WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Plugin

Two of the most important aspects of the success of an eCommerce shop are the shopping experience and checkout process. These two largely account for converting potential customers who are casually browsing your website into buyers. Therefore, ensuring a smooth experience for your users as they add items to shopping carts and check out would be wise. This is why top online shops go for WooCommerce checkout field editor plugins.

What WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Plugins Do

By itself, WooCommerce is a powerful and flexible eCommerce platform for WordPress websites. Despite its ease of use and excellent performance, its default checkout form rarely aligns with unique business and branding needs. This is where WooCommerce checkout field editor plugins come into play.

A typical checkout field editor plugin is a customizable toolkit for editing the elements and fields on your website’s checkout page. Its basic function is transforming basic checkout pages into flexible and efficient sales tools. Some of the ways through which you can utilize the plugin include adding shipping details, special instructions, personalized messages, or removing unnecessary fields.

Generally speaking, having such a plugin frees you to:

  • Forster trust and credibility among your customers
  • Streamline your site’s overall shopping experience
  • Collect vital marketing data
  • Gradually improve and optimize checkout based on assembled insights

Let’s dive into the crème de la crème of the WooCommerce checkout field editor plugins as we examine their top features simply but in depth.

The Top 10 WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Plugins

  1. ShopBuilder
  2. Checkout Field Editor by ThemeHigh
  3. Checkout Field Manager by QuadLayers
  4. Flexible Checkout Fields
  5. Checkout Field Editor by Acowebs
  6. WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor by Jcodex
  7. Custom WooCommerce Checkout Fields Editor by ThemeLocation
  8. Extra Checkout Options
  9. WooCommerce Easy Checkout Field Editor
  10. WooCommerce Checkout Fields Manager



ShopBuilder is a robust WooCommerce plugin that works seamlessly with Elementor. It is a genuine powerhouse, armed with a plethora of tools to redesign your WooCommerce layouts. These include an Elementor templates builder for WooCommerce and an impressive array of 36+ widgets for single, cart, and archive pages. A key aspect of ShopBuilder’s functionality is its seamless integration with Elementor WooCommerce Builder Addons, which opens a wide door of design options and flexibility.

Dynamic Checkout and Cart Pages:

ShopBuilder boasts several highly customizable checkout pages. The plugin also empowers you to create personalized checkout designs from scratch and gather additional customer information during the checkout process. Users can explore cart page customization, tweaking everything from layout and color schemes to cross-sell opportunities and typography choices.

Other Page Inclusions:

ShopBuilder comes with various premade templates for product pages that you can customize to your unique needs. If you prefer it, you can create your own pages from scratch with the help of the Elementor Page Builder. The plugin also offers archive pages that have the option of showcasing products in list and grid views. They also have excellent attribute-based filters. 

Streamlined Layout Import:

Another one of ShopBuilder’s strengths lies in its ability to ease the design process. Users can effortlessly import predefined, eye-catching layouts for various WooCommerce pages, saving you both time and effort. This feature is ideal for a professional look without the hassle of starting from scratch.

Premium Modules:

ShopBuilder offers some modules that facilitate further user-friendly features that are geared toward boosting conversions. The Quick View Module enables product preview popups with detailed product information and an add-to-cart button. With the Product Compare Module, your customers can compare different products and choose one easily. They can place prices, features, shipping options, size, weight, and other product factors side by side to aid their decision.

Another ShopBuilder module is the Wishlist Module, which lets customers create personalized product collections for future purchases. This plugin also grants you access to another plugin called Variation Swatches, which switches traditional select fields into radio, colors, labels, and images. On the other hand, the Variation Gallery for WooCommerce plugin gives you access to showcase extra images as a gallery for every product variation.

Optimization and Customization:

ShopBuilder places optimization at the forefront and within your reach. You can enable or disable widgets and modules, ensuring your page loads swiftly without unnecessary bloat. What’s more, it offers extensive styling options for all page components, allowing you to achieve the precise aesthetic you envision, all without the need for coding skills.

Versatility and Compatibility:

ShopBuilder isn’t just powerful; it’s versatile too. It boasts multi-language support and compatibility with popular themes. What’s more, it easily adapts to custom themes, offering seamless integration. You can effortlessly override templates and widget behavior, granting you the flexibility needed to make your WooCommerce store truly unique.

Why ShopBuilder?

  • 5 Premium modules
  • 50+ functional WooCommerce widgets
  • Seamless with Elementor Page Builder and Elementor WooCommerce Builder Addons
  • Multiple premade checkout, cart, product, and archive pages
  • Easy page import
  • Stunning styling options

Checkout Field Editor by ThemeHigh

Checkout Field Editor

Checkout Field Editor revolutionizes the WooCommerce shopping experience with its variety of features for the management of WooCommerce checkout fields. 

Streamlined Field Management

This plugin lets you work with 20 different types of checkout fields on your WooCommerce checkout page. You have complete control to edit custom and default fields to meet varying business requirements. If certain default WooCommerce checkout fields are unnecessary for your store, simply delete them. Checkout Field Editor also offers an easy checkbox option to enable or disable custom checkout fields, simplifying the checkout process for customers.

Intuitive Field Positioning

Positioning checkout fields is a breeze with the intuitive drag-and-drop functionality provided by the plugin. This feature enables you to display checkout fields at different locations, ensuring a seamless and optimized checkout process. Additionally, you can add custom CSS classes to style your checkout form, enhancing customer engagement and branding.

Efficient Communication and Validation

To streamline communication and information management, you can choose to showcase or hide custom checkout fields in order details pages and emails. This customization ensures that you never miss valuable data from your customers. Checkout Field Editor also offers robust validation options, including the ability to validate default and custom checkout fields, preventing errors and ensuring data accuracy in your WooCommerce store.

PRO Features

You can upgrade to the Pro version to unlock a host of premium features that take your WooCommerce store to the next level. This version enables you to add custom checkout sections beyond the default Billing, Shipping, and Additional sections, providing a tailored and streamlined checkout experience. With support for up to 24 field types, including file uploads, you can effortlessly collect a wide range of information.

Conditional Display and Custom Validations

In the Pro version, you will enjoy the conditional display of custom fields, custom validations, and the ability to create confirm field validators for comparisons. This advanced functionality adds a layer of customization and validation to your checkout process, ensuring a seamless and error-free customer experience.

Dynamic Pricing Options

The Pro version introduces price fields with various pricing options, including fixed prices, custom prices, and percentages of cart totals. This empowers you to offer dynamic pricing options and additional revenue streams for your online store.

Advanced Customization and Compatibility

Customize address display formats, set repeat rules for custom fields and sections, and tap into developer-friendly hooks for advanced customization. Checkout Field Editor also boasts compatibility with third-party plugins like WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips, WooCommerce Customer / Order CSV Export, and Zapier, expanding its versatility for online store owners.

Global Reach with Multi-language Support

With support for multiple languages through the WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML), Checkout Field Editor caters to a global audience effectively. This feature ensures that language barriers do not hinder your store’s growth and accessibility to diverse customers worldwide.

Pricing: Free version and a Premium version at $49

Why Checkout Field Editor?

  • Intuitive drag & drop field positioning
  • Conditional field display (PRO)
  • Versatile pricing options (PRO)
  • Multilingual support (PRO)
  • High customizability (PRO)

Checkout Field Manager by QuadLayers

Checkout Field Manager, also known as Checkout Manager, is flexible with fields that can be related to billing, shipping, or additional information sections, giving you complete control over the checkout experience. It lets you reorder, rename, highlight, hide, or extend WooCommerce core and custom fields within these sections.

Conditional Fields for Enhanced Control

Checkout Field Manager allows you to dynamically show or hide fields based on specific values within their parent fields. It intuitively detects the parent field type and provides options for selecting values based on available choices. This conditional logic streamlines the checkout process, making it more user-friendly and efficient.

Simplify File Uploads

With this plugin, you can simplify the process of collecting uploaded files from customers. You have the ability to include an unlimited number of files of various types within fields. Users can easily upload or delete files directly through the order page.

Customize the Checkout Process

Checkout Field Manager allows for comprehensive customization of the checkout process. You can choose to include or reduce the number of fields collected during checkout, tailoring it to your specific business requirements. The plugin seamlessly integrates billing data into the checkout page, ensuring all necessary information is collected to meet your company’s needs.

Streamlined Shipping and Account Options

This plugin offers options to streamline the shipping and account creation processes. You can remove the toggle checkbox for shipping fields, ensuring they are always displayed and requiring users to complete them. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose whether to include or remove the account creation step during the purchase process. If selected, user accounts will be automatically created with the email provided in the billing fields.

Enhance User Experience

Checkout Field Manager allows you to remove order notes from the checkout form, streamlining the user experience and simplifying the checkout process. Additionally, you can include custom messages before or after the checkout form. These messages serve as engagement actions to express gratitude and enhance the overall shopping experience for your customers.

PRO Features

With these premium features, you gain full control and customization options for your WooCommerce store’s checkout process, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your business needs.

Filtering and Sorting

Premium features include the ability to filter checkout fields based on cart subtotal, display or hide checkbox fields in various areas such as accounts, checkout, orders, emails, or invoices, and add pricing based on checkout field values. You can also display checkout fields in the orders admin table list, allowing for easy sorting and filtering.

Cart and Checkout on One Page

The premium version even offers the convenience of having both the WooCommerce cart and checkout on the same page, simplifying the shopping process for your customers. 

Pricing: Free version and Premium one for $49.

Why Checkout Field Manager?

  • Conditional checkout fields
  • Force to include shipping address
  • Force to create account
  • Allow sorting and filtering on admin (PRO)
  • WooCommerce upload file (PRO)
  • Filter checkout fields based on cart subtotal (PRO)

Flexible Checkout Fields

Flexible Checkout Fields

Flexible Checkout Fields is designed to make the purchasing experience as seamless as possible for your users. It offers a single-page checkout option in a single click, simplifying the entire process.

Personalize Delivery

One standout feature of Flexible Checkout Fields is its ability to allow for delivery personalization. You can manage a variety of fields in WooCommerce, including text fields, time pickers, date pickers, checkboxes, color pickers, and file uploads in the WooCommerce checkout. This level of customization ensures that customers can tailor their orders to their specific preferences and needs.

Customize WooCommerce Fields

Flexible Checkout Fields provides comprehensive control over WooCommerce fields. You can add WooCommerce VAT ID numbers, create custom checkout fields, set prices based on dates, and even implement a checkout phone validator to ensure accurate information collection.

Multilingual Capabilities

The plugin is multilanguage-ready and compatible with WPML and Polylang, enabling you to translate field data into other languages. This feature ensures that your WooCommerce store can cater to a global audience, breaking language barriers and expanding your reach.

PRO Features

Custom Field Sections 

In the Pro version of Flexible Checkout Fields, you gain access to custom field sections. Beyond the Billing, Shipping, and Order sections, you can add fields to 12 additional checkout sections. These sections include “Before Customer Details,” “After Customer Details,” and many more. Developers can also utilize corresponding hooks for advanced customization.

Conditional Logic for Fields, Shipping Methods, Products, and Categories

The Pro version enables conditional logic for fields, allowing you to show or hide fields based on the values of other fields. Whether it’s checkboxes, radio buttons, or select options, you have the flexibility to create dynamic and responsive checkout forms.

Conditional logic extends to shipping methods where you can show or hide fields based on the selected shipping method. Flexible Checkout Fields Premium also offers conditional logic based on products and categories in the cart, including variable products.

Why Flexible Checkout Fields?

  • Show and hide fields
  • Field labels and placeholders
  • Color, date, and time pickers
  • Conditional logic (PRO)
  • Custom field sections (PRO)

Checkout Field Editor by Acowebs

checkout field editor by acowebs

Checkout Field Editor is a versatile plugin designed to empower WooCommerce store owners with full control over their checkout fields.

Flexible Field Customization and Management

With Checkout Field Editor, you have the flexibility to add entirely new fields to the checkout page, allowing you to collect additional information from your customers as needed. Furthermore, the plugin enables you to effortlessly change the order of fields, offering drag-and-drop functionality for adjusting field positions.

The plugin offers the option to hide default WooCommerce checkout fields that may not be relevant to your business. Moreover, you can easily enable or disable WooCommerce checkout fields as needed.

Visibility in Order Details and Emails

Checkout Field Editor ensures that the data filled out by customers in checkout fields is easily accessible. You can view this information in both order details and order confirmation emails, facilitating seamless order processing and customer communication.

Customization at Your Fingertips

The plugin goes a step further by allowing you to adjust the column width of fields, offering the flexibility to display them in half or full width on the checkout page. Additionally, you can apply custom CSS classes to individual checkout fields, achieving the desired styling and layout.

Multilingual Compatibility

Checkout Field Editor caters to a global audience by providing support for multilingual plugins such as WPML and Polylang. This ensures that your checkout fields are accessible and user-friendly for customers worldwide, breaking language barriers and expanding your reach.

PRO Features

For those seeking advanced customization and functionality, the PRO version of Checkout Field Editor offers a wide array of powerful features. These include an impressive selection of 24+ field types, conditional checkout fields, and conditional checkout sections. You can set up conditional rules based on various factors, including existing fields, products, product variations, categories, user roles, shipping methods, and payment methods.

Create Custom Sections

With the PRO version, you can create entirely new sections beyond the default ones, providing a tailored shopping experience for your customers. These new sections can be positioned at 13 different locations, offering even greater flexibility in structuring your checkout page.

Custom Validation and Pricing

The PRO version allows for custom validation rules using RegEx for text and textarea input, ensuring data accuracy. Additionally, you can add extra fees based on field selections, providing dynamic pricing options. There’s even an option to add tax for the extra fees added, ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

Pricing: Free version plus Paid version at $39

Why Checkout Field Editor?

  • Extensive control over checkout fields
  • Hide, enable, and disable checkout fields
  • Show submitted fields on order emails
  • Multilingual support
  • Conditional checkout fields and sections (PRO)
  • Price based on field selection option (PRO)

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor by Jcodex

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor offers a comprehensive set of features to enhance the checkout process for your WooCommerce store. With a wide selection of 17 custom checkout field types, you have the flexibility to collect specific information from your customers during checkout. Whether it’s text, email, password, phone, text area, select, multi-select, checkbox, radio, or more, this plugin empowers you to tailor your checkout fields to your unique needs.

Conditional Display for Precision

One standout feature is the ability to display fields conditionally, ensuring that customers see only the information relevant to their purchase. Not just fields, but you can also display entire sections conditionally, providing a dynamic and user-friendly shopping experience.

Enhanced Validation and Compatibility

Custom validations further refine the checkout process, ensuring data accuracy and completeness. This plugin is built with compatibility in mind, seamlessly integrating with other plugins, allowing you to expand its functionality and meet specific business requirements effortlessly.

Shipping and Payment and Zapier Integration

Tailoring the checkout experience extends to shipping and payment options. You can display fields based on selected shipping methods or payment methods, offering a personalized and efficient purchase journey.

Zapier support opens up a world of possibilities for automating tasks and integrating with various applications. It streamlines processes and simplifies your workflow, ultimately saving you time and effort.

Dynamic Pricing and Address Display

Price fields with a set of price types enable you to add extra costs based on field selections, allowing for dynamic pricing options. You can also change the address display format to match your specific requirements, ensuring consistency and clarity.

User-Friendly Reset and Multilingual Support

With WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor, you can reset all settings with a single click, making it easy to start fresh or make adjustments as needed. This plugin is also WPML compatible, providing multilingual support to reach a global audience effectively.

Developer-Friendly Customization

For developers, WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor offers custom hooks to extend and customize its functionality even further. This developer-friendly approach ensures that the plugin can adapt to your specific needs and integrate seamlessly with your WooCommerce store.

PRO Features

It’s important to note that while the first 9 field types are accessible for free to add and update, including Text, Email, Password, Phone, Text area, Select, Multi-Select, Checkout, and Radio, the remaining field types, such as file upload, hidden, heading, custom text, checkbox group, date picker, and time picker, are available only with the premium version of the WooCommerce checkout field editor. 

Pricing: Free version and Paid version at $39

Why WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor?

  • 17 custom checkout fields
  • Conditional fields display
  • Zapier support
  • One click to reset all settings
  • WPML compatible
  • 24+ checkout field types (PRO)

Custom WooCommerce Checkout Fields Editor by ThemeLocation

Custom WooCommerce Checkout Fields Editor is a robust plugin designed to elevate your WooCommerce store’s checkout process.

Customization Flexibility

With the free version of the Custom WooCommerce Checkout Fields Editor plugin, you gain essential tools to tailor your WooCommerce checkout process. You have the power to add, edit, or delete custom fields, ensuring that you collect the specific information your business needs. Each checkout field can be labeled and given a placeholder to guide users effectively.

Rearrange Fields with Ease

Field organization becomes effortless with the ability to reorder fields, allowing you to structure them precisely on the WooCommerce checkout page. Additionally, custom fields can seamlessly integrate into the additional fields section, and the data gathered can be conveniently displayed on Orders Page and Emails for efficient order management and customer communication.

Streamlined Field Control

Customization extends to enabling or disabling WooCommerce fields, putting you in control of the data you collect. If necessary, you can reset checkout fields to their default settings, providing flexibility in managing your checkout fields. The plugin also enables you to rearrange fields on the WooCommerce Register page, optimizing user experience.

PRO Features

Enhance User Profiles

The premium version of Custom WooCommerce Checkout Fields Editor opens up a new realm of possibilities. You can add, edit, or delete custom fields on the MyAccount page, offering users a comprehensive profile experience.

Dynamic Field Display

Conditional field display is a standout feature in the premium version, enabling fields to appear or disappear based on various conditions, such as cart contents, cart subtotal, cart total, user roles, and product attributes.

Strategically Placed Sections

The premium version introduces conditional sections, allowing you to display sections based on specific criteria. These sections can be strategically placed at various points in the checkout process.

Dynamic Pricing Options

Price fields are another powerful addition, allowing you to add extra charges based on field selections. You have the flexibility to choose from various price types, including fixed price, percentage of subtotal, custom price, percentage of cart total, and more.

Pricing: Free version and Paid version at $29

Why Custom WooCommerce Checkout Fields Editor?

  • Add, edit, and delete custom fields
  • Add placeholders in every checkout field
  • Reorder and change checkout fields
  • Conditional section and field display (PRO)
  • Add price fields and Choose price type (PRO)
  • Multiple file upload and time and date picker (PRO)

Extra Checkout Options

Extra Checkout Options is a versatile plugin that offers both free and paid addons on the checkout page, allowing you to craft a checkout experience that suits your unique business needs. With this flexibility, you can seamlessly integrate additional features and services into the checkout process, enhancing user satisfaction and maximizing sales potential.

Smart Conditional Logic for Precision

One standout feature of this plugin is its advanced conditional logic capabilities. You can effortlessly show or hide options based on the values or variations selected by the customer. This dynamic functionality ensures that customers see only relevant choices, simplifying their decision-making process and streamlining the checkout experience.

Empower Pricing with Math Functions and Formula

Extra Checkout Options empowers you with pricing options that extend beyond simple calculations. You can utilize math functions and formulas to set precise prices based on the selected options, enabling dynamic and customized pricing for your products or services.

Total Control Over Field Positions

This plugin provides full positional control of fields, allowing you to arrange them precisely as you envision on the checkout page. This level of customization ensures that your checkout form is not only aesthetically pleasing but also optimally structured for user convenience.

Real-time Updates and Validation

Extra Checkout Options excels in providing real-time updates and validation. As customers select different options, the plugin automatically updates the checkout details accordingly, keeping the order summary accurate and transparent. Moreover, inbuilt JavaScript form validation and server-side verification guarantee that the information collected is error-free and trustworthy.

Streamlined User Experience and Translation Support

This plugin offers the option to limit checkbox selection, preventing customers from making unintended choices. Additionally, Extra Checkout Options is WPML translation-ready, ensuring that your checkout process can be seamlessly presented in multiple languages. This feature is essential for reaching a global audience and breaking language barriers.

Pricing: $29 (to work, it requires the $49 WooCommerce Extra Product Options by the same author)

Why WooCommerce Extra Checkout Options?

  • Smart conditional logic
  • JavaScript form validation and server-side verification
  • Automatically updating order details with changes in options
  • Free and paid addons on checkout page

WooCommerce Easy Checkout Field Editor

WooCommerce Easy Checkout Field Editor is a top-tier plugin that empowers you with the ability to create a truly tailored checkout experience. With its conditional checkout fields feature, you can dynamically show or hide fields based on the values of other checkout fields. This level of control ensures that customers encounter only the information relevant to their purchase, simplifying the process and enhancing user satisfaction.

Streamlined My Account and Address Editing

The plugin extends its functionality to the My Account/Edit Address Page, allowing users to conveniently edit and manage their address details. This integration provides a seamless experience for customers, making it easy for them to update their information as needed.

Flexible Pricing and Field Management

WooCommerce Easy Checkout Field Editor takes pricing and field management to the next level. You can add fees to orders based on chosen field values, enabling you to implement dynamic pricing strategies. This feature supports various field types, including text, text area, date picker, select, and multi-select. Additionally, the plugin offers the ability to edit and manage default WooCommerce checkout fields, giving you full control over the checkout process.

Effortless Customization

The plugin simplifies the process of adding new custom fields to the existing Shipping and Billing Address Form. You can also easily reorder custom fields using a user-friendly drag & drop interface. Field management becomes even more accessible with a field preview in the admin panel, allowing you to fine-tune the checkout experience to perfection.

Detailed Field Visibility

WooCommerce Easy Checkout Field Editor ensures that customers’ submitted field details are visible at various crucial touchpoints. This includes the order edition page, order emails, order confirmation and view order pages, and WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips invoices. This comprehensive field display ensures transparency and clarity throughout the customer journey.

Advanced Conditional Logic

The plugin offers advanced conditional logic options, allowing you to display fields only if the cart contains specified products or products from certain categories. This level of specificity ensures that fields are shown precisely when relevant, enhancing the user experience.

Real-time Payment and Shipping Visibility

WooCommerce Easy Checkout Field Editor also offers real-time visibility control based on the chosen payment gateway and shipping method. Fields can be hidden or shown dynamically, and this feature operates seamlessly without requiring page refreshes. You can even set conditional child fields that depend on specific payment gateways and shipping methods, further optimizing the checkout process.

Pricing: $19

Why WooCommerce Easy Checkout Field Editor?

  • Extensive conditional field settings
  • Date and time range picker options
  • Display submitted details in order emails, edition page, and invoice and packing slips
  • Display of fields under my account and address page
  • Delete default WooCommerce checkout fields
  • Support extra fields

WooCommerce Checkout Fields Manager

WooCommerce Checkout Fields Manager

WooCommerce Easy Checkout Field Editor simplifies the management of default checkout fields. With this plugin, you gain complete control over default fields, allowing you to edit, hide, specify whether they are required or optional, and arrange their order. 

Expand Your Checkout Possibilities

Unlock a wealth of customization options by adding 15 different field types to your checkout page. Whether you need additional information, billing details, or shipping specifics, this plugin provides the tools to cater to your unique requirements.

Tailor Checkout Sections

WooCommerce Easy Checkout Field Editor enables you to insert fields into different sections of the checkout page. You can include fields in the Additional Information section to collect supplementary data, in the Billing section for extra billing details, or in the Shipment section to gather specific shipping information.

Full Visibility Across Order Stages

The extra fields you add using this plugin are not hidden away. They are prominently displayed in crucial areas of your WooCommerce setup. Customers can view these fields in the Order Detail Page, enhancing transparency. Furthermore, the additional fields are showcased in the Invoice Email and the My Account section, providing users easy access to their submitted information.

Conditional Fields and Pricing

Customize your checkout experience with conditional or dependent fields, ensuring that customers see only what’s relevant to them. You can also set prices for each field, offering dynamic pricing options. This level of customization allows you to tailor your pricing strategy to customer choices effectively.

Streamlined Checkout Field Management

With WooCommerce Easy Checkout Field Editor, adding and organizing fields is a breeze. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface simplifies the process of adding new fields and arranging their order to match your preferences. Fields can be displayed in full or half-width, offering a visually appealing and organized checkout layout.

Total Control Over Field Display

Whether you want to make fields mandatory or optional, this plugin gives you full control. You can also choose to display custom fields on the Order and Thank You pages, enhancing the post-purchase experience for customers.

Pricing: $25

Why WooCommerce Checkout Fields Manager?

  • 15 types of fields
  • Set prices for each field
  • Add fields to any checkout section
  • Powerful conditional fields
  • Manage and delete default WooCommerce checkout fields

Conclusion: Choosing the Top WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Plugin

These top WooCommerce checkout field editor plugins offer diverse solutions to cater to your unique business needs. From effortlessly managing default fields to seamlessly integrating custom fields with conditional logic and dynamic pricing, these plugins enhance user experience and streamline order processing.

With the ability to collect specific customer information at the right stage of the checkout journey, they offer an excellent blend of customization and convenience. The inclusion of additional fields in order details, emails, and invoices ensures transparency and clarity for both customers and administrators.

Whether you’re looking to modify default fields, add new ones, or implement complex conditional logic, these plugins empower you to take control of your WooCommerce checkout process. Explore the possibilities, tailor your checkout fields, and elevate your online store’s efficiency and user satisfaction with these remarkable WooCommerce checkout field editor plugins.

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