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Best Real Estate Website Template
23Dec, 2020

Real estate is more of a free-flowing industry than most; therefore, competitors need to evaluate and implement the best systems into their operations to keep abreast. This is why you’re seeking a real estate website template to help you create a website. Having a website puts a real estate agent or agency in a position of higher productivity and endows them with more business.

A website presents a platform on which your potential clients can acquire all the information they need to know about the properties you’re dealing with. They also get your contact details and get to see your portfolio. Therefore, your potential clients can easily decide the properties they’re interested in and only contact you to seal the deal. Since creating a website from scratch is unnecessarily costly and arduous, we’ve assembled a catalog of the best real estate website templates. Take a look and choose the one that tickles your fancy.

Top real estate website HTML website templates are described bellow:


real estate website template

Xero is a feature-rich HTML5 template whose layout and features are perfect for real estate-related websites. This real estate website template is Bootstrap-based, which translates into a fully responsive and mobile-friendly theme. This real estate website template is also Retina ready so that it supports stellar displays on high-resolution devices. The smooth operation of this real estate website relies on its W3C validated HTML5 and CSS3 coding.

Xero offers over 70 HTML files that are ready for use on your site. Among them are 8 attractive homepage layouts perfect for any real estate establishment. Each property should have an individual page to showcase its details; you get to choose the single property page layouts from 3 choices. Although you can have the colors you want, this real estate website template for HTML websites comes with 12 predefined color schemes, which allow you to get started faster.

Xero supports the carousel slider so you can display the details of your properties stylishly. The fonts on your website should draw visitors to read your content; this realtor website template grants you access to hundreds of Google Fonts to choose from. Xero uses WOW animations that make your site ever more elegant.


NEER is one of the best real estate website templates. It has an exceptional, professional, contemporary, and clean layout. The template is highly customizable and allows you to personalize it extensively so you can brand your site. NEER has 7 exceptional homepages, which you can choose from for your ideal identity. You can decide how you want to display individual properties with the options of 3 single property page layouts.

About 47% of all mobile internet subscribers use handheld devices; this makes it vital for every excellent website to be mobile-friendly. For your website to be found by visitors easily, you’ll need its SEO optimization to be top-notch. NEER is mobile and SEO website template. This real estate website template is Bootstrap based. This implies that it is fully responsive and has a mobile-first design. Your users will, therefore, find it easy to find and use.

NEER is integrated with Google and Leaflet maps so that you can show your potential clients where the real estate properties they’re interested in are located. The awesome mega menu that comes with this real estate website template is perfect for managing the entire website. Images will describe most of your property listings best, while the filterable image gallery will make it easy for your users to find your property images.


best real estate website template

People often shun multipurpose templates for not focusing on one niche exhaustively. However, Uniland is an amazing choice with the features and elements it presents for real estate agents and property developers. It still manages to maintain its simplicity and ease of customization. This real estate website template has a Bootstrap 12 column grid system that makes it easy to organize your content. The Bootstrap system that comes Uniland makes your website fully responsive and mobile-friendly.

Uniland has amazing coding, which is perfect for the backend development of websites. This real estate website template has more than 80 HTML files. Of these files, you have 12 homepages, which are easy to apply to your site. This real estate website template for HTML sites is translatable, so you can use any language on your site. Furthermore, Uniland has a right to left content version for languages, such as Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew.

This realtor website template makes for a pixel perfect website that looks great on all devices. The jQuery parallax system that comes with Uniland makes for the most elegant displays of your property listings. Apart from having a clean and minimal design, this real estate website template is fast loading so your visitors will never grow weary of waiting for your pages to load.


findeo is the real estate website

If you need a bonafide real estate template, Findeo could be your ideal real estate website template. This template is created by an elite author, which almost guarantees you a top-quality website creation tool. Findeo comes with an integration of the Google API; therefore, you have versatile choices for your map displays. The performance optimization features of this template are immense, as is evident on GTmetrix.com. The page speed of this real estate website templates HTML pages is as good as 99%.

Your visitors will need to compare the options you have on your website before settling on one; Findeo allows them to do so on a pixel-perfect comparison menu interface and a single page that facilitates side by side comparison of property listings. With Findeo – one of the best real estate agent website templates – you receive 2,080 icons for 53 different categories. All these icons are pixel perfect and work perfectly with android, iOS, and all web browsers.

This real estate website template is compatible with Bootstrap, making it work seamlessly on all mobile devices, including tablets, smartphones, laptops, and netbooks. It is touch-friendly and has very smooth swipe responses. The pricing tables that come with Findeo are also very responsive.


Nest is another real estate website

NEST presents a comprehensive package of real estate establishment solutions. It is a premium real estate website template for HTML websites that works with exemplary responsiveness. Since it is built with Twitter Bootstrap framework, NEST is also mobile-friendly since Bootstrap is a mobile-first framework. You get 5 extraordinary homepages that are perfect for your company or practice. Your real estate website should be navigable, and your property listings should be easy to find. With this real estate website template for HTML websites, you get 8 variations of search options with advanced search filters.

With NEST, you receive more than 60 inner pages with details that match real estate websites. All you have to do is edit and personalize them to match your preferences. The template also offers property listing pages and property detail viewing options. If you run a real estate firm, you will need agent and agency pages that showcase your company’s details and employees. With this realtor website template, you can showcase a page of your listings with maps that denote their locations.

NEST is one of the best real estate investor website templates because of its readymade templates and its fully responsive and mobile-friendly layout. The multi-level dropdown menu makes for a minimal page layout too.

Find Houses

A clean and contemporary user interface is one of the best real estate agent website templates’ earmarks. Find Houses has a stylish UI and many features that make the operations of sites seamless in this industry. With this real estate website template, you can present your property listings in grid or list views. Your website users can conduct advanced property filter searches so they can trace the properties they’re interested in quickly.

Find Houses has a property map with an API key so your visitors can evaluate whether they like your properties’ locations. Find Houses has 20 layouts for your homepages, which enables you to choose how you want to communicate with your visitors. For instance, the map homepage attracts your visitors to your listings, which might influence driving conversions. The home image slider allows you to showcase images of multiple listings to entice clients.

On the other hand, this real estate website template has 6 variations for single property page layouts. The property listing page could be a full grid, list with sidebar, full-width list, grid with sidebar, grid with a top map, and a half map grid. The compatibility features of Find Houses include full responsiveness to all devices and cross-browser compatibility.

Real Spaces

To convince a potential client that the property you have is worth their money is no easy feat, which is why you need a real estate website template with great visuals and other display features. Real Spaces is not only 100% responsive on all devices, but it is also Retina ready, so your users whose devices have high-resolution displays view the best possible images.

This real estate website template for HTML sites has a newsletter form with which your users can subscribe to your periodic newsletters. Having newsletter subscribers gives you access to their email information so you can create remarketing campaigns, which will work wonders for your conversions. Real Spaces offers many blog layout options so you can attract your visitors with your blog content. The blogs also contribute to your SEO presence when done well.

With this real estate website template for Bootstrap websites, you can display your property listings in a responsive grid or list views. Real Spaces offers the Isotope Gallery, which is worth $25. You get to showcase your real estate properties on elegant gallery layouts, enhancing your image and boosting conversions. The unlimited color options go a long way in enabling you to brand your website.


With FindHouse, you get a high-quality and exceptional real estate website template based on HTML code with all the functions and features you may need. However, the functions that it lacks, it is compatible with the plugins that provide those functions. With FindHouse, your site receives 64 HTML and PSD files for various site functions, including pages and elements. Of these files, there are 10 homepages with multiple elements that will drive your choice.

You have the choice of 14 elegant and professional variations for displaying your property listings. What’s more, FindHouse comes with 5 single property page layouts, which encourage your clients to compare various properties and settle for one. All these pages are incredibly customizable, so you can build your own layouts and personalize what you already have on the template. The color options you have with this realtor website template are enough to brand your website. Furthermore, FindHouse offers enough typography options for a readable and elegant website.

The layout options you get with this real estate website template for Bootstrap HTML sites don’t stop there; you can choose what your dashboard should display with 4 variations. You also have one contact page to display your contact information. FindHouse has great navigability with smooth animation and parallax effects that complement any content.

Real Places

Real estate is all about visible properties; therefore, your website should make your real estate listings feel just as real. Real Places is one of the best real estate investor website templates that make this possible. It offers tons of helpful features that enable you to create your website and use it easily, without the need for coding knowledge. Since this real estate website template is Bootstrap-based, it has a responsive layout and will look just as elegant on big screens as it will on small ones.

Every inch of code that comes with Real Places is search engine optimized so that all your pages have a good chance of ranking highly in search engine results. Its purpose oriented design makes it easy to convert your website into the ideal real estate site.

Real Places comes with various layout options, starting with 3 homepage variations. You also have 4 property page variations that are ideal for showcasing the properties you have in your catalog. Your visitors then need to view the details of each property, which they can do with any of the 3 property detail page variations. This real estate website template also has 3 agents page variations an agent detail page that offers the finer details of the agents in your company. Real Places also offers 3 gallery page variations for the display of many property items.


Realtyspace is one of the best real estate website templates that you could choose. It has successfully passed tests to prove its fully responsive layouts. With advance filtering that comes with these amazing real estate website templates, your users can filter properties on your site using myriads of criteria. Since Realtyspace comes with Google maps and Street View integration, it will showcase your real estate properties on accurate maps for a stellar user experience.

With Realtyspace, you have property detail variations with many variations, including the map displays, image sliders, charts and graphs, specification tables, and much more. You also receive property cards with dark and light variations that can showcase property details, including the address and pricing details. The dashboard has 12 page layout variations that are crafted to facilitate use on a real estate website.

You can allow property owners who need help getting their property out of their hands by enabling your clients to submit their properties via the front end. You can then charge them and still earn a commission when the property sells. The email template that you get with this realtor website template is beneficial, since you can send it out to all your clients with stellar results. You can use the custom coloring schemes to create predefined sets and make your pages and site distinct.

Real House

If you’re aiming for a great website that stands the test of time (with changes in search engine and websites’ requirements), you can rely on Real House. This real estate website template built with HTML coding is perfect for big and small real estate operations. If you want a responsive website, you’ll love the fact that Real House is a real estate website template based on Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a mobile-first framework that also helps construct fully responsive websites.

Real House has five different homepage layouts that are exceedingly responsive. This real estate website template has 69 HTML files that boast 100% valid W3C coding. If you want to showcase your property details in the best way possible, you can customize any of the 3 single property pages that come with the template. In your customization processes, you may need to apply various colors on your page elements – Real House gives you 12 color schemes to choose from.

Few interfaces showcase image items more elegantly than carousel sliders – and you get the chance to do it with this realtor website template. What’s more, you have the economy of space, and visual websites do appreciate a minimal interface. Another element that contributes to the minimal layout of Real House is its simple dropdown navigation.

Real Villa

Is a full-fledged real estate website template with a Bootstrap base what you’re looking for? Real Villa fits that description! Its Bootstrap 4 layout makes for a completely responsive layout. Since it is cross-browser compatible, this real estate website template makes your website accessible via all modern web browsers, including, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and IE11+. Among the advanced features that Real Villa has to offer is the social sharing that gives your posts, pages, and even site a chance at going viral on the internet.

The parallax background that you get with Real Villa gives you a shot at making your website fun to navigate and your property listings a joy to browse. The responsive carousels make for an attractive layout for showcasing your properties. What’s more, you get to save space on your pages and make them look neat. With this real estate website template with HTML coding, you can also showcase your listings on fullscreen Hero sections for more versatility.

This template promises fast performance, which also affects your SEO presence positively. Real Villa comes with a sticky menu that makes your navigator elements available to your users at all times. The mega menu makes it easy to access any element or page on your site quickly.

Quick Sale

Mobile users make up almost half of all web users; if your real estate website is to succeed, you’ll need your real estate website template to be mobile-friendly. Quick Sale is based on a mobile-first framework and has a fully responsive layout. If you want to grant your visitors access from any device, this template is equipped to help you do it. Its HTML5 and CSS3 coding is completely W3C validated.

Quick Sale is a cleanly and stylishly designed template that has a Retina-ready build. This enables users with a high-resolution display on their devices to view the website with the best definition possible. With this real estate website template for HTML sites, you receive 27 gallery styles from which you can choose the one with which you want to showcase the gallery containing your property listings.

You will love the SEO practices employed in the template since it helps your content rank well on search engine results. Quick Sale is fully customizable and allows you to personalize it extensively. If you have any problems using the template, you can reach out to the excellent support that comes with this premium template. However, before you do, you could also consult the rich documentation of the template.


Resideo is a contemporary, clean, and spontaneous web template with valid HTML5 and CSS3 coding. If you’re in real estate, you need to exude trustworthiness and confidence; few templates do that, but Resideo is one. The template has many pages whose responsive nature makes them look amazing on all devices, including handheld ones and desktops. The light and dark demos with which this realtor website template is equipped have an impressive array of elegant pages.

With either of the two modes, you get 3 homepage versions, all of which look great on your website. This real estate website template for HTML sites also offers a property page that outlines all the properties you have on your catalog. Since your visitors will need to view the details of the properties that interest them, you can rely on the single property page to display that elegantly.

Resideo allows your users to submit new properties easily using the New Property Submission page. Few people will trust you if you don’t show the people you work with; you can gain such people’s trust by using the All Agents and Single Agents’ pages. Resideo also allows you to post blogs and attract more potential clients to your site.


Zoner is a fully equipped realtor website template that is perfect for any real estate establishment. To prove that it really is one of the best real estate investor website templates, Zoner is one of the first real estate templates on ThemeForest to support OpenStreetMap and Google Maps. You can decide the provider you want to use to showcase the locations of your properties. Your users will love the parallax map scrolling feature that makes for your real estate listings’ most unique display.

If you like organization in pages, you most possibly like masonry display of web page content. This realtor website template allows you to choose the markers and icons that you want on your site. The icons package that comes with Zoner has been purposely handpicked for real estate websites, but you can add and use your own icons.

With Geo Location, your users will find it easy to trace the path between their locations and that of any property listed on your website. The invoice, pricing, and agent detail pages are all printable if you or your users have need for it. As the creators of this real estate website template showed attention to every pixel, it is only right that it is also Retina ready so that it supports high-resolution viewing.

Bottom Line

Creating a website from scratch is a real struggle whether or not you have a background in coding. To save you the trouble, developers create templates that are virtually complete websites that only need customization. The issue is that some developers have substandard templates, and you may fall for one such tool. If a template is poorly coded, it may cost you more than just your reputation.

To save you from making a costly error, we’ve assembled the best real estate agent website templates from which you can choose a reliable one. Take one from our catalog, and you won’t regret it.

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