to create, style, and customize the forms. With 43 different form field types that Form Maker has to offer, you are spoilt for choice to help you create just the form you need. Thanks to Form Maker, you do not have to start from scratch as it has five pre-made form templates to help you save time.

Additionally, Form Maker has fifteen beautiful themes that are fully configurable to make your forms match the website design. This amusing WordPress contact form plugins lets you put together surveys and questionnaires and get feedback from your customers. It also has automatic email replies that save you the trouble of replying to each user.

 Form Maker divides up lengthy forms into pages to provide a better user experience. Your users can easily upload their files to your forms and can save unfinished entries and continue later. Furthermore, you get a notification whenever there is an entry submission. You can also store attachments received from entries in your dropbox.

Formidable Forms

another best WordPress contact form plugins

Hence the name, Formidable Forms is a powerful WordPress contact form plugins that allows you to display any submitted form data on the frontend of your website. You can use this bold and impactful plugin to create data-driven web applications such as real estate listings, business or member directories, event calendars, and other searchable databases.

Formidable Forms comes with a repeater field that allows users to create spectacular registration forms. This plugin has awesome marketing integrations and APIs that will enable you to send the contact form and other form data anywhere. Moreover, you can easily upload multiple documents, files, photos, and music.

This plugin has an array of other practical features that come at no additional cost. The online drag & drop form builder enables you to make awesome forms with ease. Formidable Forms empowers you to build powerful WooCommerce product order forms so you can increase your sales. 


metform wordpress contact form

Metform is a fully customizable addon for Elementor that can manage multiple contact forms. It is not only a contact form plugin but also a complete drag & drop form builder. This plugin makes it possible for amateurs to effortlessly build any contact form within just a few minutes and with no restrictions.

In case you want to use a group of fields severally, Metcalf rocks a Simple Repeater Input field with the Styleable Repeater label, so you don’t have to create the field all over again. If you want to add a new field, you just have to click the Add button, and it automatically appears. In addition to that, it has a Remove button, that allows you to make any adjustments quickly.

Metform promises a striking outcome with the Color Picker Input Field. It rocks a uniquely designed Elementor widget that only needs a few customization tweaks to get the desired result.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s it; we hope you found your website a perfect match. You can always choose another from the list, but we are confident that the one you chose will serve you well. If you wanted the best WordPress contact form plugins, going out of this list is merely going for a substandard one. All the best with the one you chose!

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