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Are you new to the electrician business, or are you a veteran looking to take your career and business to the next level? If yes, then you are in the right place where you will find best electrical website templates. The industry has incredible demand and needs each player to show how good their services are. One of the best ways to do that is by allowing people to view what you’re offering, projects that you have completed before, and testimonials. These are just a few of the many functions that a website would do for you.

If you’re wondering where to start creating a new electrician website, then relax for we have the answer. We have assembled many website templates for electrical company use. Each template in here has a unique characteristic that sets it apart from the rest. Find out what each has to offer to figure out your path to achieving incredible success. Don’t forget to read another related post best construction website templates.

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Top electrical website templates listed bellow:

Template NamePrice
Electric Zone$17
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electron is the best electrical website templates

Being fresh in the market implies that Electron has all the new innovative features that you would want in a website template. We’ve checked out the template and loved it from start to finish. So they can make your work easier, this electrical services website templates comes with premade page templates that you only have to customize and start using. Since Electron is coded with Bootstrap, an incredible HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript framework, it is fully responsive and mobile-friendly.

One of the most appealing features of Electron is the Instagram plugin that comes preinstalled. This plugin allows you to design beautiful galleries from Instagram photos and videos to showcase attractive instances of what you can do. The ready Contact Form that comes with Electron is incredibly vital for getting in touch with the visitors who don’t visit your contact page. Electron is SEO optimized so that your pages and posts appear high in search engine results.

With parallax effects, Electron gives you stunning pages that draw your visitors to explore your content. The adorable scrollbar is customizable and allows your users a great navigation tool and further brand your website. To give your website the most excellent speed of any site, Electron avails the jQuery Lazy Loading feature that prevents the addition of images from slowing down your site.


electman is another nice electrical website templates

Electman is one of the best website templates for electrical companies and individuals. It is beautiful and has a beautiful design for an online presence. It is fully responsive and has been tested on all modern handheld devices. Some of the resources that you’ll need right away are pages that make your website a comprehensive tool for getting your clients and keeping them. The projects page that Electman offers will come in handy when you want to show your visitors what you or your company can do. The template also offers 3 homepage styles from which you can choose.

The blog pages that this electrical website templates comes with are critical if you’re hoping to achieve great SEO rankings. All you need to do is write captivating blogs and use backlinks to improve your SEO. Electman also offers testimonial pages so that your clients who have been impressed with your prowess can understand what it means to work with a professional like you.

Electman comes ready with compatibility with all modern browsers, including Chrome, Mozilla, E9 to E11, and Safari. It comes with pleasant transition effects, which – along with Google Fonts – give you a chance at creating the most stunning website.


best electrical website templates making electrical company website

Electrician is a clean HTML5 site template that suits all electrical company websites seamlessly. Few ways are more effective at catching potential clients than the robust Contact Forms that come with this electrical contractor website templates. You can even use the data that it helps you collect to launch remarketing campaigns. The clean HTML5 and CSS3 coding of the Electrician is perfect for your entire site’s smooth running.

The excellent coding of this template makes it fully responsive and mobile-friendly. What’s more, it has a fully fluid layout that makes it perfect for any device with any orientation. You have three ready homepages that are perfect for any classy website. You can use any of them and customize it to fit your brand. The Layer Slider is a splendid premium plugin that comes with this template. It makes it easy for you to create attractive sliders, galleries, and carousels with all the transition and animation effects that you want.

To give potential clients a quotation form, you only need to utilize the quotation form with a user validation feature and a step-by-step wizard that instructs them on how to fill the Form. The footer has a nice revealer effect that attracts particular clients.


electrical contractor website templates

Electric is an electrical company website templates that is perfect for any size of the company. It is fully responsive so that it appears beautiful on every user’s device. It is also Retina ready so that your visitors who use high-resolution display devices can see the best versions of your website. Additionally, this template is compatible with all modern browsers, so you don’t have to worry about your potential customers being unable to reach you.

You and your users will love the smooth parallax effects that come with Electric and make your pages look stunning and exceptional. To get into contact with your visitors, you can create unlimited forms with Contact Form that comes with Electric. If you want to improve conversions, you can use the data that the forms collect and use it for re-marketing campaigns.

Electric gives you 11+ inner pages that are easy to edit and brand. Using the Google Fonts that come with Electric, you can choose the most readable font combinations and utilize them on your site to create content that people enjoy reading. This electrical website templates also offers incredible support if you need clarification on something or get stuck with your customization. You can also use the extensive documentation to understand your template and manage to customize it more comfortably.


power is electrical services providing website templates

Apart from the fabulous look that you get with Power, you can expect enough features to make your website as comprehensive as possible. This website template for an electrical company is incredibly functional with the most robust Contact Forms. Many of your visitors will never get to your contact page; these contact forms come in handy here. Your conversions will depend on various other elements, too; for instance, how well you convince your visitors that you are their best shot at excellent services. You can do this by including testimonials from your former clients and their ratings.

Power is beautiful and Retina ready so that your visitors who are using high-resolution devices can see the best visual versions of your content. Every inch of your site is fully responsive and has the most fantastic mobile versions. Power offers many internal pages that come in handy if you want to go all out on a comprehensive and functional website. One of these pages is the team page – it is crucial for displaying the team you work with, as this builds trust with your visitors.

This electrical services website templates comes with the best support that has dedicated staff. Additionally, the cross-browser compatibility of Power is perfect for giving everyone everywhere access.


Electrolite is an electrical website templates that serves all your electrical company needs in a flash. Be sure of beautiful pages for your online with the stunning headers that you get with this template. The pages you end up with will be awesome, since the premade designs are already unbelievably gorgeous and only need you to brand them as your own. The dynamic PHP Contact Form is a fantastic tool for getting your visitors who would have otherwise left without converting to become buying customers. You can use the service pages to clarify the precise services and products that your company offers.

Since Electrolite is created with the latest Twitter Bootstrap version, your site will be more responsive than others. Additionally, the site will be easily editable. The responsive site you end up with will have fantastic footer reveal effects that make your website look as classy as possible. You can write your pages with the most readable fonts possible since Electrolite comes with hundreds of Google Fonts. You also have 2,000 Retina Icons to use on your website to make categories appear more captivating.

The Magnific Popup that comes with Electrolite is perfect for creating popup elements for what you want your visitors and users to find easily.


praha is the electrician website templates

Praha is an electrical company website templates that suits all companies and individuals who run electrical businesses. This template has a beautiful and exceptional design that is suited for your online web presence. It has a fully responsive design that has been tested on all contemporary handheld devices. Praha comes with numerous essential features for a comprehensive website, including multiple internal pages and external ones.

On the testimonial page, you can showcase the praises that you’ve been showered with by your adoring clients. You can proceed to include your entire team in the team page that shows who is behind your success; this inspires trust in potential clients. The blog pages are vital for attracting people who might be interested in your services. Furthermore, the backlinks that you may include in the blogs are crucial in improving your SEO rankings.

Being created with Bootstrap ensures that your site has several compatibility characteristics and ease of use. Apart from full responsiveness, a fluid, and mobile-friendly layout, you’ll enjoy the post grid layout that makes Praha easy to craft and use on various devices. Praha is also compatible with all major browsers.


Electricpro is another nice bootstrap HTML templates is an incredible electrical company website templates. It is particularly impressive when it comes to compatibility and wealth of features. Whatever you expect in an excellent template, including a responsive design, is just the icing on the cake with this electrical services website template. With the additional elements, such as the Slider Revolution plugin, you get the cherry on top! With this slider plugin, you can create slideshows anywhere on your site to showcase your projects and other content with Electricpro. What’s more, you get to save $26 by getting the plugin at no extra cost.

Electricpro has a pixel perfect design that shows incredible views on all devices. With the hundreds of Google Web Fonts, you can choose the most readable fonts that you want for your pages. You can write your categories with the FontAwesome Icons and make them and your pages look unique. This electrical contractor website templates comes with shutter stock images, which allows you to create content that is both attractive and relevant.

Electricpro is well-documented so that you can have a hand nearby in case you get stuck while using the template. What’s more, you have a dedicated support team on the ready to bail you out with any issues.


Repairzone is a one-of-a-kind template with all the features and elements that are necessary for a world-class website. Most users of this template have praised its ease of use compared with some standard counterparts out there. The Bootstrap Grid system is incredible for creating and displaying content. Repairzone is fully responsive so that it retains its incredibly sophisticated and professional look on any device.

The transition effects that come with Repairzone are hard not to gaze at; therefore, they pull your visitors to read your content and get interested in learning more about your services. The pages that matter most and the least ones are included with this electrical website templates. As you display images in your gallery, you can quickly draw conversions since you can showcase your past and ongoing projects and impress the buyer.

This website template for electrical companies has an FAQ page that is vital on your website for various reasons. For one, it offers a place where you can include backlinks and improve your SEO ratings. The testimonials are important in showcasing how intent your company is in guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Electric Zone

Electric Zone is a services website templates that suits all companies’ sizes with all the features and elements that you would need. The contact forms that are such an essential aspect of any business website are included in this template so that you can hook potential clients and get them to come back and make conversions. The smooth transition effects of this electrical contractor website templates are ideal for making your visitors not get bored of scrolling and navigating your website.

With cross-browser compatibility, you can get all your customers to reach every page of your website from any device and browser. The unique functionality and visuals are malleable, and you can tweak any element to suit your purposes. Your pages and content will appear elegant since you can write them with any font combinations. Sure, the font can’t make a potential client fall in love with your services or website; however, it can make a potential client lose tryst in your professionalism if it is below par.

Electric Zone’s extensive documentation is vital in making sure that you understand each element’s importance and how to go about customizing your website. Bootstrap blog template make it more professional.

Final Thoughts

You can get a site up and running efficiently with a good template. However, good isn’t always good enough; you need the best website templates for electrical companies to give you the best results. If you want to compete with the best, you have to use all you have. And now, you have 10 of the best electrical services website templates.

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