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If you are in search of the best real estate WordPress plugins, here is a choice of the top WordPress plugins for property listings. Creating a realtor website without hiring a coding expert doesn’t have to be a hassle. What’s more, understanding how to implement the features necessary in a real estate website for your clients is crucial if you’re a web developer. Either way, this catalog will prove to be very resourceful.

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WordPress has many plugin creators who have items in the real estate niche. This means that there are many paid and free WordPress real estate plugins out there. Abundance isn’t always a blessing because it implies that there is a sizeable proportion of them that are substandard in quality. This is where we come in. We’ve prepared this list of plugins that we’ve tested and assessed so that we can lay out some of their features so you can make an informed decision. Let’s get down to it. Beside real estate plugin you may need free real estate WordPress theme.

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Some of the best free & Pro real estate WordPress plugins listed bellow:

1. Classified Listing

Classified Listing is a versatile plugin that you can use as a free WordPress real estate plugin. It allows you to create unlimited custom fields, setting them category-wise. Another option is to create fields and groups under the following groups: text box, text area, radio, checkbox, select, URL, and number. The Classified Listing PRO version adds date and date range to the list. You get full admin control over the fields that you display on your listings and in the detail listings’ view.

Classified Listing is molded for the best user experience possible. It is 100% responsive and mobile-friendly. Your users can compare similar ads and find the ones with an edge before purchasing. This plugin has a quick view feature that attracts user attention to notifications, contact forms, ads, or whatever you want them to notice. You get to display the locations of your listings using Google Maps. Classified Listing also has a radius search function so that searches are more helpful.

This plugin has very powerful search and filter functions. Its AJAX-enabled search and filter functions allow your users to work in multiple search options. Classified Listing lets you filter results by category, location, price, and custom fields. Among the frontend user dashboard options is the option for your users to manage the ads they want as their favorites. Users can also manage the payments they get from selling ads.

2. Estatik

Estatik - real estate WordPress plugins

Estatik is an exceptional free WordPress real estate plugin that comes with a theme and quick demo setup feature at no additional cost. It comes with a fields builder with which you can create as many custom fields as you want. Your fields could be of any type, ranging from files and attachments to text, numbers, areas, and contact fields. Estatik comes with a section for saved searches and wishlists so that your users can mark the properties they fancy and would like to come back later to them.

The listings you create with an Estatik website are easy to manage from the front end. You can sort the listings on your website by price, date, and popularity for easy browsing. Like other top WordPress plugins for property listing, Estatik is highly customizable. It offers over 50 shortcodes with which you can create listings and their elements easily. The features, amenities, statuses, types, and categories that come with the plugin are all customizable. It comes with the Elementor Page Builder for an easy customization experience.

With the social sharing option that comes with Estatik, your listings gain wider viewership on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. The plugin comes with a photo and video gallery. It allows you to embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo. The premium version of Estatik supports the incorporation of Agents. It even has private fields for admins and agents only.

3. Realtyna Organic IDX plugin + WPL Real Estate

Realtyna WPL - property listing WordPress plugins

If you’re after a versatile, inexpensive, and scalable solution for your real estate needs, Realtyna WPL is a superb choice. It is based on WordPress and has hundreds of useful addons and features. The 25 million+ lines of code mean that you have one of the most function-filled WordPress plugins for property listings on your hands. Realtyna WPL comes with various addons that cover the integration of all standard data feeds. They include MLS, VOW, XML, DDF, CSV, RETS, and IDX.

Realtyna WPL is fully responsive and mobile-friendly so that all listings you create with it look great on all devices. What’s more, the publisher offers the option for a native brand mobile app that can be customized for your needs. Realtyna WPL is compatible with Google Maps so that you can display properties with their actual locations on your website.

This plugin allows you to embed videos on your listings from various sources, such as Vimeo and YouTube. You get a ready form builder with which you can create easy templates for real estate items to display. Realtyna WPL allows you to add, edit, and remove the form fields of your listings without affecting the database. You can set the search parameters that you want from the admin panel easily. Realtyna WPL offers the option for multi-site capabilities with the Multisite Franchise Solution addon.

4. Real Estate Pro

Real Estate Pro - best real estate WordPress plugins

Real Estate Pro is a fully responsive premium plugin for real estate websites. It has top-notch features that make it user-friendly and more than adequate for your needs. A listing website will typically accumulate images with time; Real Estate Pro offers AJAX load more pagination so that your pages don’t load slowly, which is bound to happen with many images. Another AJAX feature is the filter faceted search that enables your visitors to find the properties that match their needs.

Real Estate Pro has a rating and review module that allows users to rate each other upon completing transactions. Users can claim listings easily and sell properties on your website. Users can also create and edit their profiles easily on the fantastic frontend dashboard. Real Estate Pro allows easy frontend submissions of real estate listings. A signup module is also available so that users can sign up as members of your platform easily.

You can create unlimited forms and place them anywhere you want on your site with the Contact Form. You also get support from the plugin so that your users can easily access any help they need from you. Real Estate Pro has ready email templates that you can customize. You and your users can then receive emails when new users sign up, and other users inquire about their listings. Real Estate Pro is SEO-friendly and fully translatable.

5. Essential Real Estate

Essential Real Estate

Essential Real Estate is one of the best WordPress plugins for property listings. It comes with real estate listing templates that are easy to customize and overwrite. You can manage property listings easily with this plugin, allowing you and your users to submit property via the frontend and backend of your site. Essential Real Estate comes with defined pages, including listing properties, listing agent, search page, payment page, agency, and profile pages.

You get to add as many custom fields for your property items as you want. The search feature that comes with Essential Real Estate is highly flexible. Your users can mark some properties as their favorite. They can also compare different properties, save searches, and even print properties. This free WordPress real estate plugin, supports membership packages so you can provide various benefits for members. You get to manage the user profiles and invoices without leaving the website.

Essential Real Estate allows you to set expiration dates of the listings on your site. You can have different kinds of listing submissions, including free, pay per listing, and pay per package. The plugin supports various payment methods, including PayPal, Stripe, and wire transfers. Essential Real Estate has easy social login that makes your website all the more user-friendly. It is translation-ready and is fully compatible with the WPML plugin.

6. Easy Property Listings

Easy Property Listings

Easy Property Listings is a top free WordPress real estate plugin and one of the most dynamic items on this list. It is easy to integrate into any WordPress website and presents listings beautifully. This plugin allows you to display listings responsively in list or grid formats. Easy Property Listings comes with hundreds of ready templates at no additional cost. You can edit the templates and other elements using any top page builder.

With Easy Property Listings, you need no technical experience because it comes with inbuilt help and tutorials for when you get stuck. It is easy to set up and use. You can create, publish and update listings quickly and efficiently. Easy Property Listings offers over 150 custom fields and 7 post types that are already configured to give you a smooth experience. You can add new listing templates to your website in seconds using shortcodes.

Developers will find everything they need to build websites fast within the plugin, from filters and hooks to many languages and currencies. Easy Property Listings lets you sort the listings on your site by location, date, and price with just a couple of clicks. It comes with an agent profile box that’s complete with social media info and other important details. Your users can flag listings that don’t adhere to your site’s guidelines. You can mark listings as new, sold, and under contract. A photo gallery and Google Maps are ready so that you can showcase your properties as best as you can.

7. Real Estate Right Now

Real estate plugins

Real Estate is a plugin that comes with vast options for unlimited possibilities in creating your real estate website. You can add as many custom fields as you want. With this free WordPress real estate plugin, you can customize the search bar for a more elegant and unique site. Real Estate is less versatile than most, with a particular focus on real estate businesses (not for classified websites). A range slider is available for price limits so that your users can view the listings that suit their needs.

Real Estate has ready templates for the display of listings, many of which are available in its premium version. It offers 3 templates, which include a gallery, list, and grid views. The free version has 1 template for a single page view and an extra one in the PRO version. Real Estate PRO has 3 sizes for thumbnails. You can incorporate the Flex Slider gallery for added elegance in the way you display your listings. The plugin has a locations table with search control and powerful filters.

As one of the best WordPress plugins for property listings, Real Estate allows you a vast audience with support for various languages. What’s more, it comes with a few language files, including Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Italian, French, and English. Real Estate comes with Google Maps support so that users can see where listings are actually located. The currency manager allows you to choose the currency in which you want your users to deal.

8. Real Estate Manager Pro

Real Estate Manager Pro

Real Estate Manager Pro is one of the best premium WordPress plugins for property listings. It has elegant and clean designs for property templates and has many elements and features that add to the functions available to you. You get 7 styles for listing displays that include a mixture of list and grid layouts. Real Estate Manager Pro is fully responsive to all devices and modern browsers. It comes with one large properties map on which you can showcase multiple properties with accurate locations.

Since it has radius functionality, Real Estate Manager Pro displays the properties that are close to the visitor’s location. You can allow your visitors to filter properties based on various property types without leaving the map. This plugin integrates touch-enabled carousel sliders for elegant property listings. If you don’t want to use Google Maps, this plugin comes with Leaflet so that you can load your maps from OpenStreetMap.

Real Estate Manager Pro is fully compatible with WooCommerce, allowing you to manage paid subscriptions. You can also edit your property blocks using Gutenberg, the default WordPress block editor. If you want to customize your listings with a different tool, the WPBakery Page Builder is available with the plugin too. Over 15 Divi modules are also available so that you can manage the listings using the Divi Builder. You and your users can receive custom email alerts each time an agent registers or property is inquired upon.

Winding Up

These WordPress plugins for property listings have lots of features. And if you look close enough, some of them overlap. This is because they are aimed at the same goal – to give you a real estate website with all the crucial features. With the elements and features that we’ve laid out for you, you should have an easy time weighing a couple that you feel float your boat. Bear in mind that we’ve already tested them.

Word for the wise: make sure the one you pick has regular updates and excellent support. If you need to create business directory instead, Here is the list of best WordPress directory plugin.

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