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The best way to take your education establishment online is by using an education theme to create an education website. Choosing the best free education WordPress theme from the post can save your time and money that you would otherwise need to invest in creating the website. An excellent theme allows you to make your courses available for your students to select and enroll. Your site will act as an administrative center for all your students, staff, and institutional activities. These themes may also have options for creating and managing online courses, assignments, and quizzes, allowing educators to deliver their content digitally.

Fortunately, in contemporary times, website creation has become significantly more effortless. With WordPress themes, one can establish a website without composing a solitary line of code. Moreover, the most noteworthy aspect is that outstanding education WordPress themes are readily available and entirely free.

You need to make a great first impression if you’re going to acquire new learners for your courses. A top-class theme gives you a beautiful website to capture the interest of your users. Please read through our catalog of the best free WordPress education themes and choose one.

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Best free education WordPress themes listed bellow:

  1. Education Hub
  2. Kids Education
  3. Educational Zone
  4. Clean Education
  5. Educenter

Education Hub

free wordpress themes for schools website

Education Hub is one of the best free education WordPress theme embodies the genius of simplicity with an elegant and unique feel to it. It works for institutions of all levels of education. However, if you have other plans, this theme works perfectly for different niches, apart from education, too. The theme works wonders for business and corporate sites as well. It is easy to use with adequate documentation as well as helpful support. If you want to reach users who don’t speak English, you can translate some of the pages to communicate with them.

The layout settings of Education Hub and incredible theme options make Education Hub highly customizable. The robust theme options panel is based on the powerful Customizer API framework. With this intuitive theme, you don’t need coding experience to create beautiful and professional websites. Featured images allow you to communicate specific messages to anyone who visits your site.

If you want to create blogs, Education Hub offers adequate pages for that. You can create custom backgrounds for all your pages as you create a brand. The custom colors also allow you to form a beautiful site since you can give all the elements the colors you want. You can also upload the logos of your institution to provide the site with a personal feel.

Page speed test results:

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
WEN Themes4.5Mobile: 82
Desktop: 88

Education Zone

education zone free wordpress themes for schools website

The popularity of Education Zone speaks volumes of its quality with 4,000+ active installations. Whichever your institution is, this theme promises to give it a beautiful and professional website. However, the versatility of this theme allows you to build any type of site.

Education Zone offers a custom menu to maximize user-friendliness for your learners and tutors. You can use the attractive banner to draw attention to upcoming events and other stuff. Another exciting feature is the stat counter, which calculates and displays any statistics concerning your institution. The courses section has an incredible design to facilitate easy course navigation and selection by learners. You can earn the confidence of your learners to be with testimonials from satisfied users.

You get a banner with a call to action button to stimulate increased conversions, such as ticket sales. Education Zone has social media integration so that your users can share your content and courses. With SEO readiness of this theme, internet users can find your institution easily as you rank highly on Google and other search engines. The developers have also optimized this theme for speed so that your pages load incredibly fast. If you want your site in a different language, you can translate it quickly.

Page speed test results:

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
Rara Theme5.00Mobile: 75
Desktop: 86

Education LMS

education lms theme free wordpress themes for schools website

Education LMS wordpress theme is a free education WordPress theme equipped with all the tools that your education site needs to help you run your institution smoothly. It features a clean and user-friendly design for colleges, high schools, universities, and any other education institution. This theme works seamlessly with the Elementor page builder so that you can manipulate the blocks of your site easily. The LearnPress plugin brings in all the tools you would need in a learning management system.

The custom header allows you to create a professional header that communicates the uniqueness of your institution. You can create profiles for your teachers too. Education LMS will enable learners to enroll in your courses from your site. It also offers many options for selling your courses online.

You can create as many courses as you’d like on your site and sell them. To make your courses popular, Education LMS comes with social icons with which they can be shared on social platforms. The featured slider draws the attention of the most casual users so that you can communicate your messages effectively. The footers of this theme accommodate widgets that make it easy for your users to use your site.

Page speed test results:

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
FilaThemes4.5Mobile: 82
Desktop: 81

Education Web

education web wordpress theme

Education Web is a one-of-a-kind free educational WordPress theme with more than 1,000 active installations to show. It works seamlessly with websites based on WordPress 4.7 version and higher. It has a gorgeous and versatile design. It can work for universities, colleges, and any other educational institutions. It has an intuitive and easy to use interface too. The robust theme options make customizing your website comfortable.

You can choose your background look since Education Web accommodates several media formats. You can select custom colors for every element of your website for beauty and relatability. So that you can stamp your identity on your site, you can add the logo of your institution. You can build a custom menu, which you’re comfortable using.

Education Web has right and left sidebars from which you can choose a favorite. With the functionality of the featured images, you can draw the attention of your users to images, which you need all your learners to view. The comments sections facilitate the display of threaded comments. You can translate your content into whatever language you like since Education Web is translation-ready.

Page speed test results:

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
Shiv Singh1Mobile: 82
Desktop: 92

Clean Education

clean education free wordpress theme

Clean Education is a user-friendly free WordPress theme for schools website that gives your users easy access to all your pages and sections. Since the layout is 100% responsive, your site looks gorgeous on any device on which it’s loaded. This theme has robust customization options and well-structured sections. From the course sections, learners can explore and select the courses they want to take. The tutors’ section allows learners to view the profiles of their tutors and inspire confidence.

Other functional sections include the recent news, which updates users on current occurrences that concern the institution. The events section notifies the learners of the events in the school calendar. In the testimonials, visitors can read your positive reviews and be convinced of the quality of what you offer.

This theme has a flexible header that can be tweaked to conform to your preferences. The front page posting feature allows you to choose your most important content, put it on the forefront, and create a perfect first impression. Clean Education supports several post formats for variety and efficiency. The sticky post allows you to choose a post, which you can let hover around and catch the attention of users to read. This theme is translation-ready.

Page speed test results:

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
Catch Themes5.00Mobile: 93
Desktop: 99


edu center wordpress free theme

If you’re after simplicity and elegance, you’ll love Educenter. It is fully customizable and responsive. It is available at no cost and is compatible with all kinds of education business websites. It is compatible with all devices – handheld ones and desktops. Creating a website is comfortable with the one-click demo import, which activates a demo for your entire site, complete with functional pages. Showcasing your team of tutors and other members of your institution in the team member section allows you to gain the trust of your visitors quickly.

Educenter is compatible with many page builder plugins that facilitate your site construction experience. Its custom settings include beautiful, customizable header layouts, which can take a logo for your institution. The call to action button is strategically placed so that you can make as many conversions as possible. Creating a list for your courses (where learners can access them easily) is a walk in the park.

This theme is compatible with other external plugins such as Contact Form 7, which facilitates the management of multiple contact forms. If the need arises, you can contact the friendly Educenter support team for help. The theme has extensive documentation to give you a comfortable user experience.

Page speed test results:

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
Sparkle WP5.00Mobile: 64
Desktop: 72

Education Park

best free education WordPress theme

Education is a fully responsive and flexible theme with myriads of layout and feature options. It has 2 homepage designs with which you can create the ideal first impression for your users. You can choose the template for your entire site from 3 template options, including the default one. The sidebar has 1 widget while the footer has 3 widgets. You can use the sidebar widget to create a two-column design.

It features social media options that allow sharing of courses and content from your website on social media sites. Education Park has a full-width education website template for your site. The custom menu will enable you to customize your site with an interface with which you’re most comfortable. The flexible header options include a custom header to match your other customized elements. Your footer accommodates several widgets that facilitate the convenient use of your website. 

You can use any post format, including images, text, and video, among others. This theme enables you to have a sticky post with which you can draw attention to a specific message. Not only is this theme translation ready, but it also supports RTL languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. The unbelievable theme options allow you to create a full-fledged website in no time at all.

Page speed test results:

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
yudleethemesNot AvailableMobile: 76
Desktop: 82

Education Master

best free wordpress themes for educational websites

Education Master is a versatile responsive theme for institutions of all kinds. It has all the features you need for a beautiful and fully functional educational site. Your website will look stunning with the premade full-width template. You can create three-column pages, a single column, or two-column ones. With the featured images, you can put up specific images for a given duration of time to communicate exclusive messages to all your stakeholders.

Your institution should have a logo to reflect your identity. The custom background allows you to attract attention to the posts you have on your pages. The custom menu will enable you to choose the dashboard from which you customize your site. The footer widgets increase the functionality of your pages.

The theme supports threaded comments to enable your users to follow the thoughts of their peers systematically. Education Master has left and right sidebars, which accommodate widgets. The theme options allow you to create a great site easily. If you want to offer a course or two in another language apart from English, you can translate this theme easily since it is translation-ready.

Page speed test results:

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
Theme Egg5.00Mobile: 82
Desktop: 86

Kindergarten Education

kindergarten education best free wordpress themes for educational websites

Kindergarten Education is a gorgeous and minimal free education WordPress theme for kindergarten school website. The minimalist design allows your content to take center stage, rather than focus on flashy unnecessary elements. This theme is tailored to drive conversions. It offers you an incredible slider for banners with a superb call to action button. The many shortcodes that come with the theme allow you to manipulate the functional features on your site easily. Being based on Bootstrap makes the development of the theme straightforward.

Its pages have been optimized for incredibly quick speed. The mobile-friendly design allows your visitors to access your site from phones comfortably. With its cross-browser compatibility, Kindergarten Education websites work seamlessly with all modern browsers. The SEO friendly coding enables your content and courses to rank high so that you can earn new learners quickly.

Kindergarten Education is fully compatible with WooCommerce and has page layouts to accommodate the sale of courses. Its secure and clean codes keep you from having to deal with any lines of code. Its customization and personalization interface and options are user-friendly so that you’ll have the best experience creating your online institution. It has translations for German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, and Arabic, among others.

Page speed test results:

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
buywptemplates4.5Mobile: 84
Desktop: 96

Educational Zone

free wordpress theme for school website

Educational Zone is a free education WordPress theme for schools website created for regular schools as well as training centers and coaching academies among other institutions. It has a classy design and a clean layout, along with numerous personalization options that allow you to modify your theme as you like. It is translation ready so that you can write your pages in whichever language you want.

Since it is retina ready, your entire site and its content will have a clear and sharp display on all devices. The minimal design of Educational Zone makes it easy for your visitors to be drawn to the vital stuff that drives conversions. The Bootstrap framework it is built on makes this theme a gem for developers looking to tweak it. It boasts rich incorporation of best SEO practices to give your content and courses the best ranks on search engines.

Educational Zone has a blog page where you can create content that engages your learners beyond classes. You can create custom backgrounds with the appearance and content of your choice. The custom colors allow you to change all your elements to the colors you want. Educational Zone has a grid layout for neatly arranged posts. It also has a full-width template.

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
themagnifico523.00Mobile: 97
Desktop: 98 

Academic Education

academic education wordpress theme

Academic Education is a versatile free educational WordPress theme for schools website, which you can use for tuition classes, coaching, blogging, and any business website. The news feature allows you to update your users on new and current events and issues concerning your institution. The filter feature makes the navigation of your site incredibly easy since visitors can simply search the page or course they are looking for.  

The testimonials section allows your impressed clients to help you attract new ones by bearing witness to your quality services. Social media links increase the publicity and traffic of your website, therefore improved conversion rates. The SEO optimization has unique and secure coding so that your data will be safe and your SEO activities enhanced. With WooCommerce compatibility of the theme, you can utilize WooCommerce to sell courses and study material such as books.

You can manipulate the customization options easily with Academic Education, boasting high customization viability. The shortcodes that come with the theme also enhance the customizability. You can use a personalized menu as you manage your site. This theme allows you to create posts with a variety of formats such as text, image, slider, and video.

Corporate Education

corporate education theme

Corporate Education is an eye-catching theme for all education-related purposes. It has many layouts that allow you to customize it and create an identity around your site. You can create a website with a post grid layout. You can use your background to catch and keep the attention of your users on the content of your pages. It has extensive styling options that you’ll have fun tweaking around.

The featured slider allows you to bring a story or announcement to the attention of all your users in an incredible slideshow. The widgets on your pages make access to your theme functionalities straightforward. The theme customizer allows you to enjoy the power of tweaking every inch of Corporate Education to create the site of your dreams. The custom logo functionality will enable you to upload and display your premade institution logo on your website. The custom header also gives you the freedom to decide what your header will contain and look like.

Your footers will accommodate widgets for added functionality. You should utilize the translation functionality of Corporate Education to deliver courses in whatever language you want. You can choose to display your sidebar on the left or right of your site.

Kids Education

kids education wordpress theme

Kids Education is a multipurpose free WordPress educational theme, which fits high schools, secondary schools, primary schools, kindergartens, and daycares. It has a colorful design and has a bunch of educative activities that engage children. By narrowing the scope of its purpose, the creators of this theme created a simple but incredibly fast website. Its extensive customization options allow you to style your site into a one-of-a-kind educational platform.

The featured menu slider can contain whatever content you’d like to display as you engage your learners attractively. You can customize your menus so that you handle your site on a menu that feels personal and familiar. The breadcrumbs keep track of the movements of a user within your website. The widgets make your pages more functional with easy access to various features.

Since Kids Education can be used for camps and other engaging activities, you can sell tickets for some from your site. WooCommerce compatibility of this theme enables the sale of tickets and courses. Learners can comment on your courses and content as your site displays threaded comments so that they’re easy to follow. You can use the robust theme options to change the content and appearance of your website.

Uni Education

free wordpress theme for school website

Uni Education is a creatively formulated theme with a lightweight build to facilitate its incredible loading speeds. It is SEO friendly so that your content ranks high on Google and other search engines. It is appropriate for universities, colleges, kindergartens, and all different levels of educational institutions. With customizer API, you can make changes to your theme effortlessly as you view the changes in a live preview. The widgets make it easy to access the functionalities of the theme.

You can choose between full-width and boxed layouts for your entire website. What’s more, you can display your page contents in a grid layout for easy access and elegance. You can showcase your content in single, double, or triple columns per page. As you post blogs on the available pages, you can allow the display of threaded comments straightforwardly.

Uni Education is compatible with all modern browsers such as Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The mobile design makes it an appealing option for academic institutions where millennials use their phones all the time. Since it is 100% responsive, your website will look dashing on all device screens. Uni Education is translation ready for any language you want.

Education Minimal

education minimal wordpress theme

As the name suggests, Education Minimal is a minimalist free wordpress theme for schools website and all kinds of educational websites. It comes with readymade demos that only need a few minutes to give you a fully functional website. The grid layout of your content makes your pages beautiful, and your content easy to navigate. Your pages can take up to three columns.

You can create incredible pages with custom backgrounds for all of them to make your beautiful site even more appealing. If you have a logo for your institution (which you should), this theme allows you to upload it and stamp your identity on the site. The custom menu is a fantastic feature that will enable you to work on your website using a menu with which you can identify. You can display news pieces on your site if you want.

Education Minimal accommodates threaded comments so that your users can find it easy to participate in discussions on your website. You can display the sidebars that accompany your content to the left or right. The featured images will draw the attention of your users towards your content and drive conversions. This theme is translatable.

Iqra Education

iqra education theme wordpress

For a great education website, Iqra Education is a fantastic option. All its elements are incredibly responsive for viewing on all screen sizes. It has high-speed optimization so that your pages load very fast. The custom colors of Iqra Education allow you to beautify all the elements on your website with the colors that you want. You can even give your background a color fill of your choice.

You can blog about an interesting topic on your site and allow discussions in the threaded comments. The custom header is big, and you can manipulate it to the look you prefer. You can insert your custom logo in there to make the site yours. The sticky post feature enables you to create content that will draw the attention of the reader to read it. Iqra Education is E-Commerce ready so that you can sell courses and learning materials on your site.

Iqra Education is fully translatable and supports RTL languages such as Arabic. It comes with a full-width template out of the box, and your content can appear on your pages in one or two columns. You can choose between grid and boxed layouts. 

VW Education Academy

VW education academy wordpress theme

VW Education Academy is a sophisticated and powerful WordPress theme designed to give you a full-fledged academic website in no time at all. It comes with an array of font options so that your content can be as readable as possible. You can change the default color schemes to get a result that matches the trademark of your institution. The custom background can morph to match whatever kind of institution you have in mind.

Its flexible design allows you to change its layout with options for boxed, full-width, and full-screen layouts. Since it is fully responsive, your visitors can smoothly access our site from any device. With social media connectivity, your content is sharable around various interactive platforms for increased traffic. VW Education supports all modern browsers. It is multilingual, so that you can create courses in different languages. It even supports RTL languages.

VW Education Academy is retina ready so that it gives your site high-resolution displays. It has many inner pages to help you create every functional one that you need to run your institution. The theme supports a variety of post formats so that you can engage your users and avoid being monotonous.

Free Education

free education wordpress theme

Free Education has a simple, clean, and user-friendly build so that you need no prior experience creating websites with it. Just as its name implies, it gives you a stellar education website at no cost. Among its powerful customization options are the header settings, which give your pages a unique and memorable look. The custom menu allows you to use a menu you’d prefer to the default one that comes with WordPress. You can upload the logo of your institution as you brand your website.

The social icons that come with Free Education give your users a straightforward gateway to share your content and courses on communication platforms. The shares increase your traffic and popularity. The featured slider gives your users an idea of what to expect in specific posts after capturing their attention. If users comment on your posts, the threaded comments facilitate orderly discussions on them.

Free Education is built with Free Education Helper and LearnPress plugins, which make it a complete education website with countless features. You can create your courses and sell them from your site. This theme has layouts that allow you to create blogs too..

HB Education

HB education wordpress theme

HB Education is yet another minimal free WordPress theme for education. It is simple and has a beautiful design, which is fully responsive to all device screen sizes. With a minimalist mindset, it is crafted only to incorporate the essential features that help you set up your website and operate it comfortably. The footer accommodates widgets, which make many functions of your website quickly accessible.

Since it is WooCommerce ready, you can sell books to your learners off the site. The services layout allows you to display the services you offer on your website. On the other hand, the blog layout enables you to talk to your users on any topic you’d like as they read and comment. They can learn from any browser on their devices because HB Education is cross-browser compatible. The custom background catches the attention of your visitors and makes them want to read your post content.

It is SEO optimized so that your content will have high rankings (on search engines), thus traffic. Social media integration also facilitates increased traffic to your site. HB Education is compatible with all popular WordPress plugins. The customer support is helpful and friendly and is available via email, online chats, and a support forum.

Education Method.

education method wordpress theme

Education Method is a practical and free education WordPress theme for all education institutions. Its flexibility allows you to use it for other purposes. Its layout is well organized and of high quality so that it has excellent visibility and loading speeds. Using the array of widgets available with the theme allows you to design your site beautifully. The footer accommodates these widgets, making them easy to retrieve.

You can utilize the team widget to display the team that makes your institution run smoothly. This feature and the testimonials are an unbelievable way of earning the trust of your visitors. Education Method allows you to display all your courses in one section from where users can select the courses they like. Using the E-Commerce functionality, they can then buy the courses they find appealing.

Education Method allows you to apply custom colors to every inch of your website. This theme has both left and right sidebars. Its pages can accommodate up to two columns for more straightforward navigation of content. This theme is translation ready if you’d like to have your site in a different language from the default one. Education Method offers a full-width template for your entire site right out of the box.

Final thoughts

To satisfy all your academic site needs, WordPress offers all these themes and more for free. However, WordPress has other themes that aren’t of top quality. If you want the best results, don’t go out of this list in your search for the best free WordPress education themes.

We have only compiled a few of the features of these themes. They have a lot more to offer you as you create a splendid website for your institution. Make your choice right now and have fun converting your education website into functional beauty.

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