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10 Best Gutenberg Block Plugin for WordPress

Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins for WordPress
11Jul, 2021

With WordPress 5.0 came a new WordPress block editor called Gutenberg. Gutenberg introduces an interface in which you can drag and drop any block of a website. With this editor, WordPress offers a unique page builder with which you can edit blocks such as paragraphs, images, headings, buttons, lists, among others.

Developers are continually adding to the already vast catalog of plugins that enhance Gutenberg’s possibilities. When you install one of the best Gutenberg block plugins for WordPress, you can add more blocks than the ones allowed by default WordPress. Here is an exposition of 10 of the best plugins. Pick one and unlock the full potential of Gutenberg.

Some of the best Gutenberg Blocks listed bellow:

  1. Ultimate Blocks
  2. Gutenberg Blocks by Themeum.com
  3. Gutenberg Blocks by Brainstorm Force
  4. Gutenberg Blocks and Template Library by Otter
  5. Atomic Blocks
  6. Stackable
  7. PublishPress Blocks

Ultimate Blocks

Gutenberg Blocks

Ultimate Blocks is an excellent plugin, most ideal for bloggers and marketers.

Among the blocks that come with this plugin is the content filter. It facilitates the use of different filters to browse your content more comfortably. You can add a schema markup enabled review block with product features, name, button, summary, and star rating. The table of contents block facilitates the generation of tables of contents from the headings of your posts. The tabbed content block allows you to add content in your pages and posts in the form of tabs, which you can drag and drop to arrange.

The social share block provides many customization options as you add social share buttons to your pages. The post grid block is for adding lists and grids of your posts. You can change the categories and order. The image slider block enables you to add a simple image slider in your posts.

Gutenberg Blocks by Themeum.com

Gutenberg Blocks

With many premade sections and a contemporary layout, Gutenberg Blocks is one of the best plugins of its kind.

The testimonial block comes with high customizability and a plethora of layouts. With an icon block, you can display any icon you want with a choice of borders, backgrounds, or without them. So that you can share your physical location in a beautifully and engagingly, you can utilize the unbelievably customizable Google maps block. The counter block presents an array of intuitive ways to showcase your milestones. You can now include collapsible text content on your site and manage it easily with the accordion block.

The video popup block enables you to create video popups – and even add a popup icon. Other blocks include a post grid, timeline, image, team, block wrapper, among others.

Gutenberg Blocks by Brainstorm Force

With 200,000+ active installations, the popularity of Gutenberg Blocks is undeniable. It has many Gutenberg blocks as well as many perquisites that set it apart. These include faster performance, a pixel perfect design, and compatibility with all popular plugins on WordPress.

Among the Gutenberg blocks include a call-to-action block that will help you draw attention to a beautiful CTA with a gorgeous button. The marketing button block enhances the look of your call-to-action. On the other hand, the content timeline block facilitates the creation of stunning timelines for your website. You can place an image or icon in a list format with the icon list block. The infobox enables you to put a textual description and a heading along with an image or icon in the same block.

Gutenberg Blocks and Template Library by Otter

Gutenberg Blocks

For sophisticated yet functional pages and posts, Gutenberg Blocks and Template Library by Otter is the go-to option. This plugin comes with a library of premade Gutenberg-compatible templates that you can import with a single click.

Using the advanced heading Gutenberg block, you can create spectacular titles and headlines. With the sections block, you can drag and drop any of the numerous premade sections instead of creating yours from scratch. The button group block gives you access to stylish button groups with versatile options. This plugin also comes with an about-author block. With it, you can create fantastic author description sections. Other blocks include pricing, service, plugin card, Google maps, and testimonial blocks.

Atomic Blocks

Atomic Blocks is a one-of-a-kind plugin that has numerous blocks and supports Google Accelerated Mobile Pages.

The pricing block helps you build exceptional pricing tables with extensive color control. The section and layout block facilitates the creation of incredible pages with a collection of layout tools for creating gorgeous layouts. On the other hand, the newsletter block provides a straightforward way of including MailChimp subscription forms to your site.

Worth mentioning, the container block allows you to add several separate blocks into one container and create different sections of content for your pages and posts. The inline notice block will enable you to highlight some information on a page or post with an inline notice block. With the drop cap block, you can add classy drop cap letters to the beginnings of paragraphs.


Gutenberg Blocks

stackable ultimate gutenberg blocks comes with many feature-rich, fully responsive blocks for the ultimate site.

With the separator block, you can add beautiful transitions between sections. The posts block offers a variety of layouts on which to present your blog articles. You can display several features on a stylish grid layout with the feature grid block. The accordion block allows you to showcase information in collapsible rows to accommodate extra text information.

Enjoy creating a collage of eye-catching images with the image box block. Another block that makes for incredible visuals is the header block – for magnificent headers. You can make the display of statistics interesting with the count up block.

Advanced Gutenberg Blocks by Maximebj

Advanced Gutenberg Blocks is an unbelievably helpful plugin with numerous blocks, creative editor tweaks, and intuitive block management.

If you want to display a catchy notice, advice, info, or warning on a page, you can utilize the notice block. The WooCommerce product block facilitates the display of products on posts, while the WooCommerce add-to-cart button will allow users to purchase products quickly. The banner ad promotes the addition of ads and consequent further monetization of your website.

The giphy block enables you to search and add a GIF onto any page or post. On the other hand, the unsplash block offers a massive collection of stunning stock photos from which you can choose. With the code block, you get many themes and languages for your website.

PublishPress Blocks by JoomUnited

Advanced Gutenberg gives you extensive control over all blocks. It comes with many blocks, including the column manager. You can utilize its premade layouts to create amazing columns for your pages. This plugin provides a WooCommerce product slider offering a unique way to display the products you have on your eCommerce shop. The map block comes with options for positioning with zoom, color, icons, and tooltip.

The contact form block enables you to have message correspondence with users. On the other hand, the email opt-in block allows you to receive mail and export data from your website. The contact form block also serves a similar purpose. With this plugin, you can activate the lightbox effect in the image galleries of Gutenberg too.

Easy Blocks

Easy Blocks lives up to its name by making it incredibly easy to create with Gutenberg editor. Of the 20+ blocks, some that stand out include the rows and columns block. With it, you can build up to two columns in one row. The alert block helps you create stellar notifications with layout options for amazing previews. The author profile block gives you an excellent way to showcase the person behind the ideas in your posts.

You can attach names to quotes with text and color options using the blockquotes block. The call-to-action block enhances your marketing strategies while the pricing table block highlights your prices in three dynamic variations. The social share block offers unbelievable styles and options.

Premium Blocks for Gutenberg by Leap13

Extending the performance and capabilities of Gutenberg, Premium Blocks for Gutenberg is one of the most attractive plugins in its category. It achieves this quality via an assortment of excellent blocks.

The accordion block enables you to showcase your content in separated tabs so that you can show it off while brilliantly concealing it at the same time. With the banner block, you can create engaging calls-to-action with six premade styles and many customization options. The dual heading block will give you the unique ability to create beautiful headings and split each into two parts, which you can customize separately. To show off your services in a quick brief, utilize the icon box block, which accommodates Font Awesome icons, WordPress Dashicons, and uploaded images.

Final Verdict

With Gutenberg, everything has become easier than ever. However, if you’re going to enjoy Gutenberg, you’ll need to eradicate all the restrictions on the blocks that you can manipulate. There is no better way to do that than to use one of the best Gutenberg block plugins for WordPress.

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