Best WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin

In this post covered the best woocommerce multi vendor plugin. A WooCommerce multi-vendor store is a platform for interaction of multiple buyers and sellers, such as Amazon or Alibaba. Owning such a marketplace gives you many advantages. Unlike regular WooCommerce stores, WooCommerce multi-vendor stores are an easy way to go international with your sales. You don’t have to worry about specific transactions. The sellers on your platform take that off your hands. You can then take care of the general details of the website itself and enjoy the commissions from your vendors.

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If you have a decent WooCommerce store, you are a handful of steps away from a thriving multi-vendor store. One of the few things you need to have a successful WooCommerce multi-vendor store is one of the best WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins. To save you the headache of scouring the internet for a splendid one, we have prepared a catalogue of the best five. Make your choice.

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Best free WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Plugins are listed below:

  1. Dokan – best WooCommerce multi vendor plugin
  2. WCFM Marketplace – WooCommerce multi vendor plugin
  3. WC Vendors Marketplace – Multi vendor Woocommerce plugins
  4. MultiVendorX – MultiVendor Marketplace Solution For WooCommerce
  5. YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor


Dokan - best Woocommerce multi vendor plugin

Dokan is one of the best WooCommerce multi vendor plugin on WordPress with two special awards for customer satisfaction. Multiple positive reviews accompany this plugin, which boasts over 70,000+ active installations. Apart from WooCommerce, Dokan’s developers also adhered to the best practices from other eCommerce activators such as BigCommerce. This meticulous development guarantees Dokan’s users of seamless business experience. The store Elementor add-on allows you more freedom of customization.

Check Out pro version of Dokan Multi Vendor Plugins.

The frontend management experience that comes with this plugin is one of a kind with each of your vendors getting a unique personalized rich dashboard. To complement it, Dokan comes with many add-ons; all of which are frontend compatible. The plugin only grants backend access of the site to you – the admin. The admin has control over the activities of the entire market, including product publishing, subscription renewal, and vendor activities. Apart from commissions, you can now earn through charging for product limits, uploads, and time. This plugin allows you an unlimited number of vendors who can create countless products including physical, downloadable, variable, bookable, and auction products.

With the pro version of Dokan, you get a fully responsive eCommerce theme with specially crafted widgets for the plugin. The pro version also offers the complete Elementor drag and drop customizer. With this version, you can manage downloadable product permissions, expiry date, and download limit. Vendors can also handle product attributes as well as Zonewise shipping. To earn you more vendors, you can switch vendors from another marketplace to yours seamlessly with a unique import/export feature on Dokan pro. Vendors can create coupons with advanced management features too.

The pro version also offers an Ajax Live Search feature, Geolocation for customer searches, Live Chat for real-time support, Seller Verification, Stripe Connect, Wirecard(Moip), Vendor Review, Vendor Staff Manager, etc.

WCFM Marketplace

WCFM is another best WooCommerce multi vendor plugin

WCFM Marketplace is an incredible WooCommerce tool for creating a world-beater of a multi-vendor marketplace. This plugin has its distinctive WooCommerce Frontend Manager. This plugin supports flexible commission rules and modes for your vendors from the frontend. Here, the admin has numerous options for payment of commissions such as percentages, fixed, percentage & fixed, by vendor sales, product price, and by purchase quantity.

The free version of the WCFM Marketplace facilitates the setting up of withdrawal rules and disbursement of payments to your vendors. You can also configure the settings of the refund policies as you wish. The ledger book feature allows the admin and vendors to check every detail of the transactions made. For monitoring commissions, refunds, withdrawals, and charges, you can avail this feature on the frontend. The enquiry manager feature facilitates the management of individual enquiries. WCFM instantly notifies the vendor concerned of new queries immediately and lists previous ones as FAQ.

With this plugin, you can stipulate all the policies of the store and products from the frontend. With the frontend manager, vendors can set the opening and closing hours as well as off days. You can set store vacation periods too so that you and your vendors can take vacations. The store review feature allows you to manage the reviews made for your store. You can allocate a product to more than one vendor for sale.

The ultimate version of WCFM Marketplace has the option to add tracking codes and URLs for sold items so that vendors can mark orders as complete. The delivery add-on allows vendors to manage the deliveries via their teams. This premium version allows the addition of product attributes and their allocation to their appropriate categories.

This plugin has a great support system and many other attractive features.

WC Vendors Marketplace

WC Vendors one of the best woocommerce multi vendor plugin

Earn from your eCommerce marketplace with online art galleries, farmer markets, cooking classes, furniture, and many other market functions. This plugin features regular updates and splendid eCommerce features. You can now engage an unlimited number of vendors and products. This plugin supports digital and downloadable products, physical, and variable products. The plugin guarantees you compatibility with over 100 payment gateways.

The WC Vendors Subscriptions, WooCommerce Bookings, and WooCommerce Simple Auctions plugins facilitate the management of subscriptions, bookings, and auctions of products. The free version of this plugin supports charging of commissions based on percentages. As the administrator, you can formulate and sell membership packages to vendors and set limits for the products they can sell, among other features. You also have control over the publishing of products, automatic & manual vendor registration, product types that vendors can post, and the customer info visible to vendors. For a seamless admin experience, you can utilize the vendor-specific shortcodes that come with the plugin.

On the other hand, the pro plugin supports commissions based on percentage & fee, fixed, fixed & fee, sales by the vendor, sales by product, and product price. The pro version features ten great widgets for vendor storefronts. For uniqueness, this version comes with multiple storefront styles from which you can choose. Vendors can use the store notices to advertise coupons or sales. Vendors also get to set their fronts to vacation mode. The pro version gives your vendors the ability to display their social media profiles too. It also supports search engine optimization of a vendor’s store. Your vendors can show their opening and closing hours.

In the free version, WC Vendors Marketplace offers an incredibly rich vendor dashboard. The pro version offers many more options on the panel as well as elsewhere.



MultiVendorX is a free WordPress plugin that enables users to create a multi-vendor marketplace based on WooCommerce. It is compatible with most WooCommerce payment gateways, and its features make it possible to create different types of marketplaces, such as rental, subscription, booking, niche, and retail. 

MultiVendorX provides a range of tools that are friendly to WooCommerce marketplaces, such as an easy setup wizard, a customizable registration form, and a personalised dashboard for tracking and managing tasks. This plugin’s flexible commission plans allow users to charge various commission rates and fees based on multiple commission types. 

MultiVendorX enables users to create a marketplace for any type of product. This plugin also offers a vendor/seller manager for tracking vendors and a product manager for managing products. It’s refund management software allows users to set refund options, while the coupon management system helps increase website traffic with coupon codes and discount/promo codes. The shipping management system is flexible, with vendor shipping options allowing vendors to charge shipping rates based on weight, country, or product category. This plugin’s features make it easy to create a marketplace like Amazon, Etsy, or Airbnb, making it the best multi vendor marketplace plugin for users who want to create their dream marketplace without much effort.

MultiVendorX Pro is an ecommerce plugin that offers a range of affordable and upgraded features for online marketplaces. These features include vendor shops, advanced product features, customizable membership plans, an advanced product catalogue, advanced analytics, store inventory management, business hours and vacation module, invoice and packing slip management, staff management, and more. It allows users to set up a variety of marketplaces, such as local online marketplaces, retail marketplaces, niche marketplaces, booking marketplaces, rental marketplaces, subscription marketplaces, and more. 

Moreover, it offers free and advanced features such as hassle-free migration support, Elementor compatibility, WPML multi-language support, MVX Follow Store, customizable vendor registration form, seller verification, order manager, payment gateway, shipping, commission types, and reports. 

MultiVendorX Pro can be suitable for those who want to convert their e-commerce platform into a marketplace.

MarketKing — Ultimate WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Solution

MarketKing is a next-generation multi vendor marketplace platform that allows businesses to build their dream marketplace with robust features and stunning user experiences. This platform has been featured by top WP sites such as WPLift, Envato Market, and BusinessBloomer. 

It is one of the fastest-growing WP plugins, with a weekly bestseller status on CodeCanyon. Marketing is a versatile solution that can be used to build marketplaces for various niches, including fashion, food, arts, toys, jewellery, electronics, and digital software downloads.

MarketKing offers over 137 features, modules, and several integrations. It offers a free plugin with essential features such as a modern vendor dashboard, a separate dedicated login page for vendors, order statistics and sales charts, vendor product management, inventory and shipping management, order management, and payout panel configuration.

In addition, MarketKing’s front-end offers a unique modern split-cart system with configurable vendor storefronts for each vendor, stores page, and vendor information added to each product. It is translatable to any language and has a vendor registration system compatible with all WooCommerce themes. The back-end admin features a vendor account review and approval system, admin review and approval of vendor products, admin dashboard with charts and statistics, system to send payouts and notifications, back-end management of vendors and profiles, commission configuration, and custom dashboard logo and branding.

MarketKing Premium’s paid version offers advanced features such as Stripe Connect Split Payments, which allows vendors to receive payments directly and automatically into their Stripe accounts. This feature supports 3D Secure Two and the latest Stripe features, and payments are split automatically between vendors and admin. Vendors can easily connect their Stripe accounts via the dashboard.

It supports a range of shipping providers and custom providers. It also offers an Elementor integration that allows vendors to design custom store pages using eight native Elementor widgets or any other features in the Elementor ecosystem.

WordPress WooCommerce MultiVendor Marketplace Plugin

WordPress WooCommerce MultiVendor Marketplace Plugin

WordPress WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin is a tool that can transform an online store into a fully-functional marketplace with multiple sellers. Each seller has a profile, and they can use the Plugin to add, edit, or delete products from their panel. It allows sellers to view and edit their profile information and search and manage their product list.

This Plugin provides sellers with a comprehensive dashboard to access various functionalities, including viewing their transaction records, sales charts, and order history, changing their passwords, and communicating with the admin. Meanwhile, the admin can manage the product list, seller list, commissions, and settings. Specifically, the admin can edit or delete products, approve or disapprove products assigned to sellers, and set different commission rates for each seller. Additionally, the admin can modify settings related to product auto-publishing and seller auto-approval permissions.

The WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace plugin offers several features to support sellers and enhance the customer experience. Firstly, sellers can add all default WooCommerce product types. Additionally, customers can give sellers reviews and ratings, encouraging good quality products and shipping services. The seller/supplier name is visible on the product page, allowing easy identification and building customer trust. URLs are also SEO-friendly, improving site ranking and indexing. The plugin also includes a Marketplace Seller Central, where users can register as sellers, and order management features that enable vendors to manage orders and generate invoices. Lastly, the plugin is compatible with both the WPML and Woostify themes.

It creates a bond bridge between sellers and  admin features. It enhances the seller and customer experience in a B2C marketplace. One of its key features is the Separate Seller Profile, which allows each seller to have their own managed profile on the site. It also provides a Shipping Management feature, which allows sellers to manage their shipping and set up new shipping zones and methods for their products. Another useful feature is Product by Feature, which allows buyers to see the seller’s name on the product page and visit their profile page with just one click.

This admin can also set auto-approval for new sellers and their products, which saves time and improves efficiency. Additionally, the admin can approve or disapprove sellers or their products as needed. 

Lastly, the plugin allows the admin to convert existing customers into sellers, assign products to any seller, and set up seller accounts quickly.

Mercado Pro – Turn your WooCommerce into Multi Vendor Marketplace

Mercado Pro - Turn your WooCommerce into Multi Vendor Marketplace

Mercado Pro is a plugin on CodeCanyon that can transform your default WooCommerce website into a multi-vendor marketplace. This advanced, dynamic, and high-functional plugin offers an end-to-end solution that allows you to run your physical or online store as a multi-vendor marketplace like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and others. With Mercado, you can sell products in different categories on the same website. The plugin is easy to install and use, and you can invite sellers with different product ranges to sell on your website.

It offers bundles of robust features to make your marketplace more dynamic and functional. You can grab it during the Black Friday sale and get an extra 10% off by clicking the link to buy now.

Another noteworthy feature is the live AJAX search with sort and filter functions that enable users to search for products based on their preferences quickly. Additionally, the plugin allows the admin to adjust taxes, shipping methods, and applicable fees zone-wise from the settings on the admin panel, making it easier to manage orders.

This plugin also offers a range of vendor-end features, including light and dark themes, the ability to manage and view orders, duplicate products, generate coupons, manage reviews, track vendor balances, and manage vendor store ratings. Vendors can also access a store setup wizard and a CSV of orders. 

WooCommerce admin and individual vendors have access to customization options to choose a design that best suits their business needs. This plugin supports all standard payment gateways available on WooCommerce, including PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Pay, and PayFast.

No-reload dashboard saves time and data; the admin can create announcements for specific or all vendors at once and it is fully compatible with WPML integration. 

Privacy is a top priority, and Mercado ensures that the data of every vendor is disclosed to the admin only, keeping the privacy of every vendor protected.

YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor / Marketplace

YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor / Marketplace

YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor / Marketplace is a robust plugin that lets you easily turn your WooCommerce store into a fully-featured multi-vendor marketplace. With this plugin, you can invite vendors to register on your site and start selling their products while you earn a commission on every sale. The plugin offers a variety of features to manage your marketplace, including an authoritarian admin dashboard, global and individual commission settings, the ability to view and manage orders, and live reports and statements. You can also adjust taxes, shipping methods, and applicable fees zone-wise from the settings on the admin panel. The plugin offers flexibility for all settings, allowing you to tailor your marketplace to your needs. Vendors can enjoy features such as light and dark themes, the ability to manage and view orders, duplicate products, generate coupons, manage reviews, track their balance, and more. 

This plugin also includes tools to manage shipping, create invoices and packing slips, and assign products to vendors.

RMA WCFM For WooCommerce

RMA WCFM For WooCommerce

RMA WCFM for WooCommerce is a robust plugin offering various features to manage refund, exchange, and cancel requests. One of the top features of the plugin is the provision of a smooth and complete interface for such requests. Vendors can manage refunds and exchange requests, and store owners can empower vendors to manage and take action on these requests rather than just viewing them. The plugin also allows store owners to restrict fake refund and exchange requests by requiring customers to provide a valid reason.

Vendors have full authority to choose whether to accept or cancel a request generated by users. They can also apply shipping costs on refund and exchange products when approving a request. The plugin uses e-wallet functionality to enable vendors to deposit refunded money into customers’ e-wallets. It allows vendors to manage the stock availability of products being requested for any request.

RMA WCFM also offers customizable email templates that can be modified according to brand themes and content flow. Admin can create a predefined list of refund/exchange reasons to ease the refund/exchange process. Store owners can include or exclude tax amounts on the refund product and set a minimum amount required for refund/exchange request creation.

It also allows users to display refund/exchange notes on product pages, and store owners can select the product category on which they don’t want to display refund/exchange requests. With RMA WCFM, vendors have the authority to manage refund/exchange requests, allowing them to handle orders more efficiently and ensuring that customers receive timely and efficient service. This plugin’s features also help to reduce the number of fake refund and exchange requests, making it easier for store owners to manage their e-commerce store. 

With the help of this plugin, merchants can easily manage all the necessary refund/exchange/cancel requests through a user-friendly interface. This empowers merchants to manage and take actions on the requests independently, without any dependence on the store owner.

Some FAQ about WooCommerce multivendor plugin

What is a multi-vendor plugin for WooCommerce?

A multi-vendor plugin for WooCommerce is a tool that enables multiple vendors to sell their products through a single WooCommerce store.

What features should I look for in a WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin?

When looking for a WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin, you should consider features such as:
– Vendor dashboard and management tools
– Product and order management
– Vendor commission and payment system
– Shipping and tax management
– Customer and vendor communication tools

Can I customize the design of my WooCommerce store with a multi-vendor plugin?

Yes, most WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins offer customization options to match the design and branding of your store.

Can I manage vendor payments and commissions through the plugin?

Yes, most WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins include features for managing vendor payments and commissions.

Can vendors manage their own shipping and tax options?

This depends on the specific plugin you choose, but many WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins offer vendor-specific shipping and tax management options.

Bottom Line

It doesn’t get better than this list when it comes to the best WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins. Since the success of some multi-vendor marketplaces such as Amazon, the idea has only become more appealing. For this reason, if you are preparing to create a multi-vendor store, you should be ready to do everything it takes to make yours stand out of the crowd.

If you want to provide all your stakeholders with reasons to rate your platform higher than your competition, you need help. Choose one of the plugins that we have listed for you and watch your revenue skyrocket.

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