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How to setup WP Testimonials Slider & Showcase PRO for WordPress

Please check step by step instruction how to setup WP Testimonials Slider & Showcase PRO version.

First Download the zip file then go Plugins=>Add New then select the zip file and upload.

or unzip the file and upload the folder in the plugin folder dir

then Active the plugin

You can Check Video Tutorial also

Step 1: After Active the plugin go to left menu and see “Testimonials Slider” First go to settings

1.1) General: Set the permalink.


1.2) Detail Page Fields Control: for custom css editor you can write own custom css here.

Please select which fields you want to display.

1.3) Form Field Control:

Please select which fields you want to display at form front end submission.

1.4) Re-Captcha Settings:

Please select Re-Captcha Keys to enable re-cpatcha in front end submission form.

1.5) Others- Custom CSS 

Write your own custom CSS in Appearance => Customize

STEP  2: Add New Testimonial

2.1) Name: Add user Name

2.2) Testimonial Text: Add testimonial Text

2.3) Designation: Add Designation

2.4) Company: Add Company Name

2.5) Location: Add Location

2.6) Rating: You can add user rating.

2.7) Video URL: If you want to use Video layout then set video here (Youtube/ Vimeo)

2.8) Social Media: You can set users social profile link.

2.9) Category: Select Category(S).

2.10)Tags: You can add Tags

2.11) Order: Set Order of testimonial

2.12) Featured Image: Set image

shortcode generator

Step 3: Shortcode Generator

3.1) Layout Settings:
3.1.1) Layout: First Select the Layout.

3.1.2) Column: Select how many column you wan to show Desktop/ Tab or Mobile.

3.1.3) Pagination: If want to Set Pagination then check it.

3.1.4) Image Size: Select image size or set custom size.

3.1.5) Image Type: Set image type Square or Circle.

3.1.6) Testimonial Limit: Set testimonial character limit.

3.1.7) Read More Text: Set read more button Text.

3.1.8) Margin: Set margin

3.1.9) Grid Style: Set Even or Masonry

3.1.10) Detail Page Link: Check for Yes.

3.1.11) Default image: You can set default image.

3.2) Logo Filtering: 

3.2.1) Include only: You can set specific ID by comma.

3.2.2) Exclude: You can set specific ID by comma.

3.2.3) Limit: Set how many want to display.

3.2.4) Categories: Select Categories

3.2.5) Tags: Select Tags

3.2.6) Taxonomy relation: Select relation

3.2.3) Order By: You can select order by option id, title, data, Random ..

3.2.4) Order: Set Order

3.3) Fields Selection:

You can select which fields you want to display.

3.4) Styling:

You can set Primary color work for Button Color.

3.4.1) Parent Class: you  can set a parent class for each shortcode.

3.4.2) Color Schema: You can set Primary color, Container background and Item background color.

3.4.3) Button Color: You can set button background & Text color.

3.4.4) Gutter / Padding: Set item to item padding.

3.4.5) Overlay Style: Set overlay color, opacity & padding.

3.4.6) Image Border Style: set border px, color and style.

3.4.7) Author Name: Set Author Name color, Font size, Weight & Alignment.

3.4.8) Author Bio: Set Author Bio color, Font size, Weight & Alignment.

3.4.9) Rating: Set Rating color, Font size, Weight & Alignment.

3.4.10) Social: Set Social color, Font size, Weight & Alignment.

3.4.11) Testimonial Style: Set color, Font size, font style, weight & Alignment.


4) How to add Grid Layout?

Go to Shortcode Generator => Layout Settings Tab => Then select “Grid Layout” then select others rated fields.

5) How to add Slider Layout?

From Shortcode Generator => Layout Settings => Layout (Select Slider Layout) then see below the Carousel property available check the property that you want to use.

6) How to use

From the Editor Logo icon click then a popup will show then select the Shortcode

Step 7) How to add front end submission

Use this shortcode [tss-testimonial-submit]

You can control fields from Settings

Enable Re-Captcha in form

Add your site key and secret key in the settings to enable re-captcha in the submit form.

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