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Charity organization website templates provide an easy way of creating superb charity websites. Having a charity website is an excellent way of gaining more donors and increasing your funding. If you don’t have web coding expertise or just want to get it done faster, website templates are as good a place to start as any. Besides, there are incredible templates out there that do a better job than most experts would!

However, this abundance of templates presents a problem: it is difficult to know which ones are the best charity website templates. Substandard templates could lead to the crashing of your website or the failure of some essential features. That’s where we come in: we looked into the best templates and tested them for their features and functions. We then came up with this comprehensive catalog of the crème de la crème. It has its main features and functions, and all you have to do is browse and decide which template suits your needs best. Happy hunting!

Best none-profit website templates details bellow

Nonprofit Charity

Nonprofit Charity - charity website template

Nonprofit Charity is one of the most exceptional education NGO website templates. It comes with 6 unique designs from your homepage. They are elegant, easy to edit, and fully customizable. Among the 70+ layout options you have for your web pages, Nonprofit Charity allows you additional options. These include boxed and full-width. The dark mode for apps and websites hasn’t gone down in popularity – if you want dark pages, this trust website template lets you have them.

Nonprofit Charity is also fully translatable. What’s more, it supports right-to-left (RTL) languages, such as Hebrew, Persian, and Arabic. This template is ready with a shop page if you want to sell anything off your website. As you edit Nonprofit Charity, you’ll be happy to know that you can add multiple elements in seconds using any of the 60+ shortcodes it has to offer. The Bootstrap framework on which the charity organization website template is based makes it fully responsive and mobile friendly.

As you gain more visitors to your website, you can utilize the active contact forms to urge them to take various actions. Since Nonprofit Charity has an active MailChimp integration, you can manage your mail subscriptions easily. Even as you generate funds with your website, this template helps you save some. It offers the Slider Revolution, which has a market cost of $26, and a Mega Menu worth $7. The two plugins make your website more interactive and easy to use.


CharityFund - charity organisation website template

CharityFund is a feature-rich charity organization website template. As you create your website, you will love the style switcher that comes with the template. It allows you to change the theme and top menu color skins, top menu style, background color, and patterns. CharityFund offers you a choice between light and dark modes. You can also choose to have a full-width or boxed mode for your website. You can also choose the font combinations you want for your pages, sections, and entire website.

CharityFund comes with three premium slider plugins that enable you to display all kinds of content on the most attractive sliders. These plugins include the Slider Revolution, Layer Slider, and the Master Slider and are worth $80. This trust website template offers the premium Menuzord Mega Mega that saves you $7 and enables you to manage your entire site with excellent menus. CharityFund also comes with a great calendar integration that helps you manage appointments and other items on your schedules.

You can create interesting events with a countdown timer to encourage more donations. CharityFund provides the Countdown Timer (worth $7) for such purposes. With this education NGO website template, you get 15 different top menu layouts to choose from. You also get 19 active PayPal recurring and onetime donation forms with CharityFund. What’s more, the template offers 14 forms that include active contact, MailChimp subscription, appointment booking, and job application forms.

Charity Nonprofit

Charity Nonprofit

The elegance and functionality of the predefined web elements that come with Charity Nonprofit make it pretty unique. This charity organization website template is based on the latest Bootstrap version. This is a mobile-first framework, which explains Charity Nonprofit’s mobile friendly and fully responsive layout. What’s more, it is Retina ready, so your website can support splendid views on high-resolution displays. The template’s cross-browser compatibility means that it works seamlessly with all modern browsers.

Charity Nonprofit lets you create sliders for showcasing text, image, and video content with beautiful animation effects. This function is facilitated by the premium Slider Revolution. The 60+ shortcodes that come with Charity Nonprofit make it easy to add elements to your pages and sections. The template has 12 different variations for your homepage designs to work with. You can work with a website of any language since this education NGO website template is translation ready. It even has an RTL version.

You can drive more donations by placing multiple PayPal Donation Forms all over your website. What’s more, you can utilize the MailChimp subscription that comes with Charity Nonprofit to manage email subscriptions and remarketing campaigns. The Mega Menu that comes with this template is worth $7 and gives you the power over your entire site on an elegant space. The premade shop page it comes with makes it easy to start selling any products or merchandise to raise donation proceeds.


Fundpro - trust website template

Fundpro prides itself as a template library for charity and crowdfunding. If you want a simple but elegant website, you can go with one of the 7 onepage site demos that come with the template. On the other hand, you can go with any of the 7 index multipage demos for a more complex website. Fundpro offers 14 more demos for boxed websites, 14 for RTL websites, 10 hot page demos, and 14 dark page demos. All these demos are fully responsive and mobile friendly.

Since Fundpro is compatible with all modern browsers, including IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. You can create responsive sliders to display your content using the Slider Revolution plugin. This education NGO website template has more than 400 Font Awesome Icons, 200+ 7 Stroke Icons, and 360+ Elegant Icon Font icons. Fundpro has access to hundreds of Google Fonts that give you the chance to write readable and elegant content.

You can make your pages as elegant as possible with the smooth animations that come with Fundpro. The trust website template offers well-placed and fully customizable parallax sections. If you have locations that you want to display, you can utilize the Google Maps that are easy to set up with data attributes. Customizing Fundpro is easy with its collection of powerful shortcodes at your disposal.

Charity Press

Charity Press - charity website template

Charity Press is a Bootstrap 3 template that has the most responsive layout. It fits the displays of various devices perfectly, including tablets, iPads, iPhones, desktops, and android phones. Since this education NGO website template is Retina ready, it will look immaculate on high-resolution displays. It is also compatible with all modern web browsers, including IE9+, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. Charity Press is incredibly well documented, a factor that makes it easy to customize, even for first-timers.

This trust website template supports Google Fonts and allows you to choose the fonts you want to brand your site and write your pages with. Charity Press offers excellent headers but lets you build as many more as you want. Due to its extensibility, it also allows you to add sliders and other plugins that make your content unique. You can use this to make your blogs all the more elegant and attractive.

Due to its coding, Charity Press gives you the smoothest user experience without glitches. Your page backgrounds can take any format of content, including videos and images. This charity organization website template is eCommerce ready; therefore, you can create a shop page to sell stuff off your site. You can also write blog pages that make your site more visible on search engines.

NonProfit Charity

NonProfit Charity is a fantastic library of premade web elements for websites in the charity and crowdfunding niche. Although it is based on Bootstrap 3, it is constantly updated to keep you up to speed with the best and latest technologies. What’s more, the mobile friendly framework and superb coding make for a highly user friendly interface. NonProfit Charity works seamlessly with high-resolution displays. This charity organization website template is user friendly and fully customizable too.

NonProfit Charity offers more than 60 shortcodes with adequate details that make their use easy. The 5 unique homepage designs and 12+ home variations that you get with the template are enough to help you create your dream website. Bootstrap blog template also make it more appealing. NonProfit Charity is RTL ready and lets you showcase your entire site in boxed, wide, dark, light, and ‘Hot’ layouts. The template is fully compatible with all the modern browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, IE9+, and Opera.

When considering how to get more conversions from your visitors, the active contact forms that come with NonProfit Charity are vital. If you can get more users to subscribe to your emails, you can manage those subscriptions using the active MailChimp subscription that comes with NonProfit Charity. The active PayPal Donation forms are perfect for soliciting funds from your visitors.


Helpo - charity organisation website template

Helpo is one of the best places to start when you’re taking your charity or fundraising campaign onto the web. It is an HTML template that enables you to create and develop websites easily. Its call to action capabilities are very prominent. This charity organization website template starts you off with 6 homepages that have 2 color scheme options each. You also get 50 inner pages and over 100 elements for creating your site with Helpo.

Are you open to selling your (and donors’) stuff to raise proceeds toward your cause? You can do so on the eCommerce pages that come with Helpo. In all the pages that you create, you will find the 100+ Awesome Isometric and Flat Icon collections very handy. The education NGO website template is based on Bootstrap, Gulp, jQuery, and Node JS. These reliable frameworks and its great coding make Helpo a superb choice for any charity website.

You can write your pages easily with any font combinations you choose from the hundreds of Google Fonts Helpo has to offer. This trust website template is fully customizable, which gives you all the power to brand it. With this template comes 50 fully customizable PSD files. What’s more, the HTML branding of Helpo is valid by W3C standards. If you need a hand, you can call on the dependable support of the template.



Gracious is a template whose multipurpose nature is rooted within fundraising, charity, donation, and nonprofit websites. It is based on Bootstrap, which explains its smooth operation. What’s more, its HTML coding is clean and completely valid. Gracious is also 100% responsive on all devices, including tablets, mobile phones, and desktops. With this charity organization, website template has 3 home pages and 20+ inner pages for various site functions. All these pages display a modern design that balances elegance and professionalism perfectly.

The flexible header style that comes with 3 basic layouts to choose from. However, it also includes a transparent option and a full-page one. You can add various elements using shortcodes, including various button styles. This education NGO website template lets you add accordion and tabbing styles to your pages too. When your users have a search that they need to make, they can make use of the search popup element.

 Gracious lets you add different icon boxes to your pages as you make your sections as elegant as possible. You can also add various bullet styles, a statistics counter as well as bold and attractive callout styles. Gracious is fully optimized for SEO so that you can get your posts and pages to rank high on Google fast. Animated bars draw attention to themselves, making their contents crucial in converting visitors.


Do you have a particular idea in mind for color branding? CharityPress lets you go ahead with it with its unlimited color combination options. You can take your branding as far as you want because this trust website template is really easy to customize. CharityPress is coded with HTML5 and CSS3 coding that is fully validated according to W3C standards. The clean and simple design of these templates makes it a gem that produces efficient websites that don’t drag or crash.

CharityPress boasts a fully responsive layout and a cross-browser compatible one. This means that it works and looks great on all devices and browsers. This education NGO website template is also ready for high resolution displays of your pages. CharityPress comes with premade pages and sections that employ various Google Fonts. Still, you’re left with hundreds of them and can choose them as you like.

CharityPress has the smoothest animations that make your site a joy to browse. You will enjoy taking a look at the Font Awesome and Line Icons for your page sections. You have over 600 icons between the two. CharityPress comes with predetermined parallax sections that make your placement of attractive visual content easier. This charity organization website template lets you use data attributes to set up the working Google Maps on your site.


charity website template

Loveus is an HTML charity organization website template that enables you to create nonprofit websites easily. Whichever device your users decide to go with, this trust website template has you covered. Its design is fully responsive and mobile ready. Loveus is coded using clean coding, which results in robust HTML files that are 100% valid by W3 web standards. Since it is based on the Bootstrap framework, it employs HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding for its mobile-first projects.

The 8 unique homepages that Loveus has to offer are elegant and functional. The working PHP contact form that comes with this trust website template is easy to use and is Ajax-enabled. The template has unlimited sidebars: you can have the left, right, or both sidebars! Loveus has Google Maps that support multiple location displays. You can draw more visitors to your website by writing as many blogs as you can using the blog pages that this template has to offer.

Loveus has the most detail-oriented listing that makes for superb listing pages. All your pages should look additionally attractive with the parallax effects of this education NGO website template. Loveus lets you utilize its unique effects and functionality to draw attention to your website’s call-to-action buttons and sections. Since you need as many donations as you can get, you can utilize the shop page that Loveus has to offer and sell various items.


Humanity - charity organisation website template

Humanity is a clean template designed for NGO and charity organization websites. Its design is clean and unique, which brings out a professional ambiance mixed with a regal attractiveness. The HTML5 and CSS3 coding of the template and that of the shortcodes it employs are fully valid. Humanity has a powerful homepage with sections designed for powerful information and lasting impressions. The dropdown menu that comes with this trust website template supports unlimited smooth slide effects and unlimited menu levels.

Humanity is compatible with the most popular internet browsers, including Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera. This charity organization website template comes with a working contact form. It provides an immediate and ideal way for your users to interact with you and receive responses. The boxed and wide site layout options that come with Humanity have many inbuilt patterns. All the pages accommodate images, videos, and other post formats.

The gallery that comes with Humanity presents a creative way of showcasing content on your site. On the other hand, the events page serves to showcase all the functions that you’ve scheduled to hold for raising donations and other funds. The semantic markup of this template makes it easy to work with and optimize for optimum SEO performance.

Bottom Line

There you go – the best charity website templates. You may have noticed some similarities in some of the templates. This is because some features and functions are essential to the performance of your website.

Most of these templates have more features and functions that we couldn’t squeeze into this brief piece. Therefore, you can carry out more tests on the templates that you fancy. All that I can assure you is that the templates in this list will not only blow you away, but they’ll also give your users the smoothest webpage experience. Good luck, although with one of these trust website templates, you won’t need it.

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