WooCommerce Page Builder for Elementor

Are you in search of the best WooCommerce page builder for Elementor? This is the best article to help you get the best one for your needs.

With more than 8.6 million live websites using it, Elementor is by far the most popular page builder for WordPress websites. It is incredibly user friendly and has a beginner-friendly drag & drop customization interface. Although it is quite impressive by itself, it has many third-party addons that liberate its true potential.

Most people who create WooCommerce websites prefer to use the page builder because of its WooCommerce shop builder addons.  They enable you to customize your WooCommerce website with all the benefits of the Elementor page builder. You can then change enhance the functions, design, and appearance of your entire website.

Why You Need a WooCommerce Page Builder for Elementor

There’s a likelihood you’re reading this without a clear idea on how these WooCommerce Elementor addons can help you. You may need their functions more than you know, and here is why:

  • Easier creation and customization of WooCommerce pages
  • Better results than regular WooCommerce pages
  • Advanced shop features to boost sales
  • Enhanced shopping experience and chances of return shoppers
  • Support for all payment gateways that you need
  • Easy management of stock images
  • Better features and modules for your shop
  • Better customer reach and higher conversion rate
  • Inbuilt templates to get you started faster

Best WooCommerce Addons for Elementor

WordPress has many WooCommerce shop builder addons and it could take you quite a long time to figure out the best one for you. This is why we laid out this catalog of sorts to bring you the best WooCommerce page builder plugins for Elementor. We’ve described their features as well as pricing for the premium ones.

List of WooCommerce page builder addon for Elementor:

  1. ShopBuilder
  2. ShopLentor
  3. ShopEngine
  4. CoDesigner
  5. ShopReady
  6. WooCommerce Page Builder for Elementor
  7. DHWCPage


ShopBuilder is a robust WooCommerce Builder for Elementor with outstanding features for creating shop pages on Elementor’s drag & drop interface. It comes with a powerful widget set that simplifies adding products to pages. What’s more, these widgets are customizable.

Although it allows you to create your own page layouts, ShopBuilder offers a range of premade product page templates that you can customize to suit your needs. It also has flexible checkout pages that allow you to work with elegant custom designs and insert extra fields for collecting customer information. ShopBuilder offers the possibility of customizing your cart page’s colors, typography, and layout.


ShopBuilder has several WooCommerce modules that enhance your online store’s appearance and atmosphere. They include the following:

  • Quick View Module – Once you utilize the Quick View feature, visitors to your shop page can browse through your products’ features without leaving the main page. It enhances the user-friendliness of your site as users view items quickly and conveniently. This module boosts your conversion rate, UX, and accessibility.
  • Products Compare Module – With this module, your users get to make informed decisions after comparing the features of different products on your website. It lets your users place multiple products side-by-side and choose the one with specifications matching their needs. The module has customizable comparison fields and presents user-friendly comparison tables whose results are filterable by price, category, and other criteria.
  • Wishlist Module – The Wishlist feature enables your users to create personal lists of products they’d like to refer to in the future. This module allows any user to access the products they have saved from their dashboard and move them simply from a Wishlist to Shopping Cart when they’re ready to purchase. The feature boosts customer engagement and sales.
  • Variation Swatches Module – This module comes by way of a robust plugin, and it lets you attach product swatches to display labels, images, and colors of different products. It substitutes the default dropdown fields of WooCommerce and makes it easy for your users to choose the product variations they want. You can exercise tooltip control and manage the tooltip background and font color and size as you choose whether you want rounded or square layouts.
  • Variation Gallery Module – This module also comes via a plugin, and it also changes how your shop displays product images. By default, you can only showcase one image per product variation on WooCommerce; however, this module lets you display additional images per variation. The robust module enables you to post self-hosted videos or embed them from YouTube and Vimeo.

Pre-made Templates:

ShopBuilder offers premade templates that you can import as you create your store instead of creating your own from scratch. They are elegant and fully customizable. These templates include the following: 6 shop page templates (including sidebar and list view options), 5 single product page templates, 2 cart layouts, and 4 checkout layouts.


Additionally, you get various responsive widgets, including General Widgets for All Pages, that include breadcrumbs, product grid layouts, product list layouts, product slider layouts, single category, product categories, and social share.

On the other hand, you have Widgets for Shop or Archive Pages. They include custom products archive, default products archive, archive description, archive title, result count, product ordering, and view mode.

You also get Widgets for the Product Detail Page, which include custom upsell products, custom upsell product slider, related product custom layout, custom related product slider, default upsell product, default related product, product title, product image, short description, product description, additional information, product rating, product price, product meta, product categories, product tags, product SKU, product stock, product add to cart, product notice, product review, product tabs, action buttons, and product share.

The Widgets for Cart Page include custom cross sell product layout, custom cross sell product slider, cross sell product, cart table, and cart total.

The My Account Page Widgets include an account dashboard, account navigation, account order status, account orders, account order table, account order billing, account order shipping, account order note, account order download, account order again button, account billing address, account shipping address, account address description, account details, account edit billing address, account edit shipping address, account downloads, account login registration form, and lost password form.The Order Thank You PageWidgets include order received text, order details summary, order details table, downloadable products, order billing address, and order shipping address.


ShopLentor - best WooCommerce Page Builder

ShopLentor is an outstanding WooCommerce addons plugin for Elementor with both free and premium versions for you. The WooCommerce template builder that the free plugin offers is ideal for creating refreshing shop templates. It enables you to create single product pages. ShopLentor comes with excellent Elementor WooCommerce widgets. One of them is the product and featured products slider widgets for highlighting different products elegantly. You can use the testimonial widget to display your site’s top reviews.

The display of your products on your shop page is up to you with the product grid and list options that ShopLentor provides. The grid is highly responsive to look outstanding on all devices. Your customers will have great experiences browsing your products with the advanced product sorting of this plugin. You won’t have to work with the default WooCommerce checkout page because this addon offers a Shopify-style checkout page.

ShopLentor provides a refreshing image gallery on which you can showcase whichever kind of products your shop sells. The plugin facilitates the disabling of the WooCommerce product gallery. You get to work with a robust sales WooCommerce countdown and discount schedule counter feature. ShopLentor lets you place action buttons in different positions on your shop page. With this addon, you have immense freedom with the colors and fonts. You can even customize the colors of the buttons.

ShopLentor has a paid version that has more than 100 WooCommerce Elementor widgets. More than 24 WooCommerce modules and 29 WordPress Gutenberg blocks are also available for creating your dream eCommerce shop. Among many more advantages of the premium version are the Zoom, Skype, TeamViewer, and Phone Call support. If you want help with setting up your shop, ShopLentor PRO allows you access to a maximum of two free setups.

Pricing: Free and $59

Key Features:

  • Product list and grid view
  • Different CTA button positions
  • Shopify-style checkout page
  • Many ready-to-use widgets
  • Multilanguage support
  • 100+ Elementor widgets (PRO)
  • 29 Gutenberg blocks (PRO)
  • 24 WooCommerce modules (PRO)
  • 2 free expert store setups (PRO)
  • Zoom, TeamViewer, Skype, and phone call support (PRO)


ShopEngine - WooCommerce shop Builder

ShopEngine is a comprehensive WooCommerce page builder for Elementor for creating the best possible pages for your shop. It gets you started with more than 50 widgets that suit your eCommerce website. With the premade templates that you get with this plugin, you can override the default or existing elements, including checkout pages, single pages, and shopping carts. You can enable or disable whichever ShopEngine widget or module you don’t need at any moment. Disabling modules means that you can enhance the speed of your pages.

WooCommerce comes with limited elements for showcasing product variations but ShopEngine will provide product variation swatches. This best WooCommerce page builder comes with product Quick View functions for a better user experience. Your customers can use the comparison table to aid their decisions on similar products. ShopEngine has a Wishlist module that lets users come later to purchase items they like but can’t purchase them instantly.

If you want to take advantage of the advanced AJAX filter and pagination features, your users will find shopping and browsing your shop page easy. This WooCommerce page builder for Elementor supports multiple languages, which is helpful if you want an international customer base. ShopEngine PRO comes with additional modules to make your customer experience even better. Its quick checkout module saves your users’ time by redirecting them to the checkout page instantly.

This paid version comes with a partial payment module that enables customers to pay for products partially and test them, effectively reducing cart abandonment cases. ShopEngine PRO also offers a preorder module so that users can make orders on products before they’re released. The backorder module enables you to stack your online shelves with products that customers actually want.

Pricing: Free and $59

Key Features:

  • Over 50 widgets
  • Product variation swatches
  • Wishlist module
  • Comparison table
  • Quick View module
  • Product list view
  • AJAX pagination and filters
  • Badge management (PRO)
  • Partial payment (PRO)
  • Quick checkout (PRO)
  • Currency switcher (PRO)


CoDesigner is superb WooCommerce Page Builder

CoDesigner is a superb wooCommmerce builder that made its name under the identity of Woolementor. You get to design your emails with the capabilities of this WooCommerce shop builder. It offers 11 mind blowing shop designs that also have corresponding highly customizable Elementor widgets. However, only 4 of the widgets are available in the free version; to access the other 7, you will have to purchase the premium version. The free ones include Shop Beauty, Shop Classic, and Shop Standard.

The product filters that come with CoDesigner make it easy for users to find what they want quickly. This plugin gives you amazing flexibility in the customization of your checkout page. You also get to decide the appearance of your cart with extensive personalization freedom. Not only do you get shop page templates with CoDesigner, but you also have premade headers and footers to work with.

Like ShopEngine, CoDesigner comes with a Wishlist and Pricing Tables to increase the conversion rates of your web shop. If your users have any questions, you can take care of them without wasting time using the FAQs that the addon avails. You also get a beautiful image gallery that you can use to display the best of your product and brand pictures. CoDesigner comes with a My Account feature that lets users keep track of their activity on your site.

Apart from offering the 7 widgets of the beautiful shop designs, the paid version of CoDesigner offers additional field customization widgets. Your users can customize their billing and shipping addresses. With the premium version of the plugin has a thank you screen, login at checkout, multiple payment methods, and other features. The free version comes with the horizontal filter widget; CoDesigner PRO has a vertical filter too.

Pricing: Free and $49.99

Key Features:

  • Image gallery
  • Shop, header, and footer templates
  • Product filters
  • Copy and paste across domains
  • Pricing tables
  • Wishlist
  • Sales notifications
  • Vertical filter widget (PRO)
  • 3 additional fancy pricing tables (PRO)
  • Related products displays on table (PRO)


ShopReady - WooCommerce builders

ShopReady is a superb and dynamic plugin for creating the best WooCommerce shops using the Elementor page builder. The free version of the plugin offers a basic but effective template builder for creating almost every WooCommerce element that you want. You can display your products beautifully on product grids, tabs, and sliders. ShopReady has an off canvas cart, side cart, and mini cart, all of which enable you to display and avail shopping carts easily to your users.

You can set the action buttons to appear in different positions. You will find it easy to add the WooCommerce Add to Cart button for all your products so that user purchases will be smooth. If you want to increase sales in a particular period, you can display the discount schedule counter that ShopReady avails. A stock progress bar is available to remind you the number of items you have for each product so that you and your users know how many are left at any given moment.

ShopReady offers testimonials that can influence potential buyers to trust your products. the WooCommerce page builder for Elementor comes with the product image accordion and accordion listing for elegant displays. This free version even comes with a special day offer banner for holiday offers. What’s more, each product can have a scan-ready QR Code.

The ShopReady PRO version offers many more different elements and features, including the One-Click Demo Import for easily bringing in your preferred templates. It also comes with sales notifications that tells your visitors who has just made purchases. The flash sale countdown module will be an excellent tool for spelling the urgency of selling certain products on offer.

Pricing: $49

Key Features:

  • Mega Menu
  • Side, mini, and off canvas cart
  • Footer and header builder
  • Testimonials
  • Product QR Code
  • AJAX Add to Cart
  • Slider control options
  • Sales notifications (PRO)
  • Flash sale countdown (PRO)
  • Currency switcher (PRO)
  • Flying cart animation (PRO)
  • Massive template library (PRO)

WooCommerce Page Builder for Elementor

WooCommerce Page Builder for Elementor

WooCommerce Page Builder for Elementor is an incredible premium addon for creating the best eCommerce shops in WordPress. You can use its builder interface to create single product, product archive, shop category, and tag pages with no coding experience needed. It offers a special builder for creating your cart page and empty cart too. WooCommerce Page Builder for Elementor enables you to build other essential pages, including the Checkout, Thank You, and My Account pages.

You will find it easy to install and configure the settings of this WooCommerce page builder for Elementor. If you have particular font families and styles for your brand look in mind, this plugin enables you to customize and personalize them. You don’t have to build as many layouts as you have products; you can create one layout that applies to them all. The addon enables you to build different layouts that are specific to different categories and tags. You can also make every product appear different from the next.

If you’d like to make your work even easier, you can work with the plugin’s set of rich shortcodes that will also be incredibly easy to use. Unlike the free plugins, this one enables you to import demos of premade templates with a single click. You also get a lifetime of free updates from the creators of the addon. With its premium build, you also get compatibility with other WooCommerce addons, including memberships, subscriptions, points and rewards, bookings, multivendor, auction, and many more.

Pricing: $29

Key Features:

  • Single product page builder
  • Shop page builder
  • My Account page builder
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Support for font family and style change
  • Build single templates for all products
  • Build category-specific templates
  • Highly compatible with all WooCommerce plugins



DHWCPage is unique in this list in that it is crafted for the WPBakery Page Builder rather than Elementor Page Builder. It requires this page builder or the Fusion Builder in Avada theme to function. It is just as easy to install and configure as the WooCommerce Page Builder for Elementor. Its support for WooCommerce shortcodes means that you can create and add elements to your shop by simply inserting premade shortcodes.

It comes with various demo pages, including cart, checkout, My Account, and single products pages. The custom checkout page will support the checkout field editor so that you can add as many custom fields as you want. You can disable and reorder the fields with the DHWCPage editor. What’s more, you also get to work with custom image sliders for single products, including vertical, horizontal, and overlay. This best WooCommerce page builder for WPBakery lets you showcase the product description and review separately without tabs.

Like the WooCommerce Page Builder for Elementor, DHWCPage enables you to create single product layouts that differ by categories and product types. The product types that it lets you work with include virtual, downloadable, variable, grouped and simple products. Alternatively, you can create different layouts for each product. DHWCPage overrides the default templates of your theme and lets you to allows you to edit them within it (the shop builder plugin).

Pricing: $29

Key Features:

  • User friendly
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Based on WPBakery Page Builder
  • Overrides default templates
  • Full support for WooCommerce shortcodes
  • Supports creation of product by categories and product types

Final Thoughts: The Top WooCommerce Shop Builder for Elementor

Hopefully, you’ve already figured out the WooCommerce page builder for Elementor that will suit your unique shop needs. If you’re yet to choose one, you can weigh your options based on factors like your budget and unique needs. The free WooCommerce shop builders on this list are great, but you may notice that the premium options have more beneficial features. However, the free ones can suffice if you have budgetary constraints.

You can actually choose and use more than one WooCommerce builder addon for Elementor on your website. The downside to having more than one is that, as you add plugins to your site, your site becomes slower; choose your poison. All the best with your online shop venture!

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