Best Post Slider Plugin for WordPress

A deep dive into the details of the best post slider plugins for WordPress websites.

Every website owner’s dream is to engage and appeal to their visitors and users with their content. If you want to use flexible and interactive content to do this, you’ve come to the right place. Post sliders offer tools for showcasing all types of content in the most beautiful and user-friendly styles.

With extensive research, we’ve evaluated the top WordPress post slider plugins and laid them out for you. We considered aspects such as responsiveness, performance, customization options, usability, and the entire user experience that each plugin offers. Our review also encompasses all types of websites, from business and eCommerce websites to personal blogs and online magazines.

If you’re ready to draw in your audience with visually appealing post sliders, join us in this brief journey as we review the best post slider plugins available for WordPress websites.

Best WordPress post slider plugin listed bellow

  1. Depicter Slider
  2. News & Blog Designer Pack
  3. WP Responsive Recent Post Slider
  4. Post Slider and Post Carousel
  5. Ultimate Post Kit Addons for Elementor
  6. Ocean Posts Slider
  7. Widget Post Slider
  8. Post Sliders & Post Grids

Depicter Slider

Depicter Slider

If you’re looking for a free WordPress post slider plugin that still gives you outstanding quality, works with all themes, and offers many free templates, Depicter Slider has it all.

Whether you want to do it all yourself or with some help, Depicter Slider has you covered. It offers an AI wizard tool that enables you to design stunning sliders with almost no effort on your part. All you have to do is choose the slider layout that matches your brand. If you prefer to get more hands-on, Depicter Slider avails the most straightforward yet most professional and intuitive visual slider builder for you. The builder has a drag & drop interface.

Whether you want to add beautiful animations, images, vectors, interaction-sensitive elements, images, dynamic post content, or videos, Depicter Slider has it all. The inbuilt element library of this WordPress post slider plugin boasts over 3 million elements. The slider supports custom fonts, color pickers, and automatic slideshows. It also works with mouse and touch swipe navigation.  

Depicter Slider doesn’t ignore the need for proper SEO performance, as it employs well-optimized markup to boost your site’s SEO. Since it is also lightweight, it won’t affect the speed of your website negatively. It is compatible with all of popular WordPress page builders and various data sources, such as the WooCommerce Slider and product slider.

News & Blog Designer Pack

News & Blog Designer Pack is a critically acclaimed WordPress blog plugin; due to its extensive features, it also serves as one of the best post slider plugins for WordPress. Among its many features, the post slider display option stands out with support for different blog types and news websites. It also supports carousel showcases.

The robust vertical scrolling enhances the navigation of News & Blog Designer Pack. Its ease of use also extends to its capitalization on shortcode use. The shortcode parameters for slider creation include pagination and arrows, slide speed, loop, autoplay, and autoplay interval. It presents many more shortcodes for customizing other elements of your website.

With Ajax pagination, your users can go through your posts and blogs without having to reload the entire page repeatedly. The types of pagination available include previous & next, previous & next with Ajax, numeric, numeric with Ajax, infinite scroll, and load more.

The premium version of News & Blog Designer Pack has many features in its premium version with several enhancing the post slider functions of the free one. This WordPress post slider plugin has an elegant category slider view option. It even supports slider posts for RTL languages like Arabic and Hebrew.

WP Responsive Recent Post Slider

WP Responsive Recent Post Slider

WP Responsive Recent Post Slider is arguably the most responsive post slider. At the same time, it stands as the plugin to beat when showcasing your recent blogs and articles as beautifully as possible. It supports the easy creation and display of responsive post sliders and carousels.

Its responsive touch slider makes your sliders more attractive and interactive. Since it is mouse-draggable, your users can scroll through your posts easily. With WP Responsive Recent Post Slider, you get support for Gutenberg blocks for easy customization. What’s more, it works seamlessly with the Gutenberg shortcode block. 

You get to showcase as many WordPress post sliders and carousels as you want on a single post or page. This best post slider plugin for WordPress lets you work with different display options, including navigation type, category, and limit. It comes with 4 available post slider designs from which you can choose your favorite and customize.

The WP Responsive Recent Post Slider has an excellent premium version with 25 slider designs, 30 carousel designs, and 8 grid box slider designs. It also boasts support for different page builders, including SiteOrigin Page Builder Native. Its WordPress templating features enable you to work with highly customized templates that suit your site’s brand.

Post Slider and Post Carousel

Post Slider and Post Carousel

Post Slider and Post Carousel is a fantastic WordPress post slider plugin that brings a refreshing approach to displaying your posts. It lets you showcase your posts in the most responsive sliders and carousels. Your sliders and carousels will look amazing on desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. Besides being surprisingly powerful, Post Slider and Post Carousel is also lightweight and fast. 

Further proving its versatility, this best post slider plugin for WordPress provides 2 shortcodes – one for post sliders and the other for post carousels – with each offering 2 designs. You also get one widget for vertical scrolling of the latest or recent posts. Another accommodation of the plugin is its support for more than one carousel slideshow per page.

The plugin lets you manipulate different settings on the sliders and carousels, including autoplay activation and speed. You can also decide whether to show or hide the carousel navigation arrow, carousel post meta, and post content. The speed of the carousel pagination is completely under your control.

The free version is quite the ride, with high customizability and compatibility, but the premium version takes things to another level. It brings 5 layouts and over 30 designs and throws in the Image lazy loading option so that all those visuals won’t slow down your pages and affect your SEO and user experience adversely. This version also lets you choose the thumbnails for your sliders. You can also order carousels and sliders by dragging and dropping them.

Ultimate Post Kit Addons for Elementor

Ultimate Post Kit Addons for Elementor

Ultimate Post Kit Addons for Elementor isn’t a post slider plugin first and foremost, but sliders and carousels are among its many offerings. Firstly, the most glaring feature of all is that it enables you to work on your sliders with the Elementor Page Builder’s drag & drop interface. What’s more, its designs are indisputably superior to most with top-quality graphics. The plugin is lightweight, which contributes to its speed and popularity.

All you have to do to add a slider or a carousel to your pages is choose the widget you fancy the most. Its widgets are highly responsive and easy to work with and around. You can activate and deactivate them all easily while operating from the robust dashboard of the Ultimate Post Kit Addons for Elementor.

The plugin comes with 7 slider widgets, the top of which are the Atlas Slider and Berlin Slider. One is best for showcasing videos, while the other one is ideal for a one-item hero page easily. You also get 5 carousel widgets that showcase your content on elegant post layouts.

The plugin’s premium version comes with various enhancements, including 21 PRO widgets. The multicolor item extension facilitates the easy creation of beautiful posts in a blend of different colors. The PRO plugin comes with premium support and an open live chat.

Ocean Posts Slider

Ocean Posts Slider

Ocean Posts Slider is one of the simplest WordPress post slider plugins. It allows you to choose your slider style from an array of options. You can select the number of posts you want to display and the size of the images you’ll show.

The ‘read more’ text is fully customizable, and you can choose to separate your slider and content with a space. You can exclude the post categories you want and pick the order in which the posts appear. The slides’ transition speed is also up to you.

Widget Post Slider

Widget Post Slider

Widget Post Slider is a fantastic option for carousel and slider displays of your posts. It allows you to showcase images from your posts along with their headlines. The option to display a brief slider comes with the help of a lightweight plugin. It loads fast and is user-friendly.

This WordPress post slider plugin avails a slider on widget option for easy addition of slides. With the flexible options Widget Post Slider offers, you can showcase unlimited posts on your sliders but also exercise limits on sliders. 

Post Sliders & Post Grids

Post Sliders & Grids is another excellent inclusion with its responsive make and beautiful layouts. It comes with all the good admin stuff, such as the exclusion and inclusion options of categories and post types. They can specify sorting criteria by author, date, title, comment count, and random, among others. The most important feature for the admin is the one-minute quick and easy slider creation.

With this best post slider plugin for WordPress, you can display any number of posts that you want. You can customize the height and width of the images that your sliders will display. You also get previews of your sliders before you publish. From the admin end, you can set the slider controls to showcase arrows to the right and left. Post Sliders & Post Grids supports captioning of posts.

The premium version of Post Sliders & Post Grids supports as many sliders as you have use for. It also supports the display of horizontal and vertical slider carousels, both of which have ticker (continuous) modes. All your sliders and carousels can work with 16 additional elegant effects. This version can easily play the role of a recent post slider.

Final Thoughts

There you have it: a range of wide of the best WordPress post slider plugins, their features, and their capabilities. Your choice will ultimately depend on your precise needs and preferences. We’ve highlighted the customization options of each, their ease of use, design options, admin control, speed, and display options.

Although all the options we’ve listed here are available at no cost, we’ve also included some information about the premium versions of those that have them available. Whether you go with a premium or free version, it will all depend on your budget and needs. You still have to remember that you can transform your website and brand by simply choosing the best WordPress post slider plugin for your site.

We appreciate you joining us on this ride as we explore the best post slider plugin for WordPress. Hopefully, you’ve gained some insight that will help you choose the best option for you—all the best as you create gorgeous sliders for increasing your user engagement and customer conversions. Cheers!

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