best free lms plugin for WordPress

Do you run a website for a learning institution? best free lms plugin for WordPress to help you manage the functionalities of such a site. WordPress features many plugins dedicated to learning management systems (LMS). With such a plugin, you can create and manage online courses, manage fees payments, grade courses, handle subscriptions, and manage course content, among other functions.

The downside to having many plugin options is that you might choose a low-quality plugin. To save you the time you’d spend searching for the best LMS plugin, we’ve assembled a list of the five best WordPress LMS plugins. What’s more, we have gone the extra mile and compared them so that settling on the perfect one is even more straightforward. This piece includes the prices of the plugins, as well as their pros and cons. Allow us to take you through the best five choices of free and premium LMS plugins.

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Top free LMS WordPress plugin listed below:

All the plugins we have selected in terms of functionality and popularity. Create online tutoring website using best free WordPress LMS plugins.

  1. LearnPress
  2. LearnDash
  3. Tutor LMS
  4. Lifter
  5. Sensei


LearnPress LMS plugin

Despite being free, LearnPress is a robust WordPress LMS plugin, which creates the best of online platforms for creating, managing, and selling courses. It also offers loads of free add-ons that make its core system incredibly powerful. This plugin provides an easy-to-use-interface to facilitate the creation of course curricula with easily manageable lessons and quizzes. Despite its lack of an installation wizard, the setup process is very straightforward and requires no coding knowledge.

LearnPress still allows you to sell courses with billing methods such as PayPal, Stripe, and WooCommerce. This plugin has both free and paid add-ons. When you use it on your LMS site, it works seamlessly with all integrations such as WordPress membership plugins and bbPress.

If you don’t have a site and don’t want to endure the process of creating one, you might opt for an equally fruitful choice. You could take a top-class WordPress LMS theme, such as Eikra, whose builders have based it on LearnPress. It saves you a lot of setup work and helps you avoid the possibility of encountering plugin compatibility errors with your site’s theme.

Pricing Details

LearnPress is free. Even though you will get free add-ons with it, you might have to acquire some paid ones too if the need arises. The plugin offers free support as well.


Beginners might find the setup process a little tricky, but the free support will help you out if you encounter problems. You could use LearnPress without paying a dime. However, if you want to get the most out of it, you should buy the premium add-ons.

Tutor LMS

tutor is the free WordPress LMS plugin

Tutor is another best free WordPress LMS plugin, which facilitates the management of your online school. It satisfies all the checkpoints for a full-fledged online market for courses with a lively and interactive interface.

With this plugin, you get high-quality premium add-ons. Just like LearnPress, Tutor is incredibly lightweight but comes with add-ons to enable issuance of certificates, mail notifications, and many more functions. This plugin brings you shopping carts to facilitate the sale of courses. If your theme is compatible with Gutenberg, you can edit this plugin with a drag & drop interface too.

You can create unlimited courses and lessons with an excellent intuitive course builder. Tutor has an amazingly crafted frontend student dashboard. So that you can even give video lessons, this plugin supports embedding videos from multiple sources such as YouTube, Vimeo, and self-hosted.

Teacher profiles and panels are easy to create and manage. You can include course requirements and instructions for your users and manage lessons straightforwardly. You can create challenging and fun quizzes with timers and attempts trackers.

Tutor offers many withdrawal options too. It supports bank transfers, PayPal, and ECHECK. The plugin allows you to allocate earnings and commissions to your users. It is easy to keep track of course sales with a purchase history always ready.

The plugin offers numerous styling options so that you can personalize your site. A course widget is available too. Tutor offers a teacher registration form so that you can add new tutors. A course review and rating system are also in place so that you can gauge the popularity of your courses. All the monetization settings are centralized so that they are easier to manage.

Pricing Details

Tutor LMS has a free version for which you can buy premium add-ons. However, the pricing of the premium version of Tutor LMS starts at $149 per year with the same period in support and updates. If you prefer lifetime plans, the pricing starts at $399.


If you might need too many functionalities that might be expected with a large institution, the free version of Tutor may not be the best option. The premium version has more add-ons and features to offer you. However, the free version has its fair share of perks too. If it fits your needs, you’ll love it.


Learndash wordpress lms plugin

LearnDash is one of the most preferred LMS plugins with sparkling reviews to boot. It is comparatively more manageable to set up this plugin than LearnPress with a setup wizard to help you out. Institution of all levels, professional trainers, developers, and designers will find its features very appealing.

This plugin gives you access to all the trends in the e-learning industry. You can create and sell courses, award grades and certificates, deliver quizzes, manage users, and download reports, among many more functions. The creation of courses is incredibly comfortable, with a drag & drop course builder.

You can even set schedules for automatic content delivery so that you can have a content drip-feed for your users. While selling courses, it’s easy to set the prices, pricing models, and publish. LearnDash comes with engagement triggers that facilitate interaction with your users based on the actions that they perform on your site.

LearnDash offers you robust administrative functions over courses and learners, which are easy to access and manipulate. You can even set designations for courses such as private and free courses. It is within your power to create user groups and assign group leaders. This plugin allows you to send messages for specific courses or classes and automatic email notifications. You can also manage learner progress by marking tasks upon completion as well as reviewing submissions.

If you aim to sell as many courses as possible, LearnDash will help you do it. You can use any pricing models, for example, subscriptions, bundles, one-time sales, and more. This plugin has automatic renewal reminders. LearnDash facilitates the use of several payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, and over 300 others with WooCommerce.

Pricing Details

The Basic Package sells a single site license for $159. If you want to license up to 10 sites, the Plus Package offers that for $189. The Pro Package goes for $329, granting you a license for up to 25 sites. All three packages provide one year of support and updates.


LearnDash offers the best user-friendly interface. It comes with many third-party plugins and add-ons to enhance its performance. These qualities and its wealth of features make it worth every penny.


lifter WordPress lms plugin

Lifter is an exceptional free LMS plugin for WordPress with incredible functionality and compatibility with countless themes and other plugins. Like LearnDash, this plugin has a straightforward setup process.

Lifter supports one-time as well as recurring payments. With this plugin, your users can pay for courses using credit cards. You can create unlimited pricing models and manage payment plans too. This plugin supports payment gateways such as Stripe and PayPal. You can arrange to offers specific courses free of charge. You can edit the country and currency to fit you and your users’ locations and preferences. An E-commerce dashboard is available to give you a stellar shop experience.

You can create courses quickly with an intuitive course builder. Like LearnDash, Lifter offers the chance to develop a content drip that releases your content automatically but systematically. Your users can access the remarkable student dashboard from the frontend.

As you deliver quizzes, the plugin allows you to set quiz time limits. You can even import and export courses and enable students to download lessons. You can also take course reviews so that you can be sure to deliver quality for your audience. This plugin comes with a graphics pack so that your style your look as you want.

You can optimally engage your students with text messaging and personalized emails. Lifter allows you to award certificates and achievement badges.

This plugin allows you to integrate it with a wide range of tools that you may need for your sites, such as payment gateways, CRMs, and E-learning authoring tools. Apart from being compatible with any good theme that you may have, Lifter is mobile friendly and incredibly responsive too.

You can protect courses and user accounts with passwords. As you enrol members, you can provide members-only content.

Pricing Details

A single site license with individual add-ons goes for $99. The universal bundle, which goes for $299, grants you a license for up to 5 sites. The infinity bundle has a license for an unlimited number of websites and goes for $999.


This plugin has an intuitive setup wizard. It is easy to use for anyone, and the single site package is worth the price tag.


lms plugin

Sensei is the brainchild Automattic, the creators of WooCommerce and Therefore, you can expect to have no problems creating courses, lessons, and quizzes. With WooCommerce, you can sell your courses and earn passive income.

This plugin is easy to set up but might be a little challenging for a coding novice. It works with your theme without a hitch. You can set most elements of your LMS website, such as issuing and grading quizzes to deliver automatically.

Unlike most other LMS plugins, Sensei doesn’t have many third-party integrations.

Pricing Details

For a single site license, Sensei starts at $129, which grants you a year of unlimited support and updates.


Coming from creators of WooCommerce, Sensei has an advantage over most LMS plugins. It blends seamlessly with WooCommerce to give you an incredible online store. Nonetheless, setting up a WooCommerce isn’t easy for coding novices. What’s more, Sensei has much fewer integrations and features than the rest of the plugins we have for you.

Final Thoughts

You can settle for any of these plugins since they are the best free lms plugin for WordPress. In this list, we have blended premium ones, as well as some that are available for free. Your preferences could be affected by your specific needs as well as your budget limits. We hope we have helped you narrow down to the plugin you’d want for your site. Just choose your favorite one and start reaping its benefits.