Best Architecture Website Template

You are in this post as you are finding the best architecture website templates. Like most other industries, architecture is growing incredibly fast to accommodate the demands of the contemporary market. To keep up with the competition, architects, architecture firms, interior designers, and other entities in the industry need to adopt new marketing strategies. One of the best ways to market your brand and even run your operations smoothly is by opening a website for your practice or firm.

You don’t have to worry about hiring coding experts, who might come at a steep cost and not give you precisely what you want. You can have your own fantastic website in a few minutes and have every element precisely as you want it with one of the best architecture website templates. It doesn’t matter that you’ve never handled a single line of code or web page before; the templates we have assembled for you in this catalog will guide you through the entire experience. You might be interested in another related post best construction website templates.

Top architecture website templates are listed bellow:

Template NamePrice
Artex – Architecture & Interior WordPress Theme$18
BAUENArchitecture & Interior Template$29
Inteshape – Architecture and Interior$25
TheratioInterior Design & Architecture HTML5 Template$18
EmaratConstruction and Architecture HTML Template$12
Price may vary

Artex – Architecture & Interior WordPress Theme

Artex - architecture website templates

Artex, a superb premium WordPress theme, gets an honorable mention on our list. It boasts a beautiful interior design and a wealth of elements and features. These include 4 multipage homepage layouts. It also comes with many more pages with variations, including about, and portfolio among others. You also have 3 headers and 2 footers. Artex gives you an SEO-friendly layout. Therefore, the content on your pages will be easy to rank highly on search engine results.

You get to use the Redux admin panel to manage your site. Artex is just as admin as it is user-friendly. It is fully responsive and mobile-friendly so that your users can access it from any device. You can make your site as accessible as possible to people of any language because it is translation-ready and supports WPML. Artex lets you create elegant text content with a choice of hundreds of Google Fonts.

You can customize your website using the Elementor Page Builder. This plugin gives you a drag & drop interface for adding and removing elements on and off your website. You can also go with the default WordPress block builder, Gutenberg. It also has a drag & drop interface, and this theme supports it. Since Artex is also fully compatible with the WordPress Customizer, you can take your custom layouts live. You can install any of the homepage demos quickly using the One-Click Demo Importer.


BAUEN - architecture website templates

BAUEN is an architecture & interior design website template. It has a clean and modern look that invites you to add your content and brand your website. It offers an attractive mode of sharing your projects with potential clients. You get to display your content on any of the 27 inner pages that please you. BAUEN lets you choose between showcasing your content on a dark or light version of your website.

Another choice that this template places in your hands is in the multipage and onepage options. What’s more, BAUEN offers other choices with the homepage demos, including dark and light parallax for both onepage and multipage versions. You can also choose between dark and light sidebars for either the onepage or multipage website. BAUEN offers the Owl Carousel Slider on which you can display your content for a better and lasting impression.

BAUEN lets you display videos of your projects on the video gallery page. You can also utilize the Magnific Popup Gallery. By choosing when you want it to appear, you can draw the attention of the most eligible clients. You can upload custom videos for the popup just as easily as embedding them from YouTube or Vimeo. BAUEN allows you to apply the animation effects that come with it on various sections and elements on your website.


Theratio - architecture website templates

Apart from its obvious trendy and elegant appearance, Theratio brings much more to any architecture website. It comes in two basic color styles, dark and light. You can choose the colors you want for your sections and pages from there. Theratio offers 6 unique homepages that are perfect for a range of website niches. The template comes with a blend of multipage and onepage demos, so you can choose the demeanor you want for your site.

Theratio is cross-browser compatible. This template works seamlessly on all modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, IE9+, Edge, and Safari. It runs without hitches because it is based on W3C validated HTML5 and CSS3 code. Since the template is based on Bootstrap, you can expect a mobile-friendly interface that is fully responsive to all devices.

Theratio is incredibly easy to customize. It has detailed documentation to help you out in case you get stuck managing your website. You can create carousels, sliders, and slideshows with the plugins and addons that come with this template. You get the Slider Revolution and Owl Carousel Slider at no extra cost. Theratio allows you to showcase content in other elegant ways, including the multi-styled gallery with a popup option.


Emarat - architecture website templates

Emarat is crafted to support an outstanding online presence for architecture and interior design websites. It is based on an updated version of Bootstrap, the most popular framework for mobile-first and fully responsive projects. It looks superb on all devices. This template is cleanly coded and has adequate documentation for the most straightforward user experience. Its documentation is step by step, and every part of it is geared toward supporting easy customization.

Emarat employs great SEO techniques, from speed and accessibility to design. You will have to do much less when good SEO is a prerequisite in your choice of template. This template enables you to write your blogs and other pages using the most readable and elegant fonts. You can choose from hundreds of Google Fonts. The sticky menu that comes into play when scrolling down is perfect for asserting your brand and offering navigation options.

With Emarat, you get a custom Google Map element that you can add to any page and section by merely adding your address. It has many more options for you to explore. You can create sliders with a drag & drop interface since this template comes with the Slider Revolution. If you want to get creative with the color scheme of your pages, you can choose the shades you want from the unlimited range available.


Modern is a contemporary architecture website templates

As the name suggests, Modern is a contemporary architecture website template that gives you the cleanest and most modern layout and interface. Art – which is all that architecture is all about – is a universal language; this is why you should have the freedom to translate your website to whichever language you want. Modern is fully translatable to any language you wish to, including RTL languages, such as Arabic and Hebrew. This template comes with ready-to-use versions for WordPress and Joomla content management systems.

Modern comes with 28+ HTML pages, 5 homepages, and 14+ unique elements, that are incredibly versatile, yet easy to use. You also have 14+ shortcodes that make your page building experience even more straightforward; you can use them to import elements onto any section of your pages. Since it is based on the Bootstrap framework, the template is 100% responsive on devices of all sizes. The framework also facilitates a mobile-friendly website.

Modern has been optimized for use across all modern browsers to give you and your visitors easy access to the website. Your visitors will love the parallax effects and unique hover effects that you can use on any part of your pages. The sticky menus and footers avail elements that make your brand more pronounced.


Liarch - architecture website templates

Liarch is one of the best ways of showcasing your architecture and interior design portfolio. It is created on a grid system that makes your content easier to organize and look better on all screens. You can use the template for much more while utilizing the 39 HTML files and 39 PSD files that come with it. Liarch offers a whopping 12 demos that cover a narrow scope of niches within architecture and design.

Since you get more than 130 predefined elements, you don’t have to create too many elements from scratch. Liarch mixes up dark and light versions of the 12 demos it has to offer. You also get 7 beautiful portfolio pages. They make it easy to showcase your complete and ongoing projects in whichever style you prefer, out of the available 7. They include grid with gutter, grid with no gutter, grid 2 column, masonry, listing, carousel 1, and carousel 2. Your next choice is from 3 layout styles, standard, sidebar, and minimalist.

Liarch comes in dark and light style options, so you can choose your poison. You can mix up your preferred animations for stunning visual effects and great impact. With this template, you get to showcase different elements with Retina icons since Liarch comes with Line Icons.


Archia - best architecture website templates

Archia is built for efficiency and usability. Its speed scores on Pingdom and GTmetrix are stratospheric, which effectively promises you a fast-loading website. Not only is this template translatable, but it is also RTL-ready. This means it has a version for Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, and other right to left languages. Archia offers you 10 gorgeous homepage demos, 35 HTML files, and 40 custom elements. All of the available demos have dark and light version alternatives.

The interior pages that come with Archia include portfolio, about us, project, and featured pages. You can use the portfolio page to showcase your projects to potential clients. Using calls to action on your projects can help convert visitors into buying clients. The featured page can display any content that you want your visitors’ attention drawn to. Using the Themify, Font Awesome, and Flaticon icons can also draw positive scrutiny to some of your elements.

If you make good use of the parallax backgrounds that come with Archia, you can kill two birds with one stone. You’ll showcase extra content while drawing more attention to the main content on the pages. The template comes with contact form integration, so you can urge your users to get in touch. Since Archia has reCAPTCHA, you can avoid receiving spam feedback.


Inteshape is a fantastic architecture portfolio website templates

Inteshape is a fantastic architecture portfolio website template that makes it incredibly easy to display your architecture business’s nature. You and your users will enjoy a beautiful layout on all devices, laptops, iPads, iPhones, Android mobiles, or tablets. Inteshape gets you started with six elegant homepages that you can use for your landing page, adding any element that you wish. What’s more, you have at least 38 HTML pages at your disposal for various site functions.

The impressive HTML5 and CSS3 effects that come with Inteshape are enough to give you a more beautiful website than overly flashy. You can choose a dark or light footer to suit your preferences and circumstances. Still, you can provide your footer background of your choosing and even have a sticky footer. Your navigation pane may be dark or light, depending on how you want it to correspond with your other elements.

With Inteshape, you get the Slider Revolution at no extra cost, which allows you to create the most impressive sliders as you display what you have to offer on your site. This architecture website design template comes with amazing parallax effects that you can use to draw your users’ attention to specific sections and elements.


Best Architecture Website Templates

The name, Bauhaus is synonymous with architecture, as it means “building house” in German. It shows the relation of influence of a program that blends design aesthetics, technology, and craftsmanship. If you think that these three are concurrent with your business, consider taking this architecture website design template for your site. Bauhaus gives you a dark version for your homepage, which highlights brighter colors wonderfully. You can edit any of the 3 homepage variations extensively to suit your brand and preferences.

On the Works page, you can display all your complete projects and ongoing ones, and discuss the types you can handle. You can catch your visitors’ attention and generate traffic on your site with the News page as you write news pieces that relate to architecture and interior design. Among the 16 more pages that you get with Bauhaus, you can do much more to get your visitors to get in touch with you for your services.

This is one of the best architecture website templates Themeforest offers, with a clean and valid HTML code. The Google fonts that come with Bauhaus are enough to give you elegant and readable pages. You can write your category and page heads using any of the Ion icons and Linear icon packs.


Monolit is another exceptional architecture portfolio website templates

Monolit is another exceptional architecture portfolio website template that makes for a world-class design for architects and interior design business people. This gem of a template doesn’t invent new elements; it only makes the ones you want on your website better and more functional. For instance, Monolit comes with 5 different homepage styles from which you can choose; you have the slider, slideshow, static image, and embedded Vimeo or YouTube videos.

You need to display your projects to get the attention of your visitors. You can do this by showcasing your portfolio on any of 7 different portfolio page styles, which take horizontal, vertical, and parallax style variations. Monolit accommodates fullscreen backgrounds with which you can capture your visitors’ attention and beautify your pages. The powerful parallax effects also play toward maintaining the attention of your visitors and driving conversions.

This architecture portfolio website template comes with a Working Ajax PHP contact form that enables you to get more contact with your users. What’s more, the info that the forms collect may come in handy if you want to create remarketing campaigns. Monolit is based on Bootstrap, which is a mobile-first framework. The template is, therefore, understandably fully responsive and mobile-friendly. What’s more, it is touch and swipe-friendly for ease of use on handheld devices.


TOGO is a standout architecture website templates

TOGO is a standout architecture website template since it is not only clean and modern, but it is also crafted with a minimal design. This interprets to an attractive website, which sacrifices extreme flashiness for functionality in brevity and highlighting your most important elements and content. Since it is based on the latest Bootstrap version, it is fully responsive to the most contemporary devices. TOGO comes with light and dark versions, which you can use for different purposes, for instance, you can use the dark version during Black Friday and the light one during other holidays, such as Christmas.

The vertical sidebar menu that comes with TOGO further underlines the minimal layout of the architecture portfolio website template. It is also beneficial for easy navigation while leaving your pages uncluttered. TOGO is very easy to customize and use. What’s more, the template is SEO optimized so that your pages and content can rank well in Google and other search engines.

Since it is Retina-ready, TOGO allows users with high-resolution device screens to see the most beautiful and pixel-perfect images of your website. This template is fully responsive and mobile-friendly too. It comes with Font Awesome icons and access to Google Fonts to write readable and attractive pages and categories.


Prague is a standout architecture website templates

Sophisticated and elegant are words that only start to define Prague, one of the best architecture website templates. It comes with the most exciting homepage layouts for different moods and purposes. The minimalist home allows you to display your CTAs and other functional elements with a unique form of brevity. The main home will enable you to display links to the rest of your pages and showcase your brand’s basics. Prague also offers the one-page home, which is perfect for those who prefer simple websites, with as few pages as possible.

Prague offers a fantastic layout for category listings, which you can edit elegantly while incorporating the Font Awesome icons. The creative gallery gives you the chance to display your projects in one place. What’s more, the gallery has categories and is filterable so that your potential clients can get to what they are particularly interested in. Prague also offers a parallax presentation, which accentuates the content that you post on your pages.

This architecture website template from Themeforest allows you to display timeline projects in a beautiful layout. More than 45 pages are available with Prague, and every inch of them has been optimized for SEO rankings. The template offers Google Maps, so your users can find your physical location easily.


architecture portfolio website templates

Domik is the ultimate embodiment of simplicity and stylish functionality, from amazing backgrounds to functional elements. As one of the best architecture website templates, Domik offers a wealth of layout options with the homepage, which accommodates four different styles: slider, carousel, static image, and video. Any of these creative layouts is an incredible way to display your work to those who visit your website.

This template supports the use of embedded YouTube video backgrounds on your pages. You can create full-screen backgrounds on your website to catch the attention of your visitors and showcase your projects or pitch your sale quickly. If you decide to use more images on your website, your visitors will still enjoy the best image quality on high-resolution devices, since Domik is Retina ready.

Visitors to websites rarely go to contact pages to get in touch with you; still, you can get them to contact you and make conversions more with the working Ajax PHP contact form that comes with Domik. You also get to collect the contact information of most of your visitors, so you can launch remarketing campaigns and target those that didn’t buy your services. This architecture portfolio website template is based on Bootstrap so that you can expect a fully responsive website and a mobile-friendly one.


TheSide is an architecture website design templates

Some regard simplicity as “genius”, others call it “the ultimate sophistication” – but one thing everyone agrees is that simplicity soars way above flashy and complicated. TheSide is a simple architecture website template on Themeforest that gives you access to the most incredible features. The minimal design of the template makes it the perfect tool with which you can showcase your projects. As your users load different pages, the catchy Ajax page load transitions imprint an image of sophistication in their minds.

TheSide comes with eight different homepage variations, including the half slider, slider, carousel, slideshow, fullscreen image, multi slideshow, impulse image, and video. You can, therefore, display your project images beautifully on your homepage and give your visitors an inkling of what your business is all about on the landing page. You can further showcase your projects in the portfolio pages, which comes with seven different style variations. If you prefer the single page portfolio display, you can utilize any of the seven variations meant for this purpose.

This architecture website design template allows you to embed video backgrounds from Vimeo and YouTube, so you don’t make your site slow by using HTML videos. The Ajax PHP contact form in TheSide comes with an anti-spam feature to collect only genuine users. Furthermore, the template offers a working Ajax subscribe form too.


Dogma is a superb architecture website templates on Themeforest

Dogma is a superb architecture website template on Themeforest, which offers a myriad of features and style variations. Along with the multiple page variations, you get attractive Ajax page transitions to improve the impression of your site. Of these pages, the homepage stands out the most, with seven amazing styles. You can use the slider, slideshow, static image, and video variations to display your projects.

Any of the pages that come with Dogma can take fullscreen backgrounds easily. You can even embed YouTube videos to the background for more versatility and faster pages. Every element of Dogma is fully responsive so that your visitors find it easy to navigate and utilize them. If they view your site on high-resolution displays, this architecture portfolio website template has your back with the Retina-ready build.

Dogma makes it easy for your visitors to get in contact with you quickly since it is easy to fill, and few ever get to the contact page directly. You can access many Font Awesome icons, which may come in handy when creating your categories and menu. To save you a buck, Dogma comes with the premium plugin, Isotope – worth $90 – at no extra cost. This grid filter plugin will give you the best layouts for the display of your projects.


Balkon is a creative showcase portfolio templates for architects and interior design artists

Balkon is a creative showcase portfolio template for architects and interior design artists. With dark and light versions, you choose the most appropriate one for your purposes and different times of the year. The one-page version is also available if you prefer more straightforward websites with a single navigable page, presenting all your sections and elements with versatile effects. Your Balkon homepage can also take any of the six homepage styles, including slideshow, slider, static image, carousel, and video. The video layout can be accomplished by embedding Vimeo and YouTube videos or including HTML5 videos.

Balkon offers nine different styles for your portfolio page so that you can present your projects uniquely. This architecture website design templates provide the most robust parallax effects. You will enjoy the responsive pages and elements that come with Balkon since they save you from creating a single page from scratch.

Since Balkon is compatible with Bootstrap, it creates mobile-friendly pages that are fully responsive on all devices. All the elements that come with this template are touch and swipe friendly for touchscreen devices. The grid layouts that you create with Balkon are top-class so that you can display your work easily. The template also offers the premium Isotope plugin at no extra charge.


COCA is one of the most feature-rich architecture website templates

COCA is one of the most feature-rich architecture website templates available on Themeforest. It comes with a variety of 18 unique homepages. You will love the category list that comes with the template. It is editable, and you can write it while incorporating the Font Awesome icons. The parallax presentation facilitates an impressive display of your projects to get the most out of your pages and improve conversions. COCA comes with a creative banner that you can utilize for enhanced conversions and urge your visitors to make an action on your pages.

The creative gallery enables you to categorize your project images and videos to display your complete and ongoing jobs. The timeline projects also make your visitors aware of what your business is capable of delivering. COCA spoils you with six project styles to present your projects on the best layout possible. The template offers two pricing layouts with which you can inform your clients of your services’ costs, rather than engaging you for such short discourses.

All the 40+ pages that come with COCA are SEO optimized, so your pages and content can appear high in search engine rankings. The architecture portfolio website templates perform incredibly fast, so your visitors won’t wait for pages and other elements to load too long.


Modrox is a beautiful template that's designed particularly for architecture and design businesses

Modrox is a beautiful template that’s designed particularly for architecture and design businesses. Right off the bat, it saves you $26 by including the Slider Revolution plugin at no extra cost. You can use the plugin to create the most stunning slides with different animation effects and accentuate your complete and ongoing projects’ elegance. Modrox has a fully responsive layout, which enables your visitors to access your pages and marvel at your craftsmanship easily.

This architecture website design template comes with 16+ valid HTML files that boast beautiful and clean codes with W3C validation. Modrox helps you get started quickly with 16+ useful page examples for your FAQs, Service, About, Careers, Company History, Shop, Testimonials, and Our Partners, among others. The fantastic blog page layouts are perfect for creating discourses about design on your site. You can utilize the blogs to enhance your SEO ranking and site traffic via backlinks and social shares.

Modrox is 100% fluid and fully responsive so that it fits all device sizes and orientations. You have a choice of unlimited sidebars for all your pages too. This template has Retina optimization so that it displays the best versions of your site, even on high-resolution devices.


Firenze is a perfectly crafted architecture website design templates

Firenze is a perfectly crafted architecture website design template that has a clean and modern design. With 6 different styles for your homepage, you won’t have another site like yours. You have 3 unique styles for your portfolio page, which gives you variety in the way you want your wealth of experience to be displayed. If you want to display your entire portfolio on one page, you have 6 layout choices from which you can choose the best.

Firenze is compatible with all modern browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Firefox. It is compatible with high-resolution devices, so your visitors can see the best versions of your website. Firenze facilitates fullscreen backgrounds that allow you to draw the attention of even the most casual visitor to your content. You can embed videos from YouTube into the background.

One of the aspects of Firenze that you’ll love if you are planning to have remarketing campaigns for your brand is the working Ajax PHP contact form. Your visitors will get in touch with you quickly and leave their contact information behind. The Ajax page transitions are a fantastic way to get your visitors fascinated with browsing your pages. Firenze is touch and swipe friendly.



Arquito is one of the best ways to attract, impress, and convert your visitors into buying customers. Since it has 12 unique demo layouts, all you have to do is choose your favorite, apply it to your site and customize it to fit your needs and preferences. Arquito has a speed performance rating of 87%. The virtual reality effects that come with this template allow you to simply insert your projects’ images and watch the template showcase a 360-degree panorama display of them.

The essential elements of branding, yet one of the most important ones, is color; Arquito offers a wide range of colors for your site, that you can apply on various elements of your pages. The popular portfolio pages can take a grid, carousel, or listing display. The inner pages are practical, have unique layouts, and come with balanced typography. Light and dark versions of Arquito are available for various needs that you may have.

Free Google Fonts have been included with the template so that you can write readable and beautiful content. You are spoilt for choice with Linear icons and Ico Fonts when writing your menus and categories. Arquito comes with the Slider Revolution, making it easy to create sliders with stunning animations for the display of your projects.


Contra is one of the best architecture website templates Themeforest

Contra is one of the best architecture website templates Themeforest has, with myriads of features to prove it. It boosts your online web presence with fantastic coding and enhancements. This template allows you to reach people worldwide with your work since it is fully translatable. What’s more, it comes with a ready RTL version. For ease of use, Contra comes with cleanly coded files and extensive documentation. It instructs you step by step on how to handle every part of it.

Contra has an SEO friendly design so that your stuff ranks high in search engines. You have Google Maps that come with this architecture portfolio website templates, to which you can add custom templates by entering your address and countless options. Contra comes with the Slider Revolution, which allows the seamless creation of sliders with a drag & drop interface.

You can beautify and brand your website with any of the unlimited color choices that come with the template. You can enjoy the Google Fonts as you create readable pages, navigation sections, and other elements. If you have issues with creating or editing Contra, you can consult the help and support that comes with the template.

Bottom Line

They say that if you want something done well, do it yourself. Nothing embodies this better than creating your website to your exact specifications. Hopefully, you have chosen one of the best architecture website templates in this catalog. Enjoy designing and tell us your experience!

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