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Reviews are of indescribable importance in our modern lives. When you want to watch a movie, purchase an album, read a book, or buy anything, you go looking for user reviews to know what users feel about them. Apparently, reviews affect the subsequent sales of eCommerce products significantly. In this post you will find free WooCommerce product review plugin for your online store.

The problem is getting all or majority of the customers to leave reviews after their purchases. However, as with other WordPress issues, there is always a plugin to help you solve it without forcing you to hire an expert. So, which is the best review plugin for WooCommerce

With the right plugin, you can turn the review system of your WooCommerce shop into a professional product review hub like Amazon. When your shop page comes with reviews, it effectively provides users with social proof of customer experiences with products and brands.

By default, WooCommerce allows you to collect reviews on the products you have on your website. However, the review capabilities of WooCommerce are quite limited without enhancements. This is why you need to extend these features with WooCommerce product review plugins.

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce is one of the most popular review plugins for WooCommerce, with over 50,000 stores using it. The plugin can send automated and personalized email reminders to drop you a review after completing transactions. It is localized to work with more than 40 languages. With this plugin, you can use the optional integration of an external service, CusRev, to receive and verify your customer reviews’ authenticity.

An easy reviewing process will encourage customers to leave reviews, and this plugin has aggregated review forms to that effect. You also get a single-page review form on which users can review several items in one go. It also enables you to urge more reviews by offering discounts for every customer who leaves a review. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce supports enhanced reviews, complete with images, voting, ratings, and filtering options.

You also receive a fully integrated site with Google Shopping so that users find it easy to find extensive information on products before purchasing them. The question-and-answer feature that Customer Reviews for WooCommerce offers will allow your users to pose and respond to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). The plugin allows you to import reviews into your site and export them to another smoothly.

Key Features:

  • Reviews with images
  • reCAPTCHA for reviews
  • Lazy loading for attached images
  • Trust badges for verified reviews numbers
  • Voting on reviews left by previous users
  • Sort reviews by votes or date
  • Filter reviews by rating

Review Schema

Review Schema

Review Schema is an excellent WordPress review and structure data schema plugin that solves every review and schema need on your site. It will generate automatic schema markup for your WooCommerce products, pages, posts, and custom post types. The plugin quickly generates fresh reviews and schema from your admin dashboard. You get incredible capabilities, including posting reviews with images; the premium version even supports videos. You can upload them or embed video links from Vimeo or YouTube.

You also get to manage your customer ratings and reviews so that they display as effectively as possible. Review Schema lets you sort reviews by different criteria, including text reviews, recent reviews, top-rated reviews, and reviews with images. Your ratings can also take various criteria, including numerical and star ratings. With Review Schema, you get to choose whether you want to work with reviews of single or multiple criteria. Multicriteria reviews are perfect for convincing potential customers more straightforwardly and transparently.

If you want easy digital download products for your customers, your customers can leave reviews and ratings for them. Review Schema lets you enable multiple paginations for products that have very long or many reviews and ratings. Since the aim is to give as much information as possible for customers to consider, this plugin supports listing the pros and cons of products. You can also customize the style of review and rating display with Review Schema, from the colors to typography. This plugin lets you activate Google reCAPTCHA to ensure all your reviews’ authenticity.

Unlike Review Schema, most other plugins won’t provide schema markup, which is how search engines decipher customer queries and showcase your site’s info. This plugin accommodates automatic and manual schema generation for posts, pages, and WooCommerce products. It also enables your items to appear as rich snippets for more than 24 snippet categories.

The premium version of this plugin comes with these and many more features that you can work with.

Key Features:

  • Single and multiple rating criteria
  • Review and rating for digital downloads
  • Google reCAPTCHA
  • Reviews with pros and cons
  • Flexible style customization
  • Affiliate marketing support
  • Reviews with images
  • Reviews with videos (pro)
  • Auto and manual schema generation
  • Rich snippet support


Faview - WooCommerce product reviews plugin

Faview is an exceptional WooCommerce product reviews plugin that is fully compatible with WooCommerce version 5.x and higher ones. It enables you to add WooCommerce product reviews in bulk with a single click. Faview lets you can create a list of review authors whose reviews will randomly be added to your reviews. You also get to do the same with a list of review comments.

When adding the same review to multiple products, all you have to do is choose the particular rating you want. If you want to add more than one review per product, you must select the probability of each rating appearing. Faview lets you create a date range for the reviews you want to add. You will find the feature for automatically scheduling the virtual addition of reviews. The plugin also enables you to create reviews that abide by certain content rules that make them appropriate to specific products or product groups.

Faview has a canned reviews feature that lets you showcase a list of canned reviews to enable users to leave reviews quickly and easily. You can set up the list you want in two different frontend styles. The review can appear in a slide or select style. With Faview, you can even add reviews via your website’s backend. All you have to do is choose the product to which you want to add the reviews, type the review comment in a comment field, and select the review’s author.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly review management
  • Bulk review addition
  • Addition of reviews in the backend
  • Canned reviews support
  • 2 display styles for canned reviews

Photo Reviews for WooCommerce

Photo Reviews for WooCommerce

Photo Reviews for WooCommerce is one of the best review plugins for WooCommerce, not least because of its simplicity. This plugin lets your website send emails to your customers, reminding them to drop reviews for purchased products. You can allow automatic ‘thank you’ emails with coupon codes every time a customer publishes reviews to encourage them. Like Review Schema, Photo Reviews for WooCommerce lets your customer to insert product pictures in their reviews. 

The review reminder emails this plugin supports are excellent for boosting review frequency. You can use a shortcode to configure the email recipient’s name. The coupons that will go in your ‘thank you’ emails can come from the plugin. You can set requirements for the purchases made so that only those that qualify receive them. These requirements can stipulate minimum ratings, photo required, or verified owners.

This plugin allows your customers to post reviews with photos of the products on the frontend. You can stipulate the maximum picture size that users can attach. The robust review filters let you filter reviews by different criteria, including those that contain images, verified buyers, or ratings. Photo Reviews for WooCommerce enables you to showcase reviews from the newest to the oldest. Since it is GDPR compliant, this plugin will showcase a message and checkbox through which customers can agree to share the review on your page.

Key Features:

  • Frontend review design options
  • Custom text color support
  • Review coupon support
  • Requirement stipulation for coupons
  • Review reminder emails
  • Maximum photo size setting
  • Full GDPR compliance
  • AJAX pagination and filter (PRO)



ReviewX is one of the smoothest ways of adding authentic customer reviews on your WooCommerce store. It supports different criteria for the ratings on your reviews so that users can receive information on product quality, service, price, and other details. Like Photo Reviews for WooCommerce, ReviewX has a review reminder feature. It allows you to receive reviews with images and relevant photos describing their experience with products so that your store will be more dependable.

ReviewX comes with the most amazing advanced visual representation feature. It enables you to showcase incredible reviews with exceptional visuals with graphs, sliders, etc., on the review section of the WooCommerce product page. ReviewX comes with two designs for showcasing reviews. You can customize the designs of your WooCommerce product reviews with the Elementor page builder because this plugin has an Elementor widget ready for you. It is also integrated with Oxygen and Divi builders in case you don’t want to use Elementor.

Unlike any other best review plugin for WooCommerce, which offers the verified badge with its premium versions, ReviewX has it in its free version. When you enable reCAPTCHA, you effectively have protection over your product review page from bot and spam reviews. With this WooCommerce product reviews plugin, you get to work with an advanced settings panel that gives you control over all features. The extensive filtering that ReviewX supports criteria like photo review, recent, top-rated, low, and text.

Key Features:

  • Review with photo
  • Advanced visuals
  • Google Schema support
  • Elementor, Oxygen, and Divi builder support
  • Verified badge
  • Review reminder email
  • 2 customizable design templates
  • Multicriteria rating



Yotpo markets itself as a marketing cloud through which you can display your reviews and other content throughout a buyer’s purchase process. Apart from reviews and ratings, you can collect photos and Q&As from your customers. It helps boost conversions by displaying content on your site to aid customers’ purchase decisions. Yotpo enables you to draw traffic closer to purchases by showcasing ratings that appear in organic search results and Google ads.

The optimization of this plugin to work with social networks is incredible so that you can share content on them in a single click. Yotpo lets you build brand communities that focus on your biggest fans and give them content that drives purchases. It also gives you excellent analytics and customer feedback to enhance your online shop’s optimization and performance.

Yotpo works diligently to boost your conversions by displaying product reviews and ratings on your homepage, category page, and product pages. This plugin enables you to generate traffic from your site from Twitter and Facebook so that your pages and WooCommerce products rank higher. Yotpo supports review request emails so you can collect reviews in one swift and seamless request.

Key Features:

  • Social network optimized
  • Analytics and customer feedback
  • Review widgets
  • Reviews tab
  • Star ratings
  • Social push page
  • Review request emails
  • Advanced commenting and moderation

Some FAQ about WooCommerce products review plugin

What is WooCommerce products review plugin?

It’s a plugin for the WooCommerce e-commerce platform that allows customers to leave product reviews on a website.

Is it free or do I have to pay for it?

It can be free or paid, depending on which plugin you choose.

How do customers leave reviews for products?

Customers can leave reviews by going to the product page and clicking on a “Write a Review” button.

Can I moderate the reviews before they are published?

Yes, you can set the plugin to moderate reviews before they are displayed on the site.

Does the plugin support multiple languages?

It depends on the plugin you choose, but many WooCommerce review plugins support multiple languages.

Bottom Line

If you really need to have an eCommerce store, you will need to pick out a top review WooCommerce plugin soonest possible. Having the right tools before you begin a task or venture is crucial to its success, and this is no different. If you want a premium plugin, you have to be ready to pay for it, but it has its benefits, as you may have seen in this article.

I hope you aren’t looking for a recommendation, but I will try my best if you do. I love Review Schema the most because of its extensive features in both schema and review. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce is also a great choice in different circumstances. However, the Review Schema premium version is an absolute world-beater if you’re up for it.

The difference between getting free and paid versions is often in the number of features than quality. The free WooCommerce product reviews plugins we’ve listed here are of high enough quality to satisfy an eCommerce website of low to medium demands. We hope you found something on our list that satisfies your needs.

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