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If you’re looking for the best WordPress funnel builder to help your site generate leads and boost conversions, this is the article for you.

It’s not easy to convert your site’s visitors into helpful leads and customers when you start a website. Not everyone is a web coding guru, which is why there are plugins that get you there. WordPress is the most popular CMS and one of the main reasons is because it offers many options for site creation. Its user friendly nature is also quite exceptional.

When creating your website, you can take advantage of the smooth building process of WordPress websites to create a customer-friendly layout. The aim is to create a seamless sales funnel that guides your visitors systematically from introduction to your items to purchasing them.

However, establishing such a website layout isn’t easy without a paid or free WordPress funnel builder. There are many plugins out there that can help you create that sales funnel in different ways.

Why Do You Need a WordPress Sales Funnel Plugin?

When you’re using WordPress, you can take advantage of different WordPress-associated perks. For instance, you can make use of WooCommerce, which enables you to sell anything, from physical merchandise to downloadable items. Almost all shoppers who add items to their shopping carts end up abandoning them: not completing the purchase.

The need for higher conversion rates is why having a WordPress sales funnel plugin is crucial. Some of the ways through which you benefit include the following:

  • Creating store pages that promote best-seller products
  • Enhance customer content through email marketing
  • Increase sales with users who abandon their carts
  • Work with coupon codes that boost your sales

These are just a few of the many ways in which you will benefit from a WordPress funnel builder. Nevertheless, you need to have a top-quality plugin to have the best results; that’s where this article comes in. We will take a look at the crème de la crème of all WordPress funnel builders. Let’s dive in!


CartFlows - funnel builder for WordPress

CartFlows is arguably the most popular WordPress funnel builder and being free helps. It gives you express checkouts by letting users skip the forms and pay whichever payment gateway they prefer. The plugin offers single and two column layout options. With its real-time email validation, CartFlows verifies the existence of email addresses as users type them in and only when valid does it present the password field. As users type Google addresses, this plugin will display suggestions; when they choose an address, it auto-fills the rest of the fields.

Your field layouts will be more compact with CartFlows. You will also have labels with beautiful animation effects as your users start inserting data in the fields. The field manager that comes with this free WordPress funnel builder is robust, enabling you to reorder, add, and remove fields from your checkout page. CartFlows moves the position of the coupon box to a better one and lets you showcase it, collapse, or hide it entirely. The plugin enables you to customize the text that appears on the order button with a padlock and total number of orders displayed.

When a customer starts to fill out the order button, you can set the order summary box to follow them around their navigation around your site. CartFlows lets you choose to collapse it on mobile display. The contemporary and gorgeous skeleton loader that this WordPress sales funnel plugin offers appears as a spinning wheel upon any change of related order. The checkout that CartFlows presents is tested and proven to boost your conversions. This plugin guides you to creating custom WooCommerce thank you pages to engage your customers after sales.

Pricing: 100% Free

Key Features:

  • Templates compatible with all popular page builders
  • WooCommerce Facebook integration
  • Real-time conversion data and insights
  • WooCommerce ‘thank you’ pages
  • Several free addons
  • Coupon box management
  • Ready-to-use checkout templates


FunnelKit - best WordPress funnel builder

FunnelKit is an effective WordPress sales funnel plugin in creating high-converting WooCommerce pages and elements. It guides you users through your lead magnets to purchasing your products and services, boosting the average value of your order via one-click upsells and order bumps. The plugin reduces the distractions as users move from one step to the next. With FunnelKit, you can raise the value of each order by displaying pre-purchase and post-purchase offers.

All the templates that come with this free WordPress funnel builder have clean and minimalist designs that facilitate the capturing and generation of leads. These templates, their widgets, and shortcodes are ideal for customizing your opt-in and sales pages. You will appreciate the fully customizable thank you pages this plugin provides. The checkout page FunnelKit offers is fully optimized for WooCommerce processes like customer reviews and trust seals.

You’ll have in-depth insights into the activities of every customers, including their net spend and accepted offers. FunnelKit has a robust performance dashboard that will enlighten you on how every step of your funnel is faring. It shows you the aggregation of your orders, revenue and contacts and details related to them.

The premium version of FunnelKit comes with a strategic CTA button on the popups and Lightbox in the opt-in page. It also supports order bumps on the checkout page that only need one click to add them to shopping carts. The upsells that this WordPress funnel builder offers also require a single click to accept. FunnelKit is flexible in its analytics and data presentation. You can analyze price conversions with A/B testing of product prices.

Pricing: Free (Premium starts from $99.5 a year)

Key Features:

  • Unlimited funnels
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • One, two, and three-step checkouts
  • Live abandoned cart address capturing
  • Multiple checkout bumps
  • Abandoned cart tracking
  • Checkout discounting


WPFunnels - WooCommerce funnel builder

WPFunnels is another free WordPress funnel builder for creating high-quality sales’ conversion funnels in all business niches. It comes with a robust visual drag & drop funnel builder for funnel mapping and planning. With this plugin, you have a solution for all the necessary steps, including landing, checkout, and thank you. With the help of WPFunnels, you can design all the steps you need with any WordPress page builder, including Gutenberg. You receive many premade funnel templates for diverse niches.

WPFunnels enables you to redirect the journey of the buyer with extensive conditional settings. You can offer exclusive discounts for your users on different parts of your funnel. The opt-in form you get for your site is perfect for generating new leads. WFunnels is perfect for selling LMS courses using WooCommerce and other niche products. The WordPress funnel builder supports different payment gateways, including Stripe, Square, PayFast, Stripe, PayPal, and

The WordPress sales funnel plugin enables you to use order bump ups during checkouts. The premium version of WPFunnels supports the triggering of one-click upsell offers after checkout. This version also lets you add downsell offers after the upsell steps. The pro plugin offers detailed analytics of each step of the sales funnel. It integrates seamlessly with various CRM tools. WPFunnels Pro enables you to create funnels for LearnDash courses directly with or without WooCommerce.

Pricing: Free (Premium starts from $97 a year)

Key Features

  • Predesigned funnel steps
  • Order bump up offers
  • Drag & drop canvas
  • Lead generation opt-in form
  • LMS course funnels without WooCommerce (PRO)
  • Seamless integration with CRM Tools (PRO)
  • Upsell offer triggers after checkout (PRO)
  • A/B split testing (PRO)



SellKit is an exceptional WordPress plugin that optimizes checkout, sales funnels, and order value. It offers premade templates that give you a head start if you don’t want to build your own sales funnels from scratch. You can smoothen the processes with variation swatches and advanced filters. SellKit is an excellent way through which you can remove any obstacles and friction in the checkout process. It presents autocomplete, inline form validation, and cart skipping options.

You can boost the average value of your orders with one-click order bumps for upsells and downsells. SellKit raises your conversions by facilitating dynamic discounts. It allows you to showcase smart notices in checkout, effectively increasing the chances of receiving bigger orders. The smart coupons that SellKit offers are an ideal way of capitalizing on user shopping history and behavior for customer retention and loyalty.

The free version of this WordPress funnel builder supports the creation of unlimited sales funnels. However, it offers limited checkout forms. SellKit enables you to customize its thank you pages to suit the general behavior of your users. The analytics that the free version affords you are good but the premium version has more wholesome options. The customer segmentation options are also limited and you’d benefit from the extensions that SellKit pro makes. 

Along with the free features, the premium version of SellKit comes with more advanced features, such as extensive cart optimizations. It also offers freedom to personalize the coupons you avail to your users. The discounts you offer will also be really dynamic, depending on your users’ idiosyncrasies. SellKit supports smart alerts that you can customize to suit your needs. Your users should find the navigation of your product catalog easy with the advanced product catalog filters and swatches that SellKit offers.

Pricing: Free (Premium starts from $59 a year)

Key Features:

  • Custom thank you pages
  • Complete funnel templates
  • One-click upsell and downsell
  • One-click order bump
  • Smart alerts (PRO)
  • Dynamic discounts (PRO)
  • Personalized coupons (PRO)
  • Auto-apply coupons (PRO)

One-Click Upsell Funnel for WooCommerce

One-Click Upsell Funnel for WooCommerce

One-Click Upsell Funnel for WooCommerce is an exceptional free WordPress funnel builder for websites in all niches. It facilitates the creation of unlimited funnels with as many upselling and cross-selling offers as you want. The more post-purchase offers you can display, the more impulse buys and revenue you get.

One-Click Upsell Funnel for WooCommerce has a funnel tracking feature that offers comprehensive reports of all your funnels. You can analyze the trigger, conversion, acceptance, and rejection rates of every part of your funnel. In remaining true to its name, the plugin tracks your upsells in conjunction with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics. Instead of creating many funnels, you can create a single independent and global funnel that triggers upsell offers upon every customer purchase.

This WordPress funnel builder enables you to give your customers offer upgrade upsells on their existing purchases. It has a feature that makes your funnel offers exclusive to your customers once each based on the order email they receive. If you enable the Sandbox Mode, the upsell funnel will only trigger for the admin – not for the live customers – so you can test and customize your funnel before it goes live.

True to its name, the One-Click Upsell Funnel for WooCommerce lets users purchase the upsell product in a single click. It supports most of the page builders that work with WordPress to enable you to create and customize offer pages without coding knowledge. The plugin supports the full use of shortcodes for functions such as variations, buy now, no thanks, urgency timer, short description, description, price, image, and offer quantity.

Pricing: Free (Premium starts from $69 a year)

Key Features:

  • Compatible with subscriptions for WooCommerce
  • Comprehensive reports for funnel tracking
  • Create unlimited offers and funnels
  • Independent global funnels
  • Sandbox Mode
  • Exclusive offers
  • Smart offer upgrades
  • All WordPress page builders support

WooCommerce Checkout Upsell Funnel

WooCommerce Checkout Upsell Funnel

WooCommerce Checkout Upsell Funnel is a premium extension whose basic function is to give product suggestions and smart order bumps with discounts. Once your customers hit the ‘place order’ button, this WordPress funnel builder will present a checkout funnel for additional products with discounts. By clicking on the ‘order’ button, customers can trigger popups for order suggestions. You can choose whether you want to display the suggested products via a redirect to an order suggestion page or the popup.

With WooCommerce Checkout Upsell Funnel, you can display specific days in the week to show specific suggested products. This plugin has various discount rules that allow you to apply discount types and amounts for particular product suggestions to encourage product purchases. The freedom you have for the designs of your funnels give you content, product list, icons, title, and layout options. You can use the available shortcodes to create different versatile elements in your funnel. You can also design a countdown timer for your checkout page.

You can set up the conditions of your upsell funnel product, cart, and customer options. You can create unlimited order bumps for multiple product types and set them up on your WooCommerce store. The cart conditions – such as cart total and items – you set up will apply to all order bumps. On the other hand, the customer conditions for display of the order bumps specify the limit per day, inclusion and exclusion of users and user roles, and logged in users only.

Pricing: $30

Key Features:

  • Order bump conditions
  • Upsell funnel display conditions
  • Product suggestions
  • Total sales report
  • Best-selling product report
  • Statistics filter report
  • Multiple payment gateways supported

Final Thoughts: The Best WordPress Sales Funnel Plugin

There you have the best WordPress funnel builders. If you want a free or affordable plugin to help you launch a successful sales funnel plugin, any one of these will help you out. We’ve selected the best that you can find around so that you won’t need upgrades anytime soon.

Our recommendation is that you choose the one that has all the features you want and fits your budget. The first five plugins have free versions, if that’s what you’re after. All the best in your venture and let us know of your success when you get there.

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