Free WordPress Popup Plugins

Most website owners never get to engage their visitors enough. This malfeasance leads to fewer repeat visitors and consequent low conversion rates. To avoid this part, you need one of the best free WordPress popup plugins we have listed for you in this piece.

Popup plugins allow you to generate catchy yet functional popups on your website. These popups make it easy for you to catch the attention of your visitors by presenting them with strategically placed and timed information. We analyzed the popularity of the plugins as well as their features to bring you only the crème de la crème. The plugins we bring you in this catalog are free. However, this doesn’t imply that they are of low quality. Their features – as you’ll see – are of premium quality, and this reflects in the ratings and the number of active users. If you want to increase organic visitor to your website, You can apply proper onpage SEO setup using best WordPress SEO plugin.

Best WordPress popup plugins details below:

ShopLentor Popup Builder module

ShopLentor Popup Builder module

ShopLentor offers a powerful Popup Builder module to supercharge your WooCommerce store’s performance. This versatile tool creates eye-catching popups that significantly boost your website’s user engagement and conversion rates. With over 100,000 active installations, ShopLentor is a testament to its reliability and effectiveness. Regular updates and dedicated support ensure any issues are promptly addressed, keeping your store running smoothly.

The module provides a wealth of pre-designed templates, serving as an excellent starting point for your popups. You can customize colors, fonts, images, and other design elements to ensure your popups are unique and brand-aligned.

With the ShopLentor Popup Builder module, you have the flexibility to set specific conditions and triggers. These triggers include time spent on the page, scroll percentage, and exit intent. This ensures your popups appear at the most ideal moments, maximizing engagement and enhancing user experience.

The Pro version of ShopLentor’s Popup Builder takes it a step further, enabling you to create multiple popups with distinct settings and designs. This exciting feature allows you to run several campaigns simultaneously, each tailored to different audience segments or marketing objectives. This ensures your marketing efforts are both dynamic and highly effective.

Popup Maker

Popup Maker - Free WordPress Popup Plugin

Popup maker is the most popular WordPress popup plugin; you can download it for free. It has 700,000+ active installations and has a 4.9 rating because of its flexible feature and more minor issues. The plugin creates many opt-in popups, slide-ins, modal forms, and even COVID-19 announcements.

The theme editor makes the popups more attractive by adding color, fonts, and shadows. Additionally, you can customize the layout and positioning of your opt-in popup. 

You can set popup, form submit, and click-based triggers with a time delay for menu items, buttons, and sidebars. You can precisely target who will see and not see your popups using conditions. Popup Maker works with the most widely used form plugins like Ninja Forms, Contact Form7, Gravity Forms, and others. Copy and paste on popular list-building platforms like MailChimp, Aweber, Getresponse, etc. 

You can launch a popup or shut it when a form within it is submitted. Target any WordPress content, including pages, posts, and many others! Use cookies to control the frequency of how often users see your popups. Also, edit cookie creation events to form new cookies. Other features like exit intent, and analytics, are available in the pro version.


Hustle is a free WordPress popup plugin

Hustle is a free WordPress popup plugin with great features. You will get three popups, three options, three slide-ins, widgets, and shortcodes, which allows you to expand your email list to target advertisements across your website. You can trust its functionality with more than 100,000+ active installations and 4.4 ratings. 

Thanks to its several importable templates, your work is done quicker. So you can deploy new campaigns much faster. Besides, all the layouts and templates are fully responsive. To finish the work, edit your words and add your pictures! Advanced detailed options include module sizing, borders, spacing, shadows, and more. To design your modules, you can also include custom CSS.

 Hustle provides condition options for retargeting users with advertising or email opt-ins. This tool can also set up various triggers for your popups and slide-ins. So you may plan when to launch your marketing modules, for instance. One of its cool features is the email settings, which allow automated email messages and establish a lead connection.

Hustle includes top social connections. So, you can grow your social links. To increase your following and get more leads, you can integrate with well-known free form builders like the Fulminator. Also, it integrates with all the best mail services to collect new subscribers. As a free plugin, you will enjoy premium features like exit-intent. So, it detects your visitors who are going to leave and instantly grabs them with a popup. Furthermore, you can track the results of visitors with intelligent tracking data and analytics.


OptinMonster - Free WordPress Popup Plugin

One of the best wordpress popup builder and marketing plugins is OptinMonster. You can increase sales, broaden your customer base, and grow your business with its features.

Turn leaving visitors into subscribers by using exit intent popups and onsite remarketing. You may design traditional opt-in forms, opt-in forms for WordPress, slide-in forms, and many others. It is exceptional because it enables you to create opt-in forms that convert better.

To save you time, OptinMonster offers thousands of popup templates. As a free WordPress popup plugin, its templates are user-friendly and responsive. You can get unique popups designed for mobile users using OptinMonster. It includes a drag-and-drop Campaign Builder that can easily customize any popup on your website. Additionally, the plugin offers six different kinds of popup and email opt-in forms. You can use the custom, category, and tag taxonomy output settings for effective campaign segmentation.

This plugin has a built-in analytics tool that shows which popups convert the best. Popup and opt-in forms increase conversion rates when users scroll through your site. This plugin uses Monster Effects, an animation technology, to make your popups as captivating as possible. The plugin is simple to integrate with over 30 different email marketing service providers. To make it more prowess, it is compatible with many plugins. You can download it for free from WordPress directory. But to feel its raw feature, you need to buy its premium addon plan.

Popup Builder

popups for your WordPress website

Popup Builder is one of the top free popup plugins for WordPress. It greets you with the cute beaver on its banner image. With more than 300,000 active installs and 4.8 ratings, it is compelling yet simple to use. It can help you capture users’ attention and enhance interaction. You may, for instance, let your visitors know about special offers, discounts, or other promotional announcements. In addition, each popup has a functional settings panel. As a result, you can directly alter the popup themes, colors, and sizes. 

Free popup creation and generation are available in unlimited quantities. Additionally, you have an option in the popup animation effect. With Popup Builder, you can pick from a variety of themes. Additionally, your chosen place on the screen will always be where your popups show.

With the help of this plugin, you can choose the number of scrolls that should pass before your popups display. Also, you can set time for a particular popup to appear. In addition, you can specify whether popups should appear when a user hovers over, clicks on, or scrolls over the content on your screen using Popup Builder. The main benefit is its compatibility with popular systems like WooCommerce, WPML, Divi, and even a dedicated popup for MailChimp. You can use its primary feature as a simple popup plugin, but buy the pro version to get its advanced function.


Icegram - Free WordPress Popup Plugin

Icegram is an excellent popup plugin with a user-friendly interface. It is easy to set up and can be use for both developers and beginners. It is an all-in-one popup plugin with great features, which enables decent growth and success for free. You can create enticing opt-in forms and CTA buttons for your website to convert people into subscribers and clients. Icegram provides a plethora of theme layout options. It supports timed popups, action bars, notifications, graphic customization choices, tracking, and more. Unlike other plugins that may be overly complex, Icegram is simple. You can direct the popups to specific sites, categories, or topics.

It enables you to create popups with opt-in forms, which you can then use to develop your email lists. For instance, you can expand your email list by integrating popup forms with an email newsletter. Also, you can design compelling Call To Action buttons for popups and opt-in forms. Finally, you can send site visitors to any page you desire, including affiliate links.

Icegram allows it to display popups at the screen’s top, bottom, left, right, and center. As a comprehensive plugin, it can track the impressions and conversions made by the popup. To meet your needs for extensive customization you can customize with Custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. Icegram has a headline generator that generates unique and exciting headline ideas too. Also, it has a mobile-responsive design, automatic updates, and a helpful and professional support staff. So far you will fall for Icegram for its versatility.


Free WordPress Popup Plugin

One of the best wordpress popup plugins to grow your subscriber base, promote new items, and build a social following is using Supsystic. It has more than 20,000 active installs and is trusted by many users.

This plugin offers a lot, including 69+ responsive popup templates, popup triggers, and more. You can build as many popups as you want for your website with Supsystic. In addition, you can easily add popup triggers, which specify when, when, how, and who causes popups to appear. 

There are 18+ popup types to suit your demands, which is an incredible number. Also include common popup types like Facebook, Google Maps, Age Verification, Full Screen, and many others.

With this plugin, you can alter the HTML and CSS as well as the usual builder to customize the popups. Your popups’ openings will appear exactly how you want them to, with 20+ animations created specifically for popup openings. This plugin has outstanding support and receives frequent updates.

One-click will open a different popup location on the page. Popups can appear everywhere on your website, including the bottom, top, center, left, right, and page corners, among other places.

This popup plugin has A/B split tests to determine the optimal method to display your Popup. For analytics, you can see Real Time Stats and Analytics.

Popup Anything

Popup Anything - Free WordPress Popup Plugin

Popup Anything is a free WordPress plugin. It will enable you to expand your customer base, boost revenue, and expand your company using nine types of popups. You can assume its functionality clearly by its name. It has more than 50000+ installations and 4.5 positive ratings. It makes your site open an instant popup when clicked. It has a lot of promise, but it could get bothersome for visitors if utilized excessively.

Customize the Popup’s appearance and feel. Configure custom animation to make your Popup more alluring. You can generate customized popups with this plugin. It allows you to control light boxes and many popups from the settings. 

You can seamlessly choose positions for the Popup, such as middle, below, above, right and left. Also, you can add any content in your Popup using HTML, Image, or Shortcodes. Beyond that, you can add Popup quickly and easily to any page or post.

It is compatible with the most popular form plugins that use AJAX to submit forms. This plugin focuses on the experience of its visitors. Campaigns from Popup Anything won’t irritate your visitors the way other WordPress popup plugins do. 

Without intrusive interruptions, you can show the right message to the right user at the right time using their intelligent targeting and personalization features.


Brave - Free Popup Plugin

Brave Popup builder has a simple interface and can produce stunning popups in minutes. You can use it to make announcements, contact form, newsletter opt-ins, and cookie notices. 

 Due to its support, it has a positive user rating of 4.8. Also, Brave has one of the cleanest builders, with nine elements that can create powerful popups.

It is one of the rising and user-friendly free popups on the WordPress directory. You can use brave to capture leads, flaunting sticky bars and sidebars. It can all be visually created quickly and effectively to increase visitor conversion.

 To customize the theme, you can drag and drop the nine elements into your popups. Even if you are tired, you can use its 15 free presets, which you can import and customize easily. In addition, Brave has built-in animation to animate popup. 

You can link your forms to 23 newsletters. In addition, you can create eye-catching optin from Mailchimp, Mailjet, MailPoet, and many other platforms.

Brave Popups load their assets only after the page has finished loading, making them lightweight. Also, you can track your popup conversions, check who viewed, and click the popup from the analytics.



MailOptin is a popular form builder and popup builder plugin. It reaches 30000+ installations and 4.8 user ratings for its impeccable performance. Create popups, subscription forms, user registration forms, and email newsletters easily. 

Mailoptin uses the WordPress Customizer, which helps popups and forms quickly be produced. You can craft conversion-optimized opt-in forms to show anywhere on your WordPress website. This free popup plugin includes notification bars and slide-ins to trigger by scrolling and embedded forms. Besides, it offers an easy drag-and-drop builder to build email newsletter templates and forms for conversion.

If you update your blog with new content, Mailoptin will give you an instant notification. Also, send blog posts as email newsletters using MailOptin. All the email marketing platforms, like Mailchimp, AWeber, and many others, are compatible with MailOptin. Installing MailOptin lets you generate leads to your email marketing app and Customer relationship manager. It supports well-known Ninja Forms, Forminator, Contact Form 7, etc.

It offers Exit Intent, AdBlock Detection, Referral Detection, Device Detection, Page Views, and Time on Site. Besides, you may use analytics to enhance your lead generation strategy to decide based on facts and actionable reports and insights. 

As a free plugin, it won’t underestimate your expectations. But you can get exceptional features from its premium version.

WP Popups

WP Popups

A comprehensive free WordPress popup plugin is WP Popups. The plugins free edition has 30000+ WP Popups Lite active installations. But the number of installations keeps growing.

The free version of the plugin is adequate for making sample popups. You can quickly add as many popups as you want on the blog without writing a single line of code or changing your theme files.

You can display a popup and persuade them to subscribe to your newsletter. Numerous well-liked forms, like WPForms, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, etc., are compatible with Wp Popups.

 We can add some animations from the list of 45 animation types rather than just displaying the form to the visitor straight. These can be set up using the form builder wizard. Then, when you save, the animation will appear.

A comprehensive drag-and-drop WordPress form builder wizard is available from WP Popup. Without writing any CSS styling, you can style the form. From there, you can immediately configure the form. The confluence of email marketing and styling!

This plugin also includes various pre-made templates. An entirely new popup would require a lot of time to construct. Instead, you can import the template into the form builder, save it, and customize it!

Integrating the forms with well-known email marketing services like MailChimp, SendGrid, SendPulse, etc., you can rapidly add the visitor’s email address to the email list.

This popup has exit-intent technology, which enables you to prevent visitors from leaving. Hover the mouse over the close button on the user’s PC before displaying your popup. 

You may target Devices, Post kinds, Categories, Referrers, and a lot more with its 30+ Display Rules. In addition, it will assist you in tailoring the popups to the particular devices or selected targeting method.

By using its A/B testing tool, you may raise your conversion rate. For example, a popup with the same information might be displayed when you add an age verification gate. People who are not of legal age will be forwarded to another URL. With its dynamic analytics, you can firmly track the conversion and Conversion Rate of leads.

Some FAQ about WordPress Popup Plugins

What is the purpose of a WordPress popup plugin?

WordPress popup plugins are used to display popups on your website for various purposes such as displaying opt-in forms, promoting special offers, or showing advertisements.

Can I use a free popup plugin for commercial use?

Yes, most free WordPress popup plugins can be used for commercial use, but it is always best to check the terms of use for the specific plugin you choose.

Do I need to know any coding to use a WordPress popup plugin?

No, most WordPress popup plugins are user-friendly and do not require any coding knowledge. Some plugins may have options to add custom code, but it is not necessary to use the plugin effectively.

How do I choose the best WordPress popup plugin for my website?

To choose the best popup plugin for your website, consider your specific needs and the features offered by each plugin. Some plugins may have more advanced targeting options, while others may offer more customization options for the popups. Choose the plugin that best fits your needs.

Final Thoughts

You’ll find many more popup plugins on the WordPress directory. Analyzing their features, pros, and cons will cost you a lot of time. This fact is why we have decided that we’re going to help you save both time and money by bringing you the best free WordPress popup plugins. Without spending a dime, you get to brush shoulders with some of the most successful websites. What are you waiting for? Take your pick and get started.

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