how to install a wordpress plugin manually

When you’re getting a WordPress website started, you’ll find a lot of advice asking you to install various plugins. Plugins are one of the best things about WordPress. They make your website more functional and offer countless benefits. As a beginner, you may want to enjoy these benefits but don’t know how to install a wordpress plugin manually. In this piece, we are about to explain, in a beginner-friendly way, the various ways in which you can install a WordPress plugin.

Technique 1: How to Install Free Plugins via Plugin Search

Technique 2: How to Install Premium Plugins via Admin Plugin Upload

Technique 3: How to Install Premium Plugins via FTP

Technique 1:

how to install a wordpress plugin manually via Plugin Search

Here is the most straightforward way of installing plugins.

1. The first step – as shown in the picture below – is to go to the admin dashboard. Select the ‘add new’ option under the ‘plugins’ option.

2. The dashboard will give you a search area under which you can search the function or the name of the plugin for which you’re looking. The great thing here is you don’t have to type the whole name. For example, if you’re looking for WooCommerce Variation Swatches by RadiusTheme, you can comfortably type Swatches by RadiusThemeYou will get a list of many plugins from which to choose.

3. Click the ‘install now’ button, and WordPress will install the plugin for you.

4. The last step is activating the plugin before which your plugin can’t work. After successful installation, you’ll get a message with an activation link. Click on it to activate, and WordPress will inform you of the successful activation.

Technique 2:

How to install a wordpress plugin manually via Admin Plugin Upload

Installing paid/premium plugins is different from free ones since these plugins aren’t available on the WordPress directory.

1. First, you need to buy, therefore, download the premium plugin – in the form of a zip file – from your source, onto your computer.

2. Now go back to your admin area on your WordPress site and click the ‘add new’ option below the ‘plugins’ button. On the top of that page, you will then click on the ‘Upload Plugin’ option.

3. This action will bring you the ‘choose file’ option, which you will click. You will get the new menu to choose files from your computer. Choose the zip file with the plugin you want to upload.

4. You will then click on the ‘install now’ option, and WordPress will work its magic. Like in the free plugins, WordPress will give you a message to signify successful installation. Click on the ‘activate’ link on the message and get started.

Technique 3:

how to install a wordpress Premium plugin manually via FTP

1. As earlier mentioned, when dealing with premium plugins, you have to download the plugin files onto your computer.

2. The downloaded files will be in zip form. Extract the files from the zip folder to form a ‘new folder’ that will retain the name of the zip folder.

3. Upload your ‘new folder’ via your FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Client. The FTP Client is a computer application that connects your computer and your hosting account. If you don’t have FTP login details, you can talk to your WordPress hosting provider to help you out. Use these login details (username and password) on your FTP client to access your site. After connecting the two, use the path /wp/content/plugins/ to upload the ‘new folder’ onto your server.

5. Go to the admin area on your WordPress site and click on the ‘plugins’ link on the admin panel. On the plugin page, you can confirm the successful installation of your plugin.

6. Below the plugin, click on the ‘activate’ button, and your plugin is ready for use.

A Note for All the Above Methods

After installing any plugin using any of the above methods, each plugin has different configuration settings. You will have to make the configuration according to your needs and the specifics of the plugin.

Final Thoughts

WordPress has countless plugins that make your experience using WordPress websites smooth and fruitful. Not knowing how to install these plugins is the only thing that could stand in your way. We are glad to have a hand in helping you avoid this obstacle. Following our instructions, we hope we helped you learn how to install a wordpress plugin manually like a pro.

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