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Are you in search of a stellar WordPress events plugin to add to your WordPress website? Look no further, since we have compiled a list of the best 10+. With well-outlined features, it is easy for you to weigh the options we have outlined for you. The premium plugins come with countless extra features that allow you to do much more than free ones, such as selling tickets to your visitors. However, the free ones have great features as well, as we’re about to show you. You might be interested another post best event WordPress theme to create professional event website.

WordPress has more plugin options than any other content management system. These many options mean you might have a hard time settling on the best one for you. Therefore, we have analyzed the best WordPress event plugins from which you can choose. With variations in price as well as wealth in features, you will find one that matches both your budget and feature preferences. Don’t forget to read related post best event website html templates.

Top Free and Premium WordPress event plugins are listed below:

  1. Event Manager
  2. The Event Calendar
  3. EventOn
  4. Timetable and Event Schedule
  5. WP Event Manager

The Events Calendar

best WordPress Event plguin

Creating a beautiful events calendar is no hassle with The Events Calendar. This free WordPress plugin offers high quality and professional features out of the box. Not only is it highly customizable, but it’s also extensible. Once you install this plugin, you’ll be fully functional in about five minutes. The make of this plugin facilitates the rapid creation of events. Visitors can search for events, which in turn can appear in a list view. The month view of the calendar comes with tooltips.

The Events Calendar allows you to have saved venues and organizers. Your event taxonomies may compose of categories and tags for easy finding. Google Maps make it easy for attendees of an event to get to the venue. This plugin comes with Google Calendar and iCal export.

Complete Ajax pagination makes for smooth browsing. Apart from having extensive template tags for customization, the plugin also comes with a library of extensions.

Event Manager

best event plugin

Events Manager is a free but reliable events WordPress plugin with amazing features. This plugin facilitates registration of single-day events with start and end of event times. It also accommodates registration of recurring and multiday events. With the bookings management feature, you can access functionalities such as approval, rejection, and export CVS, among others. What’s more, each event can have multiple tickets, such as VIP and regular variations.

With support for BuddyPress, your site supports submission of events, group events, personal events, activity stream, and many more. Members and guests can submit events on the frontend. You can assign event locations, and your visitors can view events sorted by location. You can sort events into categories too. If an event has specific attributes such as dress codes, assigning these is straightforward. Events Manager has active maintenance and support as well as extensive documentation and tutorials.


wordpress plugins for events

EventON is a brilliantly designed event calendar plugins with a perfectly balanced, beautiful, and minimalist design. You can choose to display your events in colorful minimal tiles to reduce clutter and enhance beauty. What’s more, you can go further with the stunning minimal event bubbles in place of tiles. The plugin has options to display an event card as a slide-down, a lightbox, or a new page. You can rearrange or switch on and off individual event cards. You can add the map (via Google Maps), time, location, and other details to each event too.

Setting up your perfect event calendars is a child’s play with features such as the unique shortcode generator. You can easily set certain events to repeat on yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, or days of weekly schedules. The gallery of an event can take an unlimited number of images. You can set the plugin to hide or delete past events automatically.



When planning events, you also need to coordinate content to go with it. To do that, you’ll need an organized content calendar.

Strive makes post scheduling easy with its beautiful editorial calendar. Add new posts with a click, make small edits, and reschedule posts with drag and drop. The posts are also colored based on their status, so you can tell at a glance whether they’re ready for publication or not.

In order to stay on track, you’ll also appreciate the custom checklists. With the checklist, you can document the perfect editorial process for creating content on your site. Once your checklist is created, it shows up in the sidebar of the post editor, so every writer on the site can check off tasks as they write.

My Calendar

best WordPress events plugin

My Calendar is one of the easiest ways for displaying events with myriads of customization options. If you want a WordPress event calendar plugin this plugin will give you the ease of use that rarely comes with other plugins. You may wish to separate event calendars in WordPress Multisite or multiple calendars showcased by locations, categories, or authors. Other people may prefer a simple list of upcoming events. My Calendar provides all these options and many more.

This plugin stakes its claim as one of the best WordPress plugins or events with options for daily, weekly, or monthly views as well as grid and list views. If you prefer to have a mini-calendar for compact displays, such as mobile phone displays, you can have your calendar showcased as a widget or shortcode.

The premium version of this WordPress event plugin allows you to permit your visitors to submit events to your site with the option to require payment or enable them to do it for free. With My Calendar, you can also allow logged-in users to edit their events from the frontend. You can create events each time you make a blog post. The WordPress plugin for events will enable you to import events from .csv or .ics formats through URLs or files.

XO Event Calendar

wordpress events calendar plugin

Simplicity is often synonymous with brilliance – and with XO Event Calendar, it is precisely that. You can use this WordPress event calendar plugin to add events using any custom post type and taxonomy. It supports the use of custom post type templates to make work easier. If you want your calendar to display holidays, XO Event Calendar will let you do it seamlessly and display any holiday you want.

This WordPress event plugin comes with an events and holidays plugin so that you can display the two with incredible ease. When you acquire the plugin, you can rest assured that you will have regular updates to keep you in sync with the latest development in WordPress and event calendars. You can use the plugin with Gutenberg since it is compatible with WordPress versions from version 4.0 and higher.


tockify is event calendar plugin

Tockify is a contemporary and elegant WordPress event calendar plugin with a captivating and user-friendly design. It is fully responsive to all device screens, including desktop and mobile web. It provides a WordPress shortcode and widget that allows you to easily add the Tockify calendar to any site. Tockify comes with the Tockify Block that grants an incredible interface for visual editing with WordPress version 5.0 and later versions.

With this WordPress plugin for events, you can choose from pinboard, agenda, and month styles layouts. Its mini calendar is gorgeous for sidebars and other limited spaces. Tockify has a highly customizable design and facilitates live syncs with Google Calendar. To make your events easily sharable, it comes with easy social sharing options for Facebook, Twitter, etc. You will love the ticket or call-to-action buttons that urge users to buy tickets to your events. With Tockify, you can embed videos from YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo.

Event Calendar by Totalsoft

Event Calendar is a versatile WordPress calendar plugin that facilitates your database’s connection to the events you have on schedule to showcase various views. You will love the intuitive event labels that come with this WordPress events plugin. Whether you want a complete calendar or a simple date picker, you can have it in an instant with the Event Calendar.

This WordPress event calendar plugin comes with 10 free themes and an option of selecting data ranges, marking events, and many more. The shortcodes that come with the plugin allow you to list your events anywhere on your pages. Each event box comes with a link to the detailed event that you have in your calendar. If you want to have uniformity in your events and website’s colors, Event Calendar allows you to change the colors of your events to match those of your site.

WP Event Manager

wp event manager plugin

If you’re in search of a free lightweight, feature-rich, and customizable event management plugin, you’ll love WP Event Manager. You can add, manage, and categorize event listings without having to leave the familiar WordPress interface. The Ajax support facilitates a seamless browsing experience for your visitors. Ajax uses shortcodes to add searchable and filterable event listings to your pages.

Before a listing goes live, this plugin provides a preview that’s identical to the live listing. Each listing is linkable to an email or website address so that event attendees can register to events easily.

This plugin is 100% responsive on screens of all sizes. It supports all modern browsers as well. Apart from being SEO friendly, it is also compatible with SEO plugins, so that your stuff will be easy to find on all search engines. To give all people access to your site, the developers of this plugin equipped it with

Timetable and Event Schedule

timetable and event schedule

MotoPress designed the free Timetable and Event Schedule plugin to help you manage your online schedules carefully and classily. Since the plugin is fully responsive, your schedules are manageable and visible from devices of all sizes.

Timetable and Event Schedule allows you to add event tags and categories. You can select and deselect the columns of the timetable that you wish to display. The plugin has several types of columns from which you can choose. In the left column of the timetable, the plugin displays a time feature that accurately displays the duration of each activity in a specific event. The filter styles include dropdown lists and tabs. You can feature particular images for a given event too.

You can set the URL of an event to link to an external website. The event blocks have options for text alignment. The plugin has color settings for background, background hover, text, and text hover.

Very Simple Event List

event list plugin

As the name suggests, the Very Simple Event List is a lightweight plugin. It uses shortcodes and widgets to make your work almost effortless. To display events on a website, you simply add the shortcode or use the widget. You can then personalize the event lists from the settings page by adding attributes to the shortcode or the widget.

After installing the plugin, you get a menu with an “events” item, which directs you to add events to your list. This plugin makes adding event dates easy since you can add events with a single date. With this plugin, you can add events and their categories to your menu through the menu page.

This plugin is fully responsive and comes with integration for the Elementor page builder plugin.

Event Organiser

best event WordPress plugin

The event management that comes with the free Event Organiser blends perfectly with WordPress websites. Regular users will find this plugin attractive with its features. You can create one-time or recurring events. This plugin accommodates complex patterns for recurring events. Event functions are available, which extend the post functions. The calendar, event list, and the event agenda widgets are incredibly helpful.

The Event Organiser has a designated public events feed where visitors can subscribe to events, a particular venue, or category. You can even assign color codes to your events. This plugin even has venue pages from where visitors can view events by venue. It is translation ready and comes with a whopping 39 language files straight from the box.

For developers, the plugin has many appealing features too. It adds an event custom post type that accommodates all functionalities of posts. Its Javascript actions and filters enhance interaction with maps and calendars.


best wordpress event plugin

The Eventer provides one of the most straightforward and convenient options for earning online through your events. It comes with an android application, Eventer Check-In, which is available on Google Play. Now, the plugin accommodates Stripe payments. Apart from events, you can sell accompanying items such as parking, meals, hotel rooms, and many more. With WooCommerce integration, your visitors can enjoy a seamless shopping experience on your site. WooCommerce allows you to add tickets to your events and enjoy multiple payment gateways, coupon discounts, and much more.

The user dashboard that comes with Eventer allows your users to register for your site and manage their event bookings. They can submit events, make submissions, book tickets, and download printable tickets. Eventer comes with a new drag & drop form builder for adding new events.

Eventer has QR code integration for ticket identification. It accommodates unlimited venues and organizers and is compatible with the WPBakery page builder.

WordPress Pro Event Calendar

wordpress event calendar plugin

WordPress Pro Event Calendar boasts an elegant, sleek, and fully responsive layout. With this plugin, it is much easier to manage events. You can add select dates such as holidays to your calendar and even sync the calendar with an ICS live URL. You can also import events from an ICS feed or Facebook. WordPress Pro Event Calendar allows users to make bookings and submit events on the frontend.

The user roles functionality allows you to choose who can manage the plugin. With the Custom CSS, you can edit the calendar styles straightforwardly. With MailChimp support, users can subscribe to a specific calendar for newsletters. This widget ready plugin has widgets for upcoming events and today events.

This plugin is touch-friendly, and you can drag and drop to edit. It supports RTL reading and is translation ready with WPML support. Google Maps are excellent for your visitors to find locations of events.

Events Schedule

Event Schedule

Fast, simple, and versatile are some of the qualities users have employed to describe the wordpress plugins for events calendar. The Schedule Builder is easy to use. This plugin has 12 unique timetable styles, which only take one click to switch. The WPBakery page builder custom element facilitates easy VC integration.

Events Schedule allows you to build unlimited unique events, classes, and schedules. You can add details such as instructors and locations to individual classes. The plugin accommodates custom labels and messages. It is incredibly easy to change colors for text and unique elements. An elegant popup modal window is available for text and images for each class with light and dark layouts. Events Schedule has a call-to-action button in the plain list and a weekly tabs schedule style.

This plugin is 100% responsive and retina ready for all device sizes and resolutions. All its elements are fully localized and translatable. The extensive documentation comes with many screenshots and complete instructions.

WordPress Events Calendar Registration & Tickets

best event plugin

WordPress Events Calendar Registration & Tickets presents an easy way to create, manage, and display any type of event on your site. This WordPress 4.0 ready plugin comes with the new Bootstrap 3.0 event display. One of the newest additions to this plugin is the responsive events grid, which presents your events beautifully. The countdown timer keeps you and your users aware of the time left to an event. This plugin allows you to create different ticket prices for each event and have your users register and pay via PayPal or

You can choose to display dates and times in different formats. You can also create discount coupons for your events. Colored categories will make identification quicker. WordPress Events Calendar Registration & Tickets allows you to add the header images of your choice. What’s more, you can add your colors to the calendar. The sidebar accommodates widgets too.

Final Thoughts

Many event websites in the market have made a name for themselves. If you are to compete among them, you need to have one of the best WordPress events plugin on your site. The specific features vary from one plugin to the next. However, all the plugins in this list have what it takes to make a difference for you. Hopefully, our analysis has helped you choose the perfect fit for the needs of your site.

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