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Having one of the best recipe website templates gives you a massive head start when creating a recipe website. You could be a blogger or company attempting to share recipes, books, or products. Also, if you aren’t a developer, you most possibly aren’t a web coding expert. If this is you, then you possibly do understand how invaluable it is to have a template when creating your site.

There are many template authors and templates out there, and this abundance gives you many options. However, this situation has a downside too. There are many substandard templates, and choosing the best one isn’t easy. We decided to help you out and choose the best templates, test them and come up with the crème de la crème. This is why we prepared this catalog of the best recipe website templates. Take a look and decide which template has the features that you prefer. You might be interested to find best recipe WordPress theme if you want to setup website in WordPress.

Best recipe website templates details bellow:

  1. Ranna – Food Recipes Website Template
  2. RecipePress
  3. Chow
  4. BellaMotel
  5. Spcica
  6. Cookiteer
  7. SocialChef
  8. SocialChef
  9. Food Recipes
  10. Deliciousa

🥇Ranna – Recipe WordPress Theme🥇

Ranna specially designed for food enthusiasts, bloggers, and chefs, this theme boasts a modern and captivating layout, seamless recipe integration, and easy customization options. Showcase your delectable creations and engage your audience with this exceptional theme.

Ranna – Food Recipes Website Template

Ranna - food recipes website template

Ranna is a superb cookbook website template that is based on the Bootstrap framework. It boasts a wealth of features and layout options, including 21 HTML pages. It offers 2 different homepages from which you can choose your favorite and customize for uniqueness. You can showcase your recipes on any of the 4 recipe page detail pages Ranna comes with. This template also comes with 2 post detail pages, which you can use for other kinds of posts.

Ranna has a lot of display enhancement features, starting from its fully responsive and mobile-friendly layouts. This cooking website template has a clean and modern design too. The smooth transition effects it offers make it fun browsing your pages, and they don’t affect your site’s speed. If you want to showcase some of your content as elegantly and attention-grabbing as possible, you can use sliders. Ranna comes with the Owl Carousel Slider and Nivo Slider.

You can get the feedback of your users easily since this template comes with an Ajax-powered contact form. If you want to direct them to any location, you can utilize its Google Map with an API key. Ranna is compatible with all modern browsers, such as Firefox, IE 11+, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Writing your posts using readable and stylish fonts is important. You can choose your font combinations from the hundreds of Google Fonts that Ranna avails.


RecipePress - recipes website templates html

RecipePress is an HTML template whose focus on the food and recipe niche makes it very effective. Its purpose-oriented design is the reason you get 2 recipe listing layout variations and 2 more for the recipe detail layout. It offers six stunning homepage variations with over 15 separate sections! RecipePress has 3 footer variations with which you can create footers with features, such as social and contact links. The 4 slider variations that come with this template are ideal for showcasing visual content attractively.

RecipePress is carefully crafted and has valid code that’s written in line with the best market practices so that your website gets good search engine rankings. The quality of the code also makes this cookbook website template easy to customize. RecipePress has well-commented sections and explanations where necessary. It comes with rich and helpful HTML-based documentation that helps you around all of its features.

RecipePress has some chef listing templates on which you can list the chefs and other team members in your establishment. This cooking website template comes with a contact page that contains Google Maps that are easy to configure. You can consult the documentation for this. With RecipePress, you get to engage your visitors with a nicely designed news page.


Chow - recipe website templates

Chow is a genuine culinary template that will allow you to share recipes and cooking advice with a vast audience. The cooking website template is SEO friendly and is compatible with SEO enhancement extensions. It also comes with support, which means that both people and search engines will understand your content. Therefore, Chow can enable your recipe content to display as rich Google snippets. This template presents the ideal solution for creating and managing recipe content.

You can create your recipes and allow for various features, including searching by ingredients. The advanced search functions that come with Chow are available on a special page. Your visitors can search for your recipes by ingredients, cooking time, or/and level. This allows your visitors to type anything they have in their fridge into the search box, find and print a recipe, and cook. Your users can also submit recipes using the advanced form that this cooking website template has to offer.

Chow lets you assemble your users to start an onsite community. The dashboard it has gives the registered users the option to mark their favorite recipes and submit their own recipes. This cookbook website has a fantastic review system that enables your users to rate the reviews they like. These ratings can be showcased on rich Google snippets. Your users can edit their own recipes extensively.


BellaMotel - recipe website templates

BellaMotel is another elegant cooking website template with designs for restaurants and food businesses. Among the niche-specific features, it offers is the food menu for displaying the meals you have available. The pricing table is ideal for showcasing the prices of anything that you sell. If you want to allow table or room reservations on your website, you can make use of the BellaMotel reservation features. The shop pages this cookbook website template offers allow you to sell merchandise, books, and any other physical or digital goods.

Among the premium inclusions that you get with BellaMotel is the Slider Revolution. This addon offers a fantastic way of presenting your content gorgeously with animation effects. As you embellish your website and content, you want to brand it at the same time. BellaMotel allows you to do this by providing you with unlimited color themes. What’s more, you get 3 basic color themes with an easy-switch element so that you can choose either quickly.

BellaMotel comes with a reservation and booking form, which brings order to your table and room reservations. The clean design of this cooking website template makes your website easily navigable. Its elegant dropdown menu has multiple levels, enhancing the clean nature of your pages. BellaMotel gives you massive control of the elements on your pages with its many shortcodes. As you create your blog and shop pages, you can choose to have 2, 3, or 4 columns.


Spcica - cooking website template

Since Spcica is based on the 1170 Bootstrap framework, it is 100% fluid and responsive on all devices. It has many modern and unique designs in files that are bundled into the documentation files. This enables you to change anything easily. Spcica is pixel perfect and allows your site to support Retina and HiDPI displays. This feature enables your website to showcase the most compelling meal images elegantly.

You get hundreds of Google Fonts, so you can choose the combinations that are both readable and identifiable with your brand. Spcica comes with free icons but allows you to upload your own custom ones. Your users can access your website using various modern browsers since this cookbook website template is cross-browser compatible. Spcica accommodates up to 4+ columns for the display of the content on your pages.

Spcica has 14 basic pages that satisfy various needs, starting with 2 beautiful homepages. You get 2 recipe page variations for all your recipes and a single recipe page for individual recipe details. What’s more, you also have a recipe page that has the option to include a video. Spcica gives you login and registration pages that give your users a smooth experience. The template gets an Error 404 page too.


Cookiteer - cookbook website template

Cookiteer is a food and recipe template with a clean and elegant layout. It comes with well-documented HTML, CSS, and JS files. Every line of code that is used on this cooking website template has been validated fully. Cookiteer lets you choose the layout bundle you want and apply it to your website quickly in a few documented steps. Once you purchase this template, you can always expect to have the latest innovative features because Cookiteer has regular updates.

Unlike most other templates in this list, this cookbook website template isn’t Retina ready. However, it is still fully responsive and has mobile-friendly layouts. Cookiteer works smoothly with modern browsers, including IE11+, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge. The template is compatible with both Bootstrap 4.0 and AngularJS 6.0. The support that the author of this template offers is timely and dependable.

If you understand how important blogging can be, you will make use of the 3 blog styles and 3 blog detail styles. Writing your blogs and other pages with readable fonts is vital, and Cookiteer offers hundreds of Google Fonts to choose from. You get 5 banner styles to work with if you want to display an announcement of sorts. The full integration of a shop in Cookiteer gives you the freedom to sell anything you need.



SocialChef is an exceptional template that’s crafted with a responsive design that your users will enjoy. You have over 2300 premium font icons that you can use on any of your sections and categories. You can utilize the working contact form in collecting various sorts of information from your users. Such information includes recipes, recommendations, and complaints. SocialChef supports language translation, including right-to-left languages, such as Persian, Arabic, and Hebrew.

SocialChef is created with valid HTML5 and CSS3 coding. This cooking website template comes with an advanced search form that enables users to find recipes easily. You also get 2 recipe pages to choose from so you can display all your recipes gorgeously. SocialChef has a single recipe page, too, on which you can display the recipe details. Your users receive a special page with which they can upload their own recipes. The pricing page you get with this cookbook website template is ideal for showcasing the prices for membership plans and other items you’re selling.

The blogs you write on your site will appear on the blog page that SocialChef has to offer. You also have an elegant page for specific blog posts. Your users will get to use the contact, login, and registration pages to interact and come to your site. SocialChef accommodates with the use of animations that make your content more attractive.

Food Recipes

Food Recipes

Food Recipes presents a mouthwatering design for your website. All 14 hand-coded HTML files have excellent documentation and are easily customizable. The template offers 5 slider design variations for your homepages. One of them is the left image slider that allows you to display your images on a slider with animation effects. Food Recipe comes with the Nivo Slider, which you can use on your homepage. The other alternative is the basic slider and thumbnail slider. The latter option is a great way of showcasing horizontal thumbnails below the homepage slider.

The recipe detail page of Food Recipes allows you 2 beautiful variations. One lets you display images, a slider, and a sidebar. This is quite optimal for showcasing as much recipe content as possible while maintaining a clean layout. The other one allows images and a gallery with a carousel and a much wider content area. With Food Recipes, you also get a services page on which you can let your visitors know about all the services you have on offer.

If you intend to put up blog posts, you can be sure that your site will rank better on Google and other search engines. The blog posts listing page lets you have a sidebar, pagination, and elegant photo to boot. The blog post detail page accommodates comments from your users. Food Recipes lets you display Twitter updates in the footers of your site. The contact page of this cookbook website template has Google Maps and Ajax-based functionality.

Recipes Food

Recipes Food is a clean and superb template for food and recipe websites. The template includes over 96 hand-crafted HTML files for various purposes. All its code is adequately documented, which makes it easily customizable. Recipes Food is also fully translatable. What’s more, it supports RTL languages like Arabic. This template is 100% responsive, so your users can view the best versions of your website on all screen sizes. It is also Retina ready, so your users can view the best versions of your site.

The unique and modern design that comes with Recipes Food gives you a website that your users will love. This cookbook website template is also multipurpose and versatile, which means that you can utilize your site for more than one function. It comes with Google Fonts used on its pages and sections. You can choose the font combinations you prefer so that you can brand your site and write with readable fonts.

Recipes Food comes with 9 homepage styles that give you massive freedom. Once you choose the homepage you want, you can customize it extensively. Your other pages and sections have unlimited layouts to choose from, so you can customize them extensively. The Slider Revolution addon that comes with Recipes Food gives you the most incredible way of displaying visual content. You can use any color that you want for your entire site as well as individual pages and sections.


cooking website template

Deliciousa is a feature-rich cooking website template whose elegance is undeniable. It comes with 5+ elegant and functional reservation pages on which you can allow your users to book meals, tables, and beds if you offer any. You get 4+ single recipe pages that give you various options to work with as you display the recipes you and your recipes. Deliciousa has 15+ recipe listing pages to work with for all your recipes.

The 16+ footer and 14+ header layouts that come with the template are more than enough. Deliciousa comes with vertical and horizontal header options to give you a wide variety of options. You get multiple blog layouts to work with for marketing, advertising, and engaging visitors. The events calendar that comes with Deliciousa lets you have an organized display of the events that you have in line. One of the unique features of this template is its mega carousel menu, a feature that allows the elegant display of your menu content.

Deliciousa has a unique and fully responsive design with great coding, including Sass, HTML5, jQuery, CSS3, and W3C. The Magnific Popup is perfect for showcasing any popup content. On the other hand, your users can respond to your content using the Ajax contact form. You have Font Awesome and Flat Icons icon fonts to work with as you make your site’s content more appealing.

Winding Up

You now know the best cooking website templates with which you can create your site quickly. The templates in this carefully chosen list give you a website that has excellent optimization. They are also highly extensible, which means that you can add to their features and capabilities. Therefore, don’t let the lack of one feature that you can add through an addon prevent you from using a template you like. You can take a look at other pages on our site and see if our other listings appeal to you. Enjoy creating your website and actualizing your imagination and vision.

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