Best Free WordPress Popup plugins

Most website owners never get to engage their visitors enough. This malfeasance leads to fewer repeat visitors and consequent low conversion rates. To avoid this part, you need one of the best free WordPress popup plugins we have listed for you in this piece.

Popup plugins allow you to generate catchy yet functional popups on your website. These popups make it easy for you to catch the attention of your visitors by presenting them with strategically placed and timed information. We analyzed the popularity of the plugins as well as their features to bring you only the crème de la crème. The plugins we bring you in this catalog are free. However, this doesn’t imply that they are of low quality. Their features – as you’ll see – are of premium quality, and this reflects in the ratings and the number of active users.

10 Best Free WordPress Popup Plugins are listed below 

[seoengine-vc-info3 title=”Popup Maker” download_url=””]popup maker

With over 400,000 active installations, Popup Maker is inarguably one of the most popular popup plugins on WordPress. You can use it for content overlays, modal, or any other type of popup.

The Conditions addon, you can select who will see your popups. This plugin supports all popular form builder plugins such as Ninja Forms, Contact Form7, Gravity Forms, among others. You can manage the creation of cookies and the frequency at which users who use them view the popups. Click Trigger is a feature that enables you to set the appearance of a popup upon the clicking of any piece of content on your site.

You can set the duration of a delay, after which the popup will display using the Auto Open Triggers feature. To make your popups beautiful, you can use the theme editor to change the colors, fonts, shadows, paddings, and every other popup feature.[/seoengine-vc-info3]

[seoengine-vc-info3 title=”Hustle” download_url=””]Hustle

With Hustle, you can choose animations, colors, fonts, layouts, drop shadows, and other display settings easily. So that you can reach more users, you can display your popups using email opt-ins or ads and show them in posts, tags, pages, etc.

Since Hustle is compatible with popular free form builders such as Forminator, you can embed forms into your popups for increased interaction. This plugin is Gutenberg compatible and goes well with the Class Editor plugin so you can edit your blocks comfortably.

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An impressive feature of Hustle is the Smart Exit-Intent that detects when a user is about to exit your site and presents a popup. This plugin can bypass adblockers, which might attempt to block your popups. With this free plugin, you get three popups, three social share bars, and three embeds. Along with four default layouts, you also get a dashboard that facilitates easy management.[/seoengine-vc-info3]

[seoengine-vc-info3 title=”OptinMonster” download_url=””]OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a fully responsive, mobile-friendly free WordPress popup plugin. It comes with a drag and drop Campaign Builder that facilitates the customization of any popup on your site. The plugin also boasts six distinct types of email opt-in and popup forms. For strong campaign segmenting, you can utilize the custom, category, and tag taxonomy output controls.

This plugin comes with a custom analytics feature to indicate which popups have the best conversion rates. With OptinMonster, you get unique popups that for mobile users. Scrolling of your site by users triggers popup and opt-in forms to improve the conversion rates. Monster Effects is an animation technology that this plugin employs so that your popups are as eye-catching as possible. You can easily integrate the plugin with 30+ different email marketing services providers.[/seoengine-vc-info3]

[seoengine-vc-info3 title=”ITRO” download_url=””]ITRO

ITRO is a lightweight popup plugin, which offers you fully customizable popups at no cost. It comes with gorgeous fade-in and fade-out animations as well as customizable backgrounds, borders, colors, and fonts for your popups. You can select pages where you want your popups to be displayed and activated by the scrolling by your users.

For adult content sites, you can set a mandatory age validation popup. This plugin gives you the option to allow closure of a popup by clicking on the ESC button with the exclusion of age-restricted popups. You get the choice of a Multilanguage popup too. You can set the countdown to the automatic closure of your popups. What’s more, you can set the expiration time for the expiration of cookies for the next popup visualization. With the WordPress editor, you can display anything you want via custom text.[/seoengine-vc-info3]

[seoengine-vc-info3 title=”Popup Builder” download_url=””]Popup Builder

You can now create robust popups for your WordPress website using the Popup Builder. At no cost at all, you can create and customize as many popups as you want. You can choose the popup animation effect of your choice too. With Popup Builder, you can choose between several themes. Additionally, your popups will always appear on the location you select on the screen.

With this plugin, you can choose for your popups to appear after a certain number of scrolls of your designation. You can also decide to display a specific popup after a certain period. Popup Builder allows you to choose to show popups upon clicking on a piece of content on your screen, on the scrolling of a page, or on hovering. This plugin is WPML and multisite compatible.[/seoengine-vc-info3]

[seoengine-vc-info3 title=”Popups” download_url=””]Popups

Whatever the nature of your popups is, you need a stellar plugin such as Popups. This plugin is compatible with 10+ dominant form plugins.

With Popups, you have five popup locations from which to choose. So you don’t seem too overbearing, you can choose to automatically hide your popups once a user scrolls upwards on your page. You can set for the user to trigger the popups after a certain number of seconds, after navigating a specific portion of the page, or after scrolling a precise number of pixels. This plugin even allows you to hide a popup for several days before displaying it again.

To evade monotony, you can customize the fonts, colors, background, borders, and other characteristics of your popups. You can also make background opacity configurations. The Ajax mode makes popups compatible with caches for a faster site.[/seoengine-vc-info3]

[seoengine-vc-info3 title=”Icegram” download_url=””]Icegram

Icegram is a popup plugin that is easy to set up and use for developers and novices with a user-friendly interface. This plugin supports multiple popups as well as opt-ins and slide-in messengers. Icegram spoils you for choice with various theme layouts. You can use these to design call-to-action messages and opt-in email popups.

Icegram facilitates the display of popups on the top, bottom, left, right, and center. You can track the impressions and conversions that a popup makes using a free addon. For extensive customization possibilities, you have custom HTML, CSS, JavaScript options to satisfy your needs. Icegram offers a headline generator that offers unique and exciting headline suggestions.

This plugin facilitates straightforward integration with many email marketing services such as MailChimp. It has a mobile responsive design, automatic updates as well as a friendly and professional support team.[/seoengine-vc-info3]

[seoengine-vc-info3 title=”Supsytic” download_url=””]Supsytic

Supsytic popup plugin is one of the most fantastic ways to acquire new subscribers, market new products, and attract a social following.

This plugin comes with a whopping 69 mobile-friendly popup templates from which you can choose. With Supsytic, you can create limitless popups for your website. Supsytic facilitates the addition of popup triggers that dictate when, where, how, and who triggers the appearance of popups. Another insane number is 18+ popup types to fit your needs.

With this plugin, you can customize the popups using the regular builder and the HTML and CSS editor. The opening of your popups will look as you want them to with 20+ animations – just for popup openings. This plugin features regular updates and comes with excellent support.[/seoengine-vc-info3]

[seoengine-vc-info3 title=”Video Popup” download_url=””]

Video Popup

The name Video Popup derives from the ability that this plugin gives you, to make video lightbox popups comfortably. This plugin comes with more than 20 live demos, which you can apply to your site easily.

Video Popup supports mp4 videos from external links, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and mp4 self-hosted videos. What’s more, the plugin facilitates autoplay for content from these sources. With this plugin, you get all the video playing YouTube options at your disposal. You can set video popup to appear once a page is through loading. Upon loading, you can set the alignment options for the video popups.

This plugin facilitates the editing of the popups on your site using the visual editor. It also supports the use of shortcodes with all the attributes. Video Popup is translation ready and supports RTL languages such as Arabic.[/seoengine-vc-info3]

[seoengine-vc-info3 title=”Smart PopUp Blaster” download_url=””]Smart PopUp Blaster

The Smart PopUp Blaster plugin is one of the most customizable and functional popup plugins on WordPress. It supports the display of multiple popups. With the exit-intent popup trigger, the attempt of your users to leave your site will prompt the appearance of a popup. Other popup triggers include the click, scroll, and time delay popup triggers.

The Smart PopUp Blaster gives you total control over all popup content. You can exploit this freedom by choosing from the many animation effects available. This plugin is 100% responsive on all devices, supports MailChimp, and displays all shortcodes in popups.[/seoengine-vc-info3]

Final Thoughts

You’ll find many more popup plugins on the WordPress directory. Analyzing their features, pros, and cons will cost you a lot of time. This fact is why we have decided that we’re going to help you save both time and money by bringing you the best free WordPress popup plugins. Without spending a dime, you get to brush shoulders with some of the most successful websites. What are you waiting for? Take your pick and get started.