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Introducing our exclusive guide to the best Full Site Editing themes for WordPress!

Over the years, site creation has evolved so that we don’t need coding expertise to customize entire websites. Full Site Editing (FSE) is a refreshing feature that enables the easy customization of web pages with a visual customization interface right inside WordPress. It means you don’t have to integrate multiple plugins and themes to create your pages.

Why WordPress? WordPress is the content management system (CMS) of choice for most novice internet users because it has a wealth of themes, plugins, addons, and extensions. The freedom that WordPress affords developers has created the perfect environment for the development of many refreshing Full Site Editing themes.

Full Site Editing is a block-based editor that enables even novice users to change the content and appearance of entire websites easily by moving and editing content blocks. It essentially turns someone who has never touched a line of code in their life into a site creator who can create entire websites and add different functions. If you’re thinking of creating any type of website, there is a WordPress Full Site Editing theme to facilitate your straightforward process.

We’ve researched and tested the top cream of Full Site Editing WordPress themes to bring you the best ones in terms of their features, performance, customization options, and overall user experience. Our analysis takes into account all user needs, so there’s something for everyone. Whichever theme you choose to use for your site, you can rest assured that you will receive total control over every aspect of your site.

Let’s take a look at the best Full Site Editing themes for WordPress websites:

  1. Spectra One
  2. Kadence
  3. Prime FSE
  4. Tove
  5. Astra
  6. Wabi
  7. Bricksy
  8. Aino
  9. Gutena
  10. Blockpress

Spectra One

Spectra One - Full Site Editing themes for WordPress

Spectra One is undoubtedly one of the best Full Site Editing themes for WordPress websites. Its sleek and professional design is ideal for personal blogs, portfolios, companies, and businesses. It is also translation ready and supports right-to-left languages, such as Persian, Arabic, and Hebrew.

It offers different readymade block templates to fit different purposes and niches. You can use these templates to create custom layouts and the additional blocks it has for more complex layouts. With its FSE functionality, Spectra One enables you to edit templates for custom post types, archive pages, and single posts.

The Full Site Editing WordPress theme’s blocks are easy to use. They enable you to create attractive designs while saving you valuable time. Spectra One has innovative global styles whose consistency makes it easy to apply uniform elegance throughout your site. As you customize the blocks to create custom themes for the entire website, you can work with the colors, spacing, and typography of your choice.

Spectra One comes with fully customizable header and footer layouts. It also allows you to choose from several navigation menu locations. You will appreciate its seamless integration with the WordPress Customizer, which enables you to utilize WordPress’s visual customization interface. The user-friendly customizer is ideal for designing your site’s appearance, from fonts to colors.

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
Brainstorm Force4.8Mobile: 42
Desktop: 86
Free & Premium 


Kadence - Full Site Editing themes for WordPress

Kadence is a multipurpose Full Site Editing WordPress theme that stands out with free and paid versions. Its lightweight build translates into a fast-loading website. Still, the theme boasts a wealth of customization and design features. Its powerful theme settings allow you to customize options, such as global colors, branding, typography, and layouts.

This best Full Site Editing theme for WordPress gets you started with 9 different premade templates for different types of businesses. During the initial stages of your customization work, you will receive a prompt to install the Kadence Blocks plugin. After choosing the full site option, you will receive all the pages you need for a comprehensive website. You can decide to work with the images, menus, and custom settings that Kadence offers.

The free Kadence Blocks plugin gives you extensive control over your layouts and designs. It has an impressive list of blocks, including row layout, icon, icon list, advanced gallery, advanced heading, advanced button, tabs, table of contents, accordion, testimonials, and form. The versatile Kadence allows you to use either the Elementor page builder or the default Gutenberg block editor. However, you may prefer to work with the – most likely already familiar – Gutenberg editor.

Although the free versions of the Kadence theme and Kadence Blocks plugin have much to offer, you can go premium to get a lot more. The premium version of the plugin offers the most visual blocks, including video popup, image overlay, and product carousel. Although the free version has header layout settings, the pro version offers 19 extra header elements.

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
Ben Ritner – Kadence WP4.8Mobile: 99
Desktop: 100
Free & Premium 

Prime FSE

Prime FSE - Full site editing WordPress theme

Prime FSE is a free multipurpose starter theme for business websites built with the Full Site Editor. You can get started with a professional website and use its pre-crafted templates & patterns. If you want to make your website look as on the demo, you’ll be able to import the demo data in a few clicks.

With Prime FSE, you get access to 40 blocks and a library of ready-to-go templates by the Getwid addon. You are free to apply their creative styles. It’s worth noting that the Getwid collection includes the AI Writing Assistant block to facilitate the content generation process. 

The Mega Menu block can be installed to create a content-rich mega menu and streamline navigation on your site. The theme offers flexibility in customization on the global and individual block or pattern levels. 

The Prime FSE structure involves template parts, block patterns, and templates. 

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
RadiusTheme4.8Mobile: 56
Desktop: 55
Free & Premium 



Tove is a free multipurpose Full Site Editing theme for WordPress websites. Although it was initially created for restaurants and cafes, you can use the theme for any type of website. Since it is based entirely on Gutenberg, you can work with the default WordPress block builder. Elementor Page Builder is still a great option. Tove’s code is very light, which goes a long way in improving your website’s loading speed and user experience.

With Tove, you get to work with 40 block patterns for comprehensive pages with headers and footers. What’s more, the Full Site Editing WordPress theme allows you to work with a few innovative experimental blocks.

The 40 established block patterns are classifiable into 7 groups. The Call to Action category has 2 templates for vertical and horizontal calls to action. On the other hand, the Blog group comes with 5 templates for blog pages displayed in grid or list form. With the Header category, you get 6 distinct header templates, while Footer has 7, including credits and layouts with columns.

The other block categories are General, Hero, and Restaurant. Hero offers 4 templates for buttons, background, title, and text; General has 11 templates for price tables, testimonials, information banners, and social icons; Restaurant includes 8 templates for restaurant opening hours, reservation buttons, menus, and relevant information displays.

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
Anders Norén4.78Mobile: 99
Desktop: 98


Astra - Full Site Editing themes for WordPress

Like Kadence, Astra is the flagship product of a pioneering company, so despite it being free, its features are outstanding. If you want to import starter website templates, you will have to install the Starter Templates plugin by the same author. From there, you can customize your site using Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, Brizy, or Elementor Page Builder.

Astra offers an excellent drag & drop header and footer builder so that you can create pages with a combination of the best elements. The theme’s footer and navigation menu have excellent customizability, so you can add social icons, search bars, call-to-action buttons, or even the widgets you want. It also makes modifying the copyright text – which often requires the installation of extra plugins – straightforward.

Astra easily handles the typical customization options, such as typography, colors, menus, widgets, and backgrounds. Additionally, you get some special customization functions, such as the freedom to alter the width of your logo. All you have to do to showcase your content in full width is adjust the display to the nearest pixel. You can insert a breadcrumb below the title of your content, after your header, or inside the header.

Other customization options include the adjustment of the radii and color of buttons and the choice of the position of the sidebar display. The premium version, Astra Pro, adds about 20 features to the free one.

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
Brainstorm Force4.9Mobile: 90
Desktop: 98



Wabi is yet another superb block-based Full Site Editing WordPress theme. Wabi has a simple design that focuses on user-friendly typography and a flexible accent color system. These features make this theme perfect for writers and publishers.

With this best Full Site Editing theme for WordPress websites, you can use one of 6 distinct accent colors, which you get to work with the Global Styles interface. Apart from the two dynamic color schemes that Wabi offers – pinku and aoi, you also get to choose whether you want to work with the light or dark interface. You can work with the Site Editor to choose your preferred style from the Styles icon.

As you would expect from a top Full Site Editing WordPress theme, Wabi offers different block patterns for blog layouts, headlines, headers, and footers. The theme gives you excellent support for multilingual websites. Its clean and minimalist appearance gives you the opportunity to showcase excellent content or stories on a user-friendly interface. 

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
Rich Tabor5.00Mobile: 78
Desktop: 99



Bricksy is one of the best Full Site Editing themes for WordPress, with a contemporary block-based build. You get extensive control over your site’s appearance through the Global Styles panel, from the typography, global theme colors, and line height. Alternatively, this theme allows you to work with its block patterns in the Gutenberg block editor.

Bricksy boasts a lightweight build and some excellent practices that enhance page loading speeds that WordPress themes bring to websites. It also adheres to the latest WordPress stipulations for website user-friendliness. Therefore, this theme is highly responsive and mobile-friendly, so your users can enjoy your site from any device and orientation.

If it’s your first chance to create WordPress pages, Bricksy makes it easier with its premade layouts for headers, footers, and pages. The theme offers them as blocks, so all you have to do is drag whatever element you want and drop it onto your page. Bricksy supports WooCommerce, the WordPress eCommerce platform, straight out of the box.

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
Anariel Design4.Mobile: 94
Desktop: 97
Free & Premium



Aino is a top Full Site Editing WordPress theme whose combination of simplicity and elegance makes it perfect for magazines, personal blogs, photography websites, business, and eCommerce websites. It is highly customizable and comes with predefined layouts that you can use to craft your ideal pages. Aino has a growing library of block patterns (40+ at the time of writing) that are easy to work with in a drag & drop interface.

This best Full Site Editing theme for WordPress websites boasts Query patterns for showcasing sections of column posts. They are flexible, so you can place them anywhere you want. The blocks that Aino offers have many details and support extensive customization. Like Bricksy, this top theme also supports WooCommerce, so you can use it to create an online shop.

Other elements that the free version of Aino allows you to work with include customizable logos and menus. You can add your own logos and change everything else to match them. This theme is also translation-ready. 



Gutena is another simple, free, high-quality Full Site Editing WordPress theme. Using the One-Click Demo Import feature, you can bring in widgets, theme settings, and full website demos in a single click. Despite sounding a lot like Gutenberg, Gutena has no direct ties to the block builder, but it enhances its features with Gutena Kit.

Gutena Kit enables you to work with the most responsive typography as you edit your website with Gutenberg. What’s more, you can also now work with Global typography settings. Like it does the typography, Gutena Kit makes your spacing responsive. You can also work with group and column shadows and even display conditions as you edit.

Gutena gives access to many more element blocks through exclusive block plugins by its creators. If you want to add a contact form or any other type of form, you can use the Form block plugin with extreme freedom. You also get access to Rating and Testimonials plugins to improve your brand’s credibility.

Apart from its free plugins, Gutena offers many free demos and over 30 premade block patterns. The communication between your website and your users will be seamless with the extensibility of the theme. Gutena supports Instagram feeds so that you can get more users from the social platform. If email marketing is part of your plan, you will get to work with MailChimp and WP Mail SMTP.

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
ExpressTech Systems4.2Mobile: 89
Desktop: 90



Blockpress is a terrific block-based Full Site Editing WordPress theme with excellent performance and versatility. It also boasts excellent speed, which you can already guess from the 2kb it takes up for the required styles. Blockpress also has excellent SEO.

With its Full Site Editing capabilities, this theme enables you to personalize and brand your site easily. Blockpress has advanced global options that let you change the typography and colors on your site with a single click. You can overwrite the default theme palette and choose your preferred system element style. Blockpress lets you customize your colors and typography for separate blocks or for all of them. 

Animations are amazing for websites, and Blockpress brings an animation framework that adds sophistication to your pages. Your enhanced visuals will keep your website going because this theme has a robust, unique system for asset loading that only takes up 2kb in required assets. 

Blockpress has outstanding support for WooCommerce websites. It offers advanced WooCommerce pages with gorgeous and clean designs. What’s more, the WooCommerce styles are smaller than those in the default version by 3 times.

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
MotionBlocks4.8Mobile: 97
Desktop: 99

Final Thoughts

Summarily, Full Site Editing is a gem in the right hands. With its extensive control and customization options, developers and coding novices can easily handle WordPress websites. Thus far, we’ve been taking you through the technical realm of Full Site Editing and brought you the best free ones that WordPress has to offer.

After rigorous research and testing, we concluded that some options deserve special attention. Such themes as Spectra One, Kadence, Tove, and Astra have many features and versatility that suit all site creators. Their user-friendly interfaces, emancipating customization options, and superb incorporation with FSE make it easy for you to explore your creativity and bring out your brand identity.

As our needs evolve, so will Full Site Editing and compatible themes and plugins. We will be right here for it, but for now, take advantage of what the jewels we’ve outlined here for you have to offer. Best of luck as you create a masterpiece out of your website.

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